Strike Industries Mask Sleeve/Covering with Pocket
Courtesy Strike Industries
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From Strike Industries . . .

In the current time of the COVID-19 pandemic, Strike Industries wants to offer available mask sleeves/coverings to the community at cost. We are currently offering two versions, over the ear loop and over the head loop in multiple camouflage patterns.

You can wear this mask solo as a covering when out and about or when utilizing the mask sleeve pocket, you can insert a surgical mask or an electrostatic cloth filter and prolong the use of a filter. Look good covering up for adult one-size-fits-all.

COVID-19 appears to mostly spread when germ-containing droplets make it into a person’s mouth, nose or eyes. Any mask or covering helps you to not directly touch your face and especially helps keep your fluids from not getting out to the public and others.

Strike Industries Mask Sleeve/Covering with Pocket
Courtesy Strike Industries

Masks can help stop asymptomatic carriers who might not even know they’re sick from spreading COVID-19. When there is a shortage of supply, N95 and even surgical masks should be saved and used by people on the frontline like medical professionals and first responders helping those who are sick.

Strike Industries Mask Sleeve/Covering with Pocket
Courtesy Strike Industries

Please watch our informational video above for a recommended DIY filter method to be used with these mask sleeve pocket.

Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have.

Price = $6.95

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  1. Would be about an N20. Waste of time.

    A “surgical mask” being approx. N40 (but has no seal so a useless to protect YOU).

    • My understanding is that most masks do not protect YOU, they protect others so you don’t sneeze or exhale on them.

      • True, but the idea is Herd Immunity. If enough people prevent spreading the thing, then the entire herd benefits.

        • You have that exactly backwards.

          Herd immunity is when enough members of the herd have gotten the disease and recovered that it cannot affect them adversely in the future.

          To accomplish herd immunity would mean to stop preventing the spread of a disease whose effects have been over-dramatized for political benefit and allow it to run its course.

        • Cliff you are right. There is one thing that can be dangerous with a virus like this, it spreads quickly while a symptomatic. Being an RNA based virus it mutates very easily. If you allow it to spread quickly these mutations will favor it being more deadly as there is no advantage to it not killing the host. However if you slow the spread evolution will favor it becoming less deadly as asymptomatic cases will be it’s primary advantage.

          Masks, even low grade ones like these can slow the spread enough that we can go back to living like normal sooner.

    • Waste of time? Dude, the government has face recognition cameras everywhere. Walmart ID’s you as you walk in the store. This is our chance to regain our identity. Wear a mask because when mask are outlawed, only outlaws will have mask.

  2. I’m generally a fan of Strike’s innovation…..but….a reusable mask is a horrible idea unless you sterilize it every time after you use it. The removable pocket design encourages people to believe that they can re-use simply by replacing the core. Concentrations of viruses may be building up on the surface just waiting for you to touch them and transfer them to an unprotected are.

    • …unless you reuse it.

      Just spritz it with Lysol on both inside and outside, and allow to fully dry (outdoors in the direct sunlight is best).

      • or under heat.

        I have to reuse mine at work. I get a break every 2 hours, so I use lysol inside and outside. I don’t let the mask touch anything other than a towel I set it on in my truck, and those get washed every day too. Pretty much sanitize everything every time (clothes, surfaces, hands), use clorox wipes, and wash my hands both before and after the break. The truck gets a full wipedown regularly too. I don’t get in it until I have lysolled myself to death after work. It’s not really for my sake, it’s for my family. I have to work, they don’t have school or work so I have to try and keep them from getting sick, because I might not even know I have it until I’ve already spread it. Anyway you look at it, it’s not perfect, but it’s something and that’s better than nothing. Something everyone in the self defense community should understand.

    • Unfortunately, that is now the norm in some hospitals. A friend of ours working a COVID floor at one of the metro-area hospitals (just outside of Denver proper) said they are now wearing their N95’s for 3-days with some cleaning instructions. After 3-days, they get sent to a firm on the east coast, sterilized, and sent back.

      Cleaning the outside with something like Lysol spray is important. It needs to sit on it for at least 10-minutes to sterilize. I guess at this point, this offering is better than nothing. Not ideal, but there are shortages.

      It would have been nice if the Obama administration would have followed the steps of the Bush administration and replenished stockpiles of this stuff after it was used for H1N1, hurricanes like Sandy, etc. Even USA Today fact checked it and said this was true. We wouldn’t be in the exact same predicament in the medical field right now if they would have “acted responsibly” after even being warned about it.

      • They’re the norm while on military bases.
        Active, retired, dependants, DoD Civ, and contractors on base must wear face coverings. Mil spouses and folks in general are making them at home. Some of us will probably have tan lines at the end of summer.

        • I don’t miss having tan hands – half a tan head looking like I wore a bowl and goggles, then being pale everywhere else lol.

  3. Face mask wearing is mainly an allegiance function—wearing one means you’re “showing the flag”. Unless of course you are virus positive which means that it’s a hell of a lot better for you to cough into a face mask instead of on me.

    • Most people that have ot don’t know, so you’re welcome so many people are starting to “show the flag.”

    • You have no idea what you are talking about. Wear a fucking mask and gloves, you may save a life.

  4. Sold out. Too bad. I have to wear a face covering at work and this would have been better than the shemagh looking one I use now.

    • +1. I’m using a full shemaugh. If we’re going to be required to cover up, might as well roll out large. This is probably the only time we’ll ever encounter where nobody will give you a second look for wearing one in public, other than out of envy. 🙂

        • LOL I just did that yesterday. I have a bandana, and 2 haji face masks. More masks on the way. I do like the ones I am currently wearing until they run out though, because they seal better, but something is better than nothing.

  5. Strike’s site shows them as:

    “Out of Stock Thank you for your interest in this item.”

    No info on shipping charges.

    I’m olde enough to prefer the Woodland Pattern (or Tiger Stripe if offered). However, they are not offering you any choice…ya gets what the picker chooses.

  6. As a cowboy action shooter I have a zhit load of bandanas to choose from, cotton silk and micro fiber, solid colors, paisleys,jacquards .

    I just never envisioned using them other than at a shoot, fishing,hiking,hunting or as a dew rag at the range in the heat of the summer. Actually wearing one up in place into stores or the bank just never occurred to me, even in my wildest cowboy dreams.

    • Green Mountain Boy,

      Yup. Too bad the bank lobbies are closed. You would have enjoyed walking into the bank with your bandana over you face and your open carry on your hip!


  7. I was watching a video from a virologist for whom I have attended, in person, several lectures. She takes a contrarian position regarding face masks: if you are healthy and not in contact with people who are specifically vulnerable to Covid 19, do not wear a face mask. Let casual exposure to the virus stimulate your immune system to build up anti-bodies. In her view, building natural immunity is the best preventative measure. Of course, she is basing her position on research in which she is involved. She says that research indicates for the vast majority of people, Covid 19 is not a danger. She did caution that if you are not well or in close contact with people who are not well, you should wear a mask. Interesting judgement call.

    I do not wear a mask when I leave the house.

    Let the chastisement and berating begin!!!

    • That’s complete bunk man. There’s no such thing as casual or gradual exposure to viruses. She’s probably just trying to get famous or rich off this by being a snake oil salesmen. When it comes to viruses, you either get it or you don’t, and your immune system either can fight it or it can’t. There’s no such thing as “well if you only get a virus or two you’ll be fine”. It only takes one virus to infect you. I encourage you to do some research on how viruses work because this person is taking advantage of you and everyone else.

      • Ron,

        Maybe I did not explain correctly. She did not say ‘casual’, that was my poor use of words.

        Snake oil? No. As I have said, I have been to several of her lectures in the past three years. Have also read several of her papers. She is already well-known; she is not trying to make a name for herself, especially since she is going to retire soon.

        Lastly, due to severe health issues in my family, I have been studying these topics for more than 2 decades. I think I comprehend viral, bacteriological, and yeast/mold infectious behavior.

        So, I do not think she is spewing bunk. She simply has a view for which I chose a poor word to describe.

        Always grateful for corrections. Thank you!

      • If you scratch 100 immunologists you will get 100 differing immunological rashes and responses. Each wants their pet hypothesis to be validated…sometimes in spite of substantiated evidence against that same SWAG (Scientific Wild Azzed Guess).

        Search for Holland and herd immunity. They were convinced that leaving their people unprotected was the best way to fight the Wuhan Virus…that was 4-5 weeks ago. Ooops, now that their infection rate is the highest in the EU they are fighting to implement more restrictive controls on their populace to limit the rate….”but, but, a Doctor said!!!”

        *full disclosure: one of my nieces is a PhD in immunological research and she texted me to wear a mask and to glove up when in grocery stores, Costco, etc. I believe her….I’m at that age where I would rather not choke out my remaining hours sedated on a ventilator…YMMV.

        • Old Guy,

          “100 immunologists..”
          So true!

          Just thought this was an interesting contrarian view.

      • Now, now, Ron hasn’t heard “complete bunk” until he’s heard this:

        Covid-19 isn’t what it seems; It in fact isn’t some apocalyptic event à la Götterdämmerung for mankind. It is a clever conspiracy of the Novus Ordo Seclorum to stabilize, replenish and bolster massive socialist programs, like SSI, throughout the western world. This is achieved by allowing a novel contagion to kill off the old and feeble, thereby preventing benefit payouts from a defunct program fund, and redistributing wealth via inheritance and taxation.

        The extended quarantines and prohibition of “non-essential sales (e.g. entertainment items)” will theoretically bolster birthrates within the next year, providing a new generation of wealth slaves to prop up the indigent generation and further propagate revolution, nuclear vision and genocide. They will figuratively computerize God for a new religion whereby the brain shall be programmed, not the heart beat. One must remember to take a look at their own reflection daily, otherwise it shall turn to steel.

        There’s another side to Heaven, this way to technical paradise. Find it on the other side, when the walls fall down……

        • Esoteric,

          Now we’re talkin’. Get down! You did not mention the lizard people guiding the Illuminati, who think they are enlightened but are really just fools blindly preparing for the extinction of humanity so that the lizard folk can claim Earth for themselves and restore the balance of nature that we have corrupted.

          Woo haaa!

        • Suspicious,

          I like Alex Jones. Just purchased another $262 worth of vitamins and supplements from the Infowars store.

          Alex is far more accurate than NPR, CNN, the NYT, and other MSMs.

          The lizard people theory is more closely associated with David Ike. Alex sticks with good old fashioned demons. 😈👹

    • There two ways to achieve wide spread herd immunity to a virus.

      One way is to create a vaccine and vaccinate a large majority of the population.

      The other way is to ignore the virus and not try to contain it. Just allow nature to take its course. Yes, a great many people will die. But the herd will survive.

      Both methods result in a great many people having antibodies to fight the virus the next time it comes around. One method achieves this without vast numbers of people being killed.

      The other method really couldn’t give a flying crap how many suffer and die, even if it is your kids.

      One method is science and human caring trying to continue the unending march of Civilization.

      The other method is watch where the dead fall, as many parts are edible.

      That virologist is an ass.

      Also, wrong headed.

  8. If you are seriously worried enough to wear a face mask, start by keeping your face smooth shaven. Beard or mustache are negatives.

    Contrary to published instructions it is not necessary to staple the mask to your face. Please stop it already with the staple guns.

    To seal around the mouth and nose, get some duct tape, a pair of scissors, cut narrow strips just wide enough to carefully secure the edges all the way around.

    Contrary to published instructions, do not use liquid latex, glues, paints, plastic dips or hot melt glue to seal the mask to your face. These have been shown to be, in many cases, more dangerous than the virus and are in some cases flammable.

    Only use Duct Tape Made In USA. That Chi-Com crap emits gaseous vapors that will rot your teeth and accelerate nose hair growth, while also causing male pattern baldness. Yes, it is an inconsistency, medical science is perplexed by lots of stuff that comes out of Chi-Com Land.

    If you are using a cloth face mask, it can simply be two layers of any comfortable fabric with a pocket inside. Into the pocket you can put air filter paper. Cut apart a high quality air filter for your home furnace, place two layers of that paper into the cloth pocket.

    It is vital to maintain anti-social distancing. NOT SOCIAL distancing, ANTI-SOCIAL distancing! Do what I did. Bought a plastic hard hat with face shield. Bought a flashing red LED light and mounted it on the top. Hung a sign front and rear “Minimum Safe Distance 546.8 Yards (500 meters)”.

    All this appears to be working. Feeling fine and people are keeping far, far away from me.

    The other thing, a few of the bosses at work have seriously bad breath. I don’t get it, all that money up there at the managerial level, so go see a dental hygienist already. At least in this virus apocalypse, I am not longer the one having to back away and create space when others talk.

    Possibly the bio-hazard warning symbols on my “Keep Back” placards are a factor too….

    Who can say really?

  9. Surgical masks were worn by docs and such to keep,their spit and such off PTs. N95 are worn to protect the wearer , my Dept.( I’m retired) , still considers them one time use .

  10. When arena sports resume, perhaps, instead of shooting t-shirts from cannon, it will be face masks!

    • Hopefully they do not resume until this is over. What a great way to boost community spread. Mass gatherings just don’t sound like the smartest idea right now.

  11. There sure are some super smart people here. It’s no wonder libs think hun owners are dumb.

  12. Take standard filters for home coffee machines. Use lengths of elastic bands appropriately sized and staple the straps to the filters on both sides….ala N95 respirator straps. Cheap and as effective as anything else being used.

  13. Glad to see most people at least making an effort, but there is always that one asshole touching their face after a sneeze without covering in the first place then touching all kinds of other shit. I’ve approached two people at work and management won’t say a word to me about it. I’m not nice about it either. Cover your fucking face and wear gloves in public areas, if you are not touching anything, then don’t worry about gloves. But if you are in a place that recirculates air, like gas stations and shopping marts, wear a fucking mask. Thank you for sharing mask making links. I’d love to support some of these companies. Sure they are overwhelmed, but at least some are doing something to keep people employed. I think if I was a restaurant owner I would have become a mask maker real quick.

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