Strike Industries Glock Improved Flat Trigger G-IFT
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Strike Industries has released the new GLOCK Improved Flat Trigger or G-IFT. Lots of shooters prefer a flat versus a curved trigger shoe and SI is offering the G-IFT in four colors to fit your particular ballistic personality. Note: this is just a trigger shoe replacement and does not include a trigger bar or other trigger housing components. Price: $44.95 (unless you want blue, which is $46.95).

Compatibility: Gen 1-4 17, 17L, 19, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 models only.

Here’s their announcement:

Upgrade the aesthetics, feel, and control of your Glock with the SI Improved Flat Trigger.  More than just an attractive alternative, the geometry of the trigger facilitates optimum finger placement and breaking angle. The solid aluminum construction eliminates flex, provides crisper feedback, and better consistency than the stock polymer trigger.

Strike Industries' New GLOCK Improved Flat Trigger

The Strike Industries G-IFT features enhanced geometry that improves control by providing increased surface area for your trigger finger and breaks when the trigger is 90 degrees from the frame.  The combination of these factors facilitates the ideal straight to the rear trigger pull for best accuracy. 

In addition, the trigger safety is dramatically improved from the factory polymer.  The IFT uses a drop tested billet aluminum safety that has greater bearing surface against the frame, greater durability, and is compatible with pre-travel reductions without modification to the frame or safety.


– Aircraft grade aluminum construction

– Flat face

– Compatible with pre-travel adjustment modification

– Enhanced Trigger geometry

Package Includes:

– 1x Aluminum Trigger Shoe

– 1x Trigger Safety

– 2x Trigger pin set screw

– 1x Trigger Safety Return Spring

*Trigger shoe only. Does not include trigger bar or trigger housing components.*

Disclaimer: Does not reduce trigger pull weight. Requires user-supplied fire control group components (trigger bar and housing, etc).

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  1. I like the red one. It will act like a warning flag so Glocksters will remember to keep their finger away from the trigger. /Sarc

  2. That’s quite colorful, the trigger shoes. I like the red one too, it reminds me of Trump’s( ban the bumps) MAGA hat

  3. Why? For cool factor when playing at the local IDPA match, maybe?

    For self-defense? Are you nuts?

    Why introduce parts that do not have the dead-nuts reliability of the stock gun, aside from night sights?

    Yeah, I’m sure XYZ widget company will claim their red aluminum trigger works “as good” or maybe even “better” than the original parts. If they want to bet their lives on it, have at it. I’ll stick with factory equipment on mine.

    • “For self-defense? Are you nuts?”

      In Florida, it’s now “At any time? Are you nuts?”

      Thanks to Florida’s “New! Improved! Lemon-Scented!” “speed trigger” law, a prosecutor who wants to make a name for themselves as a “crime fighter!” can charge you with a FELONY for having that on your gun.

      And I’m not interested in being a ‘test case’…

    • you retarded bro? its not a trigger. its a trigger shoe. if you manage to reduce the reliability of your shitty glock with the installation of a trigger shoe, you kinda deserve anything you get.

  4. Aircraft grade aluminum? How about firearm grade aluminum. I aint taking this thing flying.

    • I took my Glock 23 flying all the time. The guy who owned the plane took his .357.

      (Florida. Swamps. Alligators…)

  5. Right, cause the original trigger somehow doesn’t work right, help the helpless buy more stuff they don’t need rather than addressing the issue, human strategy and fundamental training. how about spending the time/cash on more use of force training or maybe passing all of this on to the next even more helpless generation. I might be old and grumpy……….but I’m right.

      • I have it on good authority (that being those guys who make things like this, who are all apparently named ‘Sponsored Content’) that adding an aircraft-grade aluminum flat trigger to replace that awful pistol-grade polymer curved trigger on any Glock will make it about ten times more shootier.
        Not only will the bullets come out faster, but they will fly farther and hit harder with less recoil and more accuracy.
        Your D*ck will also get bigger and stay harder longer.
        I’m also told that stippling the Living SH*T out of the frame will enhance sensual pleasure for both you and your pistol.
        Same with groves on the front of the slide. . .

        • Of course. If you want a nice trigger, get yourself a nice 1911. But then,
          It will cost more than a Glock.
          It will have less ammo capacity than a Glock.
          It will be heavier than a Glock.
          It may or may not be as reliable as a Glock.
          It will be more time-consuming to disassemble and clean than a Glock.

          Aftermarket companies sell “improved” parts for 1911s, too. No matter your perfect gun, you can buy parts to make it more perfecter.

        • “Not only will the bullets come out faster,…”

          That even if there is a *slight* possibility of that even *maybe* happening is why I cannot have one on any gun I own in Florida…

    • Many gun owners “dress” the firearm for form, fit and function. How many have changed sights, grips or otherwise altered “out of the box” firearms? People who have teeth to brush may use Crest, Colgate, etc. that’s a personal choice, so is the choice of firearm. For many it’s easy to say “it’s not my choice” others have no compunction dissing the choices of others.

      “Many a slip hath twist the cup and the lip”

  6. I was never fond of the Glock trigger, both in terms of comfort and the feel of the action. But I guess if you love your Glock but don’t love the trigger, then this would be good.

    Also, don’t forget the Ghost Rocket improved connector, and a different set of sights. Really, it only takes a couple hundred dollars to make a Glock shootable.

  7. I like it. I’ll probably pick one up. I’m not keen on changing too many trigger parts on my Glock because it isn’t solely a fun gun, but I would like a flat trigger face. I also like that the black one if pretty incognito.

  8. I like it. In general, I’m not interested in changing the weight or pull of my pistol triggers but the shoes seem innocent enough and shouldn’t effect reliability, I would think.

  9. And yet, despite all the court-fear, not a single person has ever been convicted of,
    “Aggravated Assault with a Super-Deadly Weapon”.
    Sure it *may* sound like a nail-in-the-coffin win for the prosecutor IF the defense NEVER got to speak too, but that’s not the case.
    Deadly is deadly is deadly, you cannot make it super-deadly.
    There is absolutely no legal precedent, case law, or spirit of the law that would suggest LEGAL modification implies pre-meditated intent.
    What does matter, is, at the time of the shooting, did you intend to shoot them or not!

    • I’m not just too sure that you’re right about that.

      We’ve already discussed how this gadget makes your Glock ten times more shootier and your D*ck harder; We haven’t discussed how adding a pistol grip and a ‘barrel shroud’ to a semi-automatic rifle makes it, too, ten times more shootier than the exact same gun would be without those two things–as unto an AR-15 and a Mini-14. Logic and knowledge just doesn’t MATTER when it comes to feelz. You KNOW that.

      Now, sure, go right ahead and put this device on your Glock, thus converting it from being merely fully-semi-automatic to being a veritable machine gun; See if we care. You’ll be sorry when they prosecute you for murder, or animal husbandry, or incest, or whatever it is when you clearly demonstrate prior intent to massacre innocent babies, minorities, and puppies.

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