BREAKING: Federal Appeals Court to Revisit Ruling Against MD’s ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

In the headlong rush of anti-2A opportunism in the aftermath of the horrific Newtown shooting, three states stood head and shoulders above their hoplophobic peers: Connecticut (of course), New York (i.e., the SAFE Act) and Maryland, which enacted an “assault weapons” ban. Never mind that the defunct federal version had been universally judged an utter failure. […]

Discover THIS: The lone gunman was an Eco-Nut.

God, how I love irony. (It’s like goldie or bronzie, but more afforable.) Today, when word went out across the InterWebs that someone had taken hostages at the formerly-credible tree-hugging network known as The Discovery Channel, I shuddered. Not because of the potential loss of innocent lives. That’s ALWAYS scary. No, I figured it would end […]