Baltimore dance studio shooting
Courtesy FOX Baltimore and Twitter
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In Rosedale, Maryland a 13-year old boy was murdered and five other kids – although one was technically over 18 but still a teenager – were shot and injured at a dance studio. According to WABL TV the shooting took place at Triple Threat Elite Dance and Fitness in Baltimore County early Sunday morning:

Police want to find anyone responsible for the shots fired early Sunday morning that killed 13-year-old Rickie Forehand and injured two 12-year-old boys, a 14-year-old girl, a 14-year-old boy, and a 19-year-old man.

The other victims had non-life-threatening injuries.

Sergeant Vickie Warhime gave the following statement about the shooting:

“In reference to who the shooter or shooters were, the crime scene itself indicates there were a lot of shots fired and on that parking lot with all of those kids right there, it never should have happened.”

ABC News reports:

Investigators have not commented on a motive for the shooting, but they do not believe it was a random attack, officials said, adding they believe somebody has information on the shooter(s) and are asking them to come forward.

A $2,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case is being offered by Metro Crime Stoppers of Maryland.

A few things. Gun rights in Maryland are already heavily restricted (they’re also pushing for even more gun control laws right now). Want your rights crazily infringed upon? Move to Maryland.

And yet, here we are with yet another shooting in the Baltimore area, this one at a kids’ dance studio at a March Madness themed dance party.

Yes, odds are good something will come out in the next few days about some sort of gang involvement in the shooting. That seems highly likely, anyway.

Reports state the kids were leaving the dance party when people walked up to them from the parking lot immediately prior to the shooting. An altercation took place, but no one seems to have any idea who started it.

But this was my takeaway: Carry. Your. Gun. A lot of us are parents and if we aren’t carrying anywhere and everywhere, well, we may not have our legally owned firearm at the critical moment.

It isn’t just your right to defend your life and the lives of your kids, it’s your responsibility. Who else do you think is going to save them?

There are going to be naysayers going off about gun-free zones and lawful or unlawful carry, and how can you really carry all the time?

How about you work your hardest to follow the rules set forth by firearms instructor John Farnam: don’t go to stupid places with stupid people and do stupid things. If it’s somewhere you can’t carry a gun, odds are good it’s a stupid place.

Are there exceptions? Sure, you won’t get far traipsing through a courthouse with a gun. Do not recommend.

And hey, teach your kids not to go stupid places with stupid people and do stupid things, too. That’s parenting 101.

I noticed in one article a report that the deceased boy’s mother has already buried one child and will now bury a second, but didn’t see a note regarding how the first child passed. I’m sure the information is out there somewhere if you care to dig it up.

This is a terrible tragedy regardless of why it took place (cue someone in the comments citing “violence begets violence” if it was indeed gang-related).

I’m not saying your kids are similarly involved (odds are high if you’re on TTAG, they aren’t involved in gang activity). But they could easily end up violence-adjacent in such a way that ends in them being shot.

We cannot watch our kids every second of every day, but we do our best, and that means carrying your damn gun. It isn’t rocket science.

This was a dance studio, meaning there were a lot of other kids uninvolved in the altercation. We don’t even know if all the kids who were shot knew the shooters in any way or if they just happened to be in the wrong place at the worst possible time.

Still, carry your gun. Raise your kids right and teach them how to protect and defend themselves. Enclosing them in bubble wrap isn’t an effective way to parent. Teach them.




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      • “Common Sense”

        Now that right there took the needle of a perfectly good vintage irony meter and wrapped it six times around the stop peg.

        You are a prime example of how far away one can be from ‘common sense’, son…

        • Your trolling attempts are pathetic. Get a life.

        • The one who has no life is the one expending a whole lot of effort impersonating me, son… 😉

  1. Let’s see now, Baltimore, the city totally controlled by liberal dems and some of the strictest gun laws! Who woulda thunk it?

    • “We allowed them room to destroy”
      From the former baltimore mayor Rawlings after to Freddie Grey riots. Things have not changed in the city..

      • Nor will they ever until residents are fed up with the Leftard B S and I wouldn’t look for that anytime soon. Keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, it’s a Leftard thing.

      • It might even work if criminals followed the law. (/ sarc)

        My guess this is gang related. A payback hit on someone’s family. Then there will be another payback hit on the shooter’s family. And the spiral of violence continues.

        Any further bets on if the shooter was released with no charge, out on bail, or released on parole.

  2. Before I comment, first and foremost I want to say this should never happen to children. My heart goes out to them and their families.

    In regards to this line from the article:

    “…one was technically over 18 but still a teenager…”

    That’s not the way the law sees it. One of my younger relatives happened to unwittingly transgress the law weeks after he turned 18, and the D.A. made sure to hammer home the point that he was legally an adult, and pressed full charges. If the event had happened only weeks earlier, he would have been charged as a juvenile. So an 18-yr-old is indeed an adult, regardless of the fact that the numeric value of his/her age happens to end with the letters “teen”.

    I get my hackles up on this point because I’ve had to deal with too many overgrown “adultescents” over the years as a hiring manager in an office environment. I’ve had to discipline and fire multiple people under 25 because they didn’t adopt the adult behaviors and attitudes necessary to hold down a job. Like, you know…calling in sick too often when you just don’t fee like getting out of bed, or not doing your work properly and expecting leniency because you thought you did a good job.

    • Haz,

      I cut n’ pasted your last paragraph for my spouse who has to hire / fire waaay too many younger people who possess absolutely no sense of responsibility.

      Your paragraph is concise, explicit and true…thank you.

    • Really don’t think this is a trend as someone who is getting older I ran a backshop before I was 20. Many of the people underneath me were older and could not get their shit together or did not care. Most of the problem is too low starting pay and very little chance for advancement into decent pay unless you are there for years / decades. That’s why many just say screw it and ride it as long as they can before going to the next job.

      At the same time I have transferred or gotten a different job after management has a meeting telling people they don’t need the workers under them. My exit interview usually is them redirecting and telling me they were not specifically talking about me. I always remind them that they don’t need me and head my own way. Typically I also inform the manager above them exactly why I am leaving and or transfering. Would like to be a fly on the wall at that conversation with the lower level manager.

      • I would think the owner/owners would WANT to know what people think as they leave. A good to find out what’s really going on. No need to “suck-up” to anyone anymore. Just the honest truth.

    • Haz, I have one for you. Conveince store. A frequent flyer. I’m patting him down. A soft bulge in his L/F trouser pocket. (He ain’t that big.) Me, “What’s this?” Him, “Your sister’s panties.” Me, “Yeah, that slut will fuck anybody.” It was a bag of weed. Shocked! 10-15. He told me to call his mother. He’s a juvenile. You have to release me to her custody. Me, (with a large smile) “Not this time. According to your DL you turned 18 four days ago. You get to spend the night in jail.” Him, (with a look of dismay) “What!?” Me, “I don’t even have to call your mother.” The next day after the bail hearing she apeared at the Sheriff’s Office. She wanted to speak to me. She cried racism. I explained that my wife was a physical therapist and we had opened our home as a resbit home for medical foster parents. If they needed to go to a wedding, funeral, etc. We would take the child in. Except for one child, they were all black. Me, (With a smile) “we could use some help. Could you open your home?” With a mumbled apologies, she gathered her purse and her two friends who never spoke and left the building. Never had a problem with that kid again.

    • Lighten up dude, the nine-TEEN year old was a VICTIM, and no matter how the law sees it or how irresponsible, lazy or ignorant they might be they are as the article states still “technically” TEENAGERS and remain such until their 20th birthday… It did not say the 19 year old was still a child it merely stated the 19 year old was technically a teenager but that is essentially incorrect as the 19 year old is ACTUALLY a teenager by the very defiition of the word…. I was locked up for a week at 18 for kicking a 17 year old kids ass who was fucking with my 13 year old brother, old Eddie had 30 pounds and three inches in height on me… Shit happens…

    • When the age of adulthood was 21. They acted like adults, (most of them). When they lowered legal adulthood to 18, it didn’t make kids instant adults. They’re actually MORE child-like today, than kids were 50 yrs ago. Why do new young hires always ask “Do I get my birthday off?” So special !

      • Where my spouse works the company gives employees four Wellness Days a year (available immediately after hiring and renewing the first of the year thereafter). PTO days have to be earned pay period by pay period. The younger employees invariably blow through their Wellness in the first couple of weeks for whatever (usually) trivial reasons they choose…and then complain that they need additional time off for Dr. visits, illness, or a whole slew of generally bogus reasons. The concept of saving / banking those hours for when they really NEED them is foreign to them.

        • I like to keep 4 weeks leave banked for sudden departures. It means I can eat, pay bills, and pay mortgage while looking for work. And looking for work is also it’s own full time job. If I don’t make at least 10 applications per day it is a slow day.

          • That’s a good plan…no matter what your age group may be.

            Depending on when in a business’s pay period you get hired it could be up to 2 – 4 weeks before you draw your first check from them. Having that “banked” PTO can mean the difference between eating, etc (or not) as you transition to a new job.

  3. WTH are a 12yr, 13yr, 14yr old out at MIDNIGHT? Thug “culture”

    NOTHING good happens after midnight.

    • There single mothers who are celebrated by the Libertarians, Liberals, and the Left. They celebrate single motherhood as a “lifestyle choice”. A woman having kids from 3 or 5 different men. The single mothers let the children run free. Since the three L’s don’t support the traditional family of one woman and one man with his guns. No father to keep the children in check. No father to teach them respect for guns, safety, and the joys of shooting with a responsible father figure.
      No father to protect them from making bad choices. No father there to help them to learn from their mistakes and help them to be a better person.

      The three L’s and the ACLU went to court to stop the police from arresting children for breaking curfew. They believe children 12, 10, 8, 6 years have every right to run around after midnight.

      • Seriously have you even read the Libertarian stance on any of these issues you run your mouth on? I have litterally linked them to your idiot thread rants. Of course Governement intrusion into peoples lives is only ok if Republicans do it in your world and against people you don’t like because that is how a free society works. This is sarcasm because I am sure you are shaking your head yes. People like you are the exact reason we have such a huge shift away from the Republican party we are tired of being told how to run our lives. The Democrat party is only slightly worse and the gap is closing daily.

        • Thanks for confirming everything I said. Now go enjoy your legal Marijuana intoxication. You traded it for your gun civil rights in California, Washington State, and Colorado. It’s an equal exchange according to libertarian philosophy.

      • It’s pretty clear you know nothing about libertarianism. Libertarians celebrate single motherhood, lol thats a new one.

        • You are either a liar or are stupid on purpose. There is nothing about the sexual Revolution that Libertarians don’t support. Regardless of how destructive it is to society.

          Fortunately in the United States of America. We have the Liberty. That gives us the freedom to disagree.

  4. If you carry your gun everywhere in MD you risk life-changing legal problems. The best idea is… get dafuq out of MD. I’d say Virginia or PA but moving to either is basically just a half-measure. Get thee to a real state.

    • Im not sure what a law abiding citizen carrying their gun couldve done to stop this anyway. Sounds like some thugs talking sh*t to one another that escalated to violence

    • Hannibal, if you’re from MD you a son of the South Even though Lincoln imprisoned the Maryland legislature without habius corpus. You are welcome in Florida. Though you would probably be happier in the Panhandle down through central Florida. Say Ocala.

      • I did work in MD for a time and there are some good sheriffs there (at least one) as well as prosecutors who will go as easy as possible on BS gun charges but it’s definitely not a state I would recommend for someone in the hobby\lifestyle.

        Unfortunately stuck in the NE due to family concerns for the near future. Did visit Florida recently and very much enjoyed the weather, although I’m told that it’s not quite as pleasant in June as in February.

  5. Where the fk is mini mike with a 2 MILLION DOLLAR reward to loosen the lips of the ONE with answers ?

  6. Correct me, isnt Rosedale in the City of Baltimore, if im correct, why describe it as Baltimore County?

  7. Geez a 13 year old. I have a 13 year old granddaughter who lives in Maryland(and 2 more granddaughter’s). They are homeschooled in a nice suburban neighborhood. Dad works for the gubmint. And they sure as he!! AIN’T running around at a “dance studio” party at midnight. Dad is at best a fudd so I doubt he has any guns protecting anyone…but I protect everyone in my home.

    • While many of us commenting here on TTAG believe firearms safety and the Constitution should be a curriculum of schools, police may not be the best to teach it.

      Please watch this short YouTube video of a DEA LEO shooting himself in a classroom as proof:

  8. It’s what happens when the only thing morons know about firearms is what they’ve learned from their moron friends, tv and movies. It should be mandatory for these liberal control schools to bring in police officers to explain The Second Amendment followed by a field trip to a jail, prison, court, etc.
    This is by no means the first time morons have shot bystanders and it won’t be the last. Punks with guns need to understand…If you screw up you will become a bride for a lifer named.Bubba.

    • While many of us commenting here on TTAG believe firearms safety and the Constitution should be a curriculum of schools, police may not be the best to teach it.

      Please watch this short YouTube video of a DEA LEO shooting himself in a classroom as proof:

      • I agree. You need to vet your instructor very thoroughly before any type of training. Many are just resume holders. Many are ego maniacs. Being a good shot doesn’t make you a good instructor either. There are several instructors who really don’t support the 2A wholeheartedly as well. The type of instruction needed might not be special forces, law enforcement etc.
        Do your homework beforehand.

        • True. I’ve read some resumes from instructors. Military, mostly. The bad guys in Chicago don’t wear enemy uniforms. We don’t wear a helmet or vest. We don’t carry 6 magazines nor 40lb pack. We don’t have a back-up team. The landscape is a little different here. Compare driving in this city to driving the mountains in Colorado. Same steering wheel and breaks but technique is different. My instructors were city cops/state troopers, retired. They had great stories, too.

        • Nope, I said police may not be the best to teach. Police go through a lot more training than just firearms training, and not all people with firearms training can teach. I was just pointing out the fallacy that police always handle firearms safely, even in a classroom.

  9. Just around the corner from Baltimorgue, Murderland, where every day it gets proven to the nation that gun control doesnt work. Maryland has just about everything a gun controller wants, yet its largest city consistently ranks as the city with the highest per capita murder rate in the nation. Go figure.

  10. I went searching the local Baltimore tv/radio station websites to find a bit more about the crime. I stumbled on this article first.

    “– A new measure which passed through the Baltimore City Council last night aims to catch more violent criminals in the act. If approved by the Mayor, the legislation would allow the city to pay homeowner who register their smart cameras with police.”


    • probably true, though….nonetheless,and even in that environment…the quickest way to get someone to stop shooting at you is to shoot back!…

  11. It would really be nice if the three L’s stop celebrating single motherhood as a “lifestyle choice”. They need to get out of the bedrooms of other people and mind their own business. And stop supporting the Welfare Industrial Complex. You are enablers supporting women who choose to not have abortions when they have sex with 5 or ten different men.
    Everyone can have all the drugs and sex they want. But no guns. To many people thats an equal trade.
    Not to me.

  12. Even if they catch the shooter he or she or it, more than likely is another YOUNG THUG, now they got the rep they strive so hard for, & will do hardly any time incarcerated, soon as their considered an adult some bleeding heart will say they have done enough time now let em out to prey on the public again,,,
    Eye for an eye people, the only way to stop this shit.

  13. Hey Moderator… without crushing anyone’s 1st Amendment rights to talk reasonably about gun stuff will you please simply delete the “sucking off” and other fighting comments? It has been getting worse lately and frankly I don’t read every article you post now because of this. It’s not that I have sensitive fucking ears or can’t take the obvious lefty trolls comments, it’s just a waste of my arthritis ridden thumb to scroll past the ever growing shit to get to the good comments from people I’ve seen for years.
    Por favor…

  14. WTF is wrong with people. 13 years old, my goodness. That would be a tuff one. No wonder we have groups like Moms Demand Action.

    • The only reason we have groups like Moms Demand Action is because we have rich people like Mike Bloomberg.

  15. I watched the news cast and the video of the dance and the interview with hoodie and Tre-something… it’s tragic but I understand more now.

  16. The real problem here is white racism. This is only a problem because evil whites impose their oppressive cultural norms on the oppressed minorities. If it wasn’t for white cultural norms like law and not murdering people oppressing these oppressed minorities no one would think there was anything wrong with this.

  17. violence begets a concealed handgun license

    Simply because smart people will defend themselves

  18. The title of this article should be changed. There is no such thing as a concealed carry in Maryland. It’s a may issue state with silly rules as to what “may” means. IE its roughly impossible.

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