Attorney Says Man Was Sleeping When Maryland SWAT Team Opened Fire on His House, Killing Him

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By Michael Kunzelman, AP

A Maryland man was asleep in his bedroom when police opened fire from outside his house, killing him and wounding his girlfriend, an attorney for the 21-year-old man’s family said Friday.

The Montgomery County Police Department has released few details about the shooting that killed Duncan Socrates Lemp early Thursday. Rene Sandler, an attorney for Lemp’s relatives, said police could have “absolutely no justification” for shooting Lemp based on what she has heard about the circumstances.

“The facts as I understand them from eyewitnesses are incredibly concerning,” she told The Associated Press.

The warrant that police obtained to search the Potomac home Lemp shared with his parents and 19-year-old brother doesn’t mention any “imminent threat” to law enforcement or the public, Lemp’s relatives said in a statement released Friday by their lawyers. Nobody in the house that morning had a criminal record, the statement adds.

“Any attempt by the police to shift responsibility onto Duncan or his family, who were sleeping when the police fired shots into their home, is not supported by the facts,” the statement says.

A police department spokesman didn’t immediately respond to the statements by the family or their lawyer.

Sandler said the family believes police fired gunshots, not a flashbang or other projectile, from outside the home, including through Lemp’s bedroom window, while he and his girlfriend were sleeping. Nobody in the home heard any warnings or commands before police opened fire, she said.

“There is no warrant or other justification that would ever allow for that unless there is an imminent threat, which there was not,” Sandler said.

A police statement Thursday says members of the department’s tactical unit were serving a “high-risk” search warrant related to unspecified “firearms offenses” at the home around 4:30 a.m. A tactical unit officer fatally shot Lemp while police were serving the warrant.

“The facts and circumstances of the encounter are still being investigated by (police) detectives,” the department said in the statement, which provided no other details about the shooting.

The unidentified officer involved in the shooting was placed on administrative leave, a standard procedure after police shootings.

Sandler said Lemp’s grief-stricken family is traumatized. Their statement says they intend to “hold each and every person responsible for his death.”

“We believe that the body camera footage and other forensic evidence from this event will support what Duncan’s family already knows, that he was murdered,” the statement says.

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  1. avatar Buff cousin Elroy says:

    Scumbag cops, this is why 50% of the nation doesnt care at all when cops die.

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      “an attorney for the 21-year-old man’s family said Friday…”

      This ENTIRE account is from a lawyer who is angling to sue the city and make bank off the case for the family.

      It doesn’t mean it’s false, but it sure doesn’t mean it’s true. Remember Michael Brown’s family?

      1. avatar Waylon says:

        Says the paid obama shill.

        1. avatar The Truth About Charlottesville says:

          Michael Brown’s family was full of shit according to the black witnesses from the neighborhood who testified to the grand jury but were afraid to go public because their own people would burn their houses down.

          Trayvon Martin’s family were also full of shit and got a false witness to testify at the trial to conversation that never happened.

        2. avatar Hannibal says:

          haha who the fuck are you?

          Aside from that, yes, I am obviously a paid shill for a guy who hasn’t been president since 2016. Because former presidents keep paying people for that indefinitely.

          And obviously being an Obama shill would make me bring up the fact that Michael Brown’s family tried to grift the country with a BS “hands up” story while sewing riots. We all know that Obama absolutely HATED Michael Brown and his family.

      2. avatar Don says:

        We won’t know without more information but…
        A search brings up a normal enough looking guy, 21 years old, software engineer type, living with parents and brother, no blatant signs of criminal activity or other warning signs.
        Just appears to have owned 3 long guns and 2 hand guns that may have fallen afoul of Maryland’s draconian gun rules. Much like any of us might have lawfully owned if not living in lefty states. May be on some gun forums or websites. They claim he owned them illegally but he didn’t have a criminal record prohibition on owning them.
        The articles refer to him as a suspect, not the victim as even dead criminals are normally referred to, when they are room temperature.
        The 4 AM raid not only killed him but also wounded his girlfriend. So much for identifying your target.
        Do any of the above, if the story holds true, justify a high risk SWAT team raid on the residence?

        1. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          Don: “Do any of the above, if the story holds true, justify a high risk SWAT team raid on the residence?”

          Sure as hell does, IF you live in Communist China, N. Korea, the old U.S.S.R., Iran, Maryland, California, Illinoise, N.Y., Mass. Ct…….

        2. avatar Donttreadonme says:

          Hell, F’ing NO!

        3. avatar kerry k says:

          I was a deputy sheriff for 28yrs and NO amount of risk or iminent risk demands or requires that cops shoot through a f*cking window or the side of the house….I see the cop that did this GOING TO PRISON FOR SURE!! I went on a search warrant with detectives before and yes, it was a drug raid but we NEVER had guns out or anything else out ready to kill someone – THAT IS WHY THERE IS BODY ARMOR – SHOOT BACK WHEN FIRED UPON – NOT SOME COWBOY SHIT LIKE “KILL EM’ ALL, LET GOD SORT EM’ OUT” CRAP like happened in this scenario!!!

          AND the STATE POLICE should be investigating this, not the local dept detectives that can cover shit up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. avatar Donttreadonme says:

        Serving a warrant for UNCONSTITUTIONAL GUN CONTROL LAWS, they shot a guy asleep in his bed. WTF!!!

        Rather than wait to execute a warrant for UNCONSTITUTIONAL GUN CONTROL LAWS until the guy unsuspectingly walks out of his home where other people live, the wannabe Navy Seal donut squad start shooting into a house with people.

        I get this is one side of the story, but I bet its not far from the truth.

    2. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

      Buff, why not let the investigation run its course. Most of what I read came from the family’s attorney. Of course, a lawyer wouldn’t lie. Especially if there was a $ at the end of it. 50% of people don’t care if a cop is shot? I don’t think you can back that up with facts. I will hazard a guess. No one, except maybe the family (and I’ve seen even them) don’t give a shit when a dirt bag dies. At anyone”a hands.

      1. avatar Ranger Rick says:

        Given the prevalence of body cams if there was a positive video it would have probably been released.

        1. avatar Falsely Arrested in Florida says:

          3 years later and still waiting for my properly subpoenaed copies of three officers body three cam videos of my false and illegal arrest in while asleep in my bed.
          Oh, and few cops are not corrupt nor gung ho Special Forces Operator wannabes, but they endanger the toxic testosterone reputation of the majority.
          Not all are perfect, moral and law abiding as Hannibal claims to be. Good for him.

      2. avatar I know what it's like to live in a hoplophobic state says:

        Gadsden Flag, you said, “No one, except maybe the family don’t give a shit when a dirt bag dies”
        Dirtbag? Perhaps you missed this part of the article:
        “Nobody in the house that morning had a criminal record.”

        Again, “Nobody in the house that morning had a criminal record.”

        The warrant? It was for “unspecified ‘firearms offenses'”, which could happen to any of us, at any time, especially if we lived in hoplophobic Maryland, where neighbors are likely to SWAT gun owers just because they don’t like guns! For example, if a hoplophobe neighbor saw one of us preparing a trip to the gun club or a deer hunting trip, putting a rifle case and ammo can in our trunk, they’d call 911 to SWAT us. Or if some Maryland range snitch claimed our rifle was an “assault weapon” (banned in Maryland, but only if it has certain features), or that its magazine was a “high capacity banana clip capable of shooting 30-caliber clips per second” as some politician recently said!

        When police are called about a gun owner, they respond with a SWAT team. Sometimes gun-hating neighbors decide to SWAT gun owners to get them killed. It’s happened before, including with the new “red flag” laws.

        1. avatar Mad Max says:

          One day, the SWAT team is going to encounter resistance; so much resistance that niether they nor all of their backup can handle.

          At that time we should wipe out the gun controllers Gestapo. Each and every one of them. Take no prisoners.

      3. avatar Everyday_Carrier says:

        Fuck the investigation. Go vote it off. You are not on the side of freedom if you don’t see immediately how this was every worst fear of red flag. Fuck their “Facts”.

        1. avatar Chief Censor says:

          I tried to warn these liberal Republicans before it happened. I told them the info about the feds monitoring the boogaloo crews and how they were preparing raids against them. I warned them to stop posting their guns on the internet and stop posting a raid into existence. The feds don’t care about Antifa, they care about “sovereign citizens.”

          Duncan was the first boogaloo soldier to get capped by the enforcers for not complying with gun control after attending the rally for Virginians. I knew it was coming because police have said they be plotting to come after gun owners one by one before the sun comes up. Trump even said he wants to take the guns first and hand out death penalties to any white man that fights to defend the country.

          They shot his pregnant girlfriend too. What are the chances she was shot first and he reacted naturally to the attempted murder of his child and woman? Is that what the government is describing as “confronted” officers? Sounds like what happened to the Tuttles in Texas: shot his wife and his dog, then killed him.

          All these Boomers and Xers pretend they will dance when the song plays. It’s the Millennials and Zoomers who will fight, if ever. The Boomers are too old to muster. The Xers are out of shape cowards too busy prepping for something like the corona or some Red Dawn fantasy. The only older Americans that would fight back in numbers are black men.

          Maj Toure has to watch out. He will eventually create too much of an impact the feds will try to set him up or assassinate him like they did all the other influential black Americans.

        2. avatar Chief Censor says:

          On March 9th I said:

          I am noticing very few Virginians have anything to say about the big L they took. Maybe that has to do with the fact now they can’t open their mouths without risking their guns being confiscated. Or they could have stopped paying attention after they claimed victory for postponing 1 bill.

          Now all those Virginians that danced the boogaloo at the capital have to be very careful due to the government having their facial scan. I’m sure they will like to pay a visit to Virginians that were suspicious and this time around they could bring an order to take your stuff. Don’t expect to make a Youtube video telling them off and mentioning how your daddy was a cop.

          You will learn what the police were created for.

        3. avatar Hugh Glass says:


    3. avatar Garrison Hall says:

      No bureaucracy can ever be trusted to investigate itself which is exactly what police departments do in cases like this. Bureaucracies—all of ’em—are inherently evil and nothing good ever comes from these “internal” investigations.

    4. avatar TP11 says:

      You are the scumbag for not waiting until you’ve heard the whole story before saying “scumbag cops”. Objective people wait until they heard the whole story.

  2. avatar Dave in Houston says:

    exactly why red flags laws scare the hell out of me!

    1. avatar Chief Censor says:

      Tell your family and neighbors to not call the police for a welfare check on you even if you get the corona. You don’t want Texas cops to blast you through your window while you reach for a tissue.

      1. avatar MADDMAXX says:

        How the hell did this get from “Maryland SWAT opes fire” to Texas cops shooting through windows, are you geographically challenged or just in denial that your liberal commies in MARYLAND could possibly do something this stupid…

        1. avatar S.Crock says:

          Maddmaxx try to be a little bit more aware before spouting off like a stereotypical angry keyboard king. Chief Sensor was responding to Dave in HOUSTON. Key word being HOUSTON. It’s safe to say the guy lives in Texas. Texas cops have had a bit of a tendency to murder innocent people in their homes over the last few month if you have been paying attention.

        2. avatar Waylon says:

          Chief sensor is also a confirmed Chinese troll.

        3. avatar Manny D. says:

          You sound about as rational and intelligent as a lump of coal, wait I take that back. It’s disparaging to coal.

        4. avatar MADDMAXX says:


          First all I don’t use a “keyboard”… Dave in Houston addressed Red Flag laws in general and nowhere in his brief statement did he say shit about Texas, but Censor took it upon it’s trolling ass to jump at an opportunity to desparage any thing about America with it’s own set of FACTS… If you really feel the need to defend that troll by all means help yourself but your opinions will not hold much credibility here… Funny thing, you blow in here and your first post is to start “spouting off like a stereotypical angry keyboard king”…. exactly what you accuse me of without knowing anything about what is really going on… I suggest you KYFOTY, and follow CC and see how long it takes IT to turn the whole thing racial…..

        5. avatar The Truth About Charlottesville says:

          IIRC the case of the cop who shot through the window was in South Carolina.

        6. avatar Chief Censor says:

          Obviously any child could see I was responding to a Texas resident about cops shooting people through their windows.

          Maybe you didn’t get the memo about a white cop killing a black woman through her bedroom window because she was reaching for her gun? Her name was Atatiana Jefferson. The criminal is still awaiting his trial.

          Maybe you also didn’t get the memo about the BS raid and murder of the Tuttles for being falsely labeled (by corrupt cops) dangerous drug dealers?

          Just because you don’t care about innocent people getting murdered by your government doesn’t make me an anti U.S. constitution Wuhan troll.

        7. avatar Country Boy says:

          ROFL. that’s funny right there, I don’t care who ya are.

          But let us pro 2 nd A guys and gals not show the antigunners how well we fight amongst ourselves…

      2. avatar Granny Grunch says:

        But……….the tissue looked like a gun………

    2. avatar Chris says:

      Yeah, that’s one benefit of not having a social life or any friends. Nobody to rat you out for stupid shit.

  3. avatar Matt in Oklahoma says:

    Same lawyers as other places like Ferguson or Florida?

    1. avatar Everyday_Carrier says:

      Wrong. Do not confuse an innocent patriot being defended with racist propaganda. Regardless, the whole red flag tyranny should change your view on pretty much every cop, and every law that ever existed. If it hasn’t yet, you need to rethink your stance about owning guns.

      1. avatar Hannibal says:

        We get it, you’re racist.

        1. avatar Everyday_Carrier says:

          You are a f****** idiot. I’m the opposite of racist. Take your own advice, let the adults talk.

  4. avatar Dennis says:

    Let’s take a wildass guess, “red flag”? If it was, whoever instigated it should be charged along with the robo cops!

    1. avatar m11nine says:

      Po-po probably saw a dog and got scared. Universal get out of jail free card for LE.

  5. avatar Ralph says:

    Maybe he was sleeping, maybe he wasn’t. It doesn’t matter. If he was not offering any resistance, the cops had no business unloading on him.

    And we all thought that “license to kill” was reserved for James Bond movies.

    1. avatar Chadwick says:

      X2 I would be expecting some serious resistance before officers shoot through a window, wall, or door. Hope.

    2. avatar GS650G says:

      Lately police have shot people through the windows of their homes and sometimes even get away with it. Try shooting back from within your home and watch them call in a gunship.

      1. avatar Chief Censor says:

        Don’t live in Texas. It’s full of liberal socialist police state worshipers, aka Reagan Republicans. They refuse to pass constitutional carry and they continue to increase their murder squads for public safety. They have a department of public safety that trains to kill Americans from helicopters. They shoot people through windows when the cops are the ones breaking the law. They beat innocent people, including activists exercising their first and second amendment rights.

        1. avatar Waylon says:

          Chicom Troll. Figure you must be one of those basement commies so you don’t get Corona.

        2. avatar Miner49er says:

          Waylon, is it all you got?

          All you do is attack the chief, not a word about the content of his post which is on point and accurate.

          Educate yourself about police abuse and perhaps she will form a different opinion.

          Unless you’re one of the dirty cops, just looking to justify your toxic masculinity.

          We need a nation of Frank Serpicos to speak the truth and clean house in our local, state and federal police agencies.

          And if you don’t know who he is, look that up in your funk and Wagnalls.

        3. avatar Waylon says:

          You are chief censor. You’re just mad you’ve been made. You’re a Chinese shill. Deal with it.

        4. avatar Everyday_Carrier says:

          Waylon: Two people I have never agreed with on this site for pretty much anything just became more patriotic than you in a matter of small comments. And you result to calling them commies?

          Fuck you, tyrant.

        5. avatar Waylon says:

          Maybe you should read more of their posts, it’ll start to add up.

          I’m not even talking about this topic, call it a thread hi jack if you will. But pay attention to these following posters long enough and you’ll notice patterns:

          Miner49er, Hannibal, Chief Censor, and Arc.

          Likely all the same person, likely a shill.

        6. avatar Everyday_Carrier says:

          I have read all their comments. I’ve been here much longer than you. And I don’t care. Their point stands yours doesn’t. And no, Hannibal is not one of them. He’s his own idiot.

        7. avatar Miner49er says:

          “Miner49er, Hannibal, Chief Censor, and Arc”

          Oh, thank you for the kind words! I am indeed honored to be mentioned in such august company, thank you so much for your thoughtful observation!

  6. avatar gene says:

    Thank goodness they didn’t us Baker or other involuntary commitment mechanism! That’d be crazy!

  7. avatar TFred says:

    What “body camera footage?” Does anyone think that any of these cameras were running? Ha.

  8. avatar Huntmaster says:

    Lets not get carried away here. Wait for the camera footage. There is camera footage. Right?

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      I’m down with that. In this day and age, video from several different angles should ALREADY be available, unedited, from several different outlets. If they have somehow been (all) lost, or the camera mysteriously failed to record, then it was cold-blooded murder. There can no longer be any excuse.

      1. avatar SmarterThenYou says:

        That would actually be a great Law… …body camera wasn’t on? Guilty!

        1. avatar Hannibal says:

          That’s not how the 5th Amendment works.

  9. avatar jwtaylor says:

    I’ve read the article a couple of times, but I don’t see where it mentions what jail the shooters are in and what their bond is?

    1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

      I’m curious to know more facts before commenting further. This initial report appears much too like outright murder on behalf of the officer against the sleeping victim, and I’m sure there are additional factors.

      1. avatar jwtaylor says:

        I would need to see some pretty strong evidence to make me suspect outright murder while he was asleep. But a mistake, followed by sympathetic fire, happens often. And they should still be held accountable.

        1. avatar Chief Censor says:

          In the Tuttles case, they only charged the black cop with the murders. They didn’t charge the two white cops that actually fired the shots that killed them. The white DA only put the blame on the black cop (as I predicted). They won’t even say the other cops’ names.

        2. avatar Mike V says:

          So Chief, what’s with the race obsession?
          In the case of the Tuttle fiasco, what evidence do you have that race had anything to do with it?

        3. avatar Manny D. says:

          Sadly it seems there’s always LOTS of sympathetic fire involved when those on the receiving end are black……

        4. avatar Chief Censor says:

          @Mike V

          From what I hear, the drug task force that day only had one black cop on it. He was the lead of the squad. He put together the warrant. The cops that fired the fatal AR shots were two white cops. Those white cops shot the black cop and a white cop from outside the home as they tried to kill the Tuttles. The white cop was shot in the spine, he is permanently paralyzed now (I hear he wasn’t a corrupt cop). The black cop (who is very corrupt) was shot in the face, he recovered after being in the hospital for a little while.

          Another cop was also charged for trying to cover up for the squad after the shooting by falsifying documents.

          When the shooting happened, I predicted the white female DA would only charge the black cop for the murders and let the white cops that did the killing go. That is exactly what she did. If I remember correctly, some of those cops retired early.

          It appears the DA is going to make a deal with the white cops to get a conviction of the black cop. This will make the average Texan happy. They will blame the murder of the white couple on the black man. It’s an easy tribal victory that will protect the department and make the DA look good for her next election.

        5. avatar Mike V says:

          Chief that’s not evidence that’s your speculation. It looks more like you applying your narrative instead of interpreting the facts about the specific case.
          What evidence is there to show that the black cop was set up because he was black, what evidence that the trigger pullers acted out of racial animus, what evidence that the DA acted on race?

          Two people dead, one maimed for life, others injured, and the guy responsible for the disaster is most held to account.

        6. avatar Chief Censor says:

          @Mike V

          You are being dumb. You think I have physical evidence to prove anything? Are you really going that far to ignore the obvious? White guilt much?

          I literally gave you the facts of the case that the government doesn’t want you to have. The information the corrupt department asked the DA not to release.

          By the way, I heard cops destroyed their texts and retired early so they wouldn’t have to answer questions. Some of those cops were involved in an attempted cover up.

          I did not say white cops setup a fake raid so they could shoot a black cop because he is black. That is your personal narrative. I simply pointed out the facts of the shooting and the aftermath. It’s not narrative, it’s reality. Something you don’t want to admit, just like every other liberal Republican.

          The killers are walking free. They’re not named and will not be charged because white people want to blame the black guy only. Exactly what I expected from Texas after hearing who was involved. You are proving the point.

          Why should the white guys who shot the wife dead through the window, and shot the husband dead through the kitchen wall, be allowed to walk free? They also shot the two cops that kicked the door in. How can you be okay with allowing murderers to walk free? The kind of murderers who would shoot Americans and fellow cops.

          Don’t forget the neighborhood was not all white and well off. They reported the shooting as if the couple were brown people, in a gang selling drugs and they had illegal guns. They even dare say those drug dealers got in a shootout with the cops. They don’t want to admit the cops shot each other.

        7. avatar Mike V says:

          Chief…”From what I hear, the drug task force that day only had one black cop on it. He was the lead of the squad. He put together the warrant.” 

          What are you implying here?

          “When the shooting happened, I predicted the white female DA would only charge the black cop for the murders and let the white cops that did the killing go. That is exactly what she did. If I remember correctly, some of those cops retired early.”

          The pointing out of race is important why? Do you have evidence that your need to point out their race is central to the case? Besides being an accurate physical descriptor equal to the color of their socks, why is this important? You pointing it out is an implied accusation isn’t it? If true, what evidence do you have for this specific circumstance to support it?

          “It appears the DA is going to make a deal with the white cops to get a conviction of the black cop.”

          Again, why is race significant? Do you have evidence for this specific case to support the inclusion of their race?

          ” You think I have physical evidence to prove anything? Are you really going that far to ignore the obvious? White guilt much?”

          No, I know you don’t have evidence, that’s why I’m pointing out the disconnect between the facts and your claims.

          I’m guilty of a few things, being white ain’t one of them.

        8. avatar Chief Censor says:

          @Mike V

          Anyone that has worked in law enforcement knows, when shit gets hard to defend, the minorities and new cops will get put on the chopping block to save the department’s reputation and the good o’ boys. They know the majority in the U.S. is white. They know most of white America still doesn’t like minorities like they do their own kind and they will gladly accept the minority being put up as the scapegoat.

          This is a common technique that goes back centuries in America. Blame the black people, blame the immigrants, blame the Muslims. Just look at Texas’ history.

          It’s only been slightly changing because black people are getting into positions were they can bring charges against Texas cops. Like when they charged a white male cop, that shot a black teen in the head with an AR while he was in a car full of other teens, as they drove away from a house party where a shooting just happened. Like when they charged a white female cop for breaking into a black man’s house then killing him while he was in his underwear eating ice cream and watching TV.. Like when the black community forced a white male cop to be charged for shooting a black female — who was baby sitting her nephew and playing video games with him — through her bedroom window after she grabbed her gun to check who was in her backyard illegally.

          Before that, Texas cops didn’t really get charged for murder nor manslaughter while they were on duty. Texas was very much like California. Hence why a military veteran, a black male, hunted down Dallas cops with his AK. They’re now seeing the writing on the walls and are physically fortifying their offices and departments from the public. And as you can see, the white female DA is trying very hard to calm the public by bringing charges against a black cop for the murder of a white couple, but she’s not trying to charge the entire corrupt crew involved, which lead to the FBI coming in to investigate the entire situation.

          Black people understand this very well because they had to live through the immorality for many years. White people, especially the males, have no clue about that history because they didn’t live it nor care to “relive” it. This denial by white America has gifted the leftists a powerful weapon to destroy the United States with.

          So I figured you are a white male. Chances are you are a white male considering your strong opposition to seeing the situation for what it is. If not, you must be very young or a recent immigrant.

        9. avatar Mike V says:

          Chief, bookmark this thread. When you come up with evidence to support the specific case of the Tuttle mess, let us all know.

      2. avatar m11nine says:

        An officer thought he heard a dog, so he opened fire?

    2. avatar Chadwick says:

      The shooters are from protected political class. When most politicians want to take the civilian arms away, then the guys on the payroll with guns seem pretty important to the guys signing the checks or warrants.

    3. avatar GS650G says:

      I’m sure the trigger man got a lawyer, 2 days to get his statement together, and still is being paid.

      Us citizens would be processed into county and face intense questioning within an hour.

      1. avatar Hannibal says:

        The moment you say “I want a lawyer” you are no longer allowed to be questioned. Or, more technically, nothing you say is admissible after that point. You have literally NO legal weight against you making you say anything, ever. You have more legal rights than a cop in a shooting. Know them.

        1. avatar Everdday_Carrier says:

          Right, but what he is saying is that the cops who did this are being defended and will get off with a paid vacation. Plain and simple.

        2. avatar GS650G says:

          Go ahead and lawyer up. You’ll be sleeping in the cell with a crazy person soon enough.

    4. avatar Chief Censor says:

      Why would they be charged if they did what they are trained to do?

      I would be surprised if they charge the cops with murder/manslaughter. The DA will likely say it was justified because the man reached for something and/or didn’t follow orders.

      This guy did what he was trained to do and the DA agrees it was legally justified. Remember when I told you they can get away with such shootings and you said I didn’t know what I was talking about?

      When it’s white on white crime people don’t care as much.

      1. avatar Chief Chicom Shill says:


    5. avatar Klaus Von Schmitto says:

      That’s a good one JW !

  10. avatar Steve Eisenberg says:

    Maybe the cops had taken some bad acid.

  11. avatar N says:

    Even for pigs this is highly unusual. I wonder how much was paid for the death of this man.

    1. avatar Chief Censor says:

      Move to Texas or California. You will get used to it.

      1. avatar LarryinTX says:

        Been in Texas for over 25 years, and you are full of shit.

        1. avatar Darren says:

          Texas and California, just as the man said, tops the list.

          Who’s full of shit now?

        2. avatar Chief Censor says:


          Don’t pay attention to grandpa Boomer. He is one of those socialist Republican. Straight up liberal. We can’t talk about his lovely government. He ain’t going to change now. His commie parents raised him to be malfunctioning patriot and the drinking don’t help.

          Democrats have infiltrated the Republican party and killed it. Their favorite man is a billionaire liberal Democrat proudly raised in New York. Heck, Bloomberg is a Republican that was rejected by the Democrat party.

          We just have to crack open a few Coronas and watch the problem solve itself.

        3. avatar Mike V says:

          Being on top of the list isn’t the same as being common or something one would get “used to.”

        4. avatar Chief Censor says:

          @Mike V

          When you see a hundred police shooting a year… you get used to it. Too many names to remember.

        5. avatar Everyday_Carrier says:

          And you have been a big government supporter for how many years, Larry? Did you just recently start supporting red coats too?

        6. avatar HoundDogDave says:

          Darren says:
          March 13, 2020 at 17:11
          Texas and California, just as the man said, tops the list.

          Who’s full of shit now?

          @Darren, the answer is YOU ARE.
          scroll down that page and look at the map.
          California and Texas are some where upper mid range on the list when you consider population.
          New Mexico top the list with 9.11 per million population, followed by Oklahoma at 9.03 per million
          California just 3.48
          Texas at 4.01

  12. avatar GS650G says:

    So now we need perimeter sensors to detect people approaching outside the property. By the time they boot the door it could be too late.

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Sensors and claymores.

    2. avatar Hannibal says:

      I mean, you don’t, but driveway alarms are very cheap and effective. They can be used anywhere and pick up motion, not just cars.

      1. avatar Wayne says:

        I use the ones from Harbor Freight. They work good.

    3. avatar Everyday_Carrier says:

      Man I have been saying this for years on this website and people laugh. This site is so full of FUDDS its insane. People are fed up, as seen by this comment section and the response to this whole thing. I talked about it this way for so long, and people just said “well, guess your gonna get shot by a cop then”… smh. These phonies would rather bend the knee than ensure generations of freedom. America went from farmers fighting at young ages for their land to fighting oil/drug wars overseas and allowing cops to be “heroes”. Just sad.

    4. avatar Klaus Von Schmitto says:

      A doorbell camera alerts me by phone if someones in my front or back door. Cheap and effective.

  13. avatar Chief Censor says:

    Maybe it’s one of those federal gun task force raids that Trump has chosen to implement? I have been hearing stories of the feds coming into the states to team up with local departments to server warrants for gun crimes.

    I have already seen them murder a guy and lie about what happened. The police wanted to destroy the evidence but the family was able to save the video by “barricading” themselves in their home. The police were too scared to enter the family’s home immediately after they killed the man in his driveway.

    Cops are becoming kill teams. Wait until we start seeing the stories that will come out of Virginia.

  14. avatar Dude says:

    You could sleep through them knocking on the door, especially if you have a noise maker or loud fan going. Once they bust through the door and commence yelling, I don’t see how you sleep through that unless you’re sleeping off a bender. Of course, if he woke up, he may have looked even more threatening.

  15. avatar Herbert Sanz says:

    This is what RED FLAG laws cause. Ipso-facto…

  16. avatar Dan W says:

    Instead of an alarm noise I want my security system to say “shooter ready? Standby”.

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Oh, man, that would ROCK!!

    2. avatar SmarterThenYou says:

      “Intruder Alert! Countermeasures initiating. Intruder termination in 10, 9, 8…..” accompanied by sounds of giant gears moving and something Loudly charging increasing in pitch and volume. There’d be a lot of tactical pants filled with shit.

    3. avatar Chief Censor says:

      Apparently gun owners are going to have to make their windows one-way with that reflective coating and bullet resistant. Nope, not for the local thugs, for the local blue line gang.

  17. avatar Paramedic70002 says:

    No comment on what illegal guns or other illegal items were recovered = none.

    1. avatar Everyday_Carrier says:

      They will find a way to try and justify it to the public. It won’t change how true freedom lovers view it, or what really happened.

  18. avatar strych9 says:

    I’ll withhold judgement until more facts are out.

    But if the family’s version is half true it’s time to start breaking out the 4×4’s and nails.

    1. avatar Chief Censor says:

      Go to the local shelter to pick yourself up a box of puppies. Then sprinkle them in your yard. When the cops to serve their red flag warrant they will be busy blasting the little guys before they move on to you.

    2. avatar Everyday_Carrier says:

      Time to start setting up trip wires and tannerite welcoming mats. Gasoline filled sprinkler systems…

      All over this website people have been ranting and raving about red flag laws. They just got proof of what happens without due process, and they STILL defend police. It doesn’t matter what the fuck they make up, the man did NOTHING wrong and they turned him into a criminal, then killed him. If you don’t want to register guns, you shouldn’t have to. Every gun law is an infringement. Our government has nuclear capabilities, satellites for spying, and this shit is the result. How much longer we gonna wait?

  19. avatar former water walker says:

    Wow that’s some evil chit…I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for justice. Or an apology!

  20. avatar Mack The Knife says:

    Not enough information to provide an intelligent comment.
    Looks like the dems and their anti cop rhetoric has once again influenced the low information idiots.

    1. avatar Everyday_Carrier says:

      Fuck you and your rhetoric. Calling patriots “Dems” for not supporting tyranny. You FUDD motherfucker, you can’t have it both ways. Lie to yourself some more.

  21. avatar Randy Jones says:

    Where and who gave the complaint for the warrant? Was the info good or a SWAT? This has been a major concern about Red Flags from the start. Who and how did the process start? And if it was bogus, can they be held liable?

  22. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    He was guilty of living in Maryland, so as far as the authorities are concerned that’s reason enough for summary execution, right?

    1. avatar Chief Censor says:

      Duncan Socrates Lemp (21 years old) was shot dead because the police claim he wasn’t allowed to have guns and “confronted” them. He was getting ready for the boogaloo. He was trying to recruit for the 3 Percenters and join a militia. The cops heard about it and raided him. It appears the police were monitoring his social media and decided to raid his boogaloo dancing, constitution supporting, oath keeping, sic semper tyrannis ass.

      1. avatar Taking 4chan this seriously says:

        >using the term “boogaloo” unironically
        >using “boogaloo” outside a Mongolian basket weaving site


        1. avatar Everyday_Carrier says:

          Fuck around and find out.

          We are tired of tyrants in all forms. Including FUDDS like you.

        2. avatar Hannibal says:

          Sure are a lot of internet badasses out and around today. Shouldn’t you be leading a revolution to conquer some chicken tendies instead of playing online?

        3. avatar Taking 4chan this seriously says:

          Someone didn’t get enough good boy points for tendies.

          LARP harder, big boi.

        4. avatar Everyday_Carrier says:

          I find it amusing how someone who stands up to this shit on pro 2a forums is criticized as being “an internet bad ass”. How many of you overweight fucks were at bundy ranch? Standing rock? Have you actually done anything besides spout off pro republican shit and vote? Get fucked, FUDDS.

        5. avatar Miner49er says:

          I have to say, cloven hooves Bundy was in the wrong to appropriate US taxpayers land.

          Bundy had his day in court, with an ex-US AF judge appointed by Reagan, who found him guilty of not paying a fair lease on US taxpayer lands. The judge ordered his cattle removed from US taxpayer land.

          He resisted the court order and encouraged weak minded individuals to come to help him steal US taxpayer land.

          Cloven hooves Bundy was just another welfare queen wanting free stuff from the government.

    2. avatar Everyday_Carrier says:

      Fuck the police types? Man, take that blue weenie out of your mouth. If you are a 2A supporter and understand freedom, there is NO WAY you can support the blue line. NO WAY. You cannot have it both ways. No matter what you tell yourself to fall asleep at night. Cops do not exist for your protection. They are not here to make you feel safe. That is your own job. That is what the 2nd Amendment is for. People like you need to wake up and see that they are turning innocents into criminals without due process for some 3d printed shit or a freedom loving motherfucker not wanting to register under nazi like scrutiny. What part about our government is NOT everything we ran from? The revolution was started over 2% taxes. We are now at 38% and people like you support cops killing someone who was shook out of bed with no warning trying to defend himself? Fuck you, tyrant.

    3. avatar Tristan Hodgden says:

      Dude even if he was shooting at them he would be in the right. They came onto his property to take his rights so I see no problem with shooting back

  23. avatar Gene Ralno says:

    Could any place be more screwed up than Maryland where the murder rate is 4th in the nation? I’d bet they’ll find a way to jigger the report so it’s not counted as murder. Unclassified in progress perhaps or some other bull.

  24. avatar Vinny says:

    If it was a Red Flag protection order, then it won’t be the first enforcement fatality in Maryland.

    1. avatar Chief Censor says:

      The talk is he was targeted because he attended the rally at Virginia’s capital and was preparing for the boogaloo. He wasn’t going to comply with gun control. The police decided he had illegal guns and was a danger to the government because he is a constitutionalist/sovereign citizen 3%er.

      They shot him dead because he dare “confront” the enforcers. He is the first Virginian boogaloo soldier to get shot down by the government.

      Anyone else attend the rally without a mask on? Hope you haven’t been outspoken on social media and posting about guns. Looks like Trump’s (and his gun control allies) red flag hit squads are moving in.

      1. avatar MADDMAXX says:

        Chief Censor said: Hope you haven’t been outspoken on social media and posting about corrupt government. Looks like Trump’s (and his gun control allies) red flag hit squads are moving in.

        You don’t mean like the anti-government bullshit you are constantly spewing, right?

        1. avatar Chief Censor says:

          You mean the pro Bill of Rights stuff? The anti statist stuff? The pro liberty stuff? The oath keeping stuff?

        2. avatar Everyday_Carrier says:

          You are full of shit. Go vote, and watch nothing happen.

        3. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          Damn Dude, I wanna be one of them badddassssss MOTHERFUCKERS just like you when I grow up but until then get a life, go read a book or something and come back when you have something intelligent or important or that makes sense (intelligible)…. Otherwise do the adults in the room a favor and shut the FUCK up……

        4. avatar Everyday_Carrier says:

          You keep telling yourself that compliance is patriotism. Grow up? Bitch I fought for oil control and drugs to come home to this? You need to wake up. Don’t confuse my “internet cockiness” with confidence. Because I am confident that people like you are part of the fucken problem just like the left trying to take and take, you would gladly give and give just to have your daily routine as lazy as it has been. One things I do know: History is not boring, but maybe you are. Now ADULT the fuck up and stand up for yourself. Scared to talk about it online, or what?

        5. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          Everyday_Carrier said:
          “You keep telling yourself that compliance is patriotism. Grow up? Bitch I fought for oil control and drugs to come home to this? You need to wake up. Don’t confuse my “internet cockiness” with confidence. Because I am confident that people like you are part of the fucken problem just like the left trying to take and take, you would gladly give and give just to have your daily routine as lazy as it has been. One things I do know: History is not boring, but maybe you are. Now ADULT the fuck up and stand up for yourself. Scared to talk about it online, or what?”

          You have NO fucking idea what the little voices in my head are telling me, it sounds like you are attempting to project your own failures as a human being on to anyone who has had any success in life and dos NOT want to give that over to Government control at any level… You speak to NOT confusing your “internet cockiness” with confidence? The only way to read that is that you admit that you are an insecure child who needs to hide behind a computer screen because the world of real MEN scares the shit out of you…. Your idea that people like ME are part of the problem is laughable, you should have said people like me are part of YOUR problem which is that frightened, jealousy thing you’ve got going on…… You speak of HISTORY, you don’t know shit about history, they stopped teaching REAL history a long time ago… Your real problem is that you grew up in that “everybody gets a trophy” world and when you found out it was all a lie, that you actually had to compete against serious men with the drive to succeed you couldn’t handle it, so now you sit in your mommies basement or attic or whatever disparaging anyone who doesn’t buy into you’re commie inspired ranting in between rounds of “Call Of Duty” and doses of Ritalin….. That last couple of sentences “ADULT the fuck up?, stand up for yourself? Scared to talk about it on line?” I was killing real men when your momma was in diapers and I was living the life you fantasize about when the best part of you ran down her leg…. You said you FOUGHT for “oil and drugs?” sounds like a good game I’ll have to look for it… Earlier you made comments about Weaver Ranch like you were standing tall with them, I suppose you were also at Ruby Ridge, Waco, Wounded Knee, The Alamo? It must suck to live in fear of everyone and everything and it must REALLY suck to be you, to have to live life vicariously through others who actually go out and make a difference… Alright, I’ve wasted way more time on this (and you) than I normally would but your little rants are just too entertaining to pass up, until now, you are too incoherent (and obviously not very smart) to continue on with, If only you didn’t make it soooooo easy… I can’t wait to see your response, you must have Saul Alinskys little book (the only hitory you ever read) lying right there next to you I’m sure between that and the “little voices in YOUR head” you can find the courage to display your ignorance one more time for my entertainment….

        6. avatar Everyday_Carrier says:

          Lol. Now who’s the keyboard warrior, fag.

          Did you just admit to having voices in your head? We are done here

        7. avatar Hugh Glass says:

          MADDMAXX scorched earth. Dang.

  25. avatar NJ2AZ says:

    i’ve had it with this “daarr we need swat raids to catch the scum bags by surprise!” nonsense absent a hostage situation, surround the building and announce yourselves and then if the potential bad guys tool up or indicate they want a standoff, then go to town.

    disclaimer: the whole “they might destroy evidence” rationale holds almost no weight with me.

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      Wise departments do just that. Especially when the courts turn drug dealers loose anyway. There’s no reason to risk getting someone killed over it most of the time, with the exception being hostage scenarios.

  26. avatar Chief Censor says:

    I heard they shot his pregnant girlfriend too.

  27. avatar EVeryday_Carrier says:

    Look at all these FUDDS!

    They just turned a gun owner into a criminal and you morons STILL defend the TYRANT police? Wake up people.

    Only one way to prevent this. Start no knocking raid on the tyrants themselves.

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      lots of barking coming from this one

      1. avatar Everyday_Carrier says:

        Says the one poking a pit bull.

  28. avatar Possum says:

    Nothing says,”We’re Here” like bullets through the wall.

  29. avatar Skeptic says:

    Man these comments are a train wreck.

    All y’all are fired up over statements made by his attorney that present no evidence or name any witnesses. Not to mention the attorney obviously stands to make a lot of money off of a wrongful death lawsuit. Also, I assume the SWAT officers have done a few warrant executions before, it just sounds far fetched to me that either they were so inexperienced/fearful that they would do what attorney described, or that they cared enough about this case to do the kind of stupid stuff alleged by the attorney.

    I’m not saying this was justified, I’m just saying there’s literally nothing of substance in this post, and a lot of yalls blood is boiling over it. I’ll just wait until some actual evidence comes out before I form an opinion.

    1. avatar Chief Censor says:

      I wonder why people would assume the police murdered a man for exercising his human rights in a country were the law is setup to protect them?

  30. avatar Aaron says:

    don’t worry folks, the cops will not be harmed in this incident, they get qualified immunity.

    oh, sorry about capping the gun-owning suspect of “unspecified” crimes in his sleep and all that, but he was probably a Trump voter so no big loss. now move along.

  31. avatar David Bradford says:

    I keep reading that Mr. Lemp was a prohibited person. I wonder why. Every article I’v read makes a point of saying that NO ONE in the house had a criminal record. I would assume that would include the young Mr. Lemp. If he had no criminal record why the prohibition? Was he adjudicated mentally ill?(you would think they would mention that) Was he under a restraining order? (again, think they would mention that). Maybe he had a medical marijuana card, or maybe just too many parking tickets. In any event, it was between 4:30 and 5:00 am. He was inside his residence when an unidentified person was outside his bedroom window. If he happened to be awake and saw that person looking in his window he had every right to arm up and confront that individual outside, prohibited or not.

    1. avatar Chief Censor says:

      When you are red flagged you become a prohibited person in illegal possession of firearms. You are essentially a felon once the order has been given. You are put into the federal prohibited persons database. You lose your CCW too. You will be charged with firearm offenses if you have access to firearms.

      There are two forms of red flag confiscations: 1. they will inform you to turn in your guns to the government, 2. they come to get them without telling you they are coming for your guns.

      Another Maryland man [military veteran] was murdered in his home when police came to his property because his sister said he might be suicidal. The police went to a judge to get a red flag order for gun confiscation. They came to his house around 4-7am to confiscate his arms. The killers claimed he refused to give up his gun and he physically held on to it while a gun control enforcer tried to pull it away from him. The gun went off. Then another gun confiscator shot him dead.

      Of course the police department did not provide physical evidence to the public to clear their enforcers of homicide. They took their enforcers story as is. Case closed, doughnut operator out.

      Now Duncan [the boogaloo kid] and his pregnant girlfriend were engaged on their property because he exercised the 1st and 2nd Amendment. They thought he was a threat to their government. The police state was activated and a gun control task force was sent in. They conducted a no-knock operation at 4am. Duncan was executed in his castle and his pregnant girlfriend wounded.

      1. avatar Aaron says:

        well, it’s ok that the cops killed a veteran because they thought he was suicidal. they get qualified immunity so the cops don’t suffer one bit as long as they are following policy. so no harm done (to the cops, that is).

        maybe their policy says the only 100% positive way to prevent a suicide is the kill the muthafooker BEFORE he can commit suicide. see, suicide prevented 100% of the time!

        you know, like “we have to destroy the village in order to save it.”

        calling cops in for a “wellness check” is like cutting off your hand because you have a hangnail.

  32. avatar Will Drider says:

    Waiting for the “No bodyCam video” of the actual moments leading to and the shot(s) fired! Cam was off, cam was blocked, cam malfunctioned, audio didn’t work, video portion didn’t work, erased during processing. Did I miss any?

    This unjustified zero dark thirty No-Knock shit has got to stop. LE is Assaulting a Residence “then after its secure (or in this case suspect is dead) providing the search/arrest Warrant. The public display of property is like a trophy to sway public opinion that its a justified use of lethal force before the investigation is done.

    THIS IS ANOTHER PRIME REASON FOR YOUR BED ROOM/SAFE ROOM to have solid doors, dead bolt(s) and other barrier/delay devices. You should at least have a few seconds to figure out what’s going on before they shoot at you.

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