New from Timney: drop-in SCAR trigger

Timney triggers can turn a cranky old dog of a rifle into sweet-shooting range candy. We’ve tested their wares before, and even though our man Tyler had some initial issues with his drop-in 10/.22 trigger, he ended up firmly in the fanboy camp. 

Gun Review: FN SCAR

In the name of ‘work’, I have had the privilege of shooting the hell out of a SCAR 16S and telling you how much fun I had. Before you think ill of me, please know this: I didn’t set out to write a superlative-laden gushfest with less objectivity than a Tiger Beat biography of Taylor […]

Gun Preview: FN SCAR 16S

TTAG writer Chris Dumm and his BFFs (Best Firearms Friends) are heading out to a secret location deep in the Washington woods this weekend to test the FN SCAR 16S. And an ArmaLite M15. And AK of some sort or description. We’ll have reviews of each gun and an an apples-to-oranges-to-fruit-roll-up modern home defense sporting […]