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In the name of ‘work’, I have had the privilege of shooting the hell out of a SCAR 16S and telling you how much fun I had. Before you think ill of me, please know this: I didn’t set out to write a superlative-laden gushfest with less objectivity than a Tiger Beat biography of Taylor Lautner.  I really didn’t.

I was looking for a ‘warts-and-all’ review, maybe with a snarky title like SCAR Needs Plastic Surgery, or SOCOM Was Right To Cancel This Contract. After putting several hundred rounds through the gun, however, I just couldn’t find any warts. The SCAR did everything that was expected of it, efficiently and without fail, and it’s hard to find a snarky title that says SCAR: A Damn Nice Rifle.


To test the SCAR’s handling, reliability and practical accuracy, I joined a few old friends at a very secluded forest property. The weather was sunny and calm, both of which are shockingly atypical for Oregon in January. On the downside, it was only 25° F and there was four inches of snow on the ground, but I’m a Colorado mountain man (or I used to be) and I was in my native element.

Snow or no, we set up targets from 15 yards to 100 yards, including a walkthrough firing course. We brought along several other tactical carbines for comparison (which I’ll compare/review in future articles) and we shot the hell out of them. Well, all of them except one. Don’t worry, I’ll name names (we tell the truth about guns here, after all) but that will have to wait for another article.


In my preview video, I predicted that the SCAR’s muzzle brake would be highly effective, and I was right. As you can see in the above video, Andrew shot that SCAR like he stole it. Even though he was shooting a SCAR instead of a SAW, he kept all his über-rapidfire shots on a human silhouette-sized target at 25 yards, and most of them on target at 50 yards.

He’s a former U.S. Army infantry captain, and he positively loved the SCAR’s light weight and stable firing dynamics. His only negative comment: he wished the trigger reset were shorter, so he could shoot it even faster. We can forgive him; as a former soldier he’s used to Uncle Sam giving him his ammo for free.

Whether firing from a bench and bipod or offhand and on the move, the SCAR exhibits zero muzzle climb, recoil, or torque. Muzzle blast is quite pronounced for bystanders, however, because the muzzle brake redirects much of the exhaust gasses rearward and to the sides.

By ‘quite pronounced’, I mean a good bit louder than an AR-15. Louder than a 5.45x39mm AK-74 with a muzzle device.  Louder, in fact, than a short-barreled (16”) AR-10 in 7.62 NATO with an A2 flash hider. Pretty damned loud for a .223, but not so loud that you’ll want double hearing protection. (And thus, not as loud as a Mosin-Nagant M44 carbine.)


We evaluated the SCAR for accuracy at short and medium ranges using the mission-appropriate (but nonmagnifying) Aimpoint Micro H1 red-dot sight.

The Aimpoint Micro H1 is an excellent choice of optic for a carbine of this type. With the adjustable cheek-rest in the fully upright and locked position, the H1 delivered quick target acquisition and immediate hits on target. The field of view though the small-aperture (20mm) Aimpoint isn’t terribly wide, but the little red dot is right where your eye looks for it, and the body of the sight is so tiny that it obstructs almost none of your peripheral vision. Especially if you shoot it with both eyes open.

The H1 isn’t cheap (list price $600 and up) but it’s guaranteed to be waterproof to 1,000 meters, shockproof to 1,000 g’s, and to have a battery life of 420,000 years at full reticule brightness. I’m just kidding (kind of) but the H1, like every Aimpoint, is nearly impossible to destroy unless you try really hard.

The H1’s red dot is advertised as subtending four minutes of arc, which is very visible but not terribly precise. Turning the brightness down seemed to reduce the apparent size of the dot, which was good for precise aiming. Turning the brightness way up (as we had to do when the sun set behind our targets in the show) made the dot seem larger and a little ‘twinkly’ to my mediocre eyes, and I don’t think this helped our accuracy results much.

Note: The test gun’s Aimpoint Micro H1 currently sits on a quick-release riser mount, which sits slightly too high for the red dot to co-witness with the SCAR’s flip-up iron sights. You can see through the iron sights and the H1 at the same time, but the iron sights sit at the very bottom of the H1’s aperture.


For our day of running and gunning, we shot a mix of Remington and Federal value-pack factory loads along with HSM commercial reloads. In all, we fired about 600 rounds through the SCAR, all of them brass-cased 55-grain FMJs. The SCAR fired every single round without drama or malfunction, from a motley collection of magazines. Most were 20 year-old GI magazines, and a smattering of FN, Armalite, and H&K factory magazines. Shiny, new, dirty, dented or old, the SCAR digested every magazine and every round we fed it.

From a bench, firing from sandbags or a bipod, the SCAR with the Aimpoint Micro  repeatedly produced groups from 1.5” to 2” at 50 yards. The best group was slightly under 1.25”, and two of the bullets went through the same slightly elongated hole. I believe the SCAR is capable of slightly better accuracy than these targets represent, because we were shooting cheap 55-grain ammunition under challenging visual conditions.

The SCAR’s fast 1 in 7” twist barrel is optimized to stabilize heavier bullets, with longer bearing surfaces and a higher coefficient of drag. We didn’t shoot the pricier heavyweight bullets during the practical accuracy test, since limited quantities were available. I suspect that the barrel-clamping plastic bipod (my own shooting aid) might interfere with the harmonics of the free-floated barrel. Andrew achieved slightly better accuracy from sandbags than I obtained with the bipod, and I refuse to admit (yet) that he’s just a better shot than I am.

In any event, 1.5” groups at 50 yards are perfectly acceptable accuracy for a short-barreled tactical carbine, and they represent better accuracy than most of us would be capable of in a live-fire, life-or-death situation. If I shot groups like that at a 3-gun match with my adrenaline pumping, I’d be amazed. A soldier who can shoot like that in actual combat is a stone-cold badass.

We didn’t perform any accuracy testing at longer ranges using the Aimpoint H1 red-dot sight, because shooting at such ranges without magnification is more a test of eyesight (at which I fail) than a test of gun or ammunition. We did set up a human silhouette target at 100 yards, but it was so easy to land center-mass hits on it from the offhand position that we stopped keeping track. By the end of the afternoon I counted over 100 holes in it.

Tack-driving precision, after all, is not what makes an ideal tactical carbine. One hundred percent flawless reliability is a necessary-but-not-sufficient prerequisite (duh); decent accuracy, good handling and ergonomics, and firepower make up the rest.  In all these regards, the SCAR is a damned-near perfect tactical carbine in my book.


In the aftermath of our day in the woods, I had a man’s job ahead of me as I cleaned the rifles I’d shot.  I tackled the gnarliest cleaning projects first, slogging through the filthy AK-74 (heavily fired with corrosive Soviet surplus ammo) and the also-filthy Armalite M-15 before diving into the SCAR.

As the video explains, this rifle is easier to disassemble than a LEGO TIE Fighter. When I mentioned that it took me five minutes to disassemble and clean, that included the time it took to record the previous video. Compared to the greasy, sooty nightmare of an AR-15 bolt carrier, or the foul corrosive slurry that issues from the barrel of an AK fired with corrosive ammo, the SCAR runs cleaner than the cafeteria at IKEA.

It runs so cool, and so clean, that the bolt carrier was still mostly clean and slightly oily after 600 rounds fired in the snow, and the mainspring and lower receiver were still showroom-clean and lightly lubricated. If this is the wave of the future for tactical carbines, then I’m all for it; I’m sick of rifles that come home from the range blacker than a coal miner’s lungs.


Quick handling, stone-cold reliability, accuracy, and firepower; it’s all good, baby.  $2,300.00, plus optics and ammo, can make you a happy man.


Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO/.223 Remington
Barrel: 16.25”, 1 in 7” rifling.
Overall Length: 37” with stock fully extended, 27” with stock folded.
Weight: 7.25 lbs empty, YMMV depending on the goodies you hang off the miles of Picatinny rail.
Action: Short-stroke gas piston operated semi-automatic rifle.
Finish: Anodized alloy upper receiver, green or tan polymer lower receiver and stock, phosphated barrel.
Capacity: 10, 20, 30 round (included) box magazine; accepts standard M-16/AR-15 magazines.
Price: $2,300 and up. Way up, if you include worthy optics. If you put a cheap Chinese scope on this rifle you should be punched in the mouth.

RATINGS: (out of five)

Accuracy:  * * * *

Perfectly acceptable ‘operational’ accuracy with cheap plinking ammo, and surprising bench accuracy with a scope and heavier bullets.

Ergonomics:  * * * * *

Fast, light, and zero recoil. Ambidextrous controls are all in the right places, and if they’re not you can probably move them to the other side. The stock folds, flips, tilts and telescopes like the driver’s seat of a Lincoln Navigator. You will want a vertical foregrip; gripping Picatinny rails sucks.

Reliability: * * * * *

700 rounds fired with zero failures to feed, fire, or eject. Zero problems with magazines. Elegant, robust and clean-running design should give very long service life.

Customize This: * * * * 1/2

Several feet of Picatinny rail to adorn with anything you want. No aftermarket (yet) for butt-stocks or trigger groups, but no need for them either.

Overall Rating: * * * * *

Astonishing tactical carbine with a hefty price tag.

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  1. Great review Chris. I’ve fondled one, but never had the enjoyment of shooting it. Now if I could just convince my wife that a SCAR would be more practical than a mini-van.

  2. Fabulous review. I didn’t have a chance to wring out the SCAR when I shot it, but I agree with everything you wrote. Shooting from sandbags might serve to dampen barrel resonances that could otherwise hamper accuracy, but let’s face it, this rifle begs to be shot offhand and not with a bipod or sandbags. And boy-oh-boy, it is unbelieveably noisy for everyone but the shooter.

  3. Nice review! Maybe they can advertise FN Pixie Dust as the new CLP.

    Any chance they will send you a .308 version?

    I look foward to the comparsion review.

  4. So I use Miley, Roberts tends to lean towards Miranda, and you go all Taylor on us in your metaphors… Nice thorough review Chris! I would own a SCAR if only New York allowed for a folding and telescoping stock. Could you imagine purchasing the Navigator only to unplug the seat wiring harness?

    • Brett:

      A Navigator with a fixed bench seat? The horror! But if you’re really in the market for an Empire State SCAR, the Bushmaster ACR (nee Magpul Masada) might feed your jones.

      It comes in a fixed-stock configuration with a welded muzzle brake and 10-round magazine. They call it the ‘Basic State Compliant’ ACR and it’s a few bills cheaper than the De Luxe folding/adjustable model, but it’s still $2,700!

      That’s the price of five Kel-Tec SU-16s, or four DPMS AR-15s, or three Arsenal AK-74s, or two Springfield SOCOM-16s, or a partridge in a pear tree; one hell of a pear tree.

  5. Hey Chris: One slight correction. All of the ammo that I provided for the SCAR testing that day was milsup 62 grain Radway (M855). Thus, we did in fact shoot at least two different types of bullets that day. While we didn’t test the 62 grain ammo for accuracy, I noted nice tight groups when I was shooting it offhand. My understanding is that the SCAR has a 1:7 twist, which would explain why it had no trouble stablizing that longer, heavier bullet (unlike my HK-93, which has a 1:12 twist and cannot therefore stablize the 62 grain bullets)

  6. So you tested the SCAR and didn’t find any warts? How could anyone miss that sliding buttstock that’s looser than a $5 whore, and results in more rattles than a den of rattlesnakes. On a quiet night this clacking noise can be heard over 100 yards distance, giving the operators position away – a death trap on night combat patrols. It is worse if a sling is attached. I have talked to numerous military operators at trade shows who have used the SCAR in the field, and their comments were the same – liked the basic rifle, but the stock sucked. Several navy seals have told me the stock breaks under hard use, but I could not verify this as a fact. What I can verify are the many e-mails I have sent FN about this and they will not reply. I also went to their booth at the Vegas SHOT SHOW and attempted to see why this stock has not been fixed, and all I got was a blank look. So I took a SCAR off their display rack, demonstrated the rattles while shaking the stock. The FN reps said they had never heard a complaint about this before and didn’t see why I saw this as a problem!! The early M-16 rifles had a similar problem with rattles on the triangle handguards which is whyI used to tape them tight on night patrols, and this is why the military went to the round handguards. Now 40 years later we get another rattle trap, and this is progress? But what really offends me is the crappy attitude of the FN staff. Like H&K they are a military contract co. and do not care what american consumers think about their products. They know very well this stock is defective. I am told that if they change it, all the military testing would have to be done over again, a situation that would not be practical. I understand, but this stock design should have never left the factory to begin with! I will keep my SCAR as a test bed, but there is no way I would carry this on an overnight camping trip. I live by the Mexican border, and I don’t need the bad guys hearing me coming in the dark. There are other defects, but iIwill stop here…

    • Thanks for the review. I was curious about this but after what you said, I’m not longer curious:)

    • Chad,
      I have no idea what you are talking about with the rattle. I am a retired 22yr infantryman and proud owner of a SCAR and I would take it anywhere at any time. It does not rattle and I would patrol at night with this weapon with confidence that it would not give away my position until I told it too.

      Hope your disgust with FN has not tainted your opinion of a great rifle!


      • The stock wobbles so it rattles. THEY ALL DO. FN says they do–so they are telling a lie? Take your hand and shake it. IT IS NOT TIGHT__PERIOD……These rifles DO NOT hold up either. At the gun club we have Ar-15 rental models that are going 4ooK rounds. yes the small parts break like extractors and bolts after time. The barrels will wear out. But they can be fixed quickly. But the SCAR’s never make it to 100K–the receivers crack. Can’t get parts either. If you want a piston gun get a LWRC. Even the POF is a better pick. You all have been warned but it’s your money.

      • Follow up #2; for the confused I am talking about the SLIDING REAR half of the buttstock, not the front lockup. IT IS TOO LOOSE>

      • I’ll never go back to an M4 it’s a piece off junk, I’ll stick to the SCAR it’s reliable and never had a problem with it, FN makes some of the best rifles and pistols I’ve ever used besides the Glock or Walther weapons, can’t really say anything good about colt

    • “The early M-16 rifles had a similar problem with rattles on the triangle handguards which is whyI used to tape them tight on night patrols,”

      Uh huh Chad……………… do a lot of patrols when you were an MP in the Arizona National Guard waaaaaaay back when the M-16A1 had triangular handguards? Where at-Florence Gunnery Range?

      • P.S. I once had a chunk of SCUD missle land on my head, but I was wearing a helmet. It appears a chunk of something landed on YOUR head without. When you recover feel free to keep those sweet cards and letters coming.

      • Uh yeah Chaddy boy, lemme give you some clues and I hope you aren’t so dumb as you cant figure them out. Ready baldy? SFQC, 01-85 THRU 08-85=18A O-2. OIF 12-91THRU 05 92 1ST AD in Iraq=O-3 1ST AD. 1992-93 18A ODA 551 5TH SFG(A FT. CAMPBELL. KY. POST 9/11 SOCEUR 0-4. 2005-2009 BW PSS BAGHDAD DOS.

        I UNDERSTAND THAT ALL THAT MR “I’ve written 400 gun articles some SAY i can shoot well not one half mile or less from a Starbucks. “You are so impressive Chaddy Boy Haire, why don’t you itemize your impressive list of military awards and citations to stun us, IN ORDER TO TAKE IN THE TOTAL AWE IN YOUR NDR, SWA & OSR. Did you even make E-5?

  7. update: FN finally contacted me and a rep stated they were aware of the loose stock complaints from military testing and are working on a mod, but they also have to do what GI specs say for GI issue guns. They would also like to coat the bolt and carrier with a slick coating, but this will jack the price which the GOVT is not likely to pay for. So at least someone at FN is listening!!

    • Sorry to be so late in responding. I didn’t encounter the problem you describe; the SCAR I shot had a tight and quiet buttstock.

  8. I love my SCAR and love my tried and true AR-15’s, but got to give it up to my belgian buddies for keeping this superior rifle in the red zone.Super efficient,accurate,simple,versatile,durable,light,and deadly(with the right finger squeezing the trigger).I don’t waist time that I could be using to shoot,instead of talkin too custamer service reps that don’t know shit in the first place and don’t give a darn. If noise is an issue, we got silencers in the Corps all day baby.They come in 62 grain steel tip and 162 grain BTHP with bull barrels ,bolt actions,and McMillan stocks. If you are worried about your stock rattling,then maybe your not rattling enough rounds off at the enemy or targets yourself or never attempted(weekend warrior?)…. I’m a US Marine.Hooraaah!Great article BTW! I got an easy remedy for the stock that is not noisy to the best of my knowledge, We used alot of tape in Afganistan and Iraq for many weapon mods. You know what they say about duct tape. “If you can’t……!”. God bless America ,the AR-15, and the Scar 16/17. Mine loves a Trijicon ACOG 4×32 better than an egg role for sure. The thought of putting soy sause on a belgian waffle makes me wanna puke. Who would think up this shit any how. I never knew people did such things. I might put my 36×50 counter sniper scope on that mile long flat top if it will fitt. I’ve shot 600yds all day with my AR many times. I might set the siluete back another 400yds on a calm day,what the hell? after all, its this mentality that pushes weapons to their limits to develop better ones like the FN SCAR. Sorry Bushy, but your acr is a cheap copycat of the scar with the same pricetag. I like my bushy AR-15 too. Not the ACR. Too much fuss.Im surprised you guys didn’t compare the two? Keep on shootin fellas and great writing “truth teller”. No sugar on his cherios. Thats what i like about him….Semper Fi, Do or Die!

    • First of all sir.
      Thank you for your service, I’m proud to say I have a cousin in the marines force recon.
      I am interested in purchasing the SCARL and was apprehensive about many parts of this gun but the main review as well as many of the reviews on this site. Now I’m not apprehensive about anything about this gun.
      Again thank you for your service and thank you to all the soldiers and veterans out there, you offer to make the ultimate sacrifice so that we back home don’t have to.

  9. “Sorry Bushy, but your acr is a cheap copycat of the scar with the same pricetag. I like my bushy AR-15 too. Not the ACR.” I cocur 110%! Love my SCAR light AND my Bushy AR15 SBR. NOT the ACR! It’s crap. Thanks.

  10. Just returned from the range with my SCAR16 equipped with an Aimpoint CompM2 and Magpul angled foregrip. Despite the light weight its the softest shooting rifle I own, the recoil impulse being about equal to the much heavier ACR Enhanced. Flawless reliability, great ergonomics, decent trigger and bolt that looks tougher than a cold chisel has me grinning from ear to ear. I’m impressed with the gas system that seems almost a hybrid of long and short stroke designs with all that cycling mass aiding reliability. I’m an LEO for a northeastern agency that does not authorize patrol carbines but with more testing and familiarity this nifty carbine will remain within reach on duty and off. Better to beg forgiveness than ask permission! Great job, FN.

  11. Wow!!
    I do own a Scar 16s — Great Rifle – Yes it’s expensive — knew that going in, yes it has a reciprocating handle… knew that going in…yes it has a molded butt stock .. knew that going in.. Wow the barrel gets hot….Yessssss…—Yes this is a great all around AR absoluetly satisfied with everything about it… the reciprocating handle … don’t put your hand in the way…accurate, very accurate — is it better than every other 5.56 ar.. I don’t know but the 5.56 bullet will kill you or hurt you regardless of which kind of Ar is firing it….Never planned on being a sniper (Real Snipers (Guys that kill people for our country and are trained & authorized to do it don’t use scars) Laugh at guys saying — I can hit a Bad reindeer at 500 yds — oh yea I have my gun on a workbench zeroed in — my 20 yr old daughter or anyone for that matter can walk over and pull the trigger and wam hit the paper) — never planned on America Being invaded — Never planned on Shooting my neighbor at 500 yds.. — Really…. Everytime I hear someone saying — I will have my AR by my bed side waiting for the … what reindeer — seriously—-Where is this Bad reindeer… This gun is really a great weapon… I pride my self on trying to get up to it’s capabilities that it can produce… called practice at the range.. not brow beating its price, its handle, its butt stock… if you can’t afford it .. then you can’t afford it.. but you can still shoot the bad reindeer with any other cheap ar weapon with a 5.56 bullet and it will work just as fine…The gentle man patrolling the border (quietly)….. Get real man…. Why would you want to hunt down and shoot another human being anyway (you have some issues and should not be doing that job..If its that bad for your family a man of character would….ah move for the sake of your family — “It’s not the American way to shoot and kill another human being because….)….If that bad reindeer is in your house….ok but really what chance is that going to happen unless your keeping bad company. The scar S is a civilian carbine not the military version. Is it better than the ACR, AR15, M4 — who cares most of us that own a scar own one of the other carbines anyway. Let me know if you have shot a Bad reindeer in your home or neighborhood at 300 yds… I never had the chance yet. If the Bad reindeer is in my house — What… maybe a shotgun or .45 or 9mm… how about dialing 911…..not with my scar its cleaned and in my closet. I don’t know anyone who has experienced a life or death situation (not that it has’nt happened or could happen) but really…. The Scar is a Great New weapon and if you have the means to buy one you will be absolutely thrilled & Proud to own one and yes you will immediately be thinking of your next conquest like all gun Guys.. the next better one!!!!! But The SCAR is very very hard to beat….Now go buy one and stop complaining… “Man Up to the Truth” Where’s That Bad Reindeer………Thanks FN — Great Job!

  12. One more thing for the Marine — I love the Duct Tape — Real world Man — Be safe…Oh yea I can Hit a 18″ target standing up regularly with the scar and a burris ar-332 3x scope out to about 200yds (Nobody is shooting back so I can take my time)– real world civilian… no BS…. moa… who cares I’am just happy to hit the target. Bench rest don’t matter because once your scoped in anyone can pull the trigger….. 5 yds standing up (like in my house range) I can hit anything; 10yds .. same thing… 100yds- 12″ steel target.. still no problem…I have not taken my SCAR camping with my family yet……Don’t get that….Wife is dangerous enough with the “are you serious look” @ 2 ft…
    FN Scar 16s — Great Weapon For the Range… No Bad Comments — Buy One! Then Buy The Scar 17s! — I Did….

    • First qualified on a REAL M-16 (bush catcher and no forward assist) back in 1977. Carried an A1, A2, and M4 version. Learned from a Marine sniper; carry a pack of cigs and know where all the noises come from. Before going out on a mission, field strip your weapon and a few cigarettes, then stuff the butts in the noisy bits. Tape spots where a butt won’t work. He also said ALL weapons rattle and I found this to be true.

  13. Accurate review. I own a Scar 16s with a Op Mod MPOIII optical combination and a Surefire M900 grip/light combo. This is a war machine. I have used this over seas and I would say I would not have another weapon system protecting my life.

  14. Got a 16s myself! got an Eotech 551 on top and can nail 3 inch groups all day long from the back of my truck at 100 yds. this gun loves PMC 62gr x-tac ammo! I found a way to keep the charging handle out of the way, PUT IT ON THE RIGHT SIDE!!!! Once you lock and load for the day you don’t have to touch it again. sure it might make it harder to clear a jam but I’ve never had one of those with my SCAR so I wouldn’t know!

  15. I have a FN SPR A3G bolt action (Nightforce F1 MLR2 reticle),Sig 516 with EO tech Exps3-0 with magnifier, Bushmaster ACR (ACOG TA31RCO-A4CP), and SCAR 17S FDE (NightForce 2.5-10×32 NXS Compact) . I love the way the SCAR 17s handles. It fires and handles like a 5.56 when shooting off hand almost no recoil or muzzle flip. I fired numerous AR 10’s and different types of .308/7.62 type guns I was so impressed with the SCAR 17’s almost non existant recoil I couldn’t imagine what the SCAR 16s would feel like so I just bought a SCAR 16S black and I put an ACOG TA31F RMR on it and also bought a Remington 700 5R 10 year anniversary no scope yet but thinking of getting a Nightforce NXS12x42x56 and swapping with the FN A3G’s F1. The ACR is a outstanding gun also I have not had any minor or major issues with this gun with over 1000 rnds. I did however put the PWS muzzle break on it and it holds the target much better than the standard A2 flash hider it came with but still not as good as the SCAR 16s with the same muzzle break. The ACR is easier to clean/breakdown, barrel removal (no issue with zero after reinstall) as some has indicated on the web/you tube. The SCAR and the ACR are both modern technology and you can’t go wrong with either. Even the Sig 516 is piston and it’s stays cool and very clean and accurate but does not compare to the SCAR or ACR. If I had to choose one I would choose the SCAR due to its non existent recoil and light weight. When I shoot the Sig 516 it feels really good and tight compared to any other AR15 that I shot side by side but truthfully when I shoot it against the SCAR or ACR it feels really sloppy(the only word I can describe). 5.56 is a very accurate round I shoot the Sig 516/ACR/SCAR about the same 1 MOA (most times better) @100 yds but when I rapid fire/follow up shots grouping 1st SCAR 2nd ACR , 3rd SIG 516.

  16. Hi Chris
    Thank you for your review and reading some of the commenters with regards to the light vs heavy version, that has made it a little closer for me to pull the trigger for a light one.

    I’ve checked a couple of local gun store in my area (WA) and the cheapest I can find for 16s FDE is $2599 (no optics, no additional mags). Please provide input for what is the fair price range and maybe some stores you can recommend for a purchase.

    Thank you

    • Funny that so many people have rattletraps. I’ve had my 16 and 17 for over 5 years, shooting a few mags every week for the last few years. Neither has the slightest rattle. Maybe if operators and us mere mortals don’t throw the rifles around like a pillows, they wouldn’t rattle. I just know that mine are fine.

  17. To the marine”Jarhead” — bite me. To the SCAR lovers, there were plenty of fans of the Pontiac AZTEC too. The Scar is inferior to the AR by LWRC. Period.

  18. Oh I forgot to all the SCAR buyers: The last FN Govt issue price I saw was $1107, just a little more than the Colt M4. Think about that when you look at the $2600 tab you forked up for your FN-SCAR! Ha Ha

  19. Hi guys. Great review(s). I think its amazing that u guys can actually discuss(argue!) the pros and cons of the SCAR….or any other gun for that matter. Count urselves lucky that u live in a country where u have the opportunity to shot these guns and analyse them. I live in Ireland where the Nanny state doesnt allow us to own any sort of decent firearm except for pest control ,and only if u own a farm. My interest in airsoft(a very poor substitute for the real thing) lead me to this forum and it great to see that u can have real life experiences of these firearms. I have to resort to YOUTUBE to see full metal jacket firing. Enjoy ur freedom guys……u are lucky to have the right to bear arms. We have to resort to heavy duty Maglites for our home/self defense.

  20. Excellent review, sold me on the SCAR. From all the test data out there, the SCAR is the true king of the 2+ grand rifle caliber carbines. I even liked the “I’m sick of rifles that come home from the range blacker than a coal miner’s lungs” comparison, I have been a coal miner for 16 yrs and a shooter for much longer, I’d rather do the wifes dishes after thanksgiving dinner than to clean my direct impingement AR after 600 rounds.

  21. I love my SCAR 17s. Pings at 200 yards like it’s 25. No I haven’t had lots of trigger time with an AR but all my buds ask to shoot mine, not the other way around. Buy one and don’t look back.

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  23. Well thought out, informative review which I enjoyed reading. Your review as well as some of the replies were of great assistance in my decision to purchase a scar.
    Best regards, and thanks again.

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  25. I own the SCAR-17 and would buy the 16 in a heartbeat if FN had used the 9″ twist barrel. Much more suitable for the 55 and 62 grainers we fire from these things. Just because the military made a bad decision doesn’t mean the civilian market has to follow them over the cliff. Some mfgs get it: Bushmaster, Ruger, Stag, Rock ISland and a cpl others.

  26. Thanks for a great article. Many nice responses. I’ve had my SCAR16L for 23 months, have fired well over 8000 rounds out of it using somewhere around 200 magazines. I’ve been shooting FN’s, predominantly FAL’s, for 35 or so years. Have a SCAR 17/H also with about 3000 rounds through it. Have had it for 2 1/2 years. Best rifles in their respective calibers on the market. Never thought I’d find a better rifle than a FAL 50.00 or 50.63 but then came the SCAR 17/H. What a wonder. Then came the 16. Got a half case of Mk262 OTM MOD 2 ammo and shot the 16 up to 300 yards. At 100 it was 7/8″ using a Leupold scope for optics. We shot 8X8 and 12X12″ plates at 200 and 300. Open sights are olympic match level. Love them both. Amazingly accurate with any ammo but if you do your job it’ll do it’s. Something a lot of newer shooters tend to forget. There’s no magic bullets, cartridges or rifles.
    Anyway, thanks again for an excellent unbiased article.

  27. Amazing review!! You should totally review everything you come in contact with (“this new toilet paper works harder than a cat trying to bury a turd on a marble floor.”). I have always wanted one of these. Now I know where this rifle money is going for sure. I’m sick of the standard AR (and cleaning of one for sure).
    Thanks again for the funny, entertaining review!

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  29. I was very disappointed in the accuracy of this rifle. I would expect this rifle to have capability of putting a round through a fleas ass at 200 meters, especially with a price tag over $2000. I would not recommend purchasing this rifle unless the price tag drops at least $1000.

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