FN Announces the New FN SCAR 12 Shotgun

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Keep today’s date in mind. Admit it, though, it’d be cool.

Along those same lines . . .

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  1. Put a can and a folding shoulder stock on that carrymax10. Just the thing for walking in bear country. 😉

  2. ….I am about 95% sure Beretta is having a little fun with us.

    I’d try it if a range had it for rent, tho.

  3. Why do the April first fake guns look and sound like such great Ideas? And why are the manufactures so stupid as to dream them up as a joke and never realize that there is a market for them and never produce them?

  4. I’m an FN enthusiast. Hi-Power, FAL, an A-5, or a Supetposed. You name it, I probably like it. I think I remember an FN BAR D model, or something like that. I think it had a quick change barrel and chambered for 7.62 NATO. If it wasn’t true, it should have been. Kinda like the South African BREN in 7.62 NATO that accepted 30 rd FAL MAGS. A thinking man’s BREN.

  5. Joseph Robinett Biden is one of the greatest presidents America has ever had.

  6. no way people could hold onto a 10mm that was so small. I am suspicious about the SCAR shotgun as well.

    • 45-70 bond arms derringer exists. Worse ideas have worked than 10mm. With that said can’t imagine the engineering for a subcompact tilt barrel blowback pistol would be particularly easy or cheap.

  7. I can tell the SCAR 12 was fake because if it was real it would only take FN brand shot shells.

  8. Well, FN may (or may not) be having us on a little for April 1, I dunno.

    I did, several years ago, shoot a friend’s Saiga 12 shotgun (an earlier iteration of the AK pattern shotgun). It was cool as hell, and surprisingly reliable (only jammed a couple times, and we put at least 100 shells each through it). Wasn’t impressed with the overall build quality, but then I’m not very impressed with the build quality of MOST AK pattern rifles. Kalashnikov was trying to design a rifle that could be built by, and operated by, illiterate peasants . . . and it shows.

    Still not a convert to mag-fed semi-auto shotguns – I think the manufacturers have gotten a little “out over their skis” on this, and the technology isn’t quite there, yet. OTOH, 10 years ago, it was gospel that semi-auto rifles “weren’t as accurate” as bolt actions. And they still aren’t, but they’re damn close, and their reliability is solid (depending on manufacturer).

    Personally, I would love a semi-auto, mag-fed shotgun that I could rely on. Haven’t seen one, yet, but . . . when I do, I’m buyin’ that bad boy. If the FN isn’t true, it sure as hell SHOULD be. A mag-fed Beretta or Benelli or Savage semi-auto would be aces. In general, my personal experience is that tube-fed semi shotguns have gotten pretty darn good. Not seeing quite the same level of reliability in the mag-fed versions. But I’m watching eagerly.

    Anyone having more recent information is cordially invited/requested to chime in and update my information. Would dearly love a Benelli M4 or a Beretta 1301 in a mag-fed version that was as reliable (or at least close) as the ‘parent’ version.

    • I’ve got both the Benelli M4 and Beretta 1301 ready in a home defense role (in different locations around the house). Five of the Benelli M4’s and one of the Beretta 1301’s – I love both of them and put hundreds of rounds through them on the range and never had a problem with either.

      I recently came into possession of a Rock Island Armory VR80, love it. Was used but in very much like new shape, not a scratch or ding on it. Came with several 19 round after market mags and the two 5 round mags that come with the gun new. I’ve put about 400 rounds through it, haven’t had one problem with it and fed reliably.

      • .40 cal,

        Thanks for the heads up; I hadn’t heard of that model. I’ll check it out.

        As for the M4 and 1301, I’ve shot both, and love both, but even if your can do a “combat reload”, reloading a tube mag is . . . not speedy. OTOH, only an idiot would face of against either in a CQB or home defense situation.

      • OK, .40 cal, I spent some time online looking at the VR80, reading some reviews, and watching videos. I want me one of those!! Pretty decent price, too.

        Sincere thanks for that, .40 cal. I think I’m now officially in the market for one. The videos seem to indicate that the thing handles 12 ga. recoil pretty well. If it holds up with actual use, that may well be my ‘go to’ home defense shotgun.

  9. It’s too bad the SCAR-12 is a joke. It would probably sell quite well. Given the number of turkshit mag fed semi-auto shotguns that get sold, there’s obviously a market for one made by a company with a good quality.

    Maybe they’ll listen.

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