Timney triggers can turn a cranky old dog of a rifle into sweet-shooting range candy. We’ve tested their wares before, and even though our man Tyler had some initial issues with his drop-in 10/.22 trigger, he ended up firmly in the fanboy camp. 

They’ve just finished work on a drop-in trigger unit for the SCAR 16S and SCAR 17S, which we’ll be dropping into Farago’s resident SCAR sometime soon.  Will the new trigger be faster than Joe Grine’s epileptic trigger finger?  Stay tuned.


  1. As I recall, the trigger on that SCAR was pretty darn good. I think the reset could have used some adjustment, however. If you are paying $2600 for a rifle, the trigger ought to be near perfect

    • Just bought a SCAR 17s recently, and the trigger is horrible. My Lee trigger pull gauge shows 10.5lbs pull, I’m looking at either the Geissele Super SCAR trigger or the one from Timney.


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