FN America's New FN SCAR 20S (MK 20 Sniper Support Rifle) Limited Edition Package
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Word of FN’s latest civilian addition to their venerable SCAR rifle line has leaked a little earlier than planned. Oh well. The good news is we already have one in our hot little hands and will be putting it through its ballistic paces in the weeks ahead. Look for the full TTAG review coming to a screen near you soon.

FN America's New FN SCAR 20S (MK 20 Sniper Support Rifle) Limited Edition Package

The 7.62 long-range FN MK 20 Sniper Support Rifle (SSR) had only been available for military sales. As FN describes it, the MK20 is a “tailored design for long-range precision fire applications while also providing capability to fight close in. Based on the FN® MK 17, the SSR is capable of sub-minute of angle accuracy out to and beyond 1,000 yards.”

FN’s now making 200 FN SCAR 20S packages — including the upgrade of a factory-installed Geissele Super SCAR trigger — available to the civilian gun-buying public including:

FN America's New FN SCAR 20S (MK 20 Sniper Support Rifle) Limited Edition Package

You SCAR fans will need to save your samolians. The limited edition packages are priced at $5499. Click here for a full spec sheet and to order yours.

[buy_now link=https://bit.ly/2FwM4sw”]

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  1. How the hell dis you get a hold of a $5500 limited rifle? Did TTAG or someone close buy it? Or is this a T&E? I’m incredulous to the idea FN is sending out a limited edition, $5500 rifle for review.

    • We’ve gotten much more expensive guns than that to review. This is a T & E gun, simple as that.

      • Fair enough. I believe you. It sorta answers another question, too. I kind of figured that these 200 sets would go quickly. This tells me FN is concerned enough about moving these that they find it necessary for folks to review them. Also- I wonder if this is included in their 200, which won’t be sold, or does this mean they actually produced more than 200. Hmmm

    • Absolutely. Its not as hard as people think. lower grade barrels have their bores enlarged via a chemical process to make ready for chrome This ruins bore uniformity. If you start with a barrel that was made oversized in the beginning, than hand lapp it before you chrome line it you can very easily have a sub 3/4 MOA chrome lined barrel. Critertion’s chrome lined barrels hybrid profile barrels are known for being 1/2 MOA tubes. So yes a sub moa chrome lined barrel is very doable.

      • the lack of basic info and stating incorrect info as fact seems to be a mainstay for those commenting on these types of articles as of late. Lets clear a few things up with facts that can actually be confirmed if anyone wishes to make a few clicks on google.

        First Chrome lined barrels as one commenter correctly stated can be as good or bad as the base barrel and the post C plating work. Yes there is work to be done after even the best plating i.e bore lining. One of the most accurate sniper rifle systems in the world uses/used hammer forged chromelined barrel….. Sako TRG-22/42. I have one so I know first hand it is and the accuracy capable with it. 1/4 moa is very doable out to 800 and the best I did @ 1K on Quantico range 4 was just over 1/2 moa with 5 in 6.13@1k but I am willing to bet a few guys can certainly squeeze a bit more out of it.

        Cost? What do you think a very limited run complete system minus optic is going to cost? Have you seen what the bolt action sniper systems cost? Even optics alone are well over 3K these days. If you do not have the coin there are plenty of other rifles that will work just as well that do not have the collectivity etc of this type of offering.

        Accuracy guarantee is just that. So one says sub moa and the other says moa. Also it does not say the SSR version is ONLY MOA capable meaning thats the best it can do. Thats your words to make it sound worse. Its stays its moa capable means it will do at least moa with a proper match load or there ref ammo. Of course it possibly can do better. Just like a sub moa just has to break the moa barrier by any margin and it has fulfilled its stated accuracy claim.

        OK maybe I am not stating it clearly. So lets look at tech how of a difference that could mean? For argument sake and easy of numbers lets pretend 1moa @100 y is exactly 1″. Just for this OK.

        So the mil version of a sub moa rifle will fulfill its claimed requirement with a group size of 0.9999″ or less. The civilan equivalent will earn its 1 moa claim with a group average of 1.0″ or less. So the maximum size difference for the claim for both is the difference of 1″ version any measurement smaller than 1″ …….see what I mean?? They are both basically saying the same thing or at least for practical purposes. It says one will shoot at least 1 moa and the other than it will shoot under 1 moa. While it sounds like it could be a big difference its really not when you think about it.

        Fact is they are coming off the same assembly and manf lines and put together by the same people etc. They will shoot the same. Besides in the civiy world we have handloading and can always squeeze more accuracy than a factory or mil load can as we can tune for a specific gun not an average gun system of general specs and tolerances.

      • Two hundred $5,500 rifles? And they are literally SCARs with a slightly modified look and longer barrel. Tell me what demographic of buyers will buy that up in a few days.

        • Those that have way too much money to burn.

          All joking aside, they exist, believe me. There’s a successful market out there for guns way more expensive then this. Machine guns, double bore hunting rifles, gold plated Deagles, there are a fair amount of rich gun people.

        • It’s not about the rifle at all. The rifle is just the centerpiece of a package. The fact that it is a very limited package will ensure that they are all sold.

        • Yup. Will sell out quicker than a politician. Exactly as JW says, because it’s a limited edition.

  2. So far as I know, the only real difference between the Heavy and the Sniper versions is the barrel length. Unless I’m mistaken, why don’t they sell barrels for a few hundred rather than whole guns for more than anyone cab buy?

  3. Can’t lie. I want one. On the other hand a KAC SR-25 is cheaper and has a better rail and is equally as proven.

  4. FN has finally eclipsed HK in pretentiousness. I won’t knock those that have the money to burn on this (provided they are built in FNs American facility by American workers). But If I’m ever going to pay several thousand for a gun it’s going to have a giggle switch.

  5. Too bad it doesn’t include the matching appropriate optic and mount, unless maybe they have a version with and without. The HK Long Range Package II is offered with and without the optic, depending on what you want.

  6. The order form says this is offered to the FN owners group first, until October 15th. So if you are in the general public you may not even get a chance at this, if the owners group snaps them up. Which being the owners group, they would be the likely buyers of this anyway. Makes sense, nice they get a first crack at it.

    • As part of the owners group, I got one, but as far as I know, only a handful of people stated they were getting one. A lot of them are waiting for the barebones cardboard box release.

  7. The headline says “only 200 rifle packages’ offered. Does this mean the rifle will be sold as a stand alone to anyone who wants one?

  8. I would take a POF Revolution with the 18.5 barrel for less than half the cost any day of the week. SCARs are nice guns, but they are overpriced… and this example even more so.

  9. Is there some reason an established manufacturer like FN Herstal can’t build their own trigger that doesn’t suck, or at least, is capable of performance commensurate with a sniper use-case? I have a SCAR 17S and I had to buy the same Geissele $350 trigger to make it suck less. Are we to believe only companies like Geissele are capable of trigger sorcery that gigantic manufacturers are incapable of? is this some racket where aftermarket trigger manuf kick back a percentage of sales to the rifle manufacturers for making a sucky original model? Some Symbiotic tomfoolery? I am not just talking about how heavy a trigger is, but how LOOONG and gritty the friggin things always are out of the box. FN, put your big boy pants on and build your own sniper trigger for peeps sake. If you cant, then you suck. This shit is modular. Figure it out. Rant over.

    • … but putting the Geissele name on the package adds so much. I got one for my cheap AR and damn, that is a nice trigger. When I mention that I have a Geissele trigger on my cheap ass AR everyone just about swoons over the name.

    • Gotta find a job for the little woman!!

      Putting the word “Sniper” in the description gives the antis ammunition to bitch more. May sound petty but seems these people grab onto the smallest of things and then inflate them to skyscraper sizes!

  10. Sub-MOA out to 1000 yards and beyond, you say? I’m gonna have to call bullshit. Past the transonic range (even the best loads on .308 struggle to stay supersonic past 950 yards,) claiming it can stay sub-MOA past its transonic range seems like a bit disingenuous.

  11. Be nice if they included a 6.5 CM barrel.
    Overpriced in my opinion posers and wannabes will buy em up.

  12. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH $5500?!!?!?!?!?!?? That’s almost as bad as the PSL coming back for over 2k…

    “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

  13. I don’t collect firearms, I shoot them. I can’t justify spending that kind of money just because it’s fancier “military grade”.

    I love my FN guns but have NO plans to purchase this particular weapon.

  14. All of you guys complaining about price are the same folks who drive around in rusted/clapped out 1990’s model Ford Rangers, and falling apart Honda Civics, and/or living in run down trailer parks. Of course you are going to say it’s over priced. You purchase what you can afford that meets your needs, and there is nothing wrong with that. Gun manufacturers are no different than auto companies. No one needs a $5500 SCAR-H with a longer barrel, just like no one needs a bottom of the barrel Ferrari California when they can get a loaded Cadillac for half the price.

  15. On FNs own website the MK20 SSR for Military Sales only is listed as being a Sub-Minute of Angle capable.Where as the Civilian Sale Version is listed as Only MOA Capable.Why is the Civilian Version less accurate?

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