Classic Firearms FN SCAR 17S
courtesy Classic Firearms and YouTube
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Come on… you know you’ve always wanted a FN SCAR. Well this is your chance to get one for free. Thanks to our friends at Classic Firearms, you can win a 7.62×51 FN SCAR 17S. And it couldn’t be easier. Here’s the link to enter the giveaway.

FN SCAR 17S 7.62 Rifle
courtesy mfr

As FN describes their rifle…

Experience the long-range accuracy, downrange power, exceptional reliability and match winning versatility of the FN SCAR® 17S, the semi-auto only version of the U.S. Special Operations Command’s newest service rifle. Chambered in 7.62x51mm, the FN SCAR® 17S features a free-floating, cold hammer-forged MIL-SPEC barrel with hardchromed bore. Fully-ambidextrous operating controls instantly adapt the FN SCAR® 17S to any user or any shooting position. The receiver-integrated MIL-STD-1913 optical rail plus three accessory rails enable mounting of a wide variety of scopes, electronic sights, tactical lights and lasers. The telescoping, side-folding polymer stock is fully adjustable for comb height and length of pull, making it ideal for Heavy Metal 3-Gun matches.

Not to mention hog hunting.

To enter, go the Classic Firearms entry box on the right side of our home page or click here. And just think how good that rifle will look in your gun safe, let alone out at the range.

FN SCAR 17S 7.62 Rifle
courtesy mfr

FN SCAR 17S Specifications:

  • CALIBER: 7.62x51mm
  • OPERATION: Short-stroke gas piston
  • MAG CAPACITY: 10 or 20 Rd.
  • WEIGHT: 8.0 lb.
  • BARREL LENGTH: 16.25″
  • TWIST RATE: 1:12 RH

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  1. Come on now! The more people that enter means I am that much further from winning it. Keep these on the downlow, kapish?

  2. Not really an AR or,AK kind of guy…..but I would really love to win this puppy.

    New school FN FAL….what’s not to like.

    • I know right.. I’m waiting on a DSA FAL as we speak. I always always always wanted a black SCAR 17s for years. That was my dream gun. It had it all.. Long barrel.. Reciprocating charging handle… .308…. Best dang gun ever..

  3. Both the 16 and 17 are awesome platforms. The review of the 17 you guys did several years ago didn’t do the 17 justice.

  4. Already have one (or should I say I donated it to the Lady of the Lake? Boating accidents and such.) I’ll enter anyway because of the sweet sale value.

  5. Really, no need to hold a contest. I can just send you my FFL’s info and you can ship it to me and avoid all the hassle.


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