ATF Imposes Unofficial One-Year Waiting Period For Suppressor Transfers

Canadian shooters don’t exactly live in a gun-owner’s paradise. Still, the news isn’t all bad up there. That image isn’t Photoshopped: it’s the Dominion Arms ‘Grizzly’ 8.5″ shotgun. It holds five shots and for our friends in the Great White North it’s in stock now for just $449 Canadian. But only for Canadians. Importation of individual firearms into the US […]

Canadian Gun Owners: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Shooters up North celebrated a rare gun-rights victory in April, when the Canadian federal government finally euthanized its expensive and useless ‘Long Gun Registry.’ The celebrations were short, however. Eager to appease suburban voters and swinging liberals, Ottawa promptly moved to ban ‘body armour.’ Then PM Stephen Harper’s ‘Conservative’ party has quietly announced that all […]

A Note From A Neighbor to the North

We live right next door to the United States and share a very common North American culture and bond with Americans. We have a few philosophical and political differences that separate the two countries and they are contentious issues. Socialized medical care is a hot button issue in the States, yet it has been around […]

Canada Looks to Ditch Gun Registry

In 1989, Marc Lépine entered Montreal University’s École Polytechnique engineering school armed with a Ruger Mini-14 and murdered 14 people. Six years after the École Polytechnique Massacre (a.k.a. The Montreal Massacre), the Canadian parliament passed Bill C-68. The Firearms Act mandated that all Canadian long gun buyers—and hunters visiting Canada from abroad—register their weapons with […]

Canadian Columnist Slams Second Amendment

“The Queen is the symbolic head of Canada and the Commonwealth. She has exactly zero power. I, too, am a citizen but I regard myself as more free than you because I don’t need to own a gun to feel safe. I am well steeped in world history, in contradistinction to most Americans (sounds like […]