TTAG Turns Two: Sutherland Edition

I am undoubtedly the least qualified guy to write about firearms for TTAG. However that never stopped Robert Farago from throwing out the fear and common sense clause and letting me join in the reindeer games on his website. So now you have a Canadian car guy who writes about gun issues and somehow it […]

A Powerful Look at a Moment in History

Youtube is an interesting part of life in the 21st century because it connects us to the world in an unusual manner. We can see the best of times and the worst of times through there as it makes future stars out of nobodies (see early Justin Bieber video) and dogs (see any goofy mutt […]

Canada’s Castle Doctrine. Or Lack Thereof.

[HTML1] Ian Thomson never meant to become a poster boy for the right to protect one’s home and property in Canada, but that is the role foisted upon him by a Canadian court case. Ian Thomson was arrested after he staved off a fire-bombing attack on his rural Ontario property. Thomson was faced with an […]

Canned Hunts: WWTNT (What Would Ted Nugent Think)?

60 Minutes ran a piece about exotic game ranches in Texas last night and it’s sure to ruffle a few feathers on both sides of the argument over so-called canned hunts. These are hunting expeditions that take place on private land and cater to the more affluent hunter in search of trophy game and exotic animals. […]

The Carl’s Jr. Shooting: Food for Thought

I watched the YouTube video from the fast food restaurant shooting story presented by Robert Farago and tried to digest what I witnessed – both in the video and the subsequent comments by posters following the story. My biggest issue was the amped-up macho posing displayed by the witnesses in the video and afterwards by […]

Farmer Brian Knight’s Canadian Nightmare

You may recall our story about Tees Alberta Canada farmer Brian Knight [not shown]. To recap via “In the early morning of March 26, 2009, Knight found three men in his farmyard. He jumped out of bed and gave chase clad in boxer shorts and rubber boots to a man riding Knight’s all-terrain vehicle. Knight rammed the ATV with […]

Question of the Day: More Guns, Less Crime?

Yesterday, I spotted a story about 36 people wiped out in a Barundi bar by gunmen. I found the story in my local newspaper after the want ads, tucked comfortably into the very back pages of the paper. [Click here for‘s account] The rigid news story mantra—“if it bleeds it leads”—does not apply when […]