BREAKING: Brownells Acquires AR15.Com Via 2nd Adventure Group

The mega-popular online forum, known to many of its users as Arfcom, is now officially part of one of the gun community’s most-loved firearms brands. Here’s’s announcement: Community Members, We have exciting news to share with you today about the future of The News has joined the 2nd Adventure Group family. The 2nd […]

BREAKING: Pete Brownell Has Resigned from the National Rifle Association Board of Directors

Brownells CEO Pete Brownell has been a member of the National Rifle Association’s board of directors for about a decade. He served as the organization’s president from 2017 to 2018. Now, however, TTAG has learned that Brownell has announced his resignation from the organization’s board. Here’s his just-released statement: In the coming weeks, my company […]

Brownells Now Offering Semi-Auto Minigun

Brownells, always innovating and introducing new options for range fun to their customers nationwide, has just announced the latest addition to their product line: the BRN-134D semi-automatic minigun. If you’re going to order one — and why wouldn’t you? — we highly recommend adding a barrel of 7.62×51 ammunition to your shopping cart, too. Here’s […]

Following Negative Publicity, YouTube Restores Brownells’ Channel

Early this morning, Brownells sent out a Tweet indicating that YouTube had restored their channel. YouTube has had gun owners very upset with them for months now. However, the national media attention drawn by banning Brownells probably caused YouTube and its parent company Google a little too much bad publicity. As we reported two days ago YouTube […]

BREAKING: YouTube Deletes Brownells Channel Without Warning

The gradual, incremental, persistent, unrelenting “other”-ing of guns and those who sell, shoot, broadcast and write about them continues apace. The latest victim: Brownells. Yes, the notoriously radical, fire-breathing Iowa-based retailer has had their YouTube page deleted by the don’t-be-evil types who run YouTube, the Google-owned video platform. Brownells just announced the move on their […]

New from Brownells: Retro AR10

The only thing cooler than a retro AR15 build is a retro AR10 build. Or so Brownell’s hopes . . . Brownell’s newest old rifle is their first complete rifle for sale: a faithful recreation of Eugene Stoner’s iconic AR10. Faithful as in period correct in every detail. The new old rifle comes with the […]

Thanksgiving Sales and Coupons From Brownells

From complete firearms from all the major manufacturers to gun parts and accessories to ‘smithing tools, Brownells has the shooter covered A to Z. And, beginning right now, there are three discount coupon codes and some special sale prices for the Thanksgiving holiday . . . Coupon codes: •  MEC — Free Shipping with no […]