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Brownells customers can get their hands on new BRN-180S uppers along with several hard-to-find items starting 9:00 am CST, Friday, November 27, with the kickoff of the annual Brownells Black Rifle Friday event.

Now available with a handguard Cerakoted Flat Dark Earth, BRN-180S uppers in both 223 Wylde and 300 AAC Blackout chamberings will go live on on the first day of the Black Rifle Friday event.

In addition, limited quantities of the following will be available starting Friday:

Every morning – Friday through Monday – Brownells will release a new batch of popular products for the Black Rifle Friday Event, so customers will need to check each day to see what’s new.

Certain brands will be discounted up to 27% off retail, and Brownells will also give free shipping on all orders $250 or higher.

Brownells EDGE Members will have exclusive access to special products and discounts.

The special products, deals, free shipping on $250 and above and EDGE Members exclusives begin at 9:00 am CST Friday, November 27.

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  1. more: The 300 BLK upper is marked 899 down from 999. Unless they are planning on raising the price that is what it has been since the GEN2 uppers were released.

  2. Black Friday hasn’t had any luster for a number of years now. Nothing is ever discounted any less than it would be at any other “sale” during the year.

    Much like the Steam sales of old I’m afraid Black Friday is dead.

    • It was all about conditioning the masses to go out and shop, not just for others as we traditionally did around Christmas, but for yourself.

      • I really did enjoy receiving gifts and giving gifts when younger. But the last decade, I hated seeing something I could use at a great price but not buying it as it was on my “list” and I may receive it. Then not receive it and not being able to justify purchasing it at normal price.

        In addition, most things I could ask for my family and friends couldn’t understand what it was. Even with a picture or link directly to the item. Specialized computer parts or other niche items.

        The last few years I have just asked for essentials like TP, paper towels, tissues, toothpaste, and soap. Can always use those and then use my own money to purchase items on sale when I needed. Plus those paper goods I received last Christmas allowed me to not shop for those items when people went hoarding in the spring.

        • Pretty much the same here. I make it easy on them now, if they insist on getting me something, make it denim jeans in 34-34…

    • Regarding Steam sales.

      The refund ability killed those massive sales. The refund policy is pretty good at Steam. The part that affects the sales the most is the ability to return a game you bought before a sale and then buy it at sale price. As long as you meet the other requirements like the two hour / two week or less item.

      The big Steam sales of old would have special 4 hour specials with bigger discounts. Can’t do that with the refund option now. No more buying at 60% off on day one of sale, then on day 5 see a four hour special of 90% off the same item.

      As for Brownell’s sale, I’m not seeing anything “needed” at this time for the prices offered.

  3. My 300 BLK upper will shoot .7 MOA with Barnes 110 TTSX for a lot less $ than most of these. My Aero Precision uppers are 1 -1.5 MOA for less, but they are pretty heavy.

    Not sure what my upper from Gun Broker will do yet, but it’s a stainless barrel build. Palmetto State Armory stainless and premium uppers – when they are actually in stock – are a great value.

    I’d pass on these “offers.”

  4. The only say I really cared about was MDT. It’s taken me a few years, but I have finally bought all of the parts for two of my rifles. I can swap out the stand in parts for other projects now.


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