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From Brownells:

In the wake of a ruling by a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Brownells has resumed selling its full lineup of rifle, pistol and shotgun magazines to California customers.

Known as Duncan vs Becerra, the case against California’s ban on standard-capacity magazines was brought by the California Rifle & Pistol Association.

The Ninth Circuit applied strict scrutiny in its decision and ruled firearm magazines, including those of 30-rounds capacity or more, are “protected arms under the Second Amendment.”

The entire ruling can be read at the United States Court of Appeals For the Ninth Circuit site.

Effective immediately, Brownells will once again ship magazines to California customers.

To see Brownells full lineup for popular magazines for AR-15 style, AK-47 style and other commonly-owned semi-automatic rifles and pistols, visit the magazine section of the Brownells website. 


About Brownells

Serious About Firearms Since 1939™, Brownells is the world’s leading source for guns, gun parts and accessories, ammunition, gunsmithing tools and survival gear. With a large selection of both common and hard-to-find items, and an extensive collection of videos, articles, and gun schematics, Brownells is the expert for everything shooting-related. Committed to maintaining our great traditions, Brownells has more, does more and knows more – and guarantees it all, Forever. For more information or to place an order, call 800-741-0015 or visit Stay up-to-date with Brownells on YouTubeFacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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  1. Great news for California gun owners who are fighting the good fight. My hat is off to you.

    This proves two things.

    One, we don’t ever give up. If we can achieve a victory like this in California, it means we can win anywhere.

    Two. Elections matter. Don’t listen to the trolls who tell you to not vote or let the democrats win so we can try again later. You always play to win the game, period. Right leaning candidates are generally going to pick better judges, and you can’t do that with a left wing congress or president.

    • Agree with everything you said except playing the game.This is no game, this is the real deal and the left means it. We Must Win ! But I know what you mean this is for all the marbles.

      • It’s a game.

        It just has unreasonably high stakes and you don’t get to choose not to play. Embrace the suck.

        • “ There are those who think that life
          Has nothing left to chance
          A host of holy horrors
          To direct our aimless dance
          A planet of playthings
          We dance on the strings
          Of powers we cannot perceive
          The stars aren’t aligned
          Or the gods are malign
          Blame is better to give than receive
          You can choose a ready guide
          In some celestial voice
          If you choose not to decide
          You still have made a choice”

          One of my faves.

    • I thought I heard that 23 semi truck loads of mags were delivered to CA during the last freedom week. I’m not sure where I heard that or if it is correct. Can anyone attest to that statement?

    • “This proves two things.”

      Actually, it merely proves that Capitalism is king. You snooze, you lose.

      • I’m trying – but I can only vote 1 time per election.

        I all seriousness, get involved. Don’t just vote, contribute to Calguns, FPC, SAF, USCCA, etc. Help out on the campaigns of your local conservative candidates and for Trump. Lots of people here talk a big game but aren’t much when it comes to being gun rights advocates.

        Also, support people like the Atlanta couple who defended their home. Be on the side of the good guys.

        • Accur81…… in Demorat mode…..”Vote early. Vote often. Harvest your dogs’ ballots. And, don’t let being dead slow so you down…….a Community Organizer is there to mail your ballot.

  2. Circuit Judge Kenneth K. Lee. who wrote this freedom opinion. Was appointed by President Trump.

    Anyone who says Trump is just like the democrats is a liar. They are a sack of sh*t. He is not perfect. He is just superior to any democrat. If drug legalization is more important to you??? Then keep voting Libertarian.
    Trump 2020

    • (typing with eyes open wide like saucers)

      I just scored an AR drum. Sold out nearly everywhere, and couldn’t get one in last year’s Freedom Week because they sold out then, too. Whoa. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning.

      Don’t need a drum, but I want one, just because. #bitemesacramento

      • It’s like a mag buying frenzy. So far I only bought glock 17 mags from Botach. They had 1800 qty in stock 3 hours ago. Now 1374 left as I type. Other websites are already showing out of stock on the more popular mags. CA POTG are not messing around, but come election time we all better come correct.

        • LOL, on one of the sites, all items I selected were in stock, but by the time I was ready to review my cart and check out, THREE of them were already gone and no longer available! Within ten minutes! So I bought what I could and went to several other sites…most of them were already depleted of Magpuls and drums, but I found *one* that had some. Fifteen minutes after I paid, I went back out of curiosity, and the drums were all gone, too. But I got one for myself, finally. 🙂

          When it arrives and i take it out of the box, I don’t know if I’ll be like a kid on Christmas morning, or like Gollum and run into my man cave to hold it and call it Precious.

        • It’s safer to go full Gollum.

          But before you hide your ‘Precious’, go play with it in the desert.

          A free tip to finding gun goodies (like ammo) during a mad rush – Keep digging *way* down in Google. You may have to go 100 pages deep (or more) but you may find gold. It’s how I found the last case of reasonably-priced 9mm ammo. (23c per) last month. You won’t always score, but it’s *sweet* when you do…

        • Avoid Botach like herpes. Check the BBB, or take my word, they just screwed me.
          Check out “AEY Miami” and Botach’s actual name is “Barkochba Botach”, have fun with that.

          My advice, you are gonna have problems with Botach, go shop elsewhere before stuff sells out.
          Worst case? Nevermind… I was gonna say extra mags… but Botach is involved…

        • Yeah I wouldn’t mess with Botach. Ordered some soft plates from them back in March. Can’t get through by phone. Email only. Or leave a voice mail and hope they call you back. At least they do tend to respond by email. Sometimes they’ll call you if you leave a voice mail. After 6 weeks and a few “we are getting a truck in later this week and they’ll ship by the end of the week” promises (3 times) I finally cancelled my order. Only took a week for them to finally cancel it too. The entire time they showed them as “in stock”.

        • Thanks all for the background on Botach. Kinda explains yesterday why their website had no probs, while Primary Arms website, with their excellent customer service, was crashing due to high traffic/demand.

      • I bought a Magpul 60 round drum last year when it was on sale for <$100 for the same reason "just to have one". I have loaded it twice. They are very reliable but a PITA to load. With stripper clips you can load a dozen 30 round mags in less time than it takes to load one Magpul drum.

      • Try making orders on web sites and see if the order completes. Most of the time it auto-dumps you if you select a slave state.

        If it does complete, call the dealer and verify. If they are unaware it’s legal, tell them to Google the news. Call the dealers that say they won’t ship to California, and see if they are now shipping, but haven’t updated their web page yet. Most small businesses don’t maintain their own page, they hire that out. So *educate them*, it just may pay off for you.

        The most important thing for success in searching the web for hard-to-find things is *KEEP DIGGING*, as many pages as it takes. It may take hours, but *keep digging* deeper.

        Modify your search and exploit the power of the ‘Advanced Search’ page. Use the powerful ‘Exact Phrase’ field. As an example when searching for 9mm ammo, I used the exact phrase of “In stock”.

        If results still don’t appear, *change they way you ask the question*. Phrase it differently. Try as many different way as possible. You just might strike *Gold* and get you what you seek…

    • Another option is to 3D print magazines. I don’t know much about it but if they ask you, you absolutely were making them all freedom week and since this ruling.

      It’s also an option to buy them this week, lose the receipt (The court is responsible to prove your guilt, not for you to prove your innocence and I’m pretty sure I have a cash invoice showing I sold you magazines today and freedom week), and “bring” them on a trip to a free state that just coincidentally happens to have the same magazines you want for sale and then return to your home state. We flyover states are happy to have visits from friends behind enemy lines who need a little R&R.

  3. Good luck California! Here’s a tip…when they’re banned(again)hide a bunch for the coming civil war!

    • What are you talking about? Everything sank in a tragic UPS/FEDX/USPS boating accident didn’t you know?

      • I thought they were in the canoe crossing the lake to the lake house. That’s when the big wind blew and the canoe tipped over. Yeah that’s what happened.

  4. When this gets reversed by the en banc panel, including the part about the retroactive ban being a “taking”, then all of those 20 and 30 round mags will “have” to be turned in. Not that anyone will know you have them…until you take them to the range. If you can’t shoot them, what’s the point of having them?
    I haven’t taken my AR out for a couple of years, so I’ll stick with the ten rounders I have. I could use a few more. Up here in the hinterlands, I don’t foresee a whole lot of revolting gonna happen. Too many of us have too many guns for Antifa to get a toe hold.

    • Yeah, I kinda figure if people come into the hills seeking to take my guns, they’ll bring me plenty of 30-round mags and fresh 5.56. Maybe some sweet select-fire!

  5. So what, all Ya get is 504 gateway timeout when you try to order anything from them anyway.

    I think their website was built by the chinese.

  6. Brownells has always been a stand-out gun gear seller.

    I’ve more magazines than I can shake a stick at. But when this rush is over (likely won’t last) POTG should at least make a small purchase from retailers that step up like this.

    My VooDoo Tactical ballcap is getting kinda’ frayed about the edges ….

    • There you go again enuf…Boasting about your stockpile of Gun stuff that your worthless behind purchased off the backs of those who worked to get Donald John Trump elected POTUS. That makes you a self serving ungrateful lowlife pos whose contribution is to slander and libel the POTUS worse than the worst gun grabbing democRat. Justice would be hilliary rotten clintoon sitting on your face.

    • Voodoo Tactical, gear of choice for the discerning mall ninja.

      No need for quality stitching, other materials or, well, much of any QC since the most use it will see is a few selfies and maybe a range trip once a month.

      But hey, at least you get to show your support for the CCP.

        • Someone needs to buy Voodoo and Condor and bring some truth-in-advertising to the game.

          I propose Fat and Stupid Non-Tactical Outfitters. “Our stitching can’d hold in your gut, but no one else’s can either”.

          Their flagship line can be insulated MOLLE pouches that fit a can of beer mated with dump pouches shaped like giant slices of pizza.

        • Beer?


          The discriminating mall ninja fills the mag pouches with cans of ‘Red Bull’ (a *perfect* fit) and ‘Slim Jim’ snacks.

          (Caution – Stay upwind of them. Energy drinks and meat snacks make for some *nasty* farts… 🙂 )

      • Had a Voodoo Tactical sling bag where stitching failed top of the strap after 6 months. My only experience with them.
        For over 6 months, been using a Condor sentry plate carrier, loaded between 18 to 54 lbs, for body weight workouts and it’s holding up amazingly well. IMO, Condor is usually a good option, especially if one has to buy multiple items for family members or keep back-ups in multiple locations like a truck, another bugout location.

  7. Buy what you can! Got a sweet Magpul Ruger 10/22 takedown the other day, Immediately got it and surprise, a 5 minute NICS run, wheee!

  8. Monday morning the AG will get a stay pending upholding of the bans, including grandfathering, by an en banc ruling. If a pig catches you with them, it will heroically arrest you and get your magazines “off the streets” to the applause or blank stares of the sheeple.

    • “Monday morning the AG will get a stay pending upholding of the bans, including grandfathering, by an en banc ruling.”

      Good luck on that. Magazines (most of them) have no manufacturing date on them.

      Give the cop a blank stare and tell him they were already grandfathered in from the last time…

  9. I had a 3-pack of black Glock 17 mags in my Brownells cart (Brownells sent out an email about shipping standard capacity mags to CA – good job!) and it was unavailable when I hit the checkout button. So it turned into some stylish OD Green mags for $28 each. Not a great price, but not a gouge price like those swine at Cheaper Than Dirt did during the last Freedom Week. They’re never getting another penny from me after that business.

  10. Good decision, but one word of caution if you are in CA, or are Brownell’s. The Appeals court struck down the law, but at least as of this morning the stay is still in effect. The Appeals court has not lifted it. They likely will soon, but it was not lifted as part of the decision.

  11. Out of stock! 🙁
    For those that wonder why some of us stay in Cali, for me it is kids. California always assigns custody to the woman. (51%, after I went back to court).

    Even my anti-gun neighbors are waking up. I hope we can recall the governor.

  12. It would appear that depending on the legal knowledge of a random poster (as was done for the first article yesterday, saying that the stay was still in effect) might not be the best editorial policy.

  13. If, it goes to the US Supreme Court Judge Roberts will side with the Democratic judges just wait and see. Roberts does not want to here or side with the 2nd Amendment in this country.

  14. Brownells customer service confirmed to me that al tho they are taking orders for standard capacity magazines, they will not be shipping them, as they are waiting to see what the CA attorney general is going to do on Monday Aug. 17, 2020. I think that is B.S. They can hold millions of dollars from credit card purchases, receive interest on those held funds until the CA attorney general makes a decision one way or the other. And if they can’t to CA, just reverse the credit card charges for refunds, and still make out like a bandit. They should have been more forthcoming with their policy on magazine sales to CA instead of implying they would ship asap. Dishonest!

    • UPDATE: 8/16/2020 at 5:30pm PST. My order status at Brownells went from Processing Order, to, Order on Hold. Go figure….

    • They don’t have your money so they can’t earn interest. It is an “authorization” on your card at this point. They got a little overly anxious and started advertising that they were going to ship magazines immediately, then the lawyers said “not so fast”.

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