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From Brownells:

Brownells is donating $50,000 to the California Rifle & Pistol Association to help fund the fight to restore freedom and standard-capacity magazines to California gun owners.

In August, a three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit upheld a previous decision against California’s ban on magazines in the Duncan v. Becerra case. The panel determined a ban on magazines with capacity of over 10 rounds violates the 2nd Amendment rights of Californians.

In an effort to delay striking down California’s draconian magazine ban, the California Attorney General’s office petitioned for an en banc review of panel’s ruling, extending the struggle for California gun owners to regain their Constitutionally-guaranteed rights.

To help see that struggle through to a victorious finish, Brownells is contributing $50,000 for CRPA’s efforts to the cause.

“The California Rifle & Pistol Association Foundation is proud of the partnership with Brownells to fight for the rights of all Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights,” said CRPA Foundation Director of Development Rick Travis. “Brownells’ generous donation will be used 100% in the fight to see the Duncan v. Becerra case to a successful conclusion in restoring the Second Amendment in California.”

If the rulings against California’s magazine ban are upheld, they could serve as precedent in similar decisions against other similar bans enacted by anti-gun politicians in other states.

About CRPA

The California Rifle & Pistol Association (CRPA), founded in 1875, is a nonprofit membership and donor supported organization that works tirelessly and relentlessly to defend the civil and constitutional rights of individuals to choose to responsibly own and use firearms. Through its Sacramento and local legal and political advocates, CRPA works in the state capital, in regulatory agencies, and in city halls throughout California to promote laws that protect these rights, and to oppose laws that infringe on these rights.

About Brownells

Serious About Firearms Since 1939™, Brownells is the world’s leading source for guns, gun parts and accessories, ammunition, gunsmithing tools and survival gear. With a large selection of both common and hard-to-find items, and an extensive collection of videos, articles, and gun schematics, Brownells is the expert for everything shooting-related. Committed to maintaining our great traditions, Brownells has more, does more and knows more – and guarantees it all, Forever. For more information or to place an order, call 800-741-0015 or visit Brownells.com. Stay up-to-date with Brownells on YouTubeFacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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    • Pessimist much? It’s more than the paltry $35 I sent to CRPA, and therefore welcomed. Every penny adds up in the pot, and we’re grateful for all the efforts.

      Don’t get complacent. You have Gov. Bullock in your neck of the woods looking to follow in Newsom’s footsteps. Block him while you can.

    • I’m with you on Springfield Armory. Once they donate a bunch of money to 2A causes and apologize profusely for being jerks I might consider purchasing and recommending their products. Apparently, they are not inclined to do so, therefore, I will denigrate them at every opportunity.

      • Except for the apology part, I think they’ve done that. Some of the political damage couldn’t be undone, but after the fiasco it seems they did at least realize which side their bread was buttered on.

    • Did Springfield Armory contribute to Gun Control? I had not to date purchased anything with their name on it, and if they have actually contributed to the fiasco that is Gun Control, I never will.

      • Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms (NOT Rock Island) formed a lobby group that supported a 2017 version of the Illinois Gun Dealer Licensing Act that excluded them and . They then claimed they opposed it and that their lobbyist went rogue. People don’t like that they were willing to throw other FFLs to the sharks as long as they got to stay in the boat. I’m not a IL resident, but I think the 2019 version that became law didn’t have the exclusions. They also donated tens of thousands to Democratic state Senators and Senate Victory Funds.

  1. Brownell’s notified me of this donation when they (unfortunately) had to cancel my pending order last week. Nice to know they’re putting some skin in the game in this fashion. If/when our mag ban is overturned permanently and “with prejudice”, people will remember who joined in the fight and who stood on the sidelines.

      • True, but I think the entire gun industry is now acutely aware of the NRA’s horrendous fumbling and the backlash from supporters (both current and former, such as myself). I believe we’re seeing a much-needed “sifting” of organizations and a reshuffling of perceived pecking order. For outsiders, the NRA is still (and may continue to be for years to come) the 800-lb gorilla due to its influence over the generations. But WLP’s alleged malfeasance and the org’s lackluster support for the 2A has allowed others (FPC, CRPA, SAF, GOA, et al) to grow stronger and re-focus both the POTG and the industry itself to its constitutional roots.

        I myself admittedly have only a few years’ personal experience with CRPA, but in that time they’ve been doing a lot of heavy lifting to push back against Sacramento in the courts.

        • It’d probably frost you to realize that CRPA is the official NRA state organization in California… Doing business this way- CRPA leading the way is much better than having the appearance of some organization from outside the state coming in to tell CA how to run their business.

          Years ago when Les Baer decided to move his ops from IL to IA he was met by some organized resistance from out of state antigun groups at the local city council meetings. NRA called us to organize some support at the next meeting, which we did and got things passed through with little difficulty. We were from IA so nfbd with the local news media. Had NRA sent someone it would’ve played differently there.

          Problems such as CA citizens face SHOULD be dealt with by Californians, not outsiders. Ditto IL, NJ, CT, OR, WA, anywhere . If the locals don’t want to fight what’s the use? I will say the GSL group in IL is doing a fantastic job and should be modeled by other local/state organizations.

        • Yes, I was aware of the relationship back when I was a member of both the NRA and CRPA. As I allowed my NRA membership to lapse, I continued to support CRPA because their publications actually told me the status and details of all the various court cases they’re involved in. I got nothing but mailers from the NRA trying to woo me with big trucks full of guns! guns! guns! that aren’t even legal here in CA anyway.

          I will support orgs that fight on my behalf. I’m sticking with CRPA and now support FPC & GOA as well.

          As we’ve all discussed ad nauseum, the NRA will continue to suffer unless/until it gets it act together and ousts the current leadership. I do not see CRPA as having those same problems.

        • Penny ante stuff. Good folks but bush league. The are 3 progs in DC that have ever even HEARD of GOA. Yet all the FUDD Nancys are STILL carrying the MSM’s water in tearing down the ONLY effective gun rights org in the US. The MSM and dems LOVE it when you bash/attack the NRA.

  2. Rick Travis from CRPA spent some time with GunGuyTV explaining (Duncan v Becerra) and how they have been successful against the state of CA. In this interview he also talks about how the NRA helped them on this case which I was surprised to hear. He also points out if it wasn’t for Trump’s election win. They would have not won the case because the Judges that heard the case on review where all Trump appointed judges.

    This is an important case which down the road could lead to much more 2A freedoms throughout the US. CRPA is a great organization and I highly recommend you become a member or donate to there cause. I am also glad to hear that Brownells has stepped up and join this fight as well.

    • You hit on the one good reason I have for “supporting” Trump. Those court appointments are where it’s all at. I mostly despise Trump, and his bumbling hurts you and me as much as it helps us. But, he has been consistent in appointing conservative judges who can reverse so much of the bench activism we’ve witnessed over the past 30 years.

      • I agree with your statement about supporting Trump. Although Trump is not perfect by any means he is the medicine that this country needs to get rid of the (Democratic Liberal Menace) that has steered our country down the wrong path for decades. It’s important that trump gets reelected so he can continue to protect the constitution by appointing true constitutional judges that value our rights. If Biden and then president Kamala Harris gets in, I assure you they’re not going to appoint any judges the value our rights. Hopefully trump will get reelected and he will be able to a point another Supreme Court Justice and replace Ginsburg and protect our constitutional rights and make true 2A right the law of the land.

      • Paul, Paul, Paul…If you want to note your complaints about the POTUS do so after you note the past 4 years of self serving dirty diaper democRats trying to overthrow a duly elected POTUS with concocted schemes, slander, libel, etc. That way less astute forum members can weigh your gnat fart size complaint against a volcano.

  3. Brownell’s is on my shit list. They just cancelled my Shield 45 7 round mag purchase. No response after phone calls and emails to them reiterating that these are not high cap magazine, and perfectly legal to purchase in CA. Must be the COVID thing you know… Between the fires, power outages, and now this, I am making my retirement plans OUT OF CA.

    • Why wouldn’t you retire outside California? Cali is tax and spend blue state, Idaho is nice and Wyoming is really tax friendly. Your dollar just goes farther in these states.

    • Tim…Sorry buddy but waaay too many gun owners on this forum are waaay too quick to jump to conclusions. The way the rats jump ship over lightweight problems one would think it’s the stock market and the bottom is falling out. Far from it whether it’s the NRA, Briwnells, The POTUS and bump stock contraptions, etc. If there is a problem it will come out in the wash and at that point you’ll have to weigh your options. If Brownells forced you to reside in CA you’d have something to really complain about otherwise spare me the drama.

  4. Does anyone, anyone at all see the complete absurdity of this. Imagine a citizenry so complacent, so ignorant and afraid that they spend millions of dollars every year to fight in a government controlled judicial system for rights that government swore to follow, protect and preserve. How stupid are we? Can anyone imagine what the founders would think if they saw the gift they gave the people through the blood of tens of thousands of patriots being denied the core purpose they risked everything for? Every single one of us is guilty of dishonor, complacency and failing to act on our duties to keep our government in check. For just one simple magazine, an accessory for a gun, we spend hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of dollars of our earned income and years of court battles to own, what is already a guaranteed right! God we’re fu&king stupid morons!! “No American citizen shall be required to prove that they are entitled to any guaranteed right under the United States Constitution. It will remain the burden of the Government to proof beyond a preponderance of evidence that any citizen should be denied any particular right.”

  5. So Brownells is donating 50,000 Bazooka Joe Comics so that everyone in California who has continually voted for creeps like Nancy and Kamala can buy more magazines, and then they’ll buy more ammo, creating a more extreme shortage for people who did not vote to eviscerate the Second Amendment and the rest of the Constitution?

    • It’s rigged in California. Instead of having the top vote getter in the primaries from each party, it’s now the top 2 vote getters overall. Which means 100% Democratic tickets, because the red 2/3’s of the state have like 10% of the population. Like with Harris for Senate, it was 2 super liberal Dem. women as the choices.

      • True, but not true.

        We have the “jungle primary” system that was implemented by the Dems, but you only have to go back to the latest gubernatorial election in Nov 2018 to see that the top two candidates were a Democrat (Newsom) and a Republican (John Cox). And by the way…Cox received a higher-than-expected 40% of the votes.

  6. My goodness, that rifle doesn’t look rugged enough for a combat weapon. Poor USMC Snipers, a three man sniper team, shooter, spotter, and duct taper….𝖜𝖜𝖜.𝖌𝖔𝖈𝖆𝖘𝖍9.𝖈𝖔𝖒


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