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With the real threat of rising crime, the American people demand solutions that keep their families and communities safe. Luckily, President Joe Biden has responded to these calls by nominating Steve Dettelbach to become the next ATF director. The president also recently finalized a rule to require that ghost guns—privately made firearms without serial numbers that are challenging to trace to a crime scene—finally be regulated as weapons.

Members of Congress must continue this work by acting on bipartisan solutions that make an actual difference—like establishing a National Office of Gun Violence Prevention in the White House, investing in Community Violence Intervention Programs that remove illegal guns used in domestic firearm violence incidents and holding the gun industry directly accountable for negligent sales of firearms and ammunition.

It is irresponsible to use false conspiracies to curb this essential work. Neither the president nor the newly nominated ATF director want to take your guns away and there is no such thing as a gun registry. And it is incumbent upon the vast majority of Americans who care about the truth rather than conspiracy clickbait to push back on dis- and misinformation that harms public safety.

— Eric Swalwell in President Biden Does Not Want to Take Your Guns Away

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  1. Your lips are moving but all I could here was an audible fart on national TV.

      • Make no mistake about it. When you hear anything regarding The 2A from any democRat it’s time to lock and load. I.E. Below is the finger pointing minor49IQ falling on swords again for the democRat Party. Poor, poor minor49IQ he conveniently forgets to point even one finger at the party that owns the legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, lynching, the kkk, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities.

        If you are not a history illiterate and you look closely at the mountains of concocted slander and libel made against POTUS DJT you’ll see something familiar. It all mirrors the same tactics the democRat Party used against Black Americans to prevent them from running for public office or holding public office.

        The democRat Party has done a good job laying their dirt at the steps of the Party of Lincoln. And when I see bigoted minded jackasses on this forum wagering whether a perp is Black or not based on such “evidence” as race proximity to a crime democRats grin because such bigoted jackasses do nothing but validate democRat Party accusations. A few bad apples is all it takes for the Rat Party to take it and run.

        Nonetheless…The history of the democRat Party is much more than enough to sink their ship…That is if the party history is ever used to sink their ship. With some exceptions it doesn’t happen on this forum anymore than it happens on the floor of congress.

        • your comment would be 28th by time stamp, behind even your own post of an hour ago.
          why do you cut in?

        • So the DEMCRATS have banned coloured people from running for Office ot r did they at some point have a change of heart? I could have sworn that the present DEMOCRAT VICE PRESIDENT is a two-time coloured person in the she has origins in both the Afro-American INdian sub continent communities. Neither POLITICS or POLITICIANs are fixed in time and both evolve over the decades .
          In fact as far as Political thinking, polarisation and impetus is concerned the DEMOCRATS and the REPUBLICANS have both had a 180% political turnabout over the last four or five decades.
          It would seem to me that even though I come from ‘t’other side of the Pond I know more about American History than most corespondents on these blogs. IT’s really not that hard,- it’s all out there in the public domain for those that can be bothered. Not to mention inn the written word for those that can read!

        • Albert Hall, apparently you know very little about American History. It was the DEMONcRAT Party that supporting slavery in the 19th century.

          I suggest that you take a GOOD American History course. One that is offered from an American school. Not one of your Leftist indoctrinators.

        • Albert the Subject,

          Butt-licking subject says what???? What part of ‘we stopped listening to your servile subject opinions in 1776’ do you have trouble grasping?????

          Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize your Queen hadn’t issued you your opinion, yet. My bad.

          F*** off, subject.

  2. False conspiracies like, oh I don’t know, an unhinged politician threatening to nuke gun owners for resisting an AWB?

    • “I always trust a Chicom sympathizer“

      I don’t doubt that one bit, and I imagine most on this list trust a whole family of Chinese sympathizers:

      “The Chinese government granted a total of 41 trademarks to companies linked to Ivanka Trump by April of 2019—and the trademarks she applied for after her father became president got approved about 40% faster than those she requested before Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 election, according to a new book by Forbes’ senior editor Dan Alexander.

      n March 29, 2017, Ivanka Trump, the eldest daughter of President Trump, became an official government employee, joining her husband, Jared Kushner, as an adviser to her father.

      The day before that appointment, Ivanka applied for 17 new trademarks with the Chinese government.

      In early May of 2018, ZTE, a Chinese electronics maker, said that it had halted “major operating activities” after being penalized by the United States Department of Commerce for breaking sanctions and selling electronics to Iran and North Korea.

      Yet, in mid-May, President Trump surprisingly reversed course when he indicated a willingness to rethink the punishment and vowed to work with Chinese President Xi Jinping to prevent the collapse of the ZTE, which employs 75,000 people, with Trump tweeting, “Too many jobs in China lost. Commerce Department has been instructed to get it done!”

      That same month, May of 2018, amid tense trade negotiations between China and the United States, China approved seven Ivanka trademarks, according to Alexander’s book, White House, Inc.

      Over a span of two months in late 2018, the Chinese government granted 18 trademarks to companies linked to President Trump and his daughter. In October alone, according to the Associated Press, China’s Trademark Office granted provisional approval for 16 trademarks to Ivanka Trump Marks LLC. The new approvals covered Ivanka-branded fashion gear, including sunglasses, handbags, shoes and jewelry, as well as beauty services and voting machines. In January of 2019, China granted Ivanka’s company preliminary approval for another five trademarks covering child care centers, wedding dresses, and art valuation services. The applications were filed in 2016 and 2017.

      In her first memoir, The Trump Card, Ivanka stated she paid full price for an expensive two-room apartment inside a Trump-owned building in New York City, but financial documents cited in Alexander’s book reveal Trump paid just $1.5 million, or $968 per square foot, for the apartment, while other tenants in the building paid on average $1,667 square foot.”

      All those darn pesky facts!

        • “TLDR”

          Yes, I imagine if it contained as it more than a couple lines and words with more than two syllables, it did get a bit tedious for you.

          And who needs all those inconvenient truths, it might interfere with your Fox-supplied opinion.

          “I love the poorly educated!”
          Donald J Trump

        • Minor MINEr49er You love the poorly educated far more than we do. That’s how you Leftists keep getting elected, by snookering the “proletariat.”

        • Miner it must sting that TLDR is more relevant than everything you post. All your curated sources end up being utterly meaningless by one utterance that underscores the hollowness of your message even before bothering to read it and realize it is at best misleading if not outright inaccurate.

        • Your claim:

          “outright inaccurate”

          Evidence you post to substantiate your claim:

          ‘insert cricket sound sample here‘

        • having absolutely nothing to do with whatever words and syllables you string together and completely everything to do with said diatribe following your nom de plume.
          you are so consistently irrelevant that you barely get read.

      • Wow the Trumps at one point did business in China arrest them all. Meanwhile Dems and RINOs routinely take large campaign contributions and/or have their relatives secure sinecures in Chinese companies and never vote in America’s interest against China. Cool story Miner even your facts ring more hollow than my screen name.

        • “Wow the Trumps at one point did business in China“

          Incorrect, it wasn’t the Trump family, it was United States government employees at the highest levels including Senior Adviser to the President Ivanka Trump.

          Do you think it is proper or legal for the US presidential leadership team to be conducting personal business with foreign adversaries directly out of the oval office?

          And it is not just the corrupt trumps selling you out to China, how about the leading Republican senator:

          “Let’s look at McConnell, probably the highest profile johnny-come-lately Trump basher. His wife, Elaine Chao, former Transportation Secretary is heavily tied to China. Breitbart senior contributor fills in the details. “That relationship was forged in December of 1993 when James Chao, Elaine Chao’s father, Elaine Chao, and the new son-in-law, Senator Mitch McConnell, visited Beijing, China, at the invitation of the China state shipbuilding corporation. This was a coup to Beijing because Tiananmen square had happened just four years earlier. Very few high officials went there. The result of that meeting and the deals that followed is that today the Chinese government finances the construction of the ships for the shipbuilding company, they build the ships, they provide the crews for the ship, and they provide the cargo for the ship. So, the Chinese government could pull the plug tomorrow on this business.”

        • Golly all that and somehow no actual arrest or meaningful investigation which would imply either your info is bullshit or it is orders of magnitude less relevant that what your hearos go for. Keep going with the irrelevant links though someone is sure to get past the TLDR and listen to you someday. But good point on McConnel being one of your guys would never argue that.

        • Huge difference between doing standard business as usual with China and overt criminal conspiracies by government ‘officials’ to abuse their elected position for personal monetary gain or to criminally violate the 2nd/A by conspiring to or attempting to Deprive People of their guaranteed right that “Shall NOT BE {Fucking} infringed”, no qualifiers, exceptions, back-door regulations, prohibitions, executive or fiat mandates restrictions, administrative rules, or etc., PERIOD! Under:

          18 USCC Section 242: “Whoever, under colour of law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom willfully subjects any inhabitant of any State…to the deprivation of any Rights, Privileges or Immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the united states…shall be fined not more than $10,000 or imprisoned
          for more than ten years, or both, and if death results (like an illegel waiting period or permit issue requirementl after purchasing a firearm causing a person to not be able to have their firearm for protection when the stalker or home invader kills or injures them)THEY SHALL BE SUBJECT TO IMPRISONMENT FOR ANY TERM.(!)

          I never thought i’d live long enough to witness the insidious infiltration and take over of America by Marxist Tyranny.

          But even more disturbing is how many Americans are brainwashed and mind-confused about what’s happening in this country and actually accept this cultural atrocity.

          It’s like a ‘genocide’ of our minds.

          No other mission is more important in our lives right now than to exercise our National Constitutional Duty to remove these evil tyrants from illegal power in six months and counting to the midterm elections.

          Corrupted Communist Politicians must be defeated and Power must be restored to the Republic…before it really is too late.

        • jfkjr, TLDR…

          No, just kidding, read every line of your empty speech.

          You make many claims but post zero evidence to support your claims.

          I ask again,
          Do you think it is proper or legal for the US presidential leadership team to be conducting personal business with foreign adversaries directly out of the oval office?

          And how do you feel about the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, receiving billions of dollars from the Saudis? Do you remember the Saudis, right? Those wonderful folks who brought us 3000 dead Americans on September 11, 2001.
          You know the Saudis, the ones that Donald Trump overrode Congress for, and shipped $800 million worth of modern arms to the Muslim fundamentalist in Saudi Arabia.

          You don’t think that had anything to do with Donald Trump, the CEO of Exxon oil and the Roth Childs chief NYC banker doing the sword dance of loyalty to the king of Saudi Arabia, do you?

        • Y’all complain about Hunter Biden, even though he never held any position within the White House and the only ‘evidence’ you have is the BS from some missing laptop that Tucker Carlson lost the drive for and now can’t find. Hannity somehow lost his copy too, weird, it’s almost as if it didn’t exist in the first place…

          But you ignore Jared Kushner, who sold his position as special adviser to the president in order to get the money he needed for his real estate investment in NYC, 666 5th Ave.

          Really, ‘666’, how appropriate. But y’all couldn’t read a sign from your God if it smacked you in the face.

          “On Sunday, The New York Times reported that just six months after leaving the White House, the former first son-in-law’s newly formed private equity firm, Affinity Partners, was awarded a $2 billion investment from Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, which is led by MBS. That the kingdom would fork over that kind of cash to Kushner is obviously ridiculously shady and, as Nick Penniman, the founder and chief executive of good-government organization Issue One, told The Times, “swampy and seemingly hypocritical.” But the cash alone is not even the funniest part, and by funniest we mean insanely unethical and wildly corrupt. No, the unethical and corrupt part is that the people who perform due diligence for the Saudis’ Public Investment Fund concluded Kushner’s firm was a joke and that he might make them look bad…and then the board, headed by MBS, gave him the money anyway. Because…y’know.”

        • minor49IQ…Trademarks? Betcha your fingers are bloody from scrapping the bottom of the barrel. As always you are long on words and extremely short on substance.
          BTW…The Russian collusion has been proven to be nothing more than concocted slander and libel. And here you are flopping around like a fish out of water still trying to save the day…Since You and your buddy swalwell wear it well you need to trademark the word, “Scumbags.”

        • Minor MINER49er I ask you AGAIN! What about Hunter and Sleepy Joe’s dealings with Red China?

        • Minor MINER49er So what is Jared received anything from the Saudis. BFD! The Saudis are out allies? Or did you forget that? Hunter Biden used daddy’s influence to get what he has gotten from various sources. Again, you give Hunter and Sleepy Joe a pass on their dealing with Red China. What’s up with that?

        • You call reporting by Breitbart propaganda?

          I’ve provided citations for the facts I’ve posted, and yet you call it propaganda, how about refuting the info rather than your empty speech.

        • Minor MINER49er Personally, I have not seen anything from Breitbart. I do a few other Conservative sources.
          I’ll bet you are crying your eyes out of CNN’s crash. You poor thing….LOL

          Your citations are horse pucky, typical Leftist propaganda. Psst, Vanity Fair is NOT a reliable source. They are so far Left, they make Pravada look like a right wing source. Not to mention YouTube is NOT a reliable source for anything but movies and comedy shows. For your edification, YouTube does allows just about anybody post anything. You have a good day now.

      • @Miner49er
        Trump Derangement Syndrome is strong in you. O’Barry Care has a special mental illness treatment. Especially for you. Take advantage of it or all you will ever be is a Drain on Society. As you are now.

        • And all you have is insults, because you have falling for the propaganda from the right wing corrupt grifters who are manipulating you for fun and profit.

          Again, offer information to refute what I have posted or be exposed for the uninformed fool that you are.

          Honestly, I’ve never seen dimwitted folks be this easy to fool since the last time I saw a rerun of Mr. Haynie fleecing the denizens of Hootersville.

        • t-bros, i’m replying to another poster who brought up Eric Swalwell‘s Chinese connections as a real issue.

          I was kind enough to point out that Donald Trump and his family of grifters have far more shady dealings with the Chinese than Swalwell ever thought about.

          You whine about a splinter in your neighbor’s eye, while ignoring the timber in your own.
          Where have I heard that before…

        • Minor MINER49er How about Hunter and Sleepy Joe’s connections with the Chinese Reds?

      • Eric… that you? You scamp, spreading communist propaganda via all the channels of communication now, aren’t you? That’s a nice picture of you too, looks very grave and serious. Welp, enjoy another day in the Worker’s Paradise, Comrade.

        • I’m replying to another poster who brought up Eric Swalwell‘s Chinese connections as a real issue.

          I was kind enough to point out that Donald Trump and his family of grifters have far more shady dealings with the Chinese than Swalwell ever thought about.

        • Minor MINER49er I ask you AGAIN! What about Hunter and Sleepy Joe’s dealings with Red China? And I will keep asking until you RESPOND!

      • Wow. Ivanka Trump applied to trademarks in China, and got them. Mirabile dictu!! Cool story, bro!! Now, tell us about Hunter Biden . . . and what happened to that “10% for the Big Guy”????

        F*** you, MajorStupidity, you partisan, lying moron POS. When you start acting like you have SOME sense of morality, I MIGHT start paying attention to you (probably not, at least until you publicly admit your stupidity for advocating that Article I, Section 8 authorizes universal gun control – that was some galaxy-class stupidity). Until then??? STFU.

      • She applied for patents and got more than half of them before Trump was even elected. The rest came after he was elected.

        Well, OK. Thanks for the laugh.

      • Daddy only gave her a 30% discount what an *. Oh and the sources you cite continually ran hit pieces on former President Trump dealing with Russian collusion knowing full well it was fake news, biased much?

    • I think you’re being too hard on Congressman Fartsontv. If the Chinese Communist Party sent me a young, attractive Asian woman to swallow my pickle I’d probably be a Chicom sympathizer myself.

  3. This is how it works, push the Democrats to abandon the left-wing rhetoric and stick with the core Democratic Party values.

    If we play our cards right, citizens can have a major impact on the Democrat leadership, helping them to understand that most firearms owners are responsible, patriotic Americans.

    And you can complain about the Democrats all you want, they’re the ones who’ve come closest to bringing national carry into reality, the Obama/Biden administration rolled back Reagan’s regulations prohibiting the carrying of firearms on millions of acres of publicly owned lands.

    On the other hand, the Republican leadership is nothing but a bunch of liars. And now the audio is out to prove that representative McCarthy is indeed a liar, who was working with Liz Cheney to remove Donald Trump from power, either via the 25th amendment process or just by asking him to resign as McCarthy pledged to do in the recorded phone call with Liz Cheney.

    Even he knew that the stolen election story was total bullshit, and that Trump was responsible for the January 6 insurrection.

    “BREAKING: Kevin McCarthy denied he ever wanted Trump to resign… BUT THE TAPE JUST GOT RELEASED“

    • Minor MINER49er, Give it a rest. You DEMONcRATS want to ban all firearms. We know it and so do most of the American citizens.

      • Interesting, yet when the Democrats controlled the House, the Senate and the presidency in 2009 and 10, they didn’t ban guns.

        Instead, Barack Hussein Obama signed the 2009 CARD Act into law, authorizing the lawful carrying of firearms by Americans on millions of acres of federally managed, taxpayer owned lands.

        On the other hand, Trump and the Republicans controlled the House, the Senate and the presidency in 2017 and 18, yet they didn’t do diddly squat for POTG.

        But Donald Trump did manage to ban your bump stocks, after Barack Hussein Obama had approved them.

        Darn them pesky facts, crashing the groove of your bullshit story, how sad.

        • *Couldn’t ban guns, they needed RINO’s for that but keep talking you are sure to convince someone eventually.

        • Minor MINER49er No, but they worked awful hard trying to. Sen (Senile) Feinstein or have you forgotten? So Obuma the Phony signed the 2009 CARD Act. BFD! Seems that if you have heard any of his current rhetoric you would know that he did it under pressure due to the crimes that had been committed just prior to his signing.
          Obuma the Phony never approved “bump stocks”. Nice try, Lefty.

        • “he did it under pressure due to the crimes that had been committed just prior to his signing“

          I will certainly enjoy hearing the substantiation to the claim you’ve made, I’m putting on a fresh pot of coffee now.

        • Shines, I now notice an essential part of your civics education seems to have been neglected.

          You must’ve skipped school the day they discussed the difference between a campaign promise and reality.

          I kinda already knew this, after all you folks got fooled by the campaign promises to “build the wall, Mexico will pay for it, healthcare better, cheaper and more available than Obamacare, I’ll release my tax returns, etc, etc”…

        • you nean those millions of square miles the Constitution PROHIBITS FedGov from owning or managing? I remember two different Fed actioins involving such lands, and open perecution of long time local residents who had become victims of Fed actions on tose lands, from which they partly derived their livelihood. One man was murdered as he traversed such lands seeking redress of harms done him and others with him.
          They were not content with taking their guns, they wanted and took their lives.

        • As the old guy used to say in that distinctive radio voice…”and now, for the rest of the story…”

          Yes, indeed, that was very ‘magnanimus’ of the Old Chicago ‘terrorist’ supporter. But there shouldn’t have been any ‘restrictions or prohibitions, according to the LAW of the LAND in the first place on Public Lands because after all, they already allowed hunting. Especially since it is OWNED, Lock, Stock, and Barrel’ (Sarc for emphasis) By We, The People, aka the taxpayers.

          But because the B.O. regime was already having some nascent but growing problematic issues with wild life MISmanegement (allowing dangerous animals like Mountain Lions and large Bears Wolves and sundry Sasquatches to breed like cats) not only to appease their tree hugging and PETA voting blocs but because the funding to manage these National Parks and reserves became way too budget expensive for the G to protect and care for properly (which is why the Feds offered them for States to control and maintain, but really didn’t get a lot of action) so they had to figure something else out?

          And when all this finally got too much out of control and in the news with consequences like little Libby the miniature pet poodle and darling of her Marxist mommy got shredded bloody right in her very own back yard adjacent to the Federal lands with such a beautiful serene view by a pack of psycho Yotes, or crunched down whole by a very Large Mountain Lion, the Marxist crowds went wild, especially when National forest trail hikes started to end up with no sign or signal of little Suzie or Tommy or Auntie Annie who were usually bring up the rear with a stupid walking stick and because trails were not maintained and an unskilled hikers could easily fall great distances, impaling herself with that walking (falling?) stick and never be found…
          And of course, to a 200 pound Cougar, you are just a big tasty rat to these pussy cats…

          So the band-aid fix for the Obama Administration was to let people carry in the woods and mountains, giving them a false sense of security which created an illusion of a solution while they attempted to temporarily divert and re-direct the puiblic media attention-which they know is short-lived anyway so they could always get back to other violations of 2n/A rights to make up for the short burst of retreat–at a later date, and more important issues for their Marxist ideology preservation, like illegal immigration for vote supplementation.

          So, now you know the ‘real’ Rest of the Story…

          There was never, ever, any Second Amendment appreciation or support in that CARD bullshit. Just old fashioned 3 card Monty shell game Commie political agenda based expedience to continue to defraud the Pubic licking Public.

          Damn, how sad…

        • “you nean those millions of square miles the Constitution PROHIBITS FedGov from owning or managing?“

          Yeah, more bullshit.

          I am honestly baffled why random dudes on the Internet think they have the last word in interpreting the Constitution, when the Constitution itself gives that duty to the Supreme Court to litigate all cases of law arising from the constitution.

          And Bundy is a welfare Queen who wanted free stuff from the government. His farm is a total of 140 acres, that’s what he owns, that’s all he gets to use.

          You really should research the actual situation before you betray your ignorance.

          Bundy had been stealing the use of those grazing rights since the late 80s, and the federal government had won in court repeatedly ordering he and his livestock off of our land.

          Bundys appeals were exhausted as without merit, and the federal district judge in Nevada ruled against Bundy and ordered his livestock off of our property. And before you say it was obviously a Democratic appointed judge, here’s details on Judge Lloyd George, a great jurist who just passed in 2020, appointed by Ronald Reagan.

          Judge George was a fighter pilot in the United States Air Force, honorably serving his country before entering the jurisprudence system.

          And he knew just what to do with welfare queen Cloven ‘hoof’ Bundy and his illegal claim jumping. Given we’re talking the wild West here, Bundy is fortunate that he wasn’t hung from a tree for claim jumping.

          Wait a minute, are you one of them wacky Mormon Joseph Smith worshipers who thinks cheating the taxpayers is all part of “bleeding the beast”?

          You know, there’s a reason the Mormons were run out of New York State, and later run out of Ohio, and later run out of Illinois, etc.

        • Oh, GOD NO, MajorStupidity, we should absolutely IGNORE what politicians say when they’re running for office, because everyone KNOWS they lie!!!!! How about, instead, we hold them to their promises? We can ignore the Dimocrats campaign lies, because “everyone knows” they don’t mean it. I have a different approach – if someone tells you what they believe, listen. Like lying liars such as yourself. If you are telling us the Dimocrat Party really doesn’t mean what they promise, I agree. Nor does the Republican Party. And I’m supposed to vote for these morons WHY, exactly????????

          You’re too stupid to breathe, MajorStupidity. Just shuffle off to your daily circle jerk with dacian the stupid and the nameless, brainless, dickless troll, and let the rest of us have an adult conversation. Lying twit.

        • So you’re saying Dems lie because they won’t try to follow through with their platform statement and that’s better than us thinking Dems lie when they say they wont follow their platform statement?

          See, either way the Dems are lying. Wouldn’t it be simpler and more ethical for them to just remove that statement from their platform?

        • “So the band-aid fix for the Obama Administration was to let people carry in the woods and mountains, giving them a false sense of security“

          JFK Junior, thank you so much for revealing yourself as the Marxist gun grabber you are.

          So you believe allowing citizens to carry a firearm when they hike in the national forest and parks will only give them a “false sense of security”?

          I’m sorry, I continue to believe that once an adult American has received classroom training on the rights and obligations of carrying a firearm in public spaces and demonstrated their skill on a live fire range, they should be permitted to carry firearms in public spaces, including our national lands.

          It seems you, like President Reagan, agree that there is no place for citizens to exercise their right to keep and bear arms on public lands.


        • If you recall, the DEMONcRATS alleged that the credit card companies were charging exorbitant usurious rates of interest and fees which were alleged by them to be criminal in nature? My how quickly you Leftists forget.

        • Minor MINER49er, so you are admitting that campaign promises made by politicians are just BULL SHI* to get votes. That their word means nothing.

    • You are correct, Republican leader representative Kevin McCarthy is a flat out liar who knew the election was not stolen, and that Donald Trump was responsible for the insurrection on January 6.

      • LOL ok commie good luck with the big lie narrative if the polls are any indication you will need it.

        • I’m not really interested in what some biased push poll may show, I think it’s more important that we spend our time researching the facts.

          And the fact is, the election was not stolen. So how about that Arizona audit by the cyber ninjas, that really showed those Democrats, huh!
          Oh, whoops a daisy, the cyber ninjas proved that not only did Joe Biden win Arizona, he actually got more votes did was initially reported, bravo!

          And Mike Lindell is continuing to promise that he’s got the evidence and will bring it right out, any day now, August 2021, just any day for sure…

          Maybe he will release it right after Trump releases his taxes and his healthcare plan, it will be better than Obamacare, that’s happening in two weeks, right?

          Y’all would be pathetic, if it wasn’t so hilarious.

        • Minor MINER49er Of course you are not interested in a poll that shows the American people are turning against your Leftist agenda.
          Please, you are trying to affect a Southern accent. As you are from the Land of Fruits and Nuts, that is not just pathetic, it’s insulting.

      • Minor MINER49er Pure unadulterated Horse Pucky! You Leftists will go to any length to try to prevent Donald Trump from running and this time winning in 2024.

        • “Donald Trump from running and this time winning in 2024“

          Interesting, I’m personally rather interested in how this whole 14th amendment issue shakes out regarding any future Trump campaign.

        • Let me know when they actually get insurrection to be anything but a media buzzword in attempts to get regular citizens to take pleas for nonsense charges. Now fedsurrection would be a bit more accurate but not really your area of interest.

        • You somehow must’ve missed the charges of seditious conspiracy, you might want to read the definition of sedition.

          I must say, I’m enjoying watching the live stream of MTG’s hearing on her fitness for office under the 14th amendment, gotta love that United States Constitution!

          And many folks remain to be charged, the DOJ investigators and prosecutors are indeed taking quite some time to work their way up the ladder of corruption but rest assured, it’s just a matter of time and justice

          A wise man once said, the wheels of justice grind exceedingly slowly but they grind exceedingly fine.

        • a paid shill generating clickbait. Proly gets paid by the response. Ignore him his kitty litter bx will get filled up and his kitty kibbles bowl get empty. He will ONLY disappear when no one responde=s to him. Or is it an “it”>

        • Sorry Teebird, not a paid shill, I’m providing these facts as just another facet of my patriotic duty.

          Remember, the first amendment is a sacred part of our Bill of Rights, listed even before the second amendment well/regulated militia instructions.

        • Minor MINER49er What has the 14th Amendment do do with Trump running? Have you lost all of your marbles? I think you should see a doctor FAST!

        • Minor MINER49er ROFLMAOBT! Sedition? The only Sedition going on here is from you Leftists trying to subvert the Constitution.

      • And Chuck Schumer, Jerry Nadler, Malig-Nancy, and Eric “Fang Banger” Swallowswell are honest???? F*** off, MajorStupidity.

        I can tell, by the increasing insanity and desperation in your posts, MajorStupidity, that you recognize the oncoming freight train that is going to flatten your Leftist/fascist hopes come November. I, for one, will be enjoying your Leftist/fascist tears. I hope it makes you so depressed you suicide; you certainly won’t be missed.

        • And you, MajorStupidity, are a typical Communist/Leftist/fascist idiot. Tell us again how Article I, Section 8 authorizes universal gun control, you lying p***ant.

  4. And we’re not turning your children into confused, mindless little drones, either!!

  5. Are we really supposed to listen to someone who was literly sleeping with the enemy? At least his cronies backed him up when he said there was no conflict of interest. I’ll pass.

    • Between that and using a twitter flame war to suggest nukes are an option I am inclined to disregard anything he has to say on being factual or in any way serving the interests of the people. Links to the world economic forum are not helpful either.

      • Yeah, but “he” had some pretty funny posts here back when he had presidential aspirations. Wonder where “he” went?

  6. Form 4473s constitute a “Registry”. Every one of them can be rounded up “For Safety Reasons” in a 48 hour operation that would be over before anyone knew what happened.

    Ensuing “voluntary” confiscation would be facilitated by Third Parties, i.e. Banking, Healthcare, Utilities, Mortgagers, Communications, Emergency Services, et al. No SWAT raids needed.

    • And the movie “Red Dawn” (1984 version) made it very clear that pulling Form 4473s from firearms sales is a doable thing.

      • With 100 million gun owners? Good luck with that! Every cop or military traitor taking part would be a target(and his family). Duh…

        • Perhaps but still a vulnerability to take note of and consider from both aspects. Also the probability that NICS checks are kept in a searchable database that can be referenced with credit card purchases would not be outlandish (would be minimum on my expectations at this point).

        • Hence always use cash(or cash advance for the CC addicted).How hard is that concept to understand?!? If cash is outlawed I’ll be an outlaw…

        • Won’t need cops. Utility companies will shut off your water, sewer electricity & cable. Insurance company will cancel ALL of your policies. Mortgage company will call in your home loan. Your Child gets appendicitis, gets operated on, but is released to CPS because YOUR home is unsafe. CPS does gender analysis on your boy and determines he is really a she……..

          This is how “THEY” will operate.
          Only the 100% self-sufficient will be safe, until the drones arrive.

        • Does wonders to reduce one’s presence in the system but short of inheriting/private purchase/building your own in a state where you never go for a permit it’s just a matter of how much they know you own.

        • I regularly visit a small chain of large employee-owned outdoor stores. Several years ago, I was chatting with the former owner, who sold to his employees but stayed on as a manager. He told me about a recent visit from ATF goons, who were taking photos of 4473 front pages with cell phones. Spent all day going through boxes of them. Mr. Smallwell, don’t waste your time telling me there is no registry. It doesn’t have to be in the form of a big book, like the parts catalog at a NAPA store, to be a de facto registry.

  7. Says the guy who wants to use nuclear weapons on American citizens. He’s a commie POS.

  8. Miner 49er: What the hell does your long-winded post have to do with Swalwell’s lies about the desire of the Democrats to eradicate the 2nd Amendment? Go peddle your nonsense at The Nation or some other Leftist website, Troll.

  9. And no one has produced a single word to refute what miner claims. He reduces all of you to pathetic, ignorant trolls reduced to screeching and name calling.

    • Ok miner/throwaway post name we sure need to give due consideration to those who seek to undermine our interests.

      • “screeching and name calling“

        Correct, and don’t forget the occasional homoerotic slur, I found those uniquely interesting.

        Strange that many He-man Conservatives would immediately reach for a gay sex act slur when they wish to insult.

        Not there’s anything wrong with that, they can keep whatever thoughts in their head they like. Even if it makes them all sweaty and their naughty body parts all tingly…

        • …. I know this because I get those tingles too.

          The more you He-men mention it the more it tingles.

          So keep it “coming”, it’s Miner approved.

        • MajorStupidity,

          “The more you He-men mention it the more it tingles.

          So keep it “coming”, it’s Miner approved.”

          OK, just going to say, that is some sick s***. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth (or, more to the point, do you even HAVE a mother???)??

          I’m sure your perverted fantasies fuel your afternoon circle jerk with dacian and the nameless, brainless, d***less troll.

    • That is because he is not worththe trouble of baning my fingers on these keys to refute. Ignroe him and he will eventually slither back into the darkness whence he came.

      • “not worththe trouble of baning my fingers on these keys to refute“

        Right, that’s what people say when they are wrong and know it but don’t want to expose their ignorance to others.

        • Gee, MajorStupidity, you don’t seem to hesitate to expose YOUR ignorance to us . . . no matter how much we wish you would. Toddle off to your circle jerk, MajorStupidity, while the rest of us mock Eric “Fang Banger” Swallowswell.

    • Sure, Johna, keep blowing that smoke up your own arse, and MajorStupidity’s. The ONLY thing MajorStupidity “owns” is his tiny little johnson . . . because no one else wants it. I’m sure you’d be welcome to join his daily circle jerk, with dacian the stupid, and the nameless, brainless, d***less troll. All you idiot Leftist/fascist morons would have a great old time with your onanism festival. OOHH!! I’ve got it! Ask MajorStupidity to tell you all about how Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution authorizes universal gun control!!! That’s some seriously funny s***!!

      P*** off, loser, we pay no attention to MajorStupidity, or dacian the stupid, so what makes you think we’ll pay any attention to you??

      • “his tiny little johnson . . . “

        What I find interesting is that you don’t think it’s strange at all to be thinking about my magnificent male endowment and speak of it publicly on this forum.

        Really, you should get out more and stop thinking about other men’s genitalia, it’s unseemly.

        • You should leave it to me to speak of men’s genitalia.

          Every weekend me and my Marxist buddies do nothing but “inspect” the others junk.

          So I am an expert at this, my tiny johnson and all.