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Special like wear a helmet at recess special.


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    • I invited a friend of mine to be a guest for a beginner’s (2-day) gun course. I usually take advanced classes, but I like going back to the beginner level sometimes because you can never train too much on the important basics.

      Anyhoo, he asked if he could bring one of his own friends along. You know…that guy who’s allegedly “been really into guns his whole life” and would enjoy the experience of some professional training.

      Okay, I said.

      The “friend” shows up with a G34 completely modded with all the match competition style tricks. Slotted blue slide showing a golden barrel, super wide mag well, colored pins, 3-lb trigger job, micro red dot optic, and a customized aggressive stippling (done by laser). Screamed Flash Gordon ray gun from a mile away.

      I had a mildly customized G17 on my own hip, so I asked him about his gat. He said he paid $2K to have it made and had never shot it yet, and wanted to know what it’s like to shoot a Glock because he grew up exclusively on 1911s. So instead of borrowing or renting a standard Glock, he dropped two grand on a custom gun that looked like it was a prop for a Buck Rogers movie.

  1. Is-is that a real thing? Because if not, sick burns on things are considerably more sick when the thing you’re making fun of is real.

  2. not sure why there’s any reason to attack someone for the aesthetics of something they like. some like revolvers some like semis. some like stock. some like modifications. it’s all guns, it’s all cool, and it should all be celebrated. we need to put each other down like we need a hole in our heads. plus making fun of people with disabilities is mean spirited. not cool, “jeremy s.” rant complete!

  3. My wife likes her Glock. I’m just not a fan of striker fired pistols. Been comfortable with my old 1911 and big revolvers for many years.
    Same with the other popular firearms. Some will be happy with bone stock, or actual performance upgrades, and some will drop a ton of cash for every modification available.
    So long as the gun goes bang when you pull the trigger, and you can actually hit your target, I couldn’t care less what goodies you want on it. If you like the decorations, modifications, or accessories, be my guest.

    • You are way too sensible for glock/caliber arguments…….fully agree with your sentiment I just don’t get to see it often.

  4. Dont F around with simpletons. They may get confused at your gun fu and go to town on you with their sling blade. And simple doesn’t mean PHYSICALLY slow…


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