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St. Louis homeowner Mark McCloskey and his wife Patricia, both attorneys famously used their guns to defend their lives and their home from hundreds of Black Lives Matter so-called peaceful protesters Sunday evening. The images have gone viral across America.

In an interview with St. Louis’s KSDK TV, Mr. McCloskey credits his rifle – one of America’s favorites – as the only thing that stopped the mob’s aggression (at about the 5:00 mark in the video).

The only thing that stopped the crowd from approaching the house was when I had that rifle and I was holding it. That was the only thing that stemmed the tide.

More on the interview at KSDK:

It’s an encounter that’s gained national attention and it happened in St. Louis’ Central West End neighborhood.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey live in a neighborhood with million-dollar homes. The entire neighborhood is privately owned and managed, which means the entire street is considered private property.

The couple has been seen across social media in what are now viral photos – which show them pointing guns at protesters.

Mark McCloskey spoke to 5 On Your Side on Monday.

To gain entry onto his property, the mob trashed a gate leading to the neighborhood:

Since the story has gone international, the Soros-funded St. Louis District Attorney Kim Gardner has chimed in on the incident. Instead of castigating the intruders who forced entry onto private property and threatened to kill the homeowner and burn his house down, Garner has instead promised to explore prosecuting the homeowners.

This is the same Circuit Attorney who refused to prosecute rioters and looters earlier this month. Clearly Gardner sides with the criminals rather than the law-abiding. This makes it very dangerous for the good people of the city of St. Louis. And it’s exactly why people like the McCloskeys have armed themselves.

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  1. With his shitty trigger discipline, he’s lucky he didn’t have an ND and shoot someone.

    Who the fuck taught these two idiots how to handle a firearm?

    • Let me translate that into plain English for you:. “I am not going to protest anywhere near them.”

      • While the firearm handling was poor, the effect was right. The vandals went elsewhere.

        These two know their law. If prosecuted, they will sue.

        • Are we on the same planet? Google “mostly peaceful protest fire”. You’ll get all the trashed and burned buildings you want. And, a really funny MSNBC video.

        • And if they win it won’t deter the rogue prosecutor one bit, the bill will just go back to the taxpayers. And if a court orders her to back off, will that deter her? If she cared about the law she wouldn’t be abusing her power to threaten people to advance her personal agenda. Soros is getting good value for his investments. I’m a firm believer in law and order, but when the cops (especially the prosecutors) are criminals there is no law and order to respect. It’s not a new problem in this country, but does seem to be getting more widespread and more blatant.

      • notice how the scum didn’t step on his grass.
        I guess the balls weren’t brass nor big

      • Keyword Spam
        Being a armchair rifleman, while someone else does the work reminds me.

        Thunder is good, thunder is impressive; but it is lightning that does the work.

        Mark Twain

      • Due to the explosion of exposure and comments they’re surely receiving from all corners of the Interwebz now, they undoubtedly are aware that they need to improve their gun handling/safety skills.

        But to support what was already said above, the desired effect was achieved. Criminal trespassers were thwarted, and private property (and possibly life) was protected, all without a shot fired.

        Two people successfully defended themselves against a mob of an estimated 100 ruffians. Remember the famous discussion between two hungry wolves and one armed lamb regarding what’s for dinner?

        • “You die first, get it? Your friends might get me in a rush, but not before I make your head into a canoe. You understand me?” – Wyatt Earp, Tombstone, 1993

        • seriously, pick the first 31 to catch one, because only the 32nd is closing the distance unscathed.

        • Also notice the condition of the gate in the video. I think someone is playing some games.

        • Yes, I think there’s something afoot regarding the gate. Although…another source (I don’t recall which, as it was earlier this morning) showed an overview map of the private community and stated that there are two similar gates. Either the now-famous photo of the broken one is a different gate, or it’s the same gate possibly destroyed by the (angered) trespassers after they saw the McCloskeys with their guns.

        • Theory is this: Gate was unlocked, protestors opened gate and walked through.

          The gate has two sides, one side, the side that remained closed was secured to the concrete with that little post thing that goes into the ground. Protestors pushed on this side to get it to open as well, gate collapsed do to heavy corrosion in the center section. Zoom in on photo, it looks all rusty. Now make up a story that this angry mob literally chewed through the gate to storm your property.

        • Or, I know this is crazy, the video shows reality. They were opening the gate as if it was a gate…and walking through it.

          If you want a conspiracy that fits. Marky Karen broke the gate afterwards to track with his story he had to concoct about them breaking down the gates that were clearly not broken down before his little performance to get internet famous.

          Or it just happened later, in either case, his story holds as much water as his shoes.

        • There’s also the big vehicle gate next to it (not in the video) that ended up destroyed.

        • I would make it a point to shoot the WHITE SOBs in the protest first. I can’t figure those self-loathing white looking worms out. They most certainly deserve to die first, and then to be buried side-by-side with their darker skinned comrades.

        • @Paul,
          I don’t know if this applies directly, but the last part is at least tangentially is appropriate.

          “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

          C. S. Lewis

    • I have a better idea; Why don’t you not forcefully break into private property to “protest”. Then you won’t have to worry about getting shot with a ND.

      • I hearing logic and rational thought-process when what we need more of is foolishness and emotions based on propaganda. Try to do better, ok?

    • They stood up for themselves in the face of a mob. Tell us about your picture perfect experiences doing the same Keyword Monday Morning QB.

      • Agree totally. Probably doesn’t read this blog and therefore not an expert as the critics here. I admire his get the f— off my property cajones.

      • Well said. Pissing and moaning about their trigger discipline just reveals how badly keyboard warriors can miss an obviously important point. This couple didn’t ask for this to happen to them, weren’t expecting something like this to happen to them—and yet they rose to the occasion and faced down a threatening mob that obviously intended violence to both them and their property. Put yourself in their position, standing on that porch and facing a threatening mob. The cops ain’t coming, there’s nobody else around to help, it’s just you and your wife . . . While we’d like to think we all had that kind of bravery, the fact is most people are not that brave.

        • I have to agree. That broad was out there maybe 30 ft from that raging mob with only a pocket pistol and didn’t flinch. She’s got bigger balls than most of us.

        • It wasn’t a raging mob.

          It was noisy protesters, shouting rude things and waving signs as they marched.

          They didn’t need guns to protect their home, not one of your home was burned yet they had no armed guards, that seems strange if the danger was so great.

          And pointing guns at people with threatening language is illegal.

          But of course everyone on this forum will give them a pass, just look at that fine five story home and their nice clothes and neat haircuts!
          These are clearly quality white folk, they can wave guns all they want, with no consequence.

    • Wow. That set a speed record. The trigger discipline Karen was waiting to comment and prove their inherent firearm handling superiority.

      Damn you people are boring.

    • WHy didn’t Biden address these kinds of deaths today instead of the Covid Virus. I guess the communist “democrat” party wants these kinds of killings in hopes of siezing control of this nation. I hate the damned communist.

        • No no, to all the right wing extremists, seeing this many Black people shouting makes them ‘feel’ like somebody died.

          Really man, don’t crash their delusional groove, this is how they get their jollies of persecution and victimization.

      • Because Biden is irrelevant, not to mention, incapable of noticing relevant issues. Just a few more months, and people will forget his name, then his face.

        Funny how the left wants to kick a rich old white dude out of the White House, and replace him with another rich old white dude. To make matters worse, Biden never had a career in which he could have made his money honestly.

    • I hope he has friends the next time they show up because he might have to fight for him and his wifes life. The communist party “democrat party” is behind this, they are trying to forcefully take over this country and kill anybody and evrybody they need to kill in order to take over.

    • What the McCloskeys did or didn’t do is not particularly relevant. Only two words in the story are relevant:

      S-O-R-O-S F-U-N-D-E-D

      This person has, and continues to, cause an incredible amount of destruction all over the world.

      A snake is not taken down by playing with its tail…

      …It is taken down from its head.

    • Horseshit. He’s got his finger alongside the receiver like it should be unless he’s intending to fire. His wife’s finger is on the trigger—hey, maybe she’s ready to shoot somebody.
      After all there are violent rioters trespassing on their property.

      • You may be right, they have the Cahonesto stand up to the mob and so their house wasn’t burned, like all the other houses on the block?

    • there’s no doubt the presence of that particular firearm has a deterrent effect…it says you’re simply not going to be outgunned and negates the effect of numbers….

  2. The Soros selected City attorney forgets she is not dealing with you or me. Thwt are a pair of high powered attorneys. The mob committed the felony of forceable entry to gain entry to private property.

  3. It’s not a “peaceful assembly” or “peaceful protest” if they had to break down a gate to get in.

    • The gate vandalism may have occurred on their way out as an f you. There’s video of them entering with that door intact.

      • Even if they didn’t break the gate on the way in, there are signs notifying that it is private property. That makes entering without invitation trespassing. No one has a right to protest on another person’s property. He definitely had the right to arm himself in light of the gigantic disparity of force (500 vs 2) and the fact a crime had already been committed.

        The statement and investigation by the DA is absolutely repugnant.

        • Posted “No Trespassing” in Missouri is the same as a locked gate/fenced perimeter resulting in a criminal felony.

          Hope that private neighborhood and the homeowner have detailed security video. Missouri has string Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground. Mobs are strong disparity of force justifying lethal force. Recent mob activity put these homeowners in fear for death/severe bodily injury.

          Gardner is up for re-election in November. Hope she will get voted out of office. However, her district is re pleat with Defective Citizens characterized by those that broke into the private property., and are pushed to these performances as Useful Idiots.

        • I agree, the DA’s statement is repugnant. These mobs have been threatening to leave the inner city and burn/loot the suburbs. If this DA tries to make an example of the homeowners, it will only embolden the mobs to do just that. At some point it will certainly result in the loss of life. I credit the homeowners for standing their ground and for not laying waste to the horde, which they could have done.

      • Or maybe the gate was broken a minute after that video was taken, the sound being what attracted the homeowner’s attention. Or maybe it was actually 87.27462424 seconds after that video.

        The video is a snapshot in time and nothing more. From out point of view there is no way to know when the gate was broken, when the homeowners became aware of the group of people or how those things may or may not be related.

        • There are yet other options.

          If the gate was locked and a destructive bypass method was used on the lock that could have made a racket, referred to in lay speech as “busted down”, yet not done enough damage that the original video, passing through a gate that opens inward would capture unless the person making the video took the time to inspect the gate, which in the video I’ve seen, didn’t happen.

          “Busted down the door” is a common mode of speech but not necessarily technically correct. Few people would call the cops to report “people attempting to violently pivot my door on it’s hinges at high velocity” yet few kicked doors end up being “down” on the floor upon contact with whatever “busts” them open.

          As such, at this point, based on the actual evidence, it’s entirely possible that Mr. Pink is telling the truth but using imprecise language. Or he didn’t recognize the intrusion until the gate was violently attack by people coming in after the video was made.

          Given the nature of the situation nitpicking his diction is both pointless and gratuitously unfair.

        • No. It’s not fair game. This is exactly how you form a mob out to get someone for no good reason.

          Oh, so the gate wasn’t “busted down” at some point you arbitrarily set with no regard for when this guy even became aware anything was going on. Ergo, he’s lying. Ergo everything he says is a lie. Ergo, the crowd was entirely peaceful. Ergo, the crowd was also lawful. Ergo, he’s the criminal who brutally oppressed a crowd of people just exercising their rights entirely within the law. Ergo, gun control is the answer.

          This is how asshole pundits on the news argue. Fuck that and fuck anyone who supports that.

        • Wait, what? I literally just called out fake news by Jack Posobiec, as posted here (and backed it up with evidence). I think it’s important to have all of the facts before drawing conclusions. They were trespassing the moment they went through the gate. I said as much in the original article posted yesterday. Ignorance is one thing, but intentional ignorance or dishonesty is another. I’m not calling you either one by the way. I’m saying putting out false information or sensationalizing it will not help this situation.

        • So are we reacting to the article or the overall event? Does your argument contain unstated assumptions about the discussion or are you moving the goalposts on purpose?

          I’ve pointed out repeatedly here that you are making assumptions about the timeline, events themselves and the words being used by multiple people.

          There are, in fact, entirely rational explanations for what happened here that don’t involve anyone lying or creating “fake news”. I just highlighted that and you simply ignored it.

        • Way up there in the comments somewhere, I replied to TSS saying: It’s not a “peaceful assembly” or “peaceful protest” if they had to break down a gate to get in. I merely pointed out that they didn’t have to break down a gate to get in. I then backed up that assertion with evidence. Is that wrong? Should I selectively let certain false narratives stand as long as it helps the cause?

        • OK, I’ll see if I can get this across with an example.

          My friends and I show up at your place. A friend of mine runs ahead and boots in your door. I follow with a camera running, video shows your door still on the hinges.

          Now, my friends behind me destroy your door. Or maybe they do it on the way out. What difference does this make? Does it change the general validity of the statement “strych9 and his friends busted down my door”? No, it doesn’t. That statement may not be 100% technically correct but it’s still basically true.

          Now, if your door was open when we arrived because you were in the midst of, say, unloading groceries or whatever, we didn’t bust down your door up front but it also doesn’t mean we have the right to enter your place without permission.

          The point is twofold: First you’re presenting an argument that you can’t actually know is correct because there are alternative options where the general statement is basically correct and which have not yet been eliminated. Second, it’s essentially irrelevant to the real heart of the issue which is a group of people trespassing, arguably in a threatening manner just due to numbers.

          On the first point I’m a stickler for this because a lack of care about things like this is how accusations of lying start and then the facts cease to matter when the whole thing is tried in the court of public opinion (which can lead to improper charges once politics gets rolled into this, which it already has been).

          The overarching thrust here is to be careful about this because the current political climate is insane, especially about guns, race, protests etc. and a failure to be damned precise about what we can and cannot know is how you get trollwarz at best and a lynch mob at worst.

          Also, apologies for the “fuck them” thing. I wasn’t trying to say “fuck you” to you but it quite obviously could have come across that way. I’m not suggesting that you’re arguing in bad faith. I’m saying this is the kind of imprecise thing that people arguing in bad faith prey on. But I could clearly have stated that better.

        • No problem. I get what you’re saying. It makes sense. I will say that I was just replying to someone else’s comment. They didn’t just say “the door was busted down”, they said “they had to break down a gate to get in.” That’s the only thing I was pushing back on. And maybe they had to break in, but it didn’t look like the picture in the tweet. They actually stated that the door was unlocked, but that doesn’t matter when it comes to trespassing, and that could have been a lie.

        • Posted private property means stay the hell out if you are not invited in DUDE. How would you like it if you carried groceries into your house and before you locked the door a dozen yelling protestors entered your house.

        • “And maybe they had to break in, but it didn’t look like the picture in the tweet. They actually stated that the door was unlocked, but that doesn’t matter when it comes to trespassing, and that could have been a lie.”

          This is basically my point here, we don’t really know what the truth is or who’s telling the closest version to it. We should try to stick to actual empirical facts and acknowledge where we can’t ascertain the facts or the context from our point of view. That is, admit what we don’t really know.

          The risk otherwise (admittedly maybe impossible to avoid in some cases, but we shouldn’t make it worse) is whipping up public opinion and this gets political in ways it shouldn’t, as you can see in that letter from the Circuit Attorney. That shouldn’t happen in either direction.

        • “Posted private property means stay the hell out if you are not invited in DUDE. How would you like it if you carried groceries into your house and before you locked the door a dozen yelling protestors entered your house.”

          You’re absolutely 100% clueless. Please quote me where I said it was okay to trespass on private property. That’s right, I said the opposite troll.

        • “a dozen yelling protestors entered your house”

          Fake news, strawman argument, no one entered anyone’s house.

          You are making a false equivalence argument in order to support your flawed viewpoint.

          There were no homes burned down in the subdivision, even ones that didn’t have two crazy old crackers pointing their guns at people and yelling at them in a threatening manner.

          If their armed and threatening response of brandishing firearms was required to save their home, why weren’t the other homes without the armed guards burnt down?

    • My thoughts.

      Breaking the gate onto private property immediately makes it criminal tresspass.

  4. Selectively prosecuting isn’t prosecutorial discretion, it’s misconduct. District Attorneys should be held to a higher standard.

    • Hahaha!

      Over my lifetime, I’ve personally dealt with two separate DAs in different jurisdictions while acting as defendant for charges against members of my family. Both times, charges were filed for events that did not happen, but for which the DA apparently believed could be used to bully us into accepting a plea deal for lesser charges in exchange for stopping the headaches.

      We held firm in maintaining (our) innocence. In one case, the DA eventually dropped the charge due to lack of evidence (because the alleged incident never happened and was based solely upon the claim of a disgruntled ex girlfriend). In the other, the charges were dropped by Appellate Review due to the declaration of “opportunistic” misconduct by the DA that showed she acted on her own behalf and not in the interest of justice.

      Big surprise that I do not trust any District Attorney…anywhere.

  5. The way I look at it, though incident occurred inside an urban metro region, is the armed homeowner still remains their first line of defense and homeland security. It’s morally and historically no different than a homesteader or farmer on the 19th century Western Frontier (1850-1890) keeping a 10 gauge Parker, L.C. Smith, or Remington “outside hammer and break open” double-barrel shotgun on the premises. The premises being a lone isolated farm house, homestead, hacienda, trapper’s cabin, shanty, or whatever. Yes, the Colt AR-15 and semi-automatic pistol via these homeowners may be generations removed from what I allude to above, including a smooth-bore flintlock musket, blunderbuss, etc. Still the moral message historically remains the same.

  6. So prosecutor Gardner thinks it’s perfectly fine to break into a gated private community with the intent to cause harm to property and people, and that those people who live there should just accept it and lose their homes and lives. Those angry protestors were not peaceful, they tore down a gate to gain access into the community, sorry, but those are not peaceful protestors. How far is this shit going to go before Americans get madder than hell and do something about this insanity perpetrated by the far left like Gardner and A LOT of others?

    • That’s exactly my question ! Where does the DA live? It’s probably a similar type GATED community. So now we should grow some big brass ones and “peacefully protest” her” reaction” in her front yard. Bust down her gate, and scare the living hell out of her. Then see if she feels the same about OUR first amendment rights . I would wager she would charge us with “criminal trespass” ! The LEFT is used to turning the table on the “RIGHT” , we must learn to do it back ,or we will continue to cower and have discussion with keyboards burning our fingers. We must start fighting back ! Even if it means blood will be spilled , if it gets to that point. We are incrementally losing America to these George Soros blowhards! Go to her office and carry her ass out ! Do something symbolic like that !

  7. I read these two ill-trained gun owners are Democrats that support Burn, Loot, Murder. Maybe now they’ll wake the f* up and realized what side they’re on.

    But I’m not holding my breath. If they had lost their house and their lives, they would have gotten exactly what they deserved.

  8. Meanwhile felons carrying guns and pointing guns at motorists trying to drive down the street is legal in Minneapolis.

  9. LOL, the Left just loves throwing their own under their own bus to support their agenda.

    The actual lesson to be learned is that the Elitist Left supports Blacks, until they actually come over.

    • 😂😂 Please tell me you saw that Seattle mayor’s reaction to these lovely, peaceful, protestors showing up at her house.

      • Let me guess, she told them she was an ally?

        Hollywood had been cheering on the destruction and promoting the defund the police movement until, you guessed it, BLM protests came for Hollywood. Protesters were chanting “Eat the rich.” The police were promptly called to disperse the crowd.

        The unlawful assembly in the area of Rexford Dr & Carmelita Ave has ended with arrests being made. Protesters have now left the City.

        — Beverly Hills Police (@BeverlyHillsPD) June 27, 2020

  10. The blacks have no agency in this. They are just a tool to further the revolution. Class worked in Russia 100 years ago, race was the chosen strategy this time.

  11. I don’t think these folks were planning on shooting or hurting anyone. Seems like they were trying to make “statement.”

    Kinda like this old dog I had. When her space was invaded and she didn’t wanta be messed with she’d growl and show her old teeth. As harmless as she was, everyone still got the point.

    It’s evident this couple doesn’t have magpul iPhone cases and take training courses at Gunsite Academy, but they did what they thought they had to do to protect themselves without any injury and now they’re a meme.

    As we get closer to the election and these “protesters” get more and more brazen. They’re eventually gonna come in contact with someone like another dog I had.

    When his yard was invaded by an intruder his “ statement” was to tear them to pieces and he’d fight to the death doing so.

  12. Making sport of their attire is NOT recommended! Mrgunsngear got death threats for his ill conceived video. And probably lost subscribers. #1 rule: Have a gun. The wife needs help. Pink shirt guy was OK. Didn’t “really” point his gat. And their home wasn’t trashed. I don’t care about their politics-which may change after this kerfuffle!

    • That’s good he had it on safe. Doesn’t take much to go into operation.

      Being a south paw he’s going to take brass to the face.

    • If the safety was off then it’s possible the reason is because the rifle wasn’t cocked so the selector couldn’t be moved.

      That would suggest an empty chamber.

      • Or…. more likely it meant THE SAFETY WAS OFF….. AND IT WAS LOADED…..DIPSHIT

  13. My advice is get another rifle/carbine for your wife. A pistol is worthless against a mob! Invest in binary triggers while they’re still legal as well.

    • I hear you, but it was effective. I’d give her a short shotty. My wife is partial to the Mossberg Retro Persuader pump action.

    • I say nonsense to that. I once defended myself years ago against a group of four men by simply presenting my handgun.

      Steven Seagal (I know…chuckle, snort) actually exhibited this quite well in Above The Law. Forward to 0:50 for the lesson in etiquette (excuse the language in the clip):

      • A chick that’s into binary triggers????….(please say you’re a female with that name)

    • “Invest in binary triggers”

      For a new gun owner using a firearm in a quasi defensive situation?

      These people were new guns owners, you on the other hand must have a single digit IQ

  14. There’s been some chatter that the McCloskeys are major donors to the DNC is there any truth to this?

  15. Now we’ll watch the authorities tar and feather them despite any support they enjoyed from the Mcloskeys in the past. They need to send a message fast that resistance is futile.
    And potential victims need to send an equally strong message as well. We’ll see where it happens.

    • Ain’t chit gonna happen to them….. the protestors got bitch slapped…. and got scared and ran….. which was exactly what they should’ve done …. seems they knew what was good for them

      • It didn’t appear they were either scared or ran, because, you know, video of them yelling at each other for 15 minutes.

        I guess it could have been the worlds slowest run.

  16. Bunch of anti 2A trolls hating on them for doing whats right. Between the socialist, kommies, “matters” and all the experts it’s hard to tell anymore. All you got is TD? piss off They did more than you ever did.
    Y’all just hate it when WE AMERICA win.

  17. The prosecutor ignoring the crimes of trespassers and whoever broke the gate is inexcusable. Malfeasance in office, plain as can be.

    The two wealthy ambulance chasing lawyers are a pair of incompetent, unsafe at any caliber snowflakes who panicked almost but not quite as far as they could go with the panic. They did not shoot anybody, that’s their only saving grace in this debacle. There were so many ways they could have played this out smartly, left a good impression of gun owners ready to protect their homes. In stead they grabbed hold of all the stupid they could muster and pumped up the volume.

  18. Whole lotta people need to be disbarred! Condemn someone for protecting themselves from mobs of thugs!? WTF! Note to everyone who WILL defend themselves tho, keep in mind more of the miscreants are running around armed, so if yer gonna show, better be prepared to go.

    • I doubt anyone who is serious doesn’t need your permission…. or instruction…. move along…

  19. Basically, I stand behind the McCloskys 100%. They prevented a riot and no one got killed. The thugs backed down. These people are not 2A. They were just protecting their property, which we all have a duty to do. I won’t comment on their weapon handling and apparent lack of training pointed out in previous comments. For the amount of stress these people had and the threat that was facing them, They did fine.

      • Can you lend me your crystal ball sometimes, I would also like to know what would happen if it wasn’t prevented.

        • Where was the riot on the first mile of the protest thingy, or the mile after this? Please show me the riot?

        • The riot was in their heads, all those scary people with long hair and bright colored clothes, chanting and waving signs, walking slowly past their home.

          You know, it ‘felt‘ like a riot to them. And that’s all that counts, how it ‘feelz’, right?

          So how many of the houses in this subdivision did the ‘rioters’ break into or burn down?

    • “These people are not 2A.”

      Oh, *please*.

      They were 2A when it counted, and they did just fine…

  20. Everyones beaten this to death (or I guess shot to death) enough. Bottom line is Americans like these is why the Japanese, in various WW II documents, said they would not even think of invading America because every house has a gun.

    What a great reputation to present to the world and I say this in truth. What we have to be very very careful of is subversion within. God bless America

    • Because America was across an ocean and Japan’s strategic interest was in mineral wealth in Asia? Or because, again, America was across an ocean and Japan didn’t have the logistical support to invade?

      Those reasons? But it was definitely because Martha had a Marlin.

      Judging by production records and known changes in demographics, it appears there were 133 million Americans living in approximately 36 million occupied dwellings. Of those, only some 14 million occupied dwellings contained one or more guns, and therefore one or more gun owners.

      How many Martha’s does it take to defeat even a baby Japanese tankette?

  21. Dude, go look at Google streets and you’ll see there are two identical pedestrian gates on either side of the road gate. The video shows one gate unbroken but it doesn’t show the other gate. They could have easily smashed the first and then gone around and opened the second from inside.

  22. You know the left leaning SO CALLED MEDIA is going to make some evil out of people defending themselves. But listen to them when some steps on their toes. Does that not tell you who they are backed by. Hmmm. You don’t supose iut just might be Soros or Bloomburge would you now?

      • Huh?????

        • Yes!

          When the manure was about to hit the air conditioner she stood right beside her husband. She was probably scared (I would have been), but she didn’t back down.

          I’d be proud to have acquitted myself that well in those circumstances.

  23. They need some practice. That being said, it worked! Also, carry AT LEAST one spare mag!

    • What worked? They discouraged a threat that did not exist against them or their home? Nobody was at all interested in them, they were passing by on the way to annoy the politician down the street.

      Their display would have been a lot more impressive from their balcony. With rifles slung and video camera in hand capturing faces of trespassers.

        • Um….. NO.

          A defensive gun use such as the convenience store clerk in another TTAG article today speaks well for us all.

          Those two idiots outside their mansion did us no favors. Pretending they were somehow turning the tide against a terrible threat is nonsensical, they did no such thing.

          Those protesters and trespassers showed ZERO interest in them or their mansion until the came outside to point their guns at people.

          The place for those wealthy ambulance chasers was up high, on their balcony, on the phone with 911 and with the politicians they are chummy with. Not waving guns around at people who were mostly ignoring them and making bad press for Second Amendment rights.

        • “Stfu…. please…. just stfu“

          Yeah, enough of those pesky ‘facts‘, we don’t need any reality injected into our delusion.

      • “What worked? They discouraged a threat that did not exist against them or their home?”

        Did you bother to listen to the threats in the audio?

  24. No Right to enter / break N , to private property , peaceful protest or not .

    Arm yourself , Take Care .

  25. Pathetic, over reaching defensive posturing. Deterrence or not, trespassing doesn’t justify threat of lethal force by paranoid dweebs outside their home. Or brandishing weapons they appear to not know how to use responsibly.
    They could have ended up like this guy:
    When unidentified thugs or unjustified authorities illegally, mistakenly or maliciously come for them (or any of us) through a broken door at 2:00 a.m. is a scenario when the 2nd matters. Yep, lawyers or not, they really look ready.

    • Yeah… cause guns and a bow and arrow are the same…. lol
      I WISH they would’ve blasted those monkeys….

        • No the truth… should’ve emptied on them… no sense in that period and if you think the same you are a piece of shit

        • “should’ve emptied on them… ”

          Yes sir, a well reasoned and insightful opinion from another POTG operator.

          Killing protesters because they’re slowly walking past your house, carrying signs and chanting rude comments.

          You know, I really don’t think that you have the temperament necessary to be a responsible owner of firearms. I imagine your neighbors and ex-wives share that opinion.

    • That idiot drove to a protest with a bow and arrow because he was mad.

      The beating and carfire he received was well-earned.

    • Yes, they should have waited until the Molotov cocktails were flying through their windows before they responded.

  26. Imagine – this couple had the audacity to do something other than cower in their basement and hope that the angry mob would bypass them and instead attack one of their neighbors!

    Say what you might about tactics, gun handling, clothing, whatever. They had the will to defend their lives. They had the tools accessible enough to get to them when they were needed. And he has the wits to articulate the very credible reasons he and his wife were in fear for their safety and lives.

    Without those elements, 50,000 rounds of punching holes in paper would serve them for nought. So, my hat is off to these two, and I thank the angels who were looking out for them that the situation did not escalate.

    • Whatever….I wish it would’ve escalated…..a few dead animals never hurt anyone lol

    • What, like hang out in the pool drinking a beer like their neighbors? Seemed to work out fine for the other 1000 houses on the little walkabout.

      • Leroy, there’s far too much truth in your comments for these folks to sit by so expect many angry comments in response.

  27. Surely they have a contract with a private…armed…security company…
    where were THEY?
    Did an alarm not go off when they broke the iron gate?
    Maybe they should have put on their “I support BLM” shirts before leaving the house. And their shoes.

  28. I suggest people exercise their First Amendment rights by holding a Second Amendment rally in Ms. Gardner’s front yard.

    • At last, someone who gets it!

      That’s exactly what the protesters were doing, they were marching to have a first amendment rally in Mrs. Gardner’s front yard.

      It is very gratifying to see that some of the POTG understand the need to confront our elected officials and hold them accountable for their actions, even if the marchers chanting and signs make some folks feel uncomfortable, it is the very essence of our first amendment rights.

  29. A question for those offended by the couple’s recourse to arms, note NO SHOTS FIRED. Notwithstanding the record of court rulings, some still claim that “the police are there to protect the individual”, it seems that the police were nowhere to be seen. How come? By the way, court rulings have held that the police owe the individual no particular service, that they are there to “protect society”, whatever that might mean. I continue to ponder that.

    • yep. you are held accountable as if the police were available in 0.3 seconds, but the reality is they don’t have to do anything or even show up and they will tell you that.

  30. They downplay it just a tad
    St. Louis MANSION owner…
    that is a complex…or compound…not JUST a home…
    yes…I am a little jelly…LOL

  31. Very little if any difference between protester tactics and the tactics of the KKK and Nazi brown shirts.

    BTW…To the midget rambos who trip over each other criticize and denigrate the couple’s firearm handling abilities…The key point is they did the best they could and stood up to dirtbags. When push comes to shove they have what it takes.

    • Stop bringing the nazi’s into this
      …. you people wouldn’t know a nazi if you met them on your way to the gas chamber lol

    • No worries there… That is a device called a “shotgun” microphone attached to a video camera with a shock mount. Note the silver XLR connector plugged into the back of the microphone and the video camera viewfinder to the right of it. That said, when tensions are high, benign things can be confused with weapons. Fortunately, from the business end of the camera, the microphone probably looks a lot more like a microphone than a weapon.

      • OK nano, if you know what it was, can you tell us what XLR stands for?

        We all know what it means,


        That device is actually a Soros-funded ultrasonic immobilizer, using soundwaves to cause temporary paralysis in the victim.

        Look it up on info wars, Alex Jones did a whole episode about it.

        • The etymology of the “XLR” name is rather drawn out and evolutionary in nature, as it comes from a part number prefix from Cannon Electric’s legacy product line. Cannon launched the XLR connector design in 1955 and, while used for many applications, it continues on as a standard balanced audio connector for professional and high-end home audio equipment. See for more information. It’s pretty much the most popular microphone connector that ever existed.

          As for the “ultrasonic immobilizer”, my knowledge of sonic weapons suggests that ultrasound is generally considered to be less effective than other frequency ranges. The photo of the device in question does not appear to resemble any known sonic weapon such an LRAD. That said, the Chinese are working on a handheld sonic weapon that is said to resemble a rifle.

  32. Yes, he would say that, wouldn’t he?

    Good defense if you’re in your home where castle doctrine applies. Not so great when you walk outside to confront people.

    • Maybe. But this way they didn’t have to fix their door, windows interior furnishings and floors.

      • Yeah, if only those other home owners before this house would have known that. They’d have saved the hassle of having to file all of those insurance claims.

        Wait, what now, didn’t happen? Hmm, weeerrrd. Must have just been their house, they’re special.

  33. “Garner has instead promised to explore prosecuting the homeowners.”

    I guess there’s a new crime in St. Louis called “Defending Your Home While White.”

  34. A Person using the moniker “KATTHEHAMMER” has posted this on Twitter:

    …claiming these two St. Louis folk heroes are Democrats who have donated large sums of money to Democrat Politicians. Elsewhere it is being reported the local Democrat DA is planning to throw the book at these two:

    a person has got to wonder if this was a staged situation. KAT the HAMMER could be some bonkers Far-Right nut job, and she/he/it quotes no source for the claim.

    But, considering all the things wrong with how the McCloskeys conducted their resistance to the protestors {seriously, it’s like classic what you’d expect dumb ass Lefties to do}, and considering how the protestors just moved-along and let them be after a brief exchange of harsh language…you’ve just got to wonder…we are being lied-to from so many directions, it’s like…”Am I in the f**kin’ TWILIGHT ZONE?”

    Anyway, I have to give them very suspicious, conditional applause for their possible heroics for now.

  35. ‘The Only Thing That Stopped the Mob Was My Rifle’
    Come on, what about your wife’s 007 pistol?
    And where is your Biden recomended double barrel shotgun!? I hear there is nothing better to stop 500 “peaceful protesters” than two blasts in the air from the balcony.

    That said, I would take very similar action, maybe stay on my front deck and cut the lasering to bare minimum.

  36. These protesters all deserved to die if they were on private property and were asked to leave before they could destroy property, rape, steal, vandalize anything!! This man and his wife were typical heros holding back a mob of irrelevant, nasty scum.

    • Nonsense. Some people broke a gate and trespassed down to the Mayor’s house. Nobody was raping, stealing or doing anything worth shooting them over. The two ambulance chasers over reacted big time, the local police under reacted by not arresting the biggest noise makers, the leaders, the gate-breakers.

      • “trespassed down to the Mayor’s house”

        It is very interesting to see POTG opinionated against citizens publicly holding the elected officials accountable.

        I mean, if the mayor is wealthy enough to live in a gated community, that means citizens should never have the opportunity to confront the mayor about their actions in office.

        After all, why should the mayor be bothered with the complaints of the citizens…

  37. There is a dangerous asymmetry going on here. The Republicans take the side of the plain law while the Democrats take their own side regardless of what the law says. This will have serious consequences unless Republicans start defending their own side and recognize that the left sees them as enemies and not fellow citizens

    • Hold on, do you truly believe the political right and left do not see each other as enemies already? I mean the hard cases on the two sides? Of course they both do that. Of course they both exaggerate everything they see in the other they do not like.

      It’s gotten near to Tribalism between these factions, the politics are well on the way to becoming a secondary factor.

  38. It seems we have at least three lawyers completely out of touch with reality: Ms Gardner and both the McCloskeys!

    If the idiot with the AR and the bigger idiot waving her pistol around were the only thing that stopped the mob from burning down his house and killing the couple, then would someone explain exactly what averted that happening to the rest of the gated Rich Whites Only community? Is McCloskey really claiming that the two of them somehow miraculously stopped the entire crowd and saved the entire subdivision? Is he really that delusional or does he just need that sort of claim to drum up support to avoid the proper (yes, I said proper) criminal charges for his idiotic stunt.

    I will grant that the McCloskeys were in genuine fear — fear of seeing black people walking down their private Rich White People street — obviously something that had never happened before and which they firmly believed was never supposed to happen.

    So, here we have these two rich white liberal hypocrite racists waving guns around threatening people who were at most guilty of simple trespassing. Guess what? Simple trespassing outdoors by walking down a street where you aren’t welcome does NOT constitute a lethal threat nor does it justify the use or threat of lethal force.

    It seems that despite being lawyers, both the McCloskeys have legal knowledge about at the same level as their firearms knowledge!

    None of the videos show the McCloskeys facing any genuine immediate threat, but all the videos do show both McCloskeys committing assault with a firearm (yes, simply pointing a gun at someone you cannot legally shoot is assault with a firearm even if you never fire a round). Even if you consider their conduct in the most favorable possible light, they are both guilty of at least brandishing (although assault with a firearm is really more appropriate).

    The reality of the situation shows that the McCloskeys actually would have faced no threat at all if they had not chosen to arm themselves and go outside to confront the crowd of protesters walking down the street. The only people who faced any lethal threat that day were the protesters.

    Even if we choose to ignore their illegal behavior – or to excuse their illegal behavior because they are just poor innocent Rich White People who faced the horrendous challenge of seeing black people in their neighborhood – the simple reality is that everything they did were the worst possible choices both legally and tactically.

    • they weren’t idiots for getting out there with their guns, the mob of 100 protesters broke the gates to get into private property, they told the McKloskey’s they were going to beat/rape/kill them, yes two people with guns can persuade an angry mob to keep walking, there is no indication the homeowners protected their lives and property because they felt like being racists at the moment, you are racist for calling them rich white liberal hypocrites, they were specifically pointing their guns at the aggressors, threats to kill/rape/plunder do justify an armed response, they obviously have a better idea of what’s legal or not than you do (unless you have a law firm and a mansion to prove it), they aren’t guilty of brandishing when they are protecting their lives, even if the scum weren’t themselves arrested by the non-existent cops for threatening them, and you are out of touch with reality.

      now run along back to the communist country you came from. or if you are still there merely typing on your keyboard hoping to propagandize us capitalist pigs, you are welcome to come to America and take part in the protests, such as what we had here, and hopefully things turn out as they should for you.

      • “now run along back to the communist country you came from”

        Bless your pea-picking heart!

  39. Let me add one comment for the supposedly “Pro-2A” crowd who think we much applaud the McCloskeys actions simply because they used guns — therefore we must support them.

    The ONLY way we can pretend the McCloskeys acted reasonably is if we stipulate that a group of protesters walking down the street constitutes an illegal threat that justifies a lethal response. Think for a minute what that “logic” would mean for any “Pro-2A” protest or rally, if simply having a large group of people together justified the use of lethal force to stop their protest!

    • If you cannot see the difference between a legal demonstration and a mob of people who have illegally entered private property then you might as well throw in the towel and join the revolution. The mob now knows that someone is willing to stand up to them.

      • Thats a stretch as best and disingenuous. There is no difference between a mob and we the people stupid.

        • So we the people can break into private space?

          And we the people can burn and loot?

          I think your conception of we the people is Rousseau’s concept of the General Will. If the General Will has it then if we the people want to rape, burn and pillage then it’s ok, right? That’s called anarchy and mob rule. So in your head there is no difference between we the people and mob rule but to any person with a brain knows there is.

    • 2A protesters have the legal right to bear arms in public, that does into constitute a threat unless you are a moron or a liar, and it does not become a threat unless they threaten people with it. armed 2A protesters aren’t going to smash a gate to get onto private property, never mind threaten homeowners along their trip through the neighborhood. these two groups do not compare in any way.

  40. I still can’t get over the guy’s sling setup. It looked like he had a single point sling, but had a strap that went horizontally around his body, just under his chest, instead of having a strap over one shoulder. Perhaps he put it on for the first time that day.

  41. Since when does destruction of property equal an imminent threat on someones life? I do not think someone vandalizing my car gives me the right to shoot them dead in the street with my I know know or care what happened but it seems this was staged on both sides and people are either scared to talk about it for fear of being duped or gung ho in one direction or the other as to how they can use soros orchestration to their benefit. Honestly if you need to react to soros ops as a catalyst for your own agendas you’ve been had. the whole is an attempt to blow things out of proportion so that people react out of fear. Fear of being conquered. Fear of losing rights. Fear of losing freedom.

    Honestly the mob was there for the mayor, who SHOULD be answerable to the people but wanted to hide like a coward behind gates. Lemme explain clearly: The mayor is a baron hiding behind castle walls. Private or not the PEOPLE will have their say. WE THE PEOPLE is WE THE PEOPLE. The definition of WE THE PEOPLE is a mob. You cant have it both ways. You cant have who you selectively choose to be WE THE PEOPLE. selective choice is called GOVERNMENT and the politicians who are employed by it.

    You are saying what now? They were their to incite mob violence against the private property of the rich and elite? *boohoo. How could you critique rioters for being stupid blacks that only damage their own neighborhoods but then this happens and they take a page from your notebook you suddenly go from “rioting doesn’t work” to “oh my god! They have finally organized and are actually making progressive strides with improved strategy and tactics!”. You flip flop and defeat your own arguments. If you are not going to be 100% honest then you will be lying out of fear and that is all that is needed for things to get worse. Being scared leads to lying out of fear and only cowards fear the truth.

    All they had to do is ask the protesters what they where doing then point the direction to the mayors house. They could have resolved any concerns with a simple calm conversation. Using them as a hero for the 2nd is like using George Floyd as a hero for BLM. Everybody is going to look embarrassed after this one. They wanted to have a confrontation with the protesters to politicize the event. It’s not really helping.

    Based on the quality of comments here it seems that people do not care about preventing corruption only that they are the ones who benefit from it instead of someone else. You are not trying to change the corruption because you are ALL shills. SMH.

    • because they threatened to kill/rape the owners and loot their house, and one of them held out a magazine and loaded it in his pistol. that’s when the homeowners went to get their guns.

      any other questions?

  42. You would have too be Beaucoup Dien cai Dau not to defend your life inside your gated private property, these mobs can be as Bad As or worse than the Viet Cong! In A few States shooting Trespassers is allowed! You can Legally use force too protect property in Texas, not all state laws are the same, so get your foot out of your mouth over protecting property! Tell that BS too the Cocaine dealer! so good for these guys! at least they have the guts too stand up!

  43. Well, the trolls are out in force on this one, aren’t they?

    It’s like they can’t have any looking at what happened here. Or their masters can’t. The spam n chaff is way too consistent.

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