St. Louis couple defends home
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Yesterday about 300 protestors opened a gate and entered a private neighborhood in St. Louis’s Central West End area. The protestors were reportedly headed to St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson’s home to demand her resignation.

The owners of one of the properties the protestors passed, given recent rioting and burning that has grown out of protests in St. Louis and around the country, were concerned about the marchers and what their intentions might be. Both homeowners armed themselves and stood outside in order to defend their home.

Take a look (language warning):

For context, the protestors opened this gate, walking past this sign to enter the neighborhood. They clearly knew they were trespassing.

Here’s more footage:

The couple was promptly doxxed last night, identified as local attorneys. Here’s a report from a local St. Louis TV station:

First, let’s get this out of the way: some basic safety training would benefit both of them. The man was seen lasering his wife with the rifle and the woman continually pointed the gun at the protestors with her finger on the trigger.

In terms of safety and tactics, the couple is certainly open to legitimate criticism and criticized they were. And not just for their gunhandling skills.

But they’ve gotten plenty of support, too.

It’s safe to say that these homeowners were legitimately concerned for their safety and that of their home, like anyone who’s been watching the news these past few weeks. The crowd was technically trespassing. The homeowners availed themselves of their Second Amendment rights in order to protect themselves and their very impressive home.

Some have even compared them to Los Angeles’s rooftop Koreans.

If you’ve been paying attention at all, you know that protests can and have turned violent with no notice, frequently while police have stayed back and let it happen. These two people wanted to ensure nothing like that happened to their home. And they likely won’t be the last if protests and violence moves into more residential areas.

These two will no doubt be the targets of a torrent of criticism and ridicule on a national level now (can you imagine Don Lemon’s nuanced take on the situation this evening?) And some are claiming that what the woman did constitutes assault.

But the bottom line is, these people felt threatened when the mob broke into their neighborhood and did what they felt was necessary to protect themselves and their property, responding with a show of force. This is exactly the kind of situation that has prompted literally millions of Americans to buy their first firearms over the last 90 days.

While many will claim the response was over the top, that’s difficult to argue given what’s been broadcast for everyone to see over the last few months. After watching weeks of protests, anarchy, arson and looting, they were determined that would not happen to them and in the end, it didn’t.


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  1. I just shake my head at the gun handling skills. A YouTube video or three was too much to watch? Any bets that they didn’t even have rounds chambered?

    That said, it’s a nice hit by the media which failed to point out that all these people were committing criminal trespass. Then again I bet that’s a left leaning mayor and I chuckle at the calls for resignation.

    • Meh. Result. Show of force, no damage, no injuries.
      Mission accomplished.

      These things like proper gun handling aren’t as easy when it’s your house, your life, and you’re staring down the angry mob.

      • I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with what those people did to protect their property. People always want to provoke and antagonize to bring out your anger then cry foul when it comes

        • Come now, of course it’s not brandishing!

          When poor folks, especially minorities, point guns at people, it’s clearly an out of control extremist lethal threat.

          When wealthy old white people point guns at others, they have an excuse, it’s just poor gun handling.

          Smells like a double standard…

        • The only fault I can find is poor arms handling skills, one persons brandishing is another bearing.

        • Brandishing? No it’s called bearing. When someone comes and threatens to kill you and your dog and burn down your house it’s called self defense. If you don’t want a gun pointed at you then don’t break the law and make threats.
          These spoiled brats are going to keep pushing and it’s going to end with lots of them bleeding out. If the police refuse to help and the government has broken the contract to enforce the rule of law the only thing left is self defense.

      • Proper gun handling should be practiced to the point you don’t even think about it before you even think of going outside brandishing your weapon like that. At least the husband didn’t have his booger picker on the bang switch, but he really needs to watch his muzzle. The wife on the other hand……she was kinda scary.

        • You’re just another idiot who has been indoctrinated to constantly worry about “gun safety”. I just wonder how long it will take you to protect your life or home after having to open your gun safe, take the trigger lock off of your weapon, load and then chamber a round… YOU’RE F*KING DEAD!

          If I had been the homeowner with the AR, I would have had my weapon at the ready and where ever my eyes looked there also the barrel would be trained! The way he was holding it, he could have been shot or hit with a brick before he could have reacted!

        • Hey RJ, I know you’re just worked up about defending property and such from the lowlifes, but she handling that pistol like she’s watering the grass with a spray nozzle. The only person she’s a threat to is her own husband.

      • I totally agree that these people should protect Themselves in their home. If they were black we would not be hearing about this at all!

        • I totally agree with you. Of course if these people were black or African Americans they would be following their 2nd amendment rights to protect and defend themselves and their properties but because these people were white and affluent attorneys they are wrong? I cannot wait to see more white people stand up to these mobs of thugs and punks and show them they aren’t afraid of them because these punks can only beat up on elderly people and handicapped people and others who are unable to defend themselves.

          These thugs and punks need a hard ass lesson on who is boss of this country. We have laws and our laws are for everyone, period. If they dont want to follow our laws they can leave the country and go elsewhere or they can go to prison where the big boys will teach them a lesson on who is boss. Its their choice!

          I will always have my 2nd amendment rights on my person and will use my choice of weapon when I am threatened.

    • When You illegally enter Private property You are asking to Be shot With These Paid protesters are getting
      $ 15.00 Dollars & Hour to Burn Loot & Pillage . Property owner Have the right to protect their property These People Have had enough I have had enough. Their Guns are loaded in front of a Mob ! Maybe you would not be prepared for what happens next! Me, I Shoot First Ask for forgiveness This Sht stops now have had enough of The Left Wing Democratic Communist party !
      Only Morons That is The Same Morons lied about the Polls They got beaten Sorley & they just can Not understand How Trump Cheated & Stoll the Election ! You had Clinton You Had Obama You had criminals What do You expect for an out come > DUH

      • LT Com you are exactly right. They keep grabbing the tiger by the tail, when they least expect they’ll get the bite too. I guarantee they won’t pull any crap in my little country neighborhood. It’s way beyond time for the violence to stop.
        USN 76-82


  2. Bad gun handling skills or not I don’t fault them much….that was a scary situation and they may be among the many first time gun buyers who have not gotten the opportunity for training yet.

    • you dont fault them MUCH? why would you fault them at all? They are on their own property and these thugs deliberately came looking for trouble. They broke down the iron gate to their property which is trespassing and destruction of personal property and then they surrounded the house with over100 thugs trying to intimidate these home owners and also daring them to shoot!

      Please these people had the right to stand up to these thug punks which is why we have a 2nd amendment. Do not ever think or say you dont FAULT them much! Saying that means you are afraid of them and will give in to their rioting. WORDS MATTER!

  3. They could be some of our newbies to the gun world…can’t blame them for their response, however, the MSM will use this footage to make all non-people of color firearm owners look bad.

    With their income it’s probably not a financial issue to avail themselves of some weapons handling / safety classes.

    Doxxing = legitimate [sic] Leftist bullying.

    • “….. Federal Election Commission recordsshow Mark McCloskey has contributed thousands of dollars to the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, the Republican National Committee and Donald J. Trump for President Inc. He also made contributions to a Republican congressional candidate, Bill Phelps, in 1996, and to the Bush-Quayle campaign in 1992.

      Patricia McCloskey also made a contribution to the RNC in 2018 and to a Republican Senate dinner in 1988.”

      Now that they are on the maniacs’ radar, getting doxxed is the least of their worries. They were already public figures, now they are targets. It’ll be interesting/telling to see how they are treated in the coming weeks given the current political climate.

      • So typical of leftists – you CHOSE not to report the contributions to the Democratic Party, right? Because you wanted to be truthful, right? Because you only want to report one side of the story, right? Because you want to instill hate, anger, and wind people up, right? COWARD!

      • This is why the 2nd Amendment was created.
        Should any of your anti-2Aers be faced with a screaming mob outside their front doors, please be sure to write down your deepest thoughts, insights and comments as you’re being advanced upon.
        Because the mob is eventually coming for you, too.

    • I can blame them. They’re going out and pointing guns at people who are walking because they ‘might’ do something.

      No pass for being a newbie. With rights come responsibilities.

      • They were trespassing and these people had every right to defend themselves and their property. If anything they made sure that if trouble did start these trespassers would think twice about messing with their house.

        • DItto! They were using their 2nd amendment RIGHT! Wow what an idiot you are to think otherwise! OH you must be one of those thug punks.

      • Might? do something? Breaking and entering (through the closed/locked gate), and physically trespassing (on private property), maybe we could add disturbing the peace, creating a nuisance……My property is posted — some signs say “There is nothing on this property worth dying for!”


      • A La Carte. My mother shot an intruder, like this transpassing and coward mob, and saved my sister and her own life I can see my parents standing there and protecting their home. We felt safe when they were around. They have my support. We all need to follow their example. Those are the true heroes.

      • Actually, they had the RIGHT to arrest EVERY ONE OF THE TRESPASSERS under Citizen’s arrest. They had the RIGHT to use any reasonable means or show of force to subdue them.

        When someone is VIOLATING the law by CRIMINAL activity the Founding Fathers words were that EVERY man (sic) has the right to Protect Life, Limb. and Property by any means necessary.

        It is that simple. Just because the left wishes to diminish individual rights to self protection while assuring that police have no duty to protect any persons or property (see recent SCOTUS rulings) does not mean that the left can actually STEAL anyone’s right to bear arms (by definition any military weapon, not just rifle and pistol) nor to protect thier life, limb and property.
        There is NO such thing as brandishing when someone is a CRIMINAL and committing a criminal act and anyone points a gun at them. Police have the right to be judge, jury and executioner under these same do you and I. Being a corporate employee gives no one more rights…it only removes the right of the public to sue (see historical common law…”The King can do no wrong”.)

        I hope you understand a little more…commit a crime on MY property and see what happens.

  4. 90 bucks for men’s pink polo shirt? Sheesh.

    EDIT – Her ‘Resting bitch-face’ isn’t bad… 😉

      • One thing apparent money was spent for house, clothes and arms with zero spent for training, just because one is a well to do law firm doesn’t mean they have a clue.

        • Nor was money spent on shoes it seems, both are barefooted. They will be meme fodder for years to come. The elected official that was with the mob called the AR an AK, LOL just shows how clueless the mob is about firearms. The local NBC station has a couple news stories about this.

        • Well, at least they weren’t dressed like militia commandos or “wannabe operators”, which would have really opened up the media against them. At least they look like it-could-happen-to-you-or-me-during-dinnertime.

        • Looks like they got one thing right! That video sure looked as though someone was casing the place for a return after dark, if you get my drift.

        • Yeah…. and your an inbred redneck…. so?

          Wow, you are just a bundle of intellectual witticism…. Let me guess, Yale? Harvard? UCLA? Herman’s Trailer Park?

        • OK, they may not have had any ‘training.’ Neither had the obligatory operator-operating-operationally BDUs, or T-shirt, or skull shemagh, or neck-beard, or tattoos, or Oakleys, either. Not a baseball cap between them. Alas!

          On the other hand, were they harmed physically? Did they harm anyone else? Did their display of armed resolution to defend themselves end badly? Did they accomplish their purpose?

          Well, then, it would appear that they had MORE than enough ‘training,’ does it not?

      • Hmmm, all the pissing and moaning about these two people what would you do ? These two mean business and let the street mob aware of that fact !

        • This. They didn’t ask for those idiots to come on their property, weren’t expecting something like this to happen—and yet both came onto their front porch armed and determined. I repeat: they were BOTH out their armed and prepared to defend their home. I’d say they’re both pretty doggone stand-up folks. I’d sure as hell want ’em as my neighbors.

        • Me too. Especially since that would mean I’d have a MUCH bigger and nicer house…and presumably the money to go with it.

          I’m 100% in support of these folks. If several hundred people were trespassing in my neighborhood, especially given that similar groups in many cities harbor people prone to committing vandalism, assault, robbery, and arson, I’d probably be standing out on the front lawn with a rifle, too. Just as a friendly reminder that everyone had damn well better stay friendly.

      • The finger on the trigger meant that she was willing and able to release the projectile. If you have your weapon out and are pointing it AT someone then you had BEST have your finger on the trigger as well. There is no purpose in pointing it otherwise. NONE at all.

        I know this, IF my weapon was pointed AT a person, my finger WOULD be on the trigger at all times. That simple. Once you point it at someone you have already made the determination that you are WILLING to use it and your mind has already determined what it will take to release the projectile. It is the LAST warning. Yes, I have been there before. I was VERY glad that I did not have to release a projectile. I would have though had things turned out differently.

        5 pounds pressure is a LOT of pressure. I know because an old target pistol of mine was reduced to under 2 pounds..that was not much and in fact could get SCARY at times. 4.5-5 pounds pressure is rather safe in itself.

    • $90 for a quality pole is fine.

      $1700 for an AR should get someone either Salesman of the Year or the death penalty. Maybe both.

      • I read somewhere that it had a funswitch on it… I think it’d be worth its weight in gold at that point…

        • I suppose it’s possible he holds an FFL just to possess dealer samples, but barring that transferable FA/burst is usually a five figure proposition.


        • Colt 6920s ain’t nothing special, I have two and I’m one of the poors.

          Is your PSA, ATI, Anderson poverty pony “just as good?” No.

          Your Ruger, Springfield, or Bushmaster probably is though.

          Is your Daniel Defense better? I don’t know but I’m willing to trade to find out.


          Yeah, to make money off elitist snobs who think the only thing that matters is the nameplate….

    • You freakin tacticool dickheads act like the Second is only for you dick heads who think just because you have Molle gear you are a freaking operator, fuck you, you are way bigger dickheads then any liberal. They had firearms, they are safe, no help from you dipchit.

        • Wow, this was very dangerous situation where these homeowner’s lives were in danger. This isn’t a normal event in their lives but they stepped up. Their neighborhoods should have been standing united with them. We aren’t united to stop evil but evil is uniting against us!!!!! But you are making comments about their guns, shoes, house, looks, even his belt! This couple could have been hurt or killed and YOU are pointing out about shirts and bare feet. Right is right and wrong is wrong, get on the right side of the fence children.

      • Take that! you…. you….you DICKHEADS you…. Guy you need to call your mommy and have her come down to her basement and change your diaper….. Then go back to your Call of Duty game and give THIS another try when you are grown up enough to put together a coherent and sensible comment….

    • at least she knows her constitutional and legal rights and isnt afraid to stand up for herself. what about you? sounds like you are ready to bow down and do as these thug punks demand of you! PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE THE PROBLEM AND DO NOT DESERVE TO LIVE IN A FREE COUNTRY WHERE OTHER PEOPLE DEFEND YOUR RIGHTS TO BE FREE. YOU TRULY ARE AN ASSHOLE.

  5. Did their house get looted? Right thought so.
    They did the right thing, even though they are (were?) democrats.

    • Plenty obvious they were in no danger. The place to be was up high, taking video of the crowd, zooming in on faces while on the phone raising hell with the cops and pols they pay good money for. Up on that balcony with a couple of long guns and NOT pointing anything at anybody for simply walking past.

      • enuf,

        We really have no idea if the homeowners were in danger or not. Maybe nothing happened to the homeowners because the crowd did not intend to harm them. Or, maybe nothing happened to the homeowners because the crowd did intend to harm them and then decided not to harm them once the they saw that the homeowners were armed.

      • If it’s a private gated neighborhood (wholly owned by the residents) the protesters were trespassing the second they stepped inside. There are no “public” sidewalks or spaces.

      • This Truth About Guns blog has the smartest folks commenting. This goes to show that gun owners are smart and sophisticated, not the neanderthals liberal claim them to be. It is refreshing to read every ones comment.
        Regards to All


        • “This goes to show that gun owners are smart and sophisticated, not the neanderthals liberal claim them to be. It is refreshing to read every ones comment.”

          We gotta put a stop to that, right now !!

          We have an image to uphold.

        • WRONG!…..I turn into an animal when I see monkeys running wild in my yard…..
          Take your sarcasm back to the ghetto….

        • George, I hope someone kicks you while you are down… better yet, teabags you with a big black ballsack. A sweaty one.

      • Wrong! They should have shot every one of them. It’s a mob, they’re trespassing, they were making threats, and considering the climate of these protests these homeowners could have set the precedent for dealing with these unruly anti-Americans. Then if these homeowners were arrested, a thousand gun owners should immediately descend on the police station, armed, and DEMAND their release. If the AG tries to prosecute, then 2-3 thousand armed citizens need to descend on the courthouse and the governor’s office ….. cos will ALWAYS back down when extremely outnumbered. It’s time we start laying by the same lawless rules that they have created for the rioters/looters!

      • “ First, let’s get this out of the way: some basic safety training would benefit both of them. The man was seen lasering his wife with the rifle and the woman continually pointed the gun at the protestors with her finger on the trigger.”

        If they were poor folks, they be in jail for brandishing and terroristic threatening.

        But we can just overlook all that, after all, they’ve donated significant amounts of money to trumps reelection.

        • Prove it. Not the donations, but prove your biased opinion that anyone else would be jailed for defending their property from such a threat. Because I have seen plenty of stories to counter you.

        • Miner, I agree with you that being wealthy and connected gets you special treatment, however, being a Trump donor, especially in a liberal town, will certainly do you no favors.

        • They are definitely brandishing with pictures and witnesses dumb move. I told my daughter and granddaughter both with firearms experience Papa says to call 911. Do not tell anyone you have a firearm yet.
          When the door starts to show damage on the inside then light them up, leave no survivors.
          End of story.

        • Miner49er
          It makes absolutely no difference who or what they donated to. The “mob” was hell-bent on terrorizing this neighborhood. They were doing the bidding of Soros and “O” in “awakening” the public. Bless their little hearts. Come to my home with that intent and there will be no warning shots (the price of ammo is extremely high, sorry). This couple’s home and life was to be disrupted by liberal paid-for anarchists and they did the right thing, whether they held the guns right or not. I would do the same. This couple showed bravery and guts in this action and I applaud them. It’s an example of what happens when force is confronted by more force. Thank you to Truckers and Bikers for America, as they are beginning to get angry at this type of “person” also.

        • IF they were poor folk then the street and sidewalk would not be PRIVATE PROPERTY. IF they were poor folk the perpetrators would have to cross onto the private property FIRST. If the property was POSTED then brandishing is not an issue….the CRIMINAL trespass IS a criminal issue.
          No one can be arrested for using arms against someone as they commit a crime on that person’s private property. No jury will stand for that, not even in the most liberal city. The Constitution of the USA actually PREVAILS in that matter.
          Recent SCOTUS decisions regarding arms laws in DC make it clear. Other recent SCOTUS decisions state that the POLICE have NO duty to protect…which means the INDIVIDUAL is the ONLY one that can be relied upon to protect himself. QED.

      • Doxxing by definition is meant to be INTIMIDATION and be a DIRECT THREAT.
        I think that DOXXING should be a CRIMINAL offense in situations like these. Criminals were trespassing and violating their “right to peaceful enjoyment” which is granted in property under law in every state, even if you are a RENTER.
        Because they were willing to DEFEND themselves and their rights someone gained personal information about them and released it to INTIMIDATE and THREATEN them, specifically including their property, lives and even livelihood. That needs to be a FELONY in itself.
        Just because information is publicly available, the use of that information to intimidate and threaten is still a criminal offense in my opinion.

  6. Poor muzzle discipline. They need training.

    Other than, KUDOS! We’re going to be seeing more of this.

  7. Seems to me, taking a position on one of the balconies would have been better. Also, don’t point the firearms at anyone until there’s a definite threat. Obviously, trigger discipline.

    • No place to run on a balcony, if things did go bad you’re a stationary target. If the crowd did decide to break into the home you would have trouble covering anyone once they are underneath you or around the back, then once the crowd is inside, a jump from the balcony is about your only option besides blasting away or suicide. Bad idea to pin yourself down.
      Better idea would be to have the wife stay on the inside with the rifle as a secondary defense and hope the outside pistol did the work.

      You guys can blab all you want about his training and skills but if you’re shot and killed by a guy with no training, maybe the guy with the gun isn’t the one who NEEDS the training?

      • Exactly. If you’re up high, then the mob could press in on the house until they decide to firebomb it. Down low, a mob closing in mean weapons free, since a reasonable man standard would seem to be met.

      • I have been considering, and that has been my conclusion as well. If I’m in a hurry, chances are I’ll end up on 2nd floor deck, but worried about somebody getting past me, there’s a possibility I’d have to shoot someone to prevent access. Given time, I’d be on the first floor beside one of the concrete supports. Esp given a driveway that’s 100 ft long.

    • The only problem with the balcony scenario is, what’s the exit route?

      There have been multiple instances of buildings being burned down by “protesters” in the past month. You have a better field-of-view from the balcony, perhaps, but it can also very quickly turn into a trap if someone throws a Molotov through a ground-floor window.

      • One on the ground and one on the balcony, both with rifles. And keep your booger hook off that trigger, jesus.

        • Yeah….. NOT!!!!
          They did everything PERFECT!….
          So you can shut your stinking pie hole!

      • They should have been in their TV room, home theater, watching the boob toob, or in the pool. Would have had the same effect, like the other owners of the 60 houses on the street.

        • Yeah ok jackass mfer…. I bet you and you’re mouth breathing commie buddies would chit your pants if things got ugly….. yellow bellied bich

        • “Yeah ok jackass mfer…. I bet you and you’re mouth breathing commie buddies would chit your pants if things got ugly….. yellow bellied bich”

          Cool story bro. By that I take it you can’t show it?

    • It doesn’t look like you would be able to effectively protect the entrance from the balcony. At least not from a large group.

      • From the balcony, when someone sets foot on your property, engage. If someone else attempts to retrieve the body, engage. Pretty soon the crowd will be very small. From my deck, I can reach every entrance to my property that is not a cliff with water beneath. Probably have a rifle handy, but primary a Mossy pump.

      • Only a fkn low IQ peaceful protestor would run inside their house, to go upstairs to the….. balcony???…fkn dumbest thing I’ve seen all day is people saying this crap….

      • “From the balcony they could just fire two blasts in the air. Trust me it will work.”

        Nope. They ain’t holdin’ shotguns.

      • Fire a round into the ground away from and another direction of anyone. You don’t fire a round that you don’t know where it will come down. You don’t want to kill your neighbors.

        • “Fire a round into the ground away from and another direction of anyone”

          BAD IDEA!!!
          I did just that 36 years ago…60 days in the Greene County jail for misdemeanor assault was not any fun.

    • I’d say they are already a threat. The protesters entered through a gate, which was later broken, thereby trespassing. Yes, the couple could use more weapon discipline, but at that point, it would be alright to have the weapon out at the ready.

  8. Protestors mad about names being released doxx a couple reacting to their trespassing. There are two standards right now. The law will be fully enforced against people protecting their home while other people are allowed to riot and burn down the life’s work of working people.

  9. These people are demonized for protecting their private property on the news, meanwhile in Lansing, MI you can point ar-15s at motorists in a public street while blocking traffic as long as you’re an “oppressed” person.

    • That’s along the lines of what I was thinking.

      The *good* thing about this attorney couple, if a silver lining can be found, is that they look like the regular gun owners, and not “wannabe operators”. If they had been dressed up in plate carriers, camos, 5.11s, a tactical AR-15 instead of a standard one, etc., the PR optics would have been much different and the MSM would have *really* gone nuts with it.

      • But according to the lefties any AR15 is a scary fully automatic military weapon. Hahaha Of course that just shows they are politically ignorant a$$es.

  10. Looks like nearly everyone in that video deserves to be arrested. All that trespass on private property, the idiot woman brandishing and threatening with finger on the trigger. The guy in the pink shirt, a flagrant fashion crime.

    The right thing would have been for them to make use of that second floor balcony on that huge mansion. That’s where they should have been. Not out on the grass in front.

    There was a local politician interviewed who called Mr. Left Handed Pink Shirt’s gun “an AK”. That’s a $20 fine for ignorance, and he’s not allowed to be a politician anymore.

    • For what would you arrest the couple? Please cite the applicable section of the Missouri Revised Statute to support your charge.

      You might want to read this first, though:

      “2. A person shall not use deadly force upon another person under the circumstances specified in subsection 1 of this section unless:

        (3) Such force is used against a person who unlawfully enters, remains after unlawfully entering, or attempts to unlawfully enter private property that is owned or leased by an individual, or is occupied by an individual who has been given specific authority by the property owner to occupy the property, claiming a justification of using protective force under this section.

      3. A person does not have a duty to retreat:

        (1) From a dwelling, residence, or vehicle where the person is not unlawfully entering or unlawfully remaining;
        (2) From private property that is owned or leased by such individual; or
        (3) If the person is in any other location such person has the right to be.”

      Missouri Revised Statute § 563.031(2)(3)

      • He’s wearing a pink shirt. That’s an inexcusable fashion crime. Plus, no one was threatening him, there is no reason for him to be assaulting people with that shirt.

        She’s pointing a mouse gun at people who are not on her property and absolutely no one is threatening her.

        The place to be is on that balcony. With long guns at the ready, on the phone to the cops and politicians they pay for demanding action. Not pointing at people who are not threatening them and sure as hell not while wearing a pink shirt.

        Frigg’n lawyers think they can get away with anything.

        • I’ll grant you the pink-shirt fashion crime. But, this just isn’t true:

          She’s pointing a mouse gun at people who are not on her property…

          They were on private property. It was a private street, owned by the residents. So, yes, they were on her property.

          And this part is irrelevant under applicable Missouri statute:

          …and absolutely no one is threatening her.

          Missouri statute states that deadly force is justified for mere trespassing on one’s private property. (I cited and quoted the applicable part, previously.) The trespass is the assumed/implied threat.

        • A lawyer can. He knows the law, and the DA, and lawyers will not be inclined to go after one of their own. Besides the fact that they were legally within their rights. Some people seem to think that they have rights means other people’s rights don’t exist.

      • Does a private street owned by a HOA or whatever collective entity count as property owned by an individual?

        • It’s not an HOA. It is a Private Street, owned by a private street association. They are not the same thing. The homeowners are the street association, and the land – streets, sidewalks, and all – is the homeowners’ property.

          Regardless, under MO statute (already cited), the distinction doesn’t matter.

        • Statute doesn’t say that unless the legislative history is clear that collective (vs. individual) private property counts, or a court has ruled that it does.

    • On my property, *I* will decide where I’ll stand, thank you very much. And, screw you, I like the pink shirt.

    • You know, there’s a ton of folks panic-buying firearms. Just today, I heard there’s even a run on Yeet Cannons. If you’ve been watching the news, Neurotic Cucks have been burning, looting and breaking shit. People are in fear, also compounded by a fear the police won’t respond. It’s real. Yep, they didn’t get any training. Agreed. But most people sit on their asses and don’t think about such things until the wheels are coming off. So instead of criticizing them, at least have the decency to give them a nod for the courage they ponied up to face this fucking mob. Remember, those assholes aren’t rational. These folks quelled the mob. For that alone they get a thumbs up from me.

  11. The protesters were technically trespassing? What does that even mean?

    They were trespassing. FULLSTOP.

    And Missouri has excellent castle doctrine statutes.

    • I don’t get this “FULLSTOP” stuff. There is a STOP and there is GO. There is no “Full Go”, you are either going or you are stopped. If there is slowly going forward at a stop sign, that is not a partial stop, it’s going slow.

      Same deal with periods. Put a period at the end of a sentence, and that’s that, all done. Some folks are putting it down as “. PERIOD”. Or worse, “. PERIOD!!!”

      After the “.”, the rest was meaningless noise that added nothing.

      Almost as bad as that lawyer in the pink shirt.

  12. I’m just glad the police were on hand to maintain law and order. I’m sure those 300 “protesters” had a permit for their demonstration. [/sarc]

    Honestly at this point I’m almost starting to be on-board with the “defund the police” movement. If the police will not enforce the law regardless of color, tribe, or political affiliation, then they are of no use to society. Let us sort it out without having to worry about whether or not we’ll be arrested for defending ourselves.

    • Agree completely. Too bad if they are afraid to do their job. They could at least have established a perimeter. [/sarc]. Here where I live they are useless. So in league with the drug dealers it makes me sick.

    • Everybody seems to have a plan for what to do with all the $$ saved, I’d suggest a “body recovery team”, I don’t have time to deal with all that. “Hey, Joe, send the BRT over again, for 2 more, front steps this time.”

  13. This is a bad example. The home owners should’ve taken some protective cover instead of standing in the open like seating(standing in this case) ducks.. Nobody should assume the mob did not have any guns.

  14. This might make a good test case…

    The fact is, civilized people exercise disscretion all the time. Responsible gun owners are all the time not shooting people. At their homes. As the authoritah in newly autonomous zones. (Warlord CHAZ may have intimidared, extorted, or more. He n his crew discretely didn’t shoot anybody.) Even wielding bike locks. For all their offenses — and these just start with inappropriate spandex — bikers as a group do not swarm-n-brain even all journalists peacefully making phone videos on the public street. (What is a “protest” that stifles its own reportimg? Something else…)

    At what point does a swarm become more threatening than a bunch of guys? …does violating boundaries n rights indicate u might violate more? …does avowed agenda and association constittue clear intent — “assault”.

    Respond wrong to our “protest” n you’ll get doxxed n worse sounds like assault; certainly extortion.

    On the other side.of 5his encounter, at what point in the really real world does preparation count as discretion? You can grab yr gun after the third kick in the head, but no shooting unless another boot is actually flying at you? Grabbed yr gun but didn’t fire seems like discretion.

    One person doimg all the mayhem they can manage while anotber holds back; who’s doing assault here? showing discretion?

    The fundamental disagreements within vs. behind the Travon Martin case are intent n discretion. What is someone free to do; when does it become a threatm The same fundamental disagreememts are within the recent policing examples. And the agenda-mongers are busy getting people all wee-wee’d up, preserving the issue.

    That’s what agitators do, n it doesn’t help. Which is the point.

  15. No one shot, nobody died, their property was not destroyed, burned or looted, Looks like a win for the armed couple. Proves you don’t have to be an operator operating to come out ahead in an ugly situation. Maybe more people should come out of their homes well armed and confront mobs firmly but with restraint.

    • Logic and reason will get you nowhere here….

      If you don’t pay someone to watch you shoot into a berm 1000 times while looking behind each shoulder with a cautious tactical scowl you will be unable to defend yourself with a firearm.

      • @RV6Driver. Well, I guess that’s the issue, we have so many offended snowflakes in this country who never learned to solve problems with controlled emotions, logic, reasoning, and ability to comprehend the other person’s position, regardless if they are wrong or right. These people concern me, I never owned a gun for most my life, but I do own several now, got NRA certified, have LTC, and carry everywhere, even at home. Actually, especially at home. It seems we have begun to devolve as a species. Just my 2 cents.

      • Did you build your RV6 or buy it? Though quick build options are making “building” more like assembling a few prefabricated parts. Not that I have anything against that. It is just not manly enough for my taste;-)

        • Hi Vic,

          Bought my 6. Didn’t have time to build it.
          (Previously owned a Maule)

          The newer RV’s (Rv7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14) are quick build kits mostly coming out of the quick build vans factory in the Philippines.

          I know a guy at the airport I’m based at that recently completed a rv9-a project. Like you said, it’s like putting together a prefabricated house. They took care a lot of the busywork, made the measurements and drilled the holes.

          Over the years I’ve come to the conclusion that if your willing to sacrifice a little comfort (ie head room, leg room etc) The rv6 is by far the sportiest of the bunch and the most fun to fly.

          200mph all day and usually burn under 9 gallons per hour. Aerobatic capable (nothing negative or snappy tho)

          Recently updated my avionics for 2020 ads-b compliance (myself). Replaced all the steam gauges with a 10” dynon touch screen with a back up garmin g5 efis. Flyin’ in style now!

    • And neither were any of the houses before theirs, or after. They walked over 2 miles, and from the google maps view that was at least hundreds of homes, maybe thousands, and this was near the end of the line.

  16. I hope they had the good sense to freeze their credit and sign up for something like LifeLock. Cause the criminals are all lefties and with their info out there some BLM felon will try identity theft.

  17. IF you break into a private neighborhood you SHOULD be shot. FIFY! I have no problem with that…it nearly came to that in my own non-private hood. Yeah I would be better technically but I 100% support this couple’s action!

      • Seriously, give the shirt thing a rest already. We get it, you don’t like pink. So … don’t wear pink.

      • I had a pink polo shirt back in the 90’s. I recall getting multiple compliments from girls (including my girlfriend) when I wore it. I realize I’m ripe for jokes now, but I guess I’m saying some people can pull it off.

        • Mebbe Enuf is a clueless troll…😏. Chip seems unaware as he only occasionally shows up to TTAG.

        • I still have a tailored pink silk shirt drove the bride nuts back in the day. If I lost about 60 lbs it might be tailored again!

  18. Really poor tactics.
    Better to hold up in the house, watch cameras, and see what happens.

    The guy is a lefty shooting a right hand AR. Watch that brass there man!

    • Well, except that the couple, by standing outside with their firearms very visible, let the crowd know in no uncertain terms that the property was occupied and defended.

      Sitting in the house wouldn’t accomplish that. The crowd would learn the couple was there and armed when they breached the exterior, by which time it’s already too late to head off violence (e.g. the mob has broken in).

      • No One of Consequence,

        That situation could have gone both ways for the homeowners.

        Standing outside provided a significant deterrence without which the protesters might/would have damaged/destroyed their home.

        Standing outside also exposed the homeowners to a pot-shot from an armed protester or worse, carefully aimed fire from a protester acting as “security” or “over watch”.

        I honestly don’t know which way I would have handled it. I think I would have stood outside with a rifle in hand at “low ready” (relaxed body language and rifle pointed at ground), next to or behind cover, and kept a large smile on my face. The rifle in hand and standing next to cover says, “I mean business.” The relaxed body language says, “I am not an imminent threat to the protesters.” The big smile says, “I am obviously nuts/crazy and therefore highly unpredictable so it is best that protesters not push their luck.”

        • Thanks for the morning chuckle…I’ll remember to utilize your “Big Smile” technique if events require it in my neck of the woods.

        • I pretty much agree.

          On the ground / up in the balcony; outside / in the house. Behind concealment / in full view. Et cetera. All of these are decisions that could have been made differently. Since we don’t know the details of the house (or at least I don’t), I don’t know whether Mrs. C and I would in fact have done anything different than they did.

          At the end of the day, though, the mob got the message, nobody got shot and the house wasn’t damaged / looted. So, bottom line, while there may have been better ways of doing it, what they did, worked.

          At least, for now. I’d be willing to bet there are some people in that crowd who would like to come back because they felt disrespected or something. Were I the homeowners, that’s what I’d be worrying about at the moment, not what the internet thought of my polo shirt or choice of rifles.

    • I am a lefty and I find that both the AR 15 and the AK 47 accommodates left-handed shooters with no problem.

      Bullpups are a problem for lefty’s

      • I am also a lefty. I can run a right handed AR15 but I got tired of the gas blowing on my face so I bought a left handed one. If you like bull pups then try the Keltec RDB. The shells and gas eject downwards. They have a bad reputation for reliability but that has not been my experience. I have put two thousand rounds of low quality reman ammo through it with zero malfunctions.

        • I haven’t had the gas problem and I do shoot left handed suppressed and a WSSM chambered one also often suppressed. You’d think there’d be more gas from a suppressed WSSM… I have have a pretty limited sense of smell though.

        • Manse I actually saw a NY legal one back in March but it was a bit out of my price range. Neat but not looking to relearn how to reload quickly/smoothly for 2k especially with our mag limit.

        • Had a Beretta ARX100 for a while. LGS couldn’t move it, so, I offered a ridiculous low-ball price and they took it. Super easy to change from right to left. Very low maintenance. Worst sights ever on a tactical rifle…crappy, plastic sights that you cannot see through. Replaced with Troy Micro HK Tritium sights.

          My left-handed daughter appropriated it when she discovered that it fit her Sinister personality perfectly.

    • Another hater on the left-handed. Served in the USMC, ran a rifle as fast as anybody else…mag loads and all. It’s a right handed world, but slaps on lefties is the stuff of Fudds.

      • Only lefties I knew that had problems were right eye dominant but Army quals are a bit easier so no idea how that would have looked out to 500.

  19. They left the gate unlocked for a reason. Its rich liberals who own guns who dont want you owning guns. The line between liberals and conservstives is blurred because they all lie cheat steal have sex with each other and then act one way in public and another in private.

    It’s funny because I leave my name and address when protesting people. It is kinda the point. A nameless faceless entity doesnt really have a voice.

    I dont think they needed to haraas the protesting by pointing a gun at them. Could call police but racists always want to shoot first because they are criminals. They could have stayed in their house.

    Honestly I don’t about the rich people. Trespassing and petty annoyances aside they were in no real danger. They clearly over reacted. I kinda would have liked someone to shoot them. I dont like rich people anymore. They killed too many people.

    They was no danger and there was no assault. They were making themselves look stupid shouting at people walking down the street. Shit like that starts a confrontation. If you look for trouble you will find it.

    • Your statement: /Trespassing and petty annoyances aside they were in no real danger./ is wrong.
      Trespassing IS a crime. If police won’t do their job because of “political considerations” they are less than useless.
      The homeowners were threatened by these trespassers due to their numbers and had EVERY RIGHT to brandish and point their weapons at the trespassers.
      The only thing keeping things from getting “out of hand” was the actions of the homeowners.

      • Looked like the protestors were on the HOA property not the property of those specific homeowners. They were walking past, they were not trying to enter the private home or its grounds.

        There was no threat worthy of pointing that pistol.

        • RIOTERS looking to RIOT are not protesters. This was an unpredictable mob. They were trespassing and on their lawn. They were about to start looting and got persuaded otherwise.

        • Looked like the protestors were on the HOA property not the property of those specific homeowners.

          You seem confused about the difference between a public street and a private street. You might want to educate yourself:

          The residents own the land and the streets. The property is administered by resident-comprised boards. It is not publicly owned. It is privately owned, by the residents.

          Thanks for playing.

        • “Looked like the protestors were on the HOA property not the property of those specific homeowners. They were walking past, they were not trying to enter the private home or its grounds.”

          First of all, you can clearly see the protestors were in the couples driveway. I’ll repost the link C.S. provided:

          Look at the overhead picture of their house. Note the location of the front patio area. Protestors are standing at the end of it on the driveway, so they had to walk about 100′ from the sidewalk.

          As far as HOA property is concerned, that is private property as well. The roads in this subdivision are PRIVATE. The ignorant, lawless protesters are trespassing on private property. Everyone of them should be arrested. The reason they think they have the “right” to do this is because mayors across the country have failed to govern, and they’ve proven that they will abandon their businesses and citizens as long as it’s politically convenient, effectively giving permission for lawlessness.

          The couple had every reason to be concerned for their safety and property given the nationwide looting, arson, and vandalism. Yes, their gun handling skills were nonexistent, and they should be derided for that. He muzzled her with the rifle, and she had her finger on the trigger the entire time. Someone should tell them about the low ready position. They obviously have the money for instruction, it just isn’t a priority.

    • “If you look for trouble you will find it.”

      Very true. That’s why the ‘protesters’ shouldn’t have been trespassing in the first place.

    • They broke down the gate. the photos are out there. Author is mistaken and ignorant for saying they “opened” it.

  20. Just remember this when they say blacks are destroying there own neighboorhoods and businesses. Not really. Full disclosure: Are you guys in the CIA and trolling me?

  21. Bad skills, at that short a distance would it matter? Whit out my skill I could have shot most of the ones who did not run out & down the street. Getting paid or not, gun fire would have turned them around.

  22. Has that woman ever held a gun before? Darn. Pointing it at people when no real threat can be seen…isn’t that brandishing a weapon. Holding in lo ready might be a better idea. What say you.

    • GW,

      Were the couple in real danger? It is really hard to say.

      Here is what we do know for certain:
      1) Those protesters walked through a closed gate onto private property.
      2) Those protesters ignored the sign that said, “residents only”.
      3) Those protesters were obnoxious and unruly.
      4) Those “protesters” ignored the property owner’s order to leave.
      5) Other “protesters” recently turned violent at the drop of a hat.
      6) These protesters appeared to be protesting the same ideas as previous protesters who turned violent.

      Given those indisputable hard facts, I believe those protesters definitely presented a significant element of danger to those homeowners. The real question is whether or not the danger was great enough to justify pointing a firearm at people. It might have been legal depending on the specifics of Missouri law as commenter Chip pointed out.

      In my opinion they were not justified (from a simple moral/righteous perspective) to point their firearms at the protesters. I do believe the homeowners were totally justified (from a moral/righteous perspective) to have firearms in hand pointing at the ground or openly visible and secured on their person (meaning handgun in a holster and rifle slung over his back or in a scabbard).

    • I’m willing to let her be with her own business, but for me “drawandfire” is one word, when a protester sees it there won’t be time for that to register before he feels it, a moment before he hears it. Waving a gun around is not in my vocabulary.

  23. I bet the mayor and these two buffoons are against “the wall” on our border but think they were safe behind their walls. Haha haha

    Not a good example of home defense. Stay inside and out of sight. Out of sight/out of mind.

  24. It’s all fun and games till the antigun, democrat mayor Karen comes out limp wristin’ a ppk with her country club hubby wielding an ar (with a “high capacity clip…”) I think the saying goes; your either at the table or next on the menu….

    2020 has been a blast!!!! Enough material for the next decade. 😆😆😆

    • RV6driver do you know the difference between a clip and a magazine ? I saw no “clips” in that picture . Every clip I have ever seen holds no more than 10 rounds . California may call that “high capacity ” but no one with a brain agrees with California .

      • I was being sarcastic, but thanks for clearing that up for me….. I thought using “quotes“ on the buzz words would illustrate my point but I was wrong….. Next time I’ll type “sarcasm” at the end of the post.

        Thanks for the concern!

      • A clip that only holds 10 rounds must be Commiefornia. I have several for my Ruger P89 and Police Carbine that hold 30. Makes for an excellent combo set up.

        • Guns do not fire using “clips” a magazine is used to fire a magazine fed gun. A clip is used to load a magazine . Try educating yourself!

        • Oh, my, when showing off your vast knowledge it’s always a good idea to be right! The Garand uses an en bloc clip, which holds 8 rounds. When the last round is fired the clip is ejected and the bolt locks back waiting for the next *clip* to be loaded.

        • LarrtinTX — one can find an exception to most any rule , so you found one in a million . Good for you!

  25. We’ve had rooftop Koreans & storefront Sikhs…what do we call this couple?

    How about just plain SAD?
    Looks like some of that 1st time gun owner stuff, no training at all, scared to death and standing out in the open with about 40 rounds between them (plus or minus for the LITERAL types) to stop 300 protesters… The look on her face scared me and I ain’t afraid of anything….

    • What do you look like when 300 people trespass on your property? Do you need tactical training to defend your house now?

      Btw. That “40 rounds between them” would have been plenty to turn around that mob.

      You might want to eat some cookies. Your blood sugar is getting low again…. 😂

      • The only thing those two were going to shoot was themselves… When 300 people trespass on my property I look like a guy on the phone conference calling my neighbors making sure they are aware of the potential threat and are at the ready, then I would position myself visibly in my front door with semi-auto 12 ga at low ready knowing there are a dozen more rifles and shotguns pointed at that crowd.. If things escalated from there I would rely on instincts developed over 36 months as a grunt in Viet Nam, basic skills learned in the Marine Corps and years of street smarts from running with people who would scare YOU to death if they glanced in your direction.. But I’m sure a tough guy like you could handle 300 protesters all on your own…. And I appreciate the concern over my health but my last physical was near perfect BP 118/70, cholesterol 140 sugar at 87… But I might still have a lemon Oreo or two just because I can… And no, you don’t need tactical training to defend your house but is sure as fuck helps if you want to survive it..

        • How do you make 300 illegal protesters disappear. Open up on them with a large capacity rifle. You don’t even have to hit anyone or better yet use blanks. Since their empty cases are clearly identifiable from live round casings. Having the real thing handy for reload. Nothing left but trashed signs and the occasional pile of scared shitless feces. They are all paper lions who need their numbers in order to feel superior. Once they reach the property the really bad shit comes out. Leaving the best deterrent of all. Rotting bloated bodies.

        • This medical report is too incomplete for anonymous internet banter… After your afternoon nap I’m gonna require a full report. VA records, PSA numbers, ekg, etc, you know…. A full work up.

          If it’s not too much to ask please refrain from grumpily using the word “shit” in the updated report. That word tends to offend my secretary.

          Btw. Is breakfast in Sanford cancelled now?????

        • RV6Driver: Yeah I’ll get right on that shit for ya… The nap is a go for between two and three P.M. hypervigilance keeps me up 20 hours a day, can’t sleep at night,… Sanford will have to wait awhile, current events and an aversion to stupid high temps and humidity have made it necessary for me to relocate to my mountain abode for the summer…. Oh yeah, maybe you should get an adult secretary…

        • Ok MADDMAXX…. I think there’s only one way we can settle this “SHIT….”

          I challenge you to a push-up contest!!!!

          Since you’re in way better shape than me, you have to do one-armed push-ups.

          The loser has to buy breakfast in Sanford when temperature and humidity reach habitable levels…

          Let’s do this shit….. 😡

        • Okay Creepy Uncle Joe, you sure you wouldn’t rather run a foot race (not happenin’) or maybe we hunt down ol corn pop and shake chains at him… Who said I’m in better shape than you? Just because my doctor who’s 20 years younger than me is jealous of my labs means nothing… I intend to break the century mark and still be highly functional doing it, but I’ve got issues, bad back, arthritis, bad hip (holding out as long as I can stand it before replacement) decades of physically abusing the body have to catch up sometime…. When you play you gotta pay..

        • I’m just fuckin’ with ya dude. (Just like last time…) Glad you caught the Biden reference.

          It’s great you’re staying fit at 87. Like an ole’ battle tested rig.

          Semper Fi and stay frosty! 👊


          Next time your in Orlando. I’ll take ya up for an airplane ride. Now if you excuse me I have to go do some push-ups….

        • It’s great you’re staying fit at 87. Like an ole’ battle tested rig.

          Don’t rush it dude, I won’t see that “chronologically” until 2037….. The rest must be genetic, I eat and drink what I want when I want, definitely don’t exercise enough, whatever works.. Pass on the plane ride, last time up was 1975, worked ATC til Ronny fired everybody, no desire or need to fly since… Had a nice nap though thanks for asking…

        • AR doesn’t need a blank adaptor to be fired manually. Which would be a good idea if you may need it to fire real ammo quickly, otherwise you need to *remove* that adaptor. Maxx, you keep putting off that hip replacement, about the most fucked up 3 months of my life and I’ve had open heart surgery. REALLY not fun. Not real painful, just a massive PITA.

        • about the most fucked up 3 months of my life and I’ve had open heart surgery.

          Just not ready to be locked down and dependent on someone else for three months, pain is not an issue, other hip is catching up quickly and hopefully another couple years I can get the VA to spring for a twofer….

  26. The saying that police are minutes away needs to be updated to police won’t do their job. There weren’t any police in the videos, as society breaks down citizens need to protect themselves. The state had abandoned them. #SOCIALISMKILLS

    • It is more like, “When seconds count the cops are just…watching from a safe distance to see if you do something they can charge you with.”

  27. I seriously have to question the level of proficiency of both of the homeowners as well as their strategic thinking. Also if the Woman was someone who if I was walking down the street and I saw her doing the same thing would get a call to 911 (if I wasn’t committing the crime of trespassing that is).

    Personally I would have been armored up and carried a 12ga (in the event of flying incendiaries) with sidearm and extra mags. I would also keep my weapons at the low ready and not wave them around, but I’ve been trained (Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children) and have at least some experience with Perimeter defense, i doubt those two have ever been on a two way range.

    Considering from what I read the Mayor lives in that neighborhood if so it’s likely her protection unit was present, locking down her location and letting everyone else fend for themselves.

  28. This is pretty fucking cringey.
    Even in a castle doctrine state, you’ve got to be INSIDE your house.
    Your gated community isn’t INSIDE your house.

    In a Stand Your Ground state? Would a reasonably prudent person feel threatened to the point that they need to brandish?

    I’d argue a reasonably prudent person would have at least pointed their firearms from behind the cover of a window or a wall inside their house.

    Just ugly all around.

    • This is pretty fucking cringey.
      Even in a castle doctrine state, you’ve got to be INSIDE your house.
      Your gated community isn’t INSIDE your house.

      No, you don’t. It’s not generally true of castle doctrine statutes, and certainly is not specifically true for Missouri. You should probably read Missouri statute before asserting something like this.

      • Yeah – that’s an interesting statute. Places like Alabama don’t seem to have that “property” element in their law. Here, the law specifically refers to “dwelling” and “residence” without specifying property. Interesting.

    • How much property is covered by Castle Doctrine varies from state to state. The most restrictive ones limit it to the four walls of your home. Others include curtilage which is other parts of your property that you use regularly. A detached garage would be an example. Some states include your business and your automobile when you are inside it.

      Simple trespass is never justification for defense with deadly force. That changes when an intruder breaks into property covered by Castle Doctrine.

      Aside from their poor gun handling, I think this couple should have stayed indoors with their doors locked and their firearms loaded and close to hand.

      • Simple trespass is never justification for defense with deadly force. That changes when an intruder breaks into property covered by Castle Doctrine.

        Why do people keep falsely asserting this, without reading MO statute (helpfully cited and quoted here in this comments thread)?

        Your statement is simply false. Read the statute. “Dwelling” and “property” are both covered under separate clauses of the applicable statute.

        • From the website of the couple’s law firm. This appears to be boilerplate from the company that builds law firm websites, but still. Link just removed from the website.

          As a homeowner in Missouri, the one scenario you never want to find yourself in is defending your home against an intruder. The Missouri Castle Doctrine gives you the right to use forceful measures to protect yourself and prevent unlawful entry into your home, property and vehicle, which includes using a firearm. It is important to know your rights as they pertain to this law so you do not end up with criminal charges.

          In order for the Stand Your Ground Law to apply, there must be an unlawful entry. There are also other criteria your situation must meet. Here is a brief overview of your rights.

          You must be a legal occupant

          You cannot legally shoot someone breaking into or trespassing in a place where you do not live. To qualify for the protection of the doctrine, you must be a legal resident or guest. For example, you can pop up at someone’s home to chat with her or him on the porch, but if that person does not invite you inside and someone is trying to break into the home, you do not have the right to use your weapon to defend the property. Another example is if you stop by someone’s home and the homeowner has a guest who refuses to leave and becomes threatening, you cannot use your weapon to get that person out.

          There must be a need for deadly force

          Defending yourself because someone is entering your home is not enough for you to rightfully shoot an intruder. You must also believe the intruder intends to harm you. Not all trespassers physically attack their victims. You may prevent further intrusion by yelling at the trespasser and threatening to contact law enforcement. If you shoot an intruder and there is no threat of harm, you are abusing the Stand Your Ground law and the right to defend your property with a firearm.

          There may be times where you personally feel it is necessary for you to defend your property and life by shooting any person who attempts to break into your home or harm you while breaking into your home. But the law is very clear and easy for citizens to misinterpret. Unlawful and self-defense situations are not black and white. Many who find themselves with criminal charges from defending their properties benefit from speaking to attorneys.

        • The prose written on their website does not trump black letter law. Perhaps it was written before Missouri strengthened its castle doctrine statute? Who knows. In any case, the wording of the statute disagrees with what they wrote.

        • Hey, Sam!

          Stories about my one-time stomping grounds are always of interest. This one reminds me of my time dodging equally peaceful “protesters” during the Michael Brown saga.

  29. I wouldn’t be at ground level and outside if I could possibly avoid it.

    This situation calls for an elevated position, electronic muffs, sling, PC and an adult beverage of your choice. I’d also probably take the time to slap a can on the rifle.

    I’d be on my upper level deck, sitting on the railing and watching. With a tablet showing me the areas I can’t see from my position. But that’s just me.

      • I’m quite well aware of potential drawback to the position but it doesn’t worry me.

        If you’re close enough to see me in that position your question shouldn’t be if fucking around is a good idea,
        but rather why I’m not worried.

  30. The only thing these two are guilty of is not getting any appropriate training.

    If both of them had held the guns at a low ready with fingers outside the trigger guard, it would be all good.

    As is, the woman might have committed a crime. But then again, cops point their guns at non-violent suspects in order to gain compliance, every day.

    • DA is discussing charging them with brandishing.

      This same fact pattern happened where I lived and the guy got slapped with a brandishing charge.

      • I suspect they don’t care, as attorneys a defense is free, prosecution is not. County will likely tire before they do.

  31. Gun handling skills notwithstanding, when you’re confronted with threats of violence, you respond in kind! The ONLY reason these miscreants continue to destroy, pillage and whatever else they want is because not enough of them have taken away in body bags.

    • Correct ! When the rumor went out that the rioters were going to go out to rural homes, farms etc. , I started laughing. Talk about filling body bags, they were going to commit suicide doing that.

      • Words have meaning. Mob, maybe, protest, probably, riot, nope.

        A riot is a form of civil disorder commonly characterized by a group lashing out in a violent public disturbance against authority.

  32. They have every right to be on their property with guns. However from the various reporting – however good that might not be – it does not appear as if the protesters were being violent (they did trespass). The smarter move would have been to stay inside.

    • Checked out a few MSM pieces covering this incident. Surprise, surprise, no mention of private street or trespassing. The protesters were merely passing by on their way to protest the mayor.

      • Yep the local FOXtard “news” omitted the fact the “protestor’s” were there illegally trespassing…almost like they have an agenda?😩😖😏 Or they’re just STUPID.

        • Second Amendment plus Missouri laws protect us from gun control extremists.
          At same time, trespassing on a private street is not grounds for shooting
          someone. Missouri law includes a clause in which illegal use of a weapon
          includes many acts such as bringing a gun into a school or church.
          One clause specifically prohibits pointing a gun at someone for the
          purpose of intimidation. The couple’s lives were never endangered. They claimed,
          after the fact, that they were threatened with death, burning of their home and
          killing their dog. Shrewd attorney response: Don’t go crazy and try this in your
          gated community.

  33. Innocent people have been attacked with guns and other weapons by “peaceful” protestors. It takes just a second for the protest to violent. Some of these protestors have come from the inner city where illegal guns are widespread. Protestors have been calling for taking the violence to white neighborhoods. Saying the couple overreacted is somewhat disingenuous considering the circumstances.

    Their gun handling skills are less than adequate but we as gunowners tearing down this couple is just what the media wants us to do. We are hurting our own cause. If we are divided we are an easier target for the gun grabbers. Unrest and tearing down our history and heritage is the first step. The next will be taking guns away so we are easy prey. This is not about George Floyd, this is about taking power and revolution.

  34. These lawyers fooled everyone. Had they been dressed in camo with all the gear they would have looked the part and the crowd would have reacted. Think bull and dude with red cape.

    By dressing as they did the crowd saw them as a joke, funny to look at. They deescalated the fear and anger of the crowd by looking so lame.

    I would have gone for the Hawaiian shirt in a lawn chair look. Relaxed but ready to party!!

    • Exactly. Don’t be a LARPer and look like a boogaloo freak. In fact, I would have stood at the door, with the rifle leaning against the wall in the entrance, and a concealed semi-automatic on my belt.

      While carrying, I wear loose linen shirts, a wide-brimmed hat, and cargo shorts, but good footwear. I look like a tourist. No one is the wiser.

  35. They didn’t even have shoes on! I think even without training, defending from a mob should involve putting on footwear.

  36. Takes a confident man to wear a link shirt. Kudos.

    As for trigger discipline, not sure what I would be like telling 300 trespassers to “get off my lawn”.

    Not a big fan of “gated communities”, but they are evidently allowed.

    Less of a fan of trespassers. You are your own first responder.

    Also – whoever has the handgun should be on the phone with 5-0 or their private military force for some backup.

    • Doubt the crowd (protestors, mob, pick a term) were all that interested. They were headed to the Mayor’s mansion, not the personal injury lawyer’s mansion.

  37. Sorry but they violated rule #2. It would be much better if they were sitting on chairs with a table of lemonade filled glasses. And their guns pointed straight up.
    And the two of them smiling at the crowd.

    They could even post a sign.

    “The 1st amendment is great. But the 2nd Amendment is even greater.”

  38. A2 front sight and a carry handle?
    C’mon man get with the times ..but nonetheless old school got it done.
    Maybe with a mansion like that I’m thinking 2 LWRC s or 2 KNIGHTS ARMAMENT with a flattop rail and an ACOG ? And buy momma a nice lil AR PISTOL in 300 blk with a 40 rd stick…helllz yea.

  39. Pointing gun & having finger on trigger like that do nothing to help them other than drawing unnecessary criticism.
    Now they’re no longer victims in either civil or law capacities, and there is yet another reason to attack 2A community.

    This again proves why gun safety and training are important.

    I read somewhere that they are attorneys, or at least one of them is…

  40. This, rot cheer, mah friens is “white privilege”: gated community, nice homes, clean streets, gun owners displaying guns (it would be brandishing in my burg), people deciding to protect their things. This is the image “white privilege” is supposed to conjure up. People breaking into a gated community are the deprived, the oppressed, the rightful owners of everything. You cannot reason with a sub-culture that declares math to be “white privilege”

  41. You know the so called media is real quick to jump on this while overlooking that the so call protestors broke into this commuitey and that is what is know as breaking the law. Does one not have the right to protect ourselves? Regardless if they are not handling the weapons right they are trying to stop what has happen so many time when the mobs take over. Which so many of the left wing politicos are encourging. It is not peaceful when you break in is it??

  42. Dems demand shit, they never want to do the hard work part!

  43. If you are stupid enough to march up to a residence then you are stupid enough for anything. The march should have been stopped before it began.
    Demented marcher tactics are very close to the tactics of the KKK and nazi brown shirts. They will be stopped the easy way or the hard way.

        • Point is pick your battles, the group did not tear a gate down and target their house. They were heading to the Mayors house. Not worth all the hassle this couple is now getting.

        • But the “protestors” did tear a gate down. They tore down a metal gate to gain access to this private property from the public street.

        • I should add, when I took legal classes with lawyers in California on their instruction about the “homeowner’s presumption” (an early forerunner of castle doctrine laws), the question came up about “unlocked doors” and such.

          If the door isn’t open, ie, if you need to use any effort whatsoever to open a passage into a house, that is “breaking.” Crossing the threshold is then “entering.” It doesn’t matter that it took only fingertip pressure to push a door open. If the door was closed, and then pushed open, it is “breaking into” a property. The lawyers instructed us that’s why the “homeowner’s presumption” in California law is so important: You don’t need to get into debates about how they gained access, whether they kicked in a door, picked the lock or found the door unlocked. They entered without being invited or allowed by law.

          Here, the “protestors” entered a gated community that had signs indicating it was private property. They entered illegally, regardless of how they gained access.

          Private property is just that: Private.

        • @Dyspeptic There is video of the group opening and walking through the intact gate. I did see a later pic of the left side of the gate bent in half. That must have happened later. Weird.

        • “Point is pick your battles, the group did not tear a gate down and target their house.”

          The homeowner begs to differ.

          In an interview with the local news he claims that they busted the gate while he was on his patio near said gate, and upon being informed that the area was private property the group mobbed his house shouting threats of arson, murder and to kill the family dog as well. He further claims that weapons, including firearms, were brandished by members of the mob during the threats.

        • but who?

          Are you suggesting that pink shirt dude and crazy eyed lady “conspired” to damage the gate to make a trespassing, unruly threatening mob LOOK bad?

        • Wanton, unnecessary destruction from coast to coast, who could even guess what kind of person would destroy this gate (probably several thousand dollars in damage) after everybody already passed through. What a mystery!

      • “pink shirt was not the target”

        Just exactly how was he supposed to know that given that they were walking up his driveway? Were they yelling “we’re just going to the mayor’s mansion, you’re safe!”? I didn’t hear that did you? Or maybe he should’ve been watching CNN and they would have told him. Please think before you post, you make yourself sound stupid.

        • Funny the media didn’t provide the audio, because it is damaging to the protesters. They were antagonistic. The couple was in their right and followed the law. Be smart liberals and understand all facts….it’s called the truth, before engaging mouth.
          Sometime think of what you would need to do if the same circumstance affected you. Go home to mommy?

  44. Are you kidding me right now? They had a mob tear down their gate and approach their home with intent, and you’re whining about trigger discipline? I’ll give you the muzzle sweep on his old lady, but if I’m unlucky enough to be in the same situation, you bet your ass my finger will be on the trigger because I will be READY TO SHOOT, which is precisely when it’s supposed to be there.

      • The property, including the entire neighborhood is posted “Private Property” One can clearly see the sign beside the gate. Whether the gate was open or shut or locked or unlocked is not important. Legally the protesters were trespassing as soon as they entered the gate. In addition the route the protesters used is not the direct route to the mayors residence. For some reason, possibly to intimidate, the organizers of the protest chose to use a circuitous route through the neighborhood to the mayors residence!

  45. What I laughed at was all the ‘tweets” to DOX or get the couple fired by Monday

    Well if you live in and can afford a 2 MILLION DOLLAR home and OWN your own law firm….you are not DOXing shit or getting anyone fired

    and I bet their clientele GOP members or conservatives triples with this free ad time!

    • I remain utterly shocked – shocked, I tell you – that these BLM incidents keep bringing all of the collectivists (communists, socialists, fascists) out of the woodworks. It’s almost as if the two are connected, somehow.

      • It’s almost as if the two are connected, somehow.

        Funny how that works… (not funny ha-ha…. funny weird)….

    • 2 million….are you kidding? That is a 3 to 5 million $ home. My house is 1.1 and it ain’t EVEN close…..A million dollars today ain’t shit!

    • @Cy, Pistol appears to be a Walter PP, or PPK of a clone of one. Considering who they are, most likely a PPK, Not the best self defense handgun in the world, but when it’s pointed at you… do you care?

      • Actually that’s a Taurus Soectrum. I bought one at Rural King for $129. Crappy little gun… …but it does throw Lead.

  46. @chip bennett – 100% correct. I live in a condominium, and our association literally owns the street. We pay for our own street maintenance, snow removal, garbage pickup, etc.

    The entrance is posted as private property, though not gated. The “cut throughs” where joggers and dog walkers like to come through our woods to our street are also posted. But few people seem to grasp the concept that a street could be privately owned, despite the signage. I am constantly introducing myself to people I don’t know, asking what unit they live in or are visiting, and if the answer is “none” I politely let them know that they are on private property. Most people move along peacefully, except for democrat political operatives who insist on droning on about their favorite candidate and aggressively claiming they have a right to be there even after being asked to move on.

    This past weekend, there was another BLM rally in the center of town. Peaceful. And no-one encroached on our private property. As I listened to the sounds in the distance, I did wonder whether I would present an armed presence in the event of trespassing. My plan was to be armed and concealed and to alert 911 to trespassers. I don’t think I would have done what this couple did, but I don’t fault them for it either.

  47. I have lived in two States where having a gun rack with a weapon is brandishing. Hawaii and California. I moved and will never go back. I would not want my picture on the internet holding a weapon as they did.
    I would have stayed inside looking out from anyone of my rooms which have one or more weapons loaded and chambered. With a smirk on my face.

  48. Actually I support the homeowners armed pro2@ reaponse! A hostile mob entered a “private gated community of homes.” I’m glad they live in “free-state..” If they lived in Massachusetts, their money and status would have got them the privilege to get an LTC/FID card permits… But the “peaceful Leftist SJW Red Guard revolutionary mob” would have had more rights than the homeowners in MA. The Leftist Revolutionary Mob would have been able to have the homeowners firearms and self defense weapons confiscated by local police department (Red Flagged by Red Guard). Since according to most Demo- authoritarian politicians and and MA Leftist STASI police…There is no 2nd Amendment in MA. , Only a police issued and state approved privilege…..So the Leftist Revolutionary protester mob would have had more rights of course, and the bill of rights be damned….

    • Oh well…fk MA authorities then…. they could TRY to red flag me, but my guns would’ve been “sold” or”lost” before the police arrived lol….

      • Unfortunately its a crime not to report lost or stolen firearms by a LTC/FID card-Permit holder. Its also a violation/crime NOT to report a change of address of the LTC/FID holder if you move. Within 30 days notice to the both the police department in your town and the new town your moving to…And a letter of notification to the MA state firearms record bureau….So yes, Massachusetts is STASI police state

        • …And yes….The Demo-Authoritarians, their STASI Police Departments (towns/city/state), and our RINO Globalist Governor. Charlie ‘the barker’ Baker, (who takes orders from our leftist LGBTQ+ Authoritarian General ; Maury Healey…) Use selective enforcement of the State and National Constitutions….And OUR Bill of Rights..Along with the assistance of THEIR Leftist Appointed activist Massachusetts Judges…Usually with the help of an eraser to pick and choose what “constitutional rights” a MA resident may get on a a daily basis….

  49. You guys underestimate the power of pink. I can bring home an endless parade of J-frames as long as they’re wearing pink grips. I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of a $28 set of pink grips.

  50. Who watches “don lemon” anyway????…
    . Who fkn cares what that low IQ individual has to say……

  51. All of the pansy’s whining about the actions of these 2 people protecting themselves and property from the savages and anarchist is a right we have as free Americans regardless of weapons training. Just shut up and be expecting this to happen a hell of a lot more and I’m sure there will eventually be some serious shot outs in the future if the government can’t get all of these savage led mobs under control because if they don’t we will definitely be seeing a huge WAR that I would gladly participate in.

    • “WAR that I would gladly participate in.”

      Only someone who’s never fought would make a statement like that. Be careful what you ask for.

  52. Did these idiots think to call the Police? Did they see any weapons? I believe there were kids in the protest. I think if the couple were not racists they might have asked one of the protesters what this was about and found out the march was peaceful and no threat to him or his property. . I mean there were children in the protest. Only a racist would think a Black person would endanger his or her child.

  53. Being armed, smart. Standing outside with guns displayed, dumb. Going outside and pointing guns at people (and each other) for no good reason because you’re scared… charge em with brandishing.

    • “because you’re scared”

      Sorry dude but that’s a big part of most statues though it does not appear to be part of MO’s. Everyone seems to assume they somehow knew that these were protesters and were on their way to the mayor’s home. The fact is it is unlikely the homeowners had any inkling of why the protesters were there or that they were protesters and not rioters/looters.

    • Lies and delusions.

      He apparently fell for the white nationalists’ and foreign agents’ fake ANTIFA twitter accounts saying they would take the revolution to the suburbs. And he is being mislead by Republicans saying Jewish people are sending in buses of ANTIFA.

      Those protesters went their because they wanted to find the mayor for doxxing critics. They were not there to mess with those people. Those people approached protesters and pointed guns at them. The lawyer knows he can’t do that because it’s not his property and he can’t claim fear when he went outside and got closer to the mob.

      The lawyers didn’t want their expensive house to get damaged and made a decision before protesters ever came around there. They didn’t think thing through in the moment. His wife could be charged for her multiple counts of a criminal act when she pointed a gun at people.

      • Ummm. are they not “taking it to the suburbs”? LOL! They have failed everywhere else. Their own are turning against them. Who cares what he believed, it’s true. These people are not peaceful. They threaten people every single time they protest. Ever. Single. Time. And those smaller protests that have allowed themselves to be manipulated by these idiots are all young kids with no responsibilities, of all races. Fuck you are annoying dude.

  54. Survival is the strongest instinct. Unless one has been in a cave, it is natural to go into survival mode in this scenario. Anyone faulting this couple for anything is a fool. It is indeed a shame every home owner out there was not doing exactly the same thing. Antifa is going to force someone to shoot and probably kill them. I dread it but they need to stay away from private residences, especially those located inside a gated community.

    • I believe with a huge heart that he did what was right. He has the right to protect his house and family including the dog. Animals are like family to some people. So if I was in his shoes I would do whatever necessary to protect mine weather is with or without a gun. We can’t let these people over run our Constitutional rights and put fear in everyday normal living humanity

    • Already happened in AZ where a man attacked by a group of “protesters” shot one of them. He was arrested. The governor said this is horrible and he will be held accountable. How about the guy with the skateboard hitting him? OH he was just a poor innocent bystander.

  55. Pointing the gun was a crime. Trespassing was a crime.

    The assault with a deadly weapon is far worse under the law. You can’t use deadly force for trespassing especially when it’s not even your own property. We already know the restrictions on citizen’s arrest. They’re lawyers they should know that already.

    • It was their property. It was a private gated community, not a HOA. They were well withing their rights. Also, who the fuck cares? Are you really going to act like you have any idea what the intention of these people who are known for rioting and looting is? They have one idea in mind: purge. You keep trying to defend them like anyone gives a fuck if they break “the law” anymore. Obviously, police are not enforcing it on them, so why should a private gated community care if they have to kill everyone of them to feel safe? Welcome to the chaos. It’s clear you’ve chose the near sighted side. As if we didn’t already know…

      Also, you can find 10,000 videos to “prove” your biased opinion, but they never actually relate to the scenario you are crying about.

        • Why are you showing a video from Virginia, which quotes the Code of Virginia, when this took place in St. Louis which is under the Missouri Revised Statutes?

        • The Virginia guy is stupid and brandishing he could have just politely informed them that they were trespassing and ask them to leave. I have done that with trespassers on my ranch. I granted I had a holstered gun on my belt which is common here with locals. What is uncommon is just having just one weapon.

        • Get a clue dipshit , If you come onto private property owned by me you will be in multiple gun sights for the entire time you are trespassing. Don’t like guns aimed at you don’t be a dipshit. Stay away from private property

    • This is neither assault with a deadly weapon, nor is it use of deadly force, it is nothing more than brandishing a firearm! Grow up perv!

  56. I would support this couple in any manner possible. I am an American Patriot, An anti rioter, believe in the 2nd amendment. The demonstrators ruined community/private/association property for unauthorized entry.
    Check out Missouri gun laws and castle doctrine
    Available on website.
    Listen to the ignorant and you are no better.
    The mayor lived in the neighborhood. Why not open the gate for them, but as usual the demos
    can’t resist destruction for liberal news media.
    The demos could have as easily stood out but n front of the gate.
    There is no excuse for demonstrators who can’t abide by the rules of laws.

  57. That guy being interviewed in front of his VERY NICE POOL should be careful. He is very privileged and they will be after him to take that away from him soon so he might want to arm himself.

  58. This action was totally justifiable. Armed terrorists break down your gate and approach you with firearms? Game on. These two expressed extreme restraint. The choice of weapons was in question: I prefer a M1A and a Glock 35 or 34, but obviously a personal choice.

    • I would be OK with the PPK if it was at least in .380 but judging from the bore size I’d guess that’s a 22. Definitely a poor choice as you might have to mag dump just to stop one person. Love the M1A/M14 too but a little heavy for crowd control.

      • .22’s require knee shots to put them on the ground without killing them , eye or neck shots will be fatal if no EMS is on scene within seconds .

        • “.22’s require knee shots to put them on the ground without killing them ,…”

          Heard that one behind each kneecap was an old IRA favorite treat.

  59. OK. I’ve read the posts here and on the other forums and while there are a few supportive of this couple. The larger majority here are negative and it is mostly on their gun handling skills. Frankly, all of you negative ninnies can stuff it. This was a high stress situation involving a couple who most likely never thought it would actually happen in their neighborhood and to them. The fact that they stood up against the mob and didn’t lose control of the situation and hose these “people” down the moment they stepped on the lawn is a miracle. And they were TOLD that the cops were not going to show up. The best you all can do is to learn from what happened to this couple and firm up the deficiencies of your own home defenses.

  60. just like a bunch of lawyers. she’s holding it like threatening with a dangerous cocktail at a party, and he’s displaying it like an actor in a commercial for gardening equipment.

    no idea what to do with them, or how to use them, all they have is their fantasies.

    • Man, some of the people on this site now, this used to be such a great forum..

      Snowflakes, Dweebs, Trolls, Trolling Dweeb Snowflakes.. It will be that way til Nov. 3rd (hopefully they won’t feel the need beyond that)

        • I keep saying, If Trump looses the election the left will allow us to celebrate Christmas this year. If he wins, The 2020 Christmas Shopping season will be canceled due to Leftist civil unrest.
          All I want for Christmas is a couple level III+ plates and a carrier 🙂

        • If Trump looses the election the left will allow us to celebrate Christmas this year.

          Sorry guy, the delusion that the left will lighten up if Trump loses is at best wishful thinking.. If Biden is elected “POTUS for a day” there will be outbreaks of total anarchy in every Dim run city in the country, the left will feel empowered and it will be open season on conservatives in general and ALL white people specifically.. Don’t start breaking out those Christmas lights just yet, and don’t wait til Christmas for your plates and carrier…

        • “and don’t wait til Christmas for your plates and carrier”

          I had mentioned that hoping Santa Claus would see it and (knowing what a good boy I’ve been this year) might bring me what I need. Spent every single cent of expendable income(and emptied my savings) on vehicle repairs. I drive for a living, so no car, no job. I was lucky to have had the foresight to stock up on ammo in 2019 when I had the cash. The priority right now is to top off the food stores. Lock down was a good test run to gauge actual resource needs long term. I’m not quite as ready as I thought I was.

        • Nov 4 will be total societal breakdown,

          Unfortunately, you are most likely correct, and I fear that’s true no matter who wins….

  61. the armed couple has overshadowed the protester carrying the sign reading: “Respect Us”. Good grief, here is a protester who has broken into private property, wearing a mask, is trespassing and carrying a sign demanding respect! Someone should tell him that you can only demand respect when you command it. All the behavior listed here is definitely not commanding respect from anyone other than the police who will haul your cheeks off to jail where the protester will shout brutality. They are so needy.

  62. I agree with what they did, probably would do the same. I do have a problem with his hypocrisy. They were interviewed, and their lawyer has spoke for them. They are civil rights attorneys, who have made their money suing police and such for violations. They claim all their clients are people of color, and they support BLM….quote from their lawyer…”McCloskeys have each practiced law for more than 30 years have and “their practices have included, on an ongoing basis, representing individuals in pursuit of protection of their civil rights.”

    “One hundred percent of my client’s clients in those cases have been people of color,” Watkins said.

    I work with a bunch of liberal defense lawyers, a few have guns but don’t shoot them…they just have them at home. They are for the most part anti 2nd amendment, unless they are threatened. And, they will ask me for ammo since they don’t have any. Sadly I have to tell them I don’t have any, but will look for them…..

  63. I just read some of the most ridiculous comments about arming and defending one’s self and property. Whether rich or poor these folks did
    what they did out of fear. If these young pukes would get their ass’s
    off the streets and get a job there wouldn’t be any need to have discussion about proper handling of weapons. To start with you can
    learn a lot about guns in a if you think you are in harm’s way.
    This is not about black lives matter. This is kids being paid to disrupt
    our political system ! Lock them up and get rid of their money supply.
    We have folks who fight and die for law and order. Apparently these people don’t have any love of freedom.

  64. After seeing the interview on local media everything makes sense now. The wife did not have trigger discipline because she does not know how to handle a gun. Some of those “peaceful” protesters were armed and many were wearing body armor. The “protesters” forced open a gate and were trespassing on private property.
    To be honest those people were foolishly brave. I would have been inside my house clutching my rifle while peeping through the blinds. The fear of seeing a mob of two to three hundred people storming into a private neighborhood while shouting threats and obscenities and this couple had the guts to confront them.

  65. Did you hear that Rasheed say, “AK?” Shouldn’t a network commentator know the difference between an AK-47, highly illegal, and an AR-15, still legal? This asswipe not only called a hunting rifle, an assault rifle, by extension, but renounced a couple for resorting to firearms to prevent an illegal mob, trespassers, from coming on to their property. I don’t know if MO has “stand your ground ” laws, or not. But, criminal trespassing is an arresting offense; and not one of these”journalists” mentioned anything about that; like as if they were cheering on these rioters, looters, vandals, arsonists, and murders for what they were doing: committing crimes, without any law enforcement presence whatsoever; they were free to keep it up. Good for that couple. The mob leader, kept saying, “Move on.” Good call, folks. Deterrence is the best weapon against mob anarchy.

    • Esqueeze me? Where is an AK-47 illegal? They’re not as common as ARs, but there are still zillions of them around.

      • Where is an AK-47 illegal?

        I wondered the same thing as I have two “real” AKs which are questionable and no longer legal for import but kept “secured”, not aware that they are illegal to own…

    • Since when does a “Common Tater” bother to check facts, or to learn anything about what he is talking about?
      Before bashing 2A, how about the RESPONSIBLE exercise of the 1A?!

  66. When our GUTTLES political leaders WILL NOT enforce the law…….this is what is going to happen!
    If you defend your self and your property. This time no one was hurt. The politicians want someone hurt!
    Make no mistake about it, they do NOT care if your Black, White, Hispanic or any other race gender…..etc!
    They only want more control!!
    Do Not be Decived!!

  67. You all are stupid if you think that that’s rong to use a lethal weapon towards or at Someone. Think about this you own a 10 million dollar mansion do you whana pay 5 million back into that bc of stupid people I sure wouldn’t. The rioters shouldn’t have whent past that gate after all it’s a ( private neighborhood ) just think about all that. Believe me Somone 50 ft away from me with a brick or somthing of some sort and starts walking with there arm drawled they would be laying to the ground.

  68. This is what this country is coming to if the liberal moronic leaders continue their do nothing ways. We have the right to protect our lives and property. A picture sends a clear message.

  69. I’m sure that they have a HOA! If it’s gated then the streets and sidewalks are owned by the people not the city, county or state. So the so called protestors were trespassing from the moment they entered the gate. You have a right to protect life, limb and property that belongs to you. Yes it looks like they need some weapons training, but they get an “A” for trying. Protest outside on public property but stay off of private property. Someone will die if this keeps up!!!!!

  70. Hmmm. Democrats with guns and a Trump wall. But he didn’t have finger on trigger and never pointed at a person from what I saw. She on the other hand was pointing gun at people with finger on trigger. Don’t know what the pull on that trigger was but she could have accidentally discharged weapon.

  71. NO EXCUSE FOR LACK OF GUN SAFETY. It takes very little training, and just imagine what the left-wing ultra-liberal talking heads would have made out of a negligent discharge! A few hours of training in an NRA BASIC firearms class is all that’s needed.
    As to “standing guard” to protect MY home, guaranteed I’be out there with more than an AR and a pistol. My wife & I would have pistols in our holsters, and shotguns with 00 Buck.
    We’ve had threats. NO LOCKED GUN SAFE, AND NO TRIGGER LOCKS. We both have carry permits, and have guns ready. [Why open? No kids, and no visitors, and as I said, we have had threats. We even had a mid-day forcible home invasion – I chased them off. — Police station is only 5 minutes away, and the police can get here in as little as 20 – 30 minutes in an emergency…..]

  72. I’m tired of this story already… we understand they have no gun handling skills.. neither do all the gang bangers . It would be a great documentary to watch the firefight between a bunch of ignorant assholes that don’t know what they are doing. If they kill each other it would be a win win , fewer lawyers and fewer protesting gang bangers. And most of both sides are Democrats anyway so who is really going to care much?

  73. It’s interesting how all these articles gloss over the fact that these protestors broke down a gate and ARE TRESPASSING. Why is it suddenly OK to do that just because this is a white couple? The same thing when criminals try to grab a cop’s gun from the cop’s holster. There are repercussions for poor decisions, something parents clearly aren’t teaching their kids anymore. What on earth was the couple supposed to do when they see a crowd coming down their PRIVATE road. Side note: where is the security for this neighborhood? Another ironic thing is that black people are crying out against the injustices against them going back to slavery…yet it seems their solution is to make all white people experience every single one of those injustices themselves. 2 wrongs make a right I guess in their eyes. Except all they are doing is causing more of a divide.


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