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After Orlando shooting, gay leaders train sights on guns – “The group that included Evan Wolfson, often described as the architect of the modern same-sex marriage movement, was there for action. The participants discussed how to mobilize the same grassroots machinery that moved marriage equality from political pipe dream to reality in a matter of years, this time in the name of gun safety.

Springfield CrossCannon_2016 small“That meeting was the first of many solidifying an alliance between advocates for gun control and gay rights. Prominent leaders in both movements have created a working group, hashed out strategy and are planning a Washington, D.C., rally that aims to capitalize on one of the hallmarks of the gay rights movement – street-level activism.” It’s failed before and it likely will again.


This should make everyone feel much better. Apple replaces the pistol emoji with a water gun – “The gun swap is just one of a number of emoji changes the company announced on Monday. It will also introduce new and revamped emojis that show women doing stereotypically male jobs like detective, construction worker, and police officer. There are new female athletes, a pride flag, and family options for single parents. The water gun swap is not Apple’s (AAPL, Tech30) first foray into cartoon gun control. Earlier this year the governing body in charge of emojis nixed a proposed rifle emoji.” And people wonder at the anti-PC appeal of a Donald Trump.


Shut up, peasant! Accused of illegally banning guns in courthouse, Waller County sues guns rights activist – “Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis last month filed suit — seeking a declaratory judgment — against gun rights advocate Terry Holcomb over his complaint that the county is violating state law by banning guns in the entirety of its courthouse. Holcomb, executive director of Texas Carry, had filed the complaint under a new state law that allows Texans to challenge local ‘no guns’ policies. The measure toughened a 2003 law that said gun license holders can carry at most property ‘owned or leased by a governmental entity.'”

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 8.18.29 AM copy

Surveillance video shows Gator players firing BB guns into dorm – “The University of Florida Police department released a video on Monday of freshman wide receivers Rick Wells of Jacksonville and Tyrie Cleveland of Houston shooting BB guns into the Keys Dorm. The video was released as the result of a public records request by the Independent Florida Alligator. The two players are under suspension after they were charged with shooting into a dwelling and criminal mischief causing property damage at $1,000 or more. Both charges are felonies and punishable by a combined 20 years in prison.” Yes, that was stupid, but c’mon…twenty years for a BB gun?


No. Next question. Firearm Tech – Are Smart Guns Even Realistic? – “The biggest concern from people is that at the critical moment, a firearm cannot fail. With that in mind, designing a piece of technology gets more difficult by an order of magnitude. Wireless becomes tricky because of the possibility of jamming, biometrics becomes tricky because of gloves, dirt, sweat, and all kinds of things that usually prevent biometrics from working, and timing becomes tricky because it has to work just as quickly as taking the safety off. Guns already fail for lots of mechanical reasons, but adding in electronics and electromechanical components adds dozens more points of failure.” Pretty much what gun guys have been saying for years.

Springfield Armory Daily Digest - Guns for Votes, Libertarian Leanings, and a Scofflaw Priest">Previous Post
Springfield Armory Daily Digest: ATF Impunity, Germany's Irish Democracy, and Gays Against Guns">Next Post


  1. The entire “Let’s hold hands and light candles” movement to stop being victimized is pure idiocy. I love the scenes of the idiot Liberals with their candles lit holding hands. What is wrong with people who think that is somehow going to stop mad dogs killers from slaughtering people? Sorry, but too much time in Islamic hellholes like Iraq, Afghanistan, and the West bank to ever think they care about peace and love.

    • Mikial, the kumbaya crowd doesn’t know what the real world is like, nor could they survive in it. But for them they can practice their “street level activism” safely here due to the sacrafices of others.

    • If you ever read the book “Shooter” it portrays what happens to these people in the real world……. Long story short the liberated Iraqis offered to kill these white privlaged peace protestors with machettes at Firdos Square as Sadam’s statue was coming down. The Eurotrash protestors were calling the Marines baby killers and the Iraqis didn’t appreciate it. Marines had to save the protestors’ lives.

  2. A match made in heaven, civil rights activists and rights violation activists…

    As for the Gators, it sounds more like 20 years for vandalism over $1000…but who cares when the media likes to toss around maximum sentences at arraignment as if they’re likely sentences, when a fine and probation are far more likely.

    • What about the so-called “gun rights” groups that violate the laws and rights of human beings everyday.

      What about the people who are unfairly injuried or killed by so called “pro-gun” activists.

      Why do innocent people have to suffer to promote the heavily debunked nihilistic agenda you people promote.

      • Looks like a troll lost his bridge.

        Ya mad bro?

        To paraphrase and adapt a famous movie quote:

        “I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a lifeform who clearly can’t control his/her/zur animal emotions and then demands everybody else lives only the way you demand we live. I’d rather you’d just be open about your desire to force your will on everybody and be honest with us. Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon, and indulge your violent desires. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to.”

      • While the publisher of this blog respects your First Amendment rights enough to allow you to post here (which is more than we can say for the anti-gun web sites who delete and ban any comment that challenges their world view), I must ask, exactly what rights are we violating? And if we are violating people’s civil rights, why aren’t we being arrested?

        Every gun owner I know is more respectful of other people’s honest-to-God civil rights than the typical progressive loudmouth.

      • Well, I’m an selfish prick. So, I can live with it just fine. Run along now and let the grown ups talk about grown up things.

      • …heavily debunked nihilistic agenda you people promote

        What nihilistic agenda? Since when is promotion of civil and individual rights nihilistic? Since when is freedom of owning things so long as you aren’t hurting anyone nihilistic? Since when is pursuit of happiness, personal responsibility, and freedom nihilistic??

    • I agree they won’t get serious time but I deeply suspect that their lives are basically over because of this.

      When I was in college everything changed after Virginia Tech. The next year two freshman were having an airsoft fight, wearing masks and everything. Someone called and said they saw people with guns. Instant campus wide lock down. Both kids end up on their faces with 10+ cops pointing pistols, rifles and shotguns at them and then arrested. Bad enough right?

      Nah. They got booted from the university permanently and hit with multiple felonies. They plead them out to no prison time but they were pleading to felonies so they lost their gun rights, right to vote and are blackballed from most higher learning institutions for life. They likely will never find decent work because they’re not convicted felons.

  3. Embrace the 27 words…Luke I am your second amendment.

    Apple…I’m not upgrading, keeping my gun. ????

    20 years for plinking BB’s…fun running gets you a cell block. They’ll get off.

    Electronic controls on armaments. As someone who builds and coordinates electronic controls on equipment…I cannot contain my laughter.

    Signs signs
    Everywhere there’s signs
    Fing up the scenery
    Breaking my mind
    Do this, don’t do that
    Can’t you read the sign

    • And the sign said: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

      But they wouldn’t read the sign…

      • Do this: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State…”

        Don’t do that: “shall not be infringed.”

  4. I support groups like pink pistols who inject some sanity into the mix. And if the lunatic happy folk want to be unarmed so be it. And what’s the cutoff point for emojis? If squirt guns are deemed “bad” will they do finger/poptart gunz??? It’s all soooo confusing to my OFWG self…

  5. What is needed is a rainbow Gadsden flag emoji.

    Any artists in TTAG?

    Anyone? Beuller? Beuller?

  6. Here the thing with smart guns and liberals. They saw it on TV or movies, so it must be real. This is the extent of many liberals knowledge of firearms. How else does Carolyn McCarthy thing a barrel shroud is the Predator should laser cannon?

  7. We have a biometric print reader time clock at the shop I’m in. When we had to set up, I used my pinky because my other finger prints change at any point during the day. Seems I fry my finger tips from hot titanium or get glue or molten resin on them daily. My pinky finger is the least affected. Even at that, sometimes it takes several try’s to punch in or out.
    I’ll keep my dumb guns.

    • I have a very expensive laptop with biometric fingerprint reader that is not at all reliable. I have a biometric fingerprint reader on my new cell phone that is sort of reliable, as in it works between 75 and 85% of the time. My decades of computer experience lead me to one overriding conclusion: electrical systems fail far more often than mechanical ones and when mechanical systems fail, they are generally easier failures to correct.

      Suppose you have a cop who absolutely must fire a shot to save the life of an innocent person, his gun must succeed when he lines up his sights and pulls the trigger. What happens with a “smart” gun? You multiply the possibility for successfully firing the needed shot that the mechanical system is capable of, say 99%, with the possibility of a successful firing of a needed shot by the add on electrical system maybe 85 to 90 percent, and the net result is the cop having his gun fail to function perhaps ten to twelve percent of the time. Oops, now you have to multiply that times the number of shots the cop needs to fire to stop the threat, because frequently cops miss completely. How many more dead or wounded cops (or civilians) will you have because they had to depend on an unreliable system.

      If the politicians want to push this, then their protective details should be required to use only the new “smart” guns for a minimum of say 20% of the time purely mechanical guns have been in use and development before they ask cops to carry them. After cops have carried them for at least half that period of time the regular citizens might be more willing to adopt the system. Since the first recorded use of a gun was in 1364 and it is now 2016, that would give them 130 years to get the bugs worked out for the cops, or persuade them it is just a bad idea anyway. As a side effect, the citizens get the benefit of stupid politicians being cleared from the gene pool.

      • Those laptop print readers are notoriously easy to spoof.

        Not sure about other versions of that tech – not that it matters, it has no business on a gun.

        These people will not be satisfied with anything, they wanted locks and they got locks. They want smart guns, microstamping, whatever it is, were they to get it they would just go on to demand another thing.

        No is the answer.

  8. It’s getting close to the point where the Nation needs to be split up. Obama and his fellow liberal-progressives have so divided the people that we will never again be united on anything.

    No need for violence, just vote on it county by county. If people don’t like the way their county votes, they can move. There can be little blue nations and little red nations and everyone can be happy and surrounded by their own kind.

  9. I just don’t get emojis. For what it’s worth, I’m 21 and love my technology (though I can easily go without it, as evidenced by my considerable amount of backpacking experience), and at the moment, I’m sitting at my laptop typing this, with my phone less than 2 feet away, and my Xbox controller also on the same desk. Plus my TV remote. And I JUST. DON’T. FREAKING. GET. EMOJIS. Ok, a winkey or smiley face, yeah. But WHY THE HELL ARE THERE 3,000 GODDAMN EMOJIS! I read some article the other day about how to flirt using the new slew of emojis Apple just added, and the only thing I could think was, “Why?” God, I hate hookup culture. Everything about it is wrong.

  10. Someone needs to paint up an old pistol in those emoji colors and show it blowing up broken iphones and other Lefty icons.

  11. Even if there are aspects of smart guns that are realistic functionally the actual idea they will prevent suicidal people or criminals from using them are simply absurd. Let me give you some insight from Armatix:




    The original gun in the diagram appears to be some sort of “Safe Action” pistol ala Glock. The electronic safety would function very similarly to the pin that blocks the striker and prevents a discharge on drop. To actually disable this all you’d need to do is file a bit on piece 170, or remove it entirely. It could be as simple as a few minutes with a Dremel after the gun is taken down, or omission of parts on re-assembly. Regardless not something super complex.

  12. Apple, Facebook, Twitter, all this politically correct action is a good sign. First, it’s desperation to think any of that actually makes a difference, and it shows they’ve given up on the seemingly obvious ideas, which means they aren’t working. Second, any business which makes business decisions for non-business reasons will lose money from the inefficient decisions, and lose customers who don’t appreciate products with inefficient designs. That’s why the best defense against bigotry is to let the bigots have at it — let them show their true colors. If it only costs them 1% of their business, that’s more than the non-PC competitors are losing, and they will fail. Microsoft made tons of bad business decisions for non-business reasons — treating their customers with contempt, trying to lock them in and make them buy upgrades they didn’t need — and it gradually cost them market share from inefficiency alone. Apple, Facebook, Twitter, they will all fade that much sooner from their bad business decisions and inefficiency.

  13. Depending on laws to save your life is what leads to dozens of people getting killed in a nightclub in the first place. Or maybe by a truck going down the street.

  14. Love that picture, classic misrepresentation of what is really happening.

    Couple dozen people lie down in the street to demonstrate. Picture shows large crowd beyond implying larger crowd and therefore implying larger support.

    If they don’t want guns that’s groovy. They don’t get to tell me I can’t have guns.

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