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Brace yourself for a shock. The ATF Is Illegally Hoarding American Gun Owners’ Personal Information – “A government report discovered the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) illegally stockpiles gun owners’ personal information. The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), the go-to federal oversight agency, conducted an audit of ATF and found it does not remove certain identifiable information, despite the law explicitly mandating it do so. GAO conducted reviews for four data systems, and concluded at least two of ATF’s systems violated official protocols.” Is anyone really surprised by this? Anyone?


Gun Control Fail: Germany Has 4 Illegal Guns for Every Registered Firearm – “According to data from the German Firearms Register, there are almost 5.5 million guns in private ownership belonging to 1.4 million people. But research by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in January estimated there are up to 20 million illegal firearms in Germany.” It’s almost as if criminals (and a lot of otherwise law-abiding citizens) don’t comply with strict gun control laws.


What America Thinks: Why Are Americans Buying Guns at a Record Pace? – “Twenty-three percent (23%) of American Adults say they or someone in their family have bought a gun in the past year. Sixty-six percent (66%) say most gun purchases are for self-defense. Only five percent (5%) think people buy a gun to commit a criminal act. Most Americans remain unconcerned about their safety around those who have legal permits to carry concealed weapons. Forty percent (40%) say the presence of more Americans with concealed weapons will decrease the number of people killed in violent incidents in America. Thirty-one percent (31%) think it will increase violent incidents instead, but one-in-five say more concealed carry permits will make no difference either way.”

A reader attended the NSSF’s Annual Import/Export Conference in DC yesterday and shot the above video of a Gays Against Guns protest. As he tells us, “At various times they chanted ‘no gun control, no peace’ and ‘no gun reform, no peace.’  In my opinion, when they say ‘no peace’ they are threatening to disrupt the peace if they don’t succeed in stripping others of the right to self-defense.  That strikes me as a ironic—no peace unless they succeed in stripping you of the right to defend yourself. They also called for a boycott of Marriott for allowing NSSF to meet at their hotel.  So they seem to oppose the Second Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms and the First Amendment’s right to free speech and assembly.  Strangely, their flyer said, “With love in HEART + freedom of MIND.” George Orwell was not available for comment.

Springfield Armory Daily Digest: (Some) Gays Gearing Up, PC Emojis, and Smart Gun Fun">Previous Post
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  1. Is it just me or do those Counter Terrorist Specialist Firearms Officers (CTSFO) with all their gear look more like Ghostbusters than a SWAT team?

    • No, it’s not just you. The grey is an… unfortunate choice of color, though at least the Brits are smart enough to have a visual distinction between heavily armed cops and soldiers, unlike here in the US where we sometimes issue our cops multicam uniforms….

      • Well, if you think about it, grey is possibly not a bad color for urban camo. I always though cops in woodland or desert camo in cities were pretty silly. It’s like, “what exactly are you trying blend in with?”

        • Desert camo isn’t too awful in urban environments. I would prefer police wear solid-color uniforms (preferably medium blue, khaki/FDE, or medium gray) and only be allowed to carry weapons that the other civilians are allowed to carry, though.

        • And they should have no more powers than any other civilian. The should only be able to use lethal force when faced with death or grievous bodily harm, must cease the use of force when that threat ends and be prohibited from pursuing anybody once they retreat. Their right to use force should be subject to the same constraints as any other “civilian.” If they live in a duty to retreat state they should first “retreat to the wall” before being authorized to use deadly force.

        • “I always though cops in woodland or desert camo in cities were pretty silly.”

          Desert camo and a desert ghillie work pretty well if you want to hide in the sandbox at the local park…

    • I think the gray would be a good choice in London, they will blend in with the fog extraordinarily well.

      • Lobbyists by definition have no direct power. They can only influence and they mostly influence the legislature. Therefore, they cannot create tyranny. Only an organization with direct power can create tyranny, like a government, especially the executive branch. Whatever your beef, it is he who heads that up you should be angry with.

        • JohnF, I think you are selling lobbyists a bit short.

          They are generally former Fedzilla employees, who have just left and still have all the former contacts they did back when they worked there. More importantly very often they write the legislation in question. Who do you think wrote Obamacare? It was the insurance company lobbyists, that’s who.

          Not to mention the legislators are looking for a new gig when they leave, and gosh darn it, K Street has a job opening for you, starts at $500K per year. Interested?

          Lobbyists have a ton of power to “influence” legislators, to the point where it’s Tony Soprano ‘offering’ you the chance to “choose” his company for waste management services.

        • In the words of Frank Underwood: there is a difference between money and power.

          Lobbyists have the former, not the latter.

      • If you want to know what tyranny is, try signing up and paying for Obamacare to avoid being fined for not signing up and paying for Obamacare.

        You wouldn’t know tyranny if it stuck its jack boot in your face.

        • Exactly, the gun lobby doesn’t use coerce you to buy anything. The state, on the other hand, uses the threat of force to make you pay for services you do not use and for people who cannot or will not take care of themselves. Doing something for someone else because you want to is charity, doing it because you’re forced to is theft or slavery.

      • I see the average cop shooting 50 rounds per month or less, driving slow cars, and not being in particularly good shape. I shoot 5 times that much, drive a pretty fast car, and exercise regularly. It’s pretty safe to say that my 3 shots on target in about 2 seconds from concealment is going to be a whole lot better than a typical 5-15 minute urban police response time.

        I’m going to go with the armed populace.

      • Stop calling yourself an American. These United States wouldn’t exist if all the 18th century British colonists thought like you. There’s plenty of countries with strict gun control already. If you really think your life is in danger in the US, then why not move to one of those countries? Hell, I’ll buy you a one way ticket to any anti-gun country of your choice. Just don’t come back.

    • I watched a video on this with the ATF director of the site that handles this “task” lamenting how the “bound books” had no standard and gun shops kept them how they pleased and sent in the records in on all manner of media.

      Made me wish I ran a gun shop and recorded all the bound book transactions on rubber dildos. Then when I retired, I could send the ATF a huge box of rubber dicks for them to have to transcribe the records from

  2. Funny how intolerant some gays are when it comes to something they don’t like or at least don’t want to participate in.

    It’s very nearly the definition of hypocrisy.

  3. Let’s see…..
    The ATF does what agencies do best….ignore the law the impedes their goals.

    The germans report their population isn’t as pliable as they would like to believe.

    A group that screams for rights wants to squash the rights of others.

    And the Bobbies of London decide to go HALO. I noticed they hid their faces to reduce the stigma of being with GUNS in public. Oh the horror.

    Pretty much normal stuff from leftist, statist douches. We won’t be happy untill you aren’t. You can’t be really free until you rely on the government, run by the brilliant elite.

    Yep. I need another gun.

  4. Great, you put a couple dozen supercops on the streets of London. How does that deter a terrorist from hitting Manchester or Birmingham or Coventry? Cops can’t be everywhere, and your adversary knows that. They’ll just hit a softer target somewhere else.

    Pure security theater.

    • “No. Just control and intimidation of the general population. The UK is the epitome of a whitewashed, benign authoritarian police-state. Everyone is under constant CCTV surveillance. No constitutional rights, draconian firearm, and weapon laws– barely any right to self-defense… not a free country, only the illusion there of…..”

  5. The GAO only announced the data they found on the servers in ATF data farms. They haven’t discovered the secret private servers hidden in Eric Holder’s basement yet. After all, if Hillary can do it, why not the rest of the administration?

    Regarding the UltraBobbies – according to the anti gunners, handling all those small arms undoubtedly shrinks their private parts, so what’s with the armored codpieces?

  6. What Rasmussen can’t know is that nearly the same number of people who said they or someone they knew bought a gun said the opposite and were lying.

    I’very seen way, way, way too many brand new gun owners in the last few years to think it’s all just nuts like me hording. Two years ago the range I went to in Aurora was overrun with new folks. Now that I’ve moved I can tell you my local and quite rural range is now overrun with noobs. When I ask why they drive out 40+ minutes to this range they say it’s because the wait times are only an hour, unlike the 3+ hour waits closer to the city.

  7. Yeah the gubmint spies on you-deal with it…and I was told how horrible Illinois was ’cause we got a FOID card. Your “free state” does not exist. IF you ever used a gubmint form with a background check-you’re on a list. If you vote,get jury duty, pay taxes,have a job,use a cellphone, use the interwebz, COMMENT on TTAG-×100 on Facebook YOU’RE on list.He!! my son works at DOD,speaks Arabic and spends his time spying on Moose-lims. And there are super computers making trillions of calculations about everyone on earth-far beyond anything dreamed of by George Orwell. Deal with it.

    • The FOID card isn’t what makes Illinois horrible. It’s the corrupt leftist politics in Springfield (brought to you by Chicago’s progressives and downstate labor unions) that makes Illinois horrible. The FOID card is just a symptom of a much bigger (and in the case of Illinois, almost terminal at this point) disease.

      As far as the government spying on everyone, what do you mean by “deal with it”? Just accept it? We shouldn’t be upset that our government is breaking its own laws?

      • Deal with it Stinkeye. Violently or elect a wonderful unicorn gubmint. We really haven’t had anything resembling a republic since 1913. And the “south will rise agin! rednecks will say 1861. Get my drift??? I never said Illinois didn’t suck…equal opportunity corruption.

      • Absolutely worried ! The question is how many steps away are we to “Martial law”?
        And how may from there to “civil unrest-to a civil war…?” Or to complete lose of freedoms as we know it….I certainly question my government when it’s violates not only our rights, but or laws. To what end? All this can’t be for anything good…

        • Amen Groutboy. I’m really unhappy with the presidential “choices” this go around too. I voted in 1972 and this is the worst bunch ever….includingCarter, Dukakis,Kerry,Dole and especially Bury Soetoro. Keep your guns-get more. Train,prep and know JESUS…we are at the very end.

  8. On several occasions I have noted that after the wall came down weapons of all types started coming out of the woodwork in former East Block countries. Pistols, rifles, machine guns, even grenades and mortars. Why would you think other European countries would be different?

  9. I’ve often wondered how one gets recruited for a left-wing protest/demonstration/assembly.

    Public Organizer: Can you rhythmically chant exactly what I say?
    Recruit: Yes.
    PO: Are you available mid-day?
    R: Yes.
    PO: Welcome!

    (No right-wingers/independents/free thinkers were available for comment because they were all AT WORK in the afternoon.)

  10. I seriously hope these gay protesters are a very, very…..very small minority within there community. The idea of taking individual rights away or restricting them would be something I’d imagine they would be completely against. Did they not recently win the fight to have there liberty and pursuit of happiness restored! The business of allowing the government to restrict or strip individual rights is a slippery slope……One they should know all to well.

    • Unfortunately, they’re not a minority in their community. Only a few vocally protest, but the gay community’s negative stigma against guns and gun ownership is massive and monolithic. Guns=Evil is an article of faith, and it’s a rare individual who questions it.

      I go with my daughter to local support group meetings, and I always go armed. (CCW, of course.) My wife and daughter would be very nervous if I wasn’t carrying, but if anyone else in that group knew, they’d shit bricks.

      They also generally don’t see the potential danger in tolerance-by-force edicts, either. I’ve met a lot of really nice LGBT people in the last couple years, but sometimes they make me want to shake them and scream “Wake! Up!”

  11. Consider the resources these maggots must have. Turn out a crew of (paid) astroturf radicals for an IMPORT/EXPORT conference. Who what have this on their radar other than attendees? But the radical progtards do. Know that it is a thing, when held and show up for a public hissy fit. Soros & Company

  12. Quotes from the London article:

    ‘I think people understand that where you are going to have people as enemies who’ve got guns, we’ve got to have guns.

    ‘People aren’t fools – they know that in the event that there is a firearms attack, we are going to have to respond with firearms.

    So this means Scotland Yard is going to start offering concealed handgun permits right?


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