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There’s no shortage of political ads featuring shooting. It’s the visual for a candidate looking to communicate their commitment to the Second Amendment rights. Then again, caveat emptor. Does anyone remember NRA A-rated Tailgunner Joe Manchin and his rifle? Missouri’s tight GOP gubernatorial primary vote is tomorrow. Catherine Hanaway’s already in with an ad showing her (at least holding) an over/under shotgun. Not to be outdone, Navy SEAL Eric Greitens has pulled something a little more tactical out of his safe for his video — a short-barrel AR-15. And his target’s stuffed with Tannerite, too! Is this a great country or what?

Gary Johnson Needs to Shut Up About Mental Health Checks for Guns – “It’s no secret that Gary Johnson has been doing a poor job reaching out to conservatives. In a recent interview with Dana Loesch, he dropped the ball once again, leaving her with the impression he was as bad as Obama and worse than Trump on gun rights.” That may be overstating the case a little.


Texas Campus Gun Law Takes Effect on 50th Anniversary of Shooting – “A new ‘campus carry’ law in Texas, which will generally allow people at the state’s public universities to carry concealed handguns in campus buildings, goes into effect on Monday. The timing is eerily coincidental.

On that same date fifty years ago—Aug. 1, 1966—Charles Whitman, a 25-year-old engineering student at the University of Texas at Austin, lugged several guns up to the observation deck of the limestone tower that soars 307 ft. above campus and starting shooting at people below.

He killed more than a dozen people and wounded 31 over 96 minutes before being shot dead by police in what TIME described back then as ‘the worst mass murder in recent U.S. history.’” This one was tee’d up perfectly for them.


Wells Fargo to Hogue Inc: We won’t do business with weapons manufacturers – “While Congress is trying to put an end this abuse, Operation Choke Point is expanding into new realms. This past Friday Hogue Inc. announced that Wells Fargo has refused to do business with them, because they ostensibly manufacture ‘weapons.’”


India had the one of the strictest gun laws in the world. It just got tighter – “Under the new rules, prospective gun owners will have to show they have been trained, only carry firearms in holders and secure them in a ‘knocked down’ condition in gun lockers at home. The government will declare new gun-free zones, in addition to schools, across the country. Even air guns will require an arms license.” Perfect.


Remember the Oregon priest who spent $3000 to win an AR he intends to destroy? Lake Oswego pastor could face charges in transfer of AR-15 – “Lucas, who passed a background check at a local gun shop before taking possession of the AR-15, told the Washington Post that he and his wife then ‘drove it to the home of a parishioner, a ‘responsible gun owner,’ Lucas said, who offered to keep the rifle locked up in a gun safe until the pastor is ready to destroy it.’

For that transfer of possession to be legal under Oregon law, the Christ Church Episcopal parishioner should have undergone a background check at a licensed gun dealer while Lucas was present. If that did not happen, Lucas may have committed a Class A misdemeanor, which is punishable by a fine of up to $6,250 and as much as a year in jail.” Oops.


In a Fox News interview yesterday, the Dowager Empress of Chappaqua, describing herself as a “recovering lawyer,” allowed as how she really doesn’t want to take your guns. “…I think what the court said about there being an individual right (to keep and bear arms) is in line with constitutional thinking. And I said in the convention, I’m not looking to repeal the second amendment.” I know I feel better. Meanwhile, according to the NSSF, there’s been about a 30 percent year-over-year increase in NICS checks for July. Could it be that The People of the Gun just don’t trust her?

Texas Firearms Festival Daily Digest: Black Chicagoans Dying Faster, Henry TV Debuts, and Don't Worry, Your Guns are Safe">Previous Post
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  1. I totally trust Hillary and I’m sure that she will do everything in her power to fvck us to a fare-thee-well.

      • You do realize she’s an asexual freak with family money and a hunger for power, who selected Bill for his abilities to ‘charm’ voters no? It was the deal they made decades ago….

        • I don’t think she’s asexual. I just think Bill is usually on the receiving end of her “toys” when they go to bed, which explains why he jumps at every chance he gets to actually put his biological member in a woman…any woman.

  2. They definitely should prosecute the pastor, but they definitely won’t. UBC laws aren’t intended to apply to good people, and he’s clearly one of the good guys, because all he wanted to do was get one of the bad guns off the streets.

    Of course, if someone who actually wanted that AR had done the exact same thing, there wouldn’t be debate over whether they’d be prosecuted or not because the charges would already have been filed.

    • The Lake O police chief said he would not have the priest arrested. It’s causing quite a stink around these parts.
      Either arrest him, or do away with the law.

    • “They definitely should prosecute the pastor”

      Not should, must. Arbitrarily implementation of law equals arbitrary law, or put another way, lawlessness. When you can pick and choose which law and which citizen you have taken ‘law’ completely out of the picture. Equal protection under the law is a foundational principle for the civil society. It’s also in the constitution for those playing along at home.

      This is not a ‘bad’ thing, this is totally unacceptable. Of course, a-la David Gregory, we all know where we stand in this clusterfuck.

    • Well that would make obama, the dems who run the city and gun control at a whole look bad. Do you actually expect pmsnbc and the rest of the drive by “media” to report on any of this?

    • You know it makes me wonder how many gang bangers there actually are in Chiraq. If half of these people shot are gang members, it’s about a whole company a month. How do they sustain that casualty rate and keep functioning?

      • You must never have heard Ice-T. They don’t die, they multiply… Sadly, with the epidemic of unwed/single moms and fatherless kids in the ghetto, there is no shortage of amoral young men with poor education, bad upbringing, and thirst for money willing to do literally anything to make a buck. As I told my mother, you have to restore morality before you can fix this problem.

        • or make vasectomies a condition for early release. It wouldn’t be a requirement, just an option to get back on the street. That way things stay constitutional.

      • They’re not shot well enough! Patched up at hospital at taxpayer expense (no reported income) and back to bangin’ in a week with a new badge of pride, promotion to a better corner, and a bigger gun.

  3. Put that “pastor” away. My brother(who is a “Reverend Doctor”) had the American Rifleman for reading in the john when I was at his house recently. Not all ministers are azzwholes…and f**k Wells Fargo!

    • Warren Buffet is major share owner of Wells Fargo and currently owns 10% of outstanding shares with and option to buy 700 million additional shares of the bank’s stock.

      I would not be surprised if he had some influence.

      • Well he IS cheerleading for the Hildebeast… and so is that lunatic Cuban(“I’m better than Trump”!)

  4. “And I said in the convention, I’m not looking to repeal the second amendment.”

    Repeal or legislate it out of existence, in her own words, “what difference will it make”

    She does not have to repeal anything, she just has to load up the courts with judges who will ignore it or make linguistic leaps to get around anything. The result will be the same over time. Clinton word tricks do not work with gun owners.

    • Clintonian “word tricks” may not work with gun owners, but they do work really well with the brain-washed sheep who are their stock in trade.

      Meanwhile the reality is she very much wants your guns….

  5. I hope Peter Kinder takes it… A+ rating from the NRA. Unlike that faker Greitens….

  6. 1) Cool ad.

    2) Johnson did a pretty good job as Governor of NM when I was there. He basically told anyone looking to encroach or spend money frivolously to fuck off. Did he move the state in the right direction? Not really, but he sure as hell prevented it from getting a whole hell of a lot worse. The ideas that come out of Santa Fe are batshit crazy and he stopped most of them with a veto pen.

    4) I don’t really blame WF for this. Having some family that work for them I can tell you it’s not a corporate decision they just made willy-nilly. Regulatory pressure has been applied.

    6) I would say “Lock him up” but it won’t happen because he’s anti 2A and if there’s one thing we learned with David Gregory it’s that laws don’t apply to the “well intentioned” folks that just happen to break a law while attacking the 2A.

    7) HRC is a liar. If her lips are moving she’s lying to you. If she’s breathing she’s thinking of ways to lie to you. If she’s asleep she’s dreaming up ways to lie to you.

    • Just wondering what happened to “3” and “5”.

      Were they too good, or not good enough? Enquiring minds and all that…

      • I just don’t care that much to comment on article 3, the date of the Texas A&M Clocktower shooting, or article 5, guns in India.

      • Here’s a comment on story #3.

        A 45 degree downhill shot is somewhat complex. For a pyschopath, Whitman had some skill.

        • most mentally “unstable” people are quite smart.

          In my 10 years working with kids, I have noticed that some of the real smart lil stinkers have some of the most glorious melt downs. I tend to notice this before they hit middle-school age, before they start maturing, learning good self control, ect.

          Even with adults, the higher the probable IQ, the further out on the ends of the spectrum they tend to be.

  7. When are you going to figure out that faux Libertarian Gary Johnson is the farthest left candidate in the race. Faux Libertarians use conservative sounding words to elicit conservative support for the fat left agenda. Rothbardians like Johnson are Marxist heretics and not Hayekian Libertarians.

    • You’re right. I’ve been registered as a libertarian for 10 years and I’m not going to vote for him.

    • I’ll give you that Johnson is not a libertartian but a saying he is a rothbardian is either the best or worst joke I have ever heard. Also you know nothing about Rothbard or the history of libertarianism if you think Rothbard was on the left or in any way a Marxist he absolutely loathed socialist of all kinds including Marxists.

    • He may be too far the left for your tastes, but saying that he’s the farther to the left in the race indicates you don’t know what you’re talking about. Johnson could be better on guns, but that goes for a lot of things. Forming broad, articulate and coherent policy positions is hard when you don’t have 9 figure campaign budgets. And even then, sometimes it’s still hard, like if you’re Donald Trump.

      Speaking of which, where precisely does RF get off saying Trump is to Johnson’s right on guns? Care to point me in the direction of a quote where Johnson supports the assault weapons ban and other broad, strict gun control? Oh, wait, I forgot… Trump said all that stuff, but now he changed his mind. Welp, I’m convinced!

      Yeah… I’m gonna go ahead and vote Johnson Weld.

      • “Forming broad, articulate and coherent policy positions is hard when you don’t have 9 figure campaign budgets”

        Bullshit! He has a website…yes?
        Getting the message out may be hard on a tight budget but forming a policy is easy. Read the fucking Constitution.

  8. “That may be overstating the case a little.”

    It may be, but it may not be. After all, he thinks Weld is a good pick for VP.
    And he thinks a hotel wastebasket is a proper storage place for an ornate flintlock pistol.

    My impression of Johnson is that he’s of the left leaning, “all the free pot we can smoke and open borders” side of the Libertarian Party.

    • The Libertarian Party is a nice idea but so poorly executed in Johnson.

      He is not the libertarian I am looking for.

      • He’s not going to be elected, but we can push libertarians onto the big debate stages. If your district is locked in for hill, there’s no harm in casting your vote for him.

        • He could really use some good handlers. He off super unpolished. Who let the camera get pointed straight up his nose? It would be a great time for a better man

        • John – you hit the nail on the head. He’s just not a natural public speaker. A lot of that is having professional handlers, speech writers and campaign managers, which requires campaign budgets the party just doesn’t have.

          Honestly, the ticket is to the left of what I’d like as well, but at this point they aren’t going to have trouble convincing republicans to cast a protest vote. They need to attract democrats as well.

  9. So the priest obviously understands that his parishioner is responsible enough to posses the gun without a background check and comfortable enough with them to privately transfer the rifle.

    I wonder if he’ll ever put 2 and 2 together and get something besides 5.

  10. Once upon a time Wells Fargo manufactured coach guns and had special s&w revolvers (model 3 Schofields) comissioned with 5″ barrels.

  11. This why I don’t do business with the big banks. Find a small, local bank or credit union. Nowadays even the small outfits have credit cards, smartphone apps and whatever else you might want.

  12. Why is it that the people who are constantly agitating for more (anti-)gun laws always seem to have such a hard time following the ones we already have?

    • The irony would be beautiful if they were actually held to account.

      As they’re not, however, it’s simply ugly.

      • I lived in Oregon up until 3 years ago. It is a state where if you are a loyal leftist, the authorities will ignore your “legal transgressions”, but if not a leftist, you will have the book thrown at you. Having grown up there in the early 80’s, it is heartbreaking to see the state slide toward modern day fascism.

  13. It took Greitens put something like 8 or 9 rounds down range before he hit that target and blew up the tannerite. I thought he was a seal. That wasn’t great shooting. Just sayin… (I know, some director dude said to put a lot of rounds down range before blowing up the target. In other words, enable sarcasm filter)

  14. Wells Fargo won’t do business with gun people? Gee, maybe I should tell them how many I have so they’ll sell my mortgage to a bank that isn’t incompetent with shitty customer service.

  15. I tried to imagine Greitens taking part in a European campaign that way and had to roll on the floor loughing, imagining the faces of so many people.
    That would be a dream!!!

  16. Wow, so much in one day’s digest. Where to start….
    1. “The timing is eerily coincidental.” Well it had a minimum of a 1 in 365 chance of coinciding with something….

    2. Wells Fargo…. Perhaps a bunch of us pro-gun types could form an investment group that jump starts a new bank that won’t turn away business from firms that legally make legal to own goods….

    3. The priest should face the same charges any one of us would under similar circumstances. It would certainly highlight the idiocy of the law. We really need to not let this one drop. Can this be a solo post, easily shared on social media? Even if the priest is not prosecuted, we need to point out the selective enforcement going on. One set of rules for them, another set for us….

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