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“I know the NRA. They’re headquartered in my state, in Virginia. They campaigned against me in every statewide race that I’ve ever run, but I’ve never lost…. I don’t mind powerful groups campaigning against me. That just is like an extra cup of coffee to me.” – Democrat VP nominee Tim Kaine in Tim Kaine’s stance on firearms has shifted along with events. [via]


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  1. Whatever, dude. The fact that you even acknowledge them says something about your perceptions and concerns about them.

    • Yep. Giving the NRA that much attention is basically telling people that the NRA are a force to be reckoned with, which undermines the point of the quote.

    • Actually the two of them scare the bejesus out of me
      I think if they are elected we will move substantially closer to the end of American freedom
      He attempted to do his part as a Senator, Governor and Mayor

  2. I’ve voted against this fraud every time he has run for statewide office. I trust him about as much as I trust Hillary but I fear that the carpetbaggers in Northern Virginia will tilt the state for them this fall. It’s a shame to have to watch what has happened to my state.

    • Amen, it’s such a great state. Beautiful too, especially the further west that you go. Unfortunately NOVA and the coast has been overrun with people from out-of-state who want to implement their failed policies in VA. The same is happening here in NC. Wealthy liberals (and conservatives too) retiring to the beaches and mountains, and progressive emigrants moving to the Triangle and Charlotte just got to bring that “carpet-bagger” mindset with them.

    • Liberal/progressives; like locusts, they strip bare the wealth and abundance that others produce, leaving a waste land; then they move on to greener pastures, to repeat the process.

  3. Here’s a teachable moment:

    This “news”, in particular the headline, is why the Washington Post and its propagandists have been barred or ejected from Trump rallies.

    Tim Kaine’s stance hasn’t shifted with the events the Post wants you to believe caused his shift. Kaine’s stance shifted because gun bans and Second Amendment repeal are now almost as sacrosanct as abortion on demand in the progressive base that makes up the Democratic party.

    But, the Post can’t say this, so they spin a false reality like always.

    • Yep. No ear or eye pro. Just another lying photo op. Like all liberal/progressives and statists, he is “nuanced” in his approach to civil rights like the second amendment; which means his only real belief is unbridled power and control over others, and like any addict, he will lie, steal, manipulate, obfuscate, “nuance” and even kill; if that gives him another “fix” of his addiction.

      • The lack of eye & ear protection is so that he will be unable to “hear no evil, see no evil ” as it relates to guns, the NRA, and 100 million legitimate gun owners.

        • Probably has everything but ammo, no doubt sent directly from photo shoot to foundry for meltdown.

  4. It won’t matter. Trump will lose because he can’t stop flapping his gums. The demorats have the weakest candidate in history and trump can not even convey sympathy to the family of a dead war hero. He can win, but my God, saying things like McCain is a loser makes me want to stay home on Election Day.

    • McCain is a loser.
      Having been a POW should not be a pass anymore than being anything else should be a pass. That’s the kind of feelz nonsense the anti’s are known for.

    • McCain is a loser, and a crook (*ahem*…Keating Five…*ahem*….)

      Like John Kerry, he’s basically a gigolo whose career has been funded by women spending other men’s fortunes.

      God bless him for his military service, but he’s a crazy man, one who’s about to get primaried but good, too. Then he’ll fade even further into irrelevance.

    • I agree with the folks above, McCain is a loser. He is a loser who served his country and should be respected for his sacrifice, but a loser nonetheless.

    • Khan is a Muslim with an agenda – to push Sharia law and Muslim immigration through whatever means possible. His whole Constitution schtick was a well-rehearsed Democratic Party scam that the mainstream media bought with ravenous enthusiasm.

      • Khan has made millions upon millions on muslim immigration, has given more money to the Clinton Foundation than I will ever see in my life, and is as much of an insider as insiders get.

      • All of which may be 100% true but matters not at all because it’s still a dumb idea to attack the family of a dead soldier. Especially when you know the media are stacked against you. Don’t make it easy for them.

        If Trump were at all a competent candidate, he would have said something along these lines:

        I, like all Americans, am eternally grateful for the service of those who protect our country, and the most profound gratitude goes, of course, to those who make the ultimate sacrifice for this great country. So it is with Captain Khan and his family.

        By the same token, if we squander what those sacrifices gain us with bad policy here at home, then how does that honor our fallen? That’s why I think my immigration reforms are so urgently needed.

        I came up with that having rolled out of bed, before coffee. Seriously, take a few minutes, sit down, plan, and this could be pretty straightforward. This Khan thing is allowing the media and the Democrats to drive the narrative for days and days. Trump could have killed it instantly. Most of the other candidates running on the Republican side are politically skilled enough to do so. Not Trump.

        • Trump did handle it stupidly. I wish I could say otherwise, but he should have done a better job acknowledging the sacrifice of Captain Khan. I still don’t know if that man was a sincere patriot or a ticking time bomb like Nidal Hassan (the Fort Hood Islamic terrorist / “workplace violence shooter).

          I’ve doing my best to spread the news that the elder Khan is a Democratic Party pawn and POS who has an agenda to import Muslims and promote Sharia law, but the LA Times and the NYT ran with exactly the insensitive soundbites that they wanted.

          However, Trump may be able to rebound in the debates and throw the deception back into Hillary’s face. All isn’t lost. Personally I find Trump’s lack of political correctness refreshing.

    • You morons don’t get it. John McCain is a hero in most American’s minds. I hate his stance on gun control, but you don’t call him a loser because he was a POW.

      Trump said he was a loser for getting caught, well with broken legs, floating in a lake it is hard to avoid capture.

      Trump should I have said, “I respect McCain’s military service but I disagree with everything he stands for as a United States senator.”

      There is a nice way to call someone a rat, Trump hasn’t learned that and it will cost him the election and as a result we will lose our 2A protection.

      • McCain is a traitor, just another lying rat, seeking only to grow his own power and take away your rights and money.

        POW? Lots of people were POWs and didn’t turn into dirtbag lying RINO socialists tyrants. This earns him no respect from me. His agenda is clear, that is what matters.

        • If anything, being a vet made me more pro gun. I remember walking around with an unloaded M16A2 all day as a 0311 (Basic Marine Infantry Grunt) and thinking about how a single armed terrorist could wipe out a bunch of us. Those were my first issues with “Gun Free Zones” and it only increased from there.

    • Going by polls of his senate race vs. Dr. Kelli Ward, he most definitely is a loser.

      Given Ward’s communications manager says she supports NFA repeal, that’s a good thing.

    • It’s over, kiss our 2A good bye, you McCain haters don’t get it. You can be right or you can get your way, I would rather get my way and accomplish my goals rather than trying to make everyone bend to my version of right.


      • The 2a doesnt get kissed goodbye. It came by the sword and it may go by the sword but true 2a supporters will not be standing at the station bidding it a fond farewell.

        If you are too dense to understand that, how can you be expected to understand the nuances of politics?

        • It’s an expression, and yes you can kiss it goodbye. How are you going to stop the courts from upholding laws that favor gun control if the courts are filled with liberals?

          Go buy a gun in Chicago, oh wait Article 1 section 22 of the Illinois Constitution states, “Subject only to the police power, the right of the individual citizen to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

          You have to get permission from the po po first.

          Our protected right is eroding and I don’t see Vendetta doing a thing about except waiving it goodbye. All talk. All talk. Pfft.

        • Why would I ever be in the rathole which is Chicago, or give a crap what happens to the sheep there? Try that shit in Texas.

        • The last time I was in Texas I didn’t see a white man or hear English for three out of seven days I was there. You can’t keep your border secure and you really think you’re going to be the last bastion of our gun rights? Texas poses the biggest threat to our countries security because of your complacency in allowing anyone and everyone who wants in feel right at home. Hell, the State food is a taco and the most popular singer is Freddie Fender. Get a clue dude. (Or should I say amigo?).

    • A muslim who dies in service for this country was not a practicing “real” Muslim. These are called the moderates or peaceful Muslims. But Trump had nothing to do with that or his son. Trumps idea is correct about a moratorium on Islamist into this country. The media has twisted the story and tried to propagate the poor peaceful religion of Islam …….which it is not.

      • Trump must figure out a way to get his message across knowing the media, the RINOs and demorats are going to twist and take out of context everything he says. I don’t know how he is going to do it. Hitlery’s allies have purchased $98 million in ads over the next 100 days, Trump $900,000. Our freedoms are in serious peril.

  5. Kaine isn’t afraid of the NRA? “Isn’t afraid of” means “Doesn’t care about,”

    Well, who is the NRA. It’s five million or so dues paying members who vote, follow the issues, and discuss them with friends, family, and others online.

    So he’s writing off and disparaging the interests of millions of Americans who are concerned about their civil rights? Strong platform for a guy running for Vice President.

  6. This guy shoots a shotgun just Bark Obama. I wonder if he had to have a gas port in the barrel just like the wimp-in-chief. Actually, I am thinking he didn’t even shoot it at all, which makes him even more of a wimp. Pathetic!

  7. C@cksucking thief/embezzler: “It’s OK that I stole $7k from the city and spent it on a political campaign, I collected donations and gave the money back when I got caught stealing”

    From the linked WaPo article:

    Yet he stirred controversy in the spring of 2000 when he spent about $7,000 to send eight busloads of Richmonders to the Million Mom March, a gun-control rally in Washington.

    Amid criticism that he had used public money for a political cause, Kaine eventually agreed to raise private donations to reimburse the city. Still, he stood firm on gun control.

  8. Be afraid Timmy. We have guns-you have photo ops. You’re the worst sort of bleeding heart lefty…you claim to hate abortion but did nothing about it. A catholic Jimmy Carter. As far as John McCain-people of my age(over 62) are tired of hearing about the “heroes” of Vietnam. We lost-lots of pols based their career on being a vet. Good for them but as with every president it didn’t make them better.

  9. Who cares what he fears and what he does not.

    He fails to understand that in a national race the NRA is a heck of a lot more powerful than it is in a Virginia statewide race. He’s done a pretty good job of alienating five million voters which is just about the number of votes Obama won by nationwide.

    Mr. Kaine may be a lot of things, but really sharp ain’t one of them.

  10. How does one win elections with a gun control platform in a state where the flag has a fallen government official, taken down with military arms, above the words “thus always to tyrants”? Can a voter be so out of touch with civic duty that they can’t even be bothered to look at their own flag?

  11. That’s going to be a shitty tasting coffee if he loses.

    If he loses people can ask him:
    How’s that coffee taste Tim?

  12. I remember when the NRA had power to make change…remember the old Assault Gun Ban law?
    Those days are ending, because the NRA has stopped being a Single Issue (2nd Amendment) lobbying group…and has instead become a Conservative / Republican only lobbying group.

    Some Democrats at one time, especially those from Red States, were supported by the NRA because they supported the 2nd Amendment. That all changed since the rise of the Tea Party. Now the NRA only supports Republicans and the Republican party…which has weakened the NRA’s influence.

    Moderate Democrats feel that the NRA is going to support the Republican, no matter their stance on the 2nd Amendment…so why support the 2nd Amendment. Instead more and more moderate Democrats are taking money from Bloomberg and other Anti-2nd Amendment groups.

    The NRA needs to get back to a 2nd Amendment only lobbying group…or they fill f_ck around and lose the whole ball of wax for all of us!!

  13. “I know the NRA…”

    And YET, people on this board who would claim not to be trolls and to be honest to gosh gun owners will still vote for this anti-liberty fool and his party.

    So, “I just thought I would leave this here:”

    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

    –Samuel Adams

  14. In that quote Down With Citizens-Kaine seems proud to have stood off a citizens’ membership organization to impose his preference to prohibit 10’s of millions of peaceful people exercising their hobby.

    He really seems proud of the political operation that makes it possible for him to ignore so many of his constituents. Gets all revved up about it, even. I gotta ask. If that’s so, in who’s interest is he governing?


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