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If I had a dime for every time this has happened to me… He lost his gun at the strip club — then told cops he thought it was a sex toy – “Staff at Teasers, 218 Duval St., called police early Thursday morning after a dancer found the loaded magazine on the club’s floor and brought it to another employee who asked Putnam if it was his. Meanwhile, a bouncer spotted part of a handgun in Putnam’s pocket as the tourist sat near the service bar. ‘Putnam was not sure how the magazine ended up on the ground,’ Officers Jesse Hammers wrote in his report. Putnam responded by saying he thought it was a sex toy and later told police he really didn’t know what it was at first.”

Non-Fudd Mainers to Mayor Mike – GTFO: Big-city money, hunters clash over gun background checks in Maine – “The idea of imposing burdensome regulations on other states isn’t sitting well with opponents like Tammy Walter, president of the Spurwink Rod & Gun Club. ‘It’s offensive to me that someone can come into our state from the biggest city in the country and buy us,’ she said, referring to Bloomberg. David Trahan, executive director of the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, said people support background checks, just not the version that will be on the ballot.”


Sometimes you can’t even make this stuff up: Man in wheelchair guns down victim in the Bronx – “A 28-year-old man was gunned down in the Bronx by a man in a wheelchair. The shooting occurred outside the Mott Haven Houses on Willis Ave. just before 2 a.m. Sunday. Police reportedly believe the shooting was a drug-related killing. According to the NY Daily News, Thomas was carrying crack cocaine in his buttocks.”


Leupold & Stevens, Inc., introduces the LTO (Leupold Thermal Optic) Tracker, a hand-held thermal observation and game recovery tool, one that no hunter should be without. As their PR person puts it, “the LT is “a hand-held, heat detecting device designed as a multipurpose hunting tool. From checking your ingress path to your stand when you first hit the field, to helping track wounded animals, the LTO Tracker is high-performance thermal device built in Leupold’s Beaverton, Oregon, facility. With an MSRP of $874, the LTO Tracker is a feature-filled thermal product.”


The LA Times has the sads that California’s failed microstamping law hasn’t gone nationwide: ‘Microstamping’ technology could help police crack down on gun crimes — if the gun lobby allows it – “But only California requires microstamping technology today, which has led gun manufacturers to simply stop selling new semiautomatic handgun models in the state. That has effectively negated California’s law; according to the state Attorney General’s office, there are no new models with microstamping technology on its list of handguns certified as safe for sale. Clearly, a nationwide requirement is needed to compel gun makers to adopt the identifying technology.”


Texas State Rifle Association Foundation (TSRAF) Texas Youth Action Shootout (TYAS) Match 1 a Great Success

AUSTIN, TX: The TSRA Foundation Texas Youth Action Shootout (TYAS) series is off to an amazing start for the 2016-2017 competitive year. Our first match was hosted in Corpus Christi and was attended by youth shooters from around the state.

Thank you to all of the parents, coaches, contributors and sponsors for making this event the success it was. Please take a moment and visit our sponsors website or Facebook accounts to say thank you.

Title Sponsor: Magpul Industries Corp.
Bronze Sponsor: KNS Precision Inc.
TSRA Jr. Membership Sponsor: Dr. Ruiz of Brownsville, TX Program Partner: Scholastic Action Shooting Program
Range Hosts: Texas Carbine
Food Service: Leticia’s On Wheels
Water Donor: Bee Fit – Silver Sneakers Flex
Ammo Rep: Ammunition Armory
Team Endowment Supporter: MidwayUSA Foundation

We look forward to our next match of the series on December 3, 2016 at Copperhead Creek in Marble Falls, TX. To learn more about Sponsorship opportunities, match details or about the Foundation in general, please visit our website at

What passes for English humor, apparently:

Oh, and at this important time of the year, don’t forget to thank a famous actor for taking time out of their busy schedule to educate the rest of us:

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  1. “Our perfect law failed! We need a bigger version of the law at the national level!”

    ^^Pretty much every statist out there.^^

    • The whole point of the microstamping law was to stop the sale of new handguns. Dont be so naive to think that it has anything to do with solving crime (DNA is used far more than serial number tracking. Takes longer but God already gave everybody a unique serial number). Microstamping is about limitting YOUR AND MY access to firearms. The longer they trick people in to believing it has some valid law enforcement purpose, the farther they can run with crappy statist lie before they have switch up to the next population control messure.

      • If only we could pass a law in California that required grandstanding, disingenuous, political hacks who want headlines to only be allowed to bring laws to the public that are not:

        1) Already duplicates of existing law
        2) Infringements on the rights of Californians
        3) A mechanism to promote personal gain by said politicians
        4) The result of a feud between Democrats who are abusing the people of California to generate political capital to spend on the furtherance of their ambitions.

        F, the basket of Deplorables in Sacramento, F, the AG, the Governor, and all the rest of them. They take and take and take, and won’t stop taking no matter what opposition we bring. Never vote Democrat, because they are a cancer. The party is a rapacious beast that sates its hunger on your rights and your lives. Trump 2016.

        • The dickwads in SackOfTomatoes are not WORTHY of being called Deplorable’s. They are simply DICKWADS. No more, no less.

        • For a state that attempts to claim one of the highest number of “college Graduates”, it is amazing how stoopid the electorate of the place is!

          The Californio’s just keep on re-electing the same politicians—then get upset because nothing changes!


          Rampant stupidity? Liberl do-gooder non-reality? What?

          I sure wish someone could explain….

  2. That’s an… interesting take that the LA Times has on the failure of microstamping. I’m reminded of the Soviet Union’s experiments with winter wheat under Lysenko, and when they responded to his poor results by outlawing criticism of his theories.

  3. If they mandate microstamping, I’ll dry fire it a few thousand times an a snap-cap.

    Strictly for testing purposes only, mind you…

    • Really? I think I’ll just accidentally drop my firing pin into a running belt sander when I clean it for the first time.

      • +500

        Exactly. Why not just hit it with a file and remove that stuff? It’s micro-stamping, removing it won’t take enough off the pin to prevent it from firing.

        As an added bonus, pick up some other guy’s brass at the range and frame him by leaving it at the crime scene!

        • “Exactly. Why not just hit it with a file and remove that stuff?”

          I can *easily* envision a microstamp law making mutilating or grinding off the impression a felony.

          However, natural wear will probably be OK.

          So, just accelerate the process with dry fire…

      • What if you offer micro-stamping services where you get to customize the stamping, like a car’s vanity plate?

        You could have “For a good time call # ____________” with your state’s reps home or office phone number.

        You could have “no guns likely found at _________________” home address for your lawmakers.

        “My lawmaker’s kids are on bus 23”

        “CA sucks so hard, it makes weather”

        ‘n such

      • removing the serialization (or possessing a previously serialized weapon with a different [differently marked] firing pin) will likely be as illegal as possessing a firearm with an obliterated Serial #.

        Which. . . I think is the plan all along. The stamping can’t last forever. Use of the firearm causes obsolescence and a cause for the disposal of the firearm.

        This is a personnel problem. CA your POS neighbors are Fing with us. If it comes down to a Civil War you’re all going to look an awful lot alike (that is, you all look like the U.N. not US Keep your gun grabbing cr_p to yourselves.

        • That document makes NO MENTION of the word “Overpopulation”, which is the root cause of every unpleasantry noted within the report. The planet has twice as many humans as it can reasonably support and on the verge of collapse.

        • @alinsky, is that right? Seems like you may be drinking from the propaganda fountain. What proof are you basing your overpopulation opinion on?

        • Pg2
          Spend your next vacation in India, if you want proof, and don’t forget to take a ride on one of their super over crowded trains.

        • India has been like that for about 200 years. Overpopulation is a malthusian boogeyman used by statists as an excuse to try and control every aspect of life.

      • Dont be naive. Microstamping has achieved its pupose in california (no new models of handguns) and people believe the lie. It has nothing to do with serial numbers and has no valid law enforcement/prosecution usefulness.

  4. Haven’t we already gotten together and banned California lawmakers?


    CA is pushing UN Agenda 2030 BS.

    Ban them both.

  5. If I was a bad guy and I wanted to bust a cap in some dude I would have the sense to make sure it was a .38, .357, .44, or other wheel gun so my casings left with me… if I was a bad guy.

  6. “Police reportedly believe the shooting was a drug-related killing.”


    Drugs and killing are illegal, and once something is made illegal, no one EVER does it again.

  7. Any law coming out of CA is done without thought. Given how easy it would be to change out the firing pin or alter it to remove the microstamp, it is laughable to believe that criminals would not simply do that to every gun. Thus, making it useless.

  8. Re microstamping, a criminal who gets his gun illegally will treat it exactly the same as s/he would the serial number. To wit: file it off or just don’t worry about it.

    After all, the serial number, like the microstamping, leads back to the last *legal* owner of the gun. If the gun is stolen, what does the criminal care? So remind me again how microstamping is going to help with this?

    • To say nothing of the facts that: the current technology is experimental only, and even if not protected by a patent, no one has adopted it; the current technology stamps a unique identifier only on the primer and nowhere else, while the actual microstamping law requires that the number be stamped in TWO places on the CASING. District Attorney Kamala Harris nonetheless “certified” this noncomplying technology as triggering the law–an action that has spawned two lawsuits to date. Thus suits are unlikely to be decided before she leaves office, and I believe she knew full well that the technology did not comply with the mandate, but issued her certification because she is a dyed in the wool gunbanner and knew that her action would tie up the market for years.

  9. The same people whining about police militarization and over-funding want every PD in the country to spend tens of thousands of dollars on scanning electron microscopes. Right. Possibly millions, after you train officers to use them. It’s never caught on because the stamps are unreadable even at their clearest without more expensive tech, and unreadable at all after normal wear and tear. Add to that the large number of police and fed guns that are lost/stolen.

    On the other hand, microstamping is an admission that ballistic forensics is akin to alchemy. You can place a bullet in a Glock because of polygonal rifling, but saying it’s a specific Glock is a bluff. Eli Whitney’s assembly line version of gun manufacturing means that there will be two guns that make indiscernably similar marks on their bullets and cartridges fired.

    And then there’s the issue of making the firing pin and extractor serial-controlled parts. Now two of the most likely to break parts require a background check, which these idiots think the ATF conducts. Now we’re overtasking federal agencies because I’m rebuilding a GI 1911 that might never be fired again, but we can all sleep better at night because we’re told to.

    And what happens the first time the extractor mark doesn’t match the firing pin number? First, the local PD sends the case to the state, since they don’t have an SEM. The state police hand it off to a state college, to a grad student, who has had no background check and might even know (or be) the perp. Now an already overtasked twenty-something (and I’m assuming the best here) is making a judgment call on whether this worn-out strike has a three or an eight, when all he can think about is the girl who rejected him at the bar last night. In court, the professor called as an expert, who would never question one of his grad students because that would require doing his job, confirms that one student saw a three on the extractor mark, but another student saw an eight on the primer. Now they have to invent a new crime to charge the user with. And that’s just a gun with matching parts.

    We’re living with politicians who read bad sci-fi and then heard hack stand-up comedians ask why we don’t have the hovercars they were promised, and instead of getting the joke, they turned it into a career. They think that if they can imagine something, then someone smarter can implement it.

  10. The report on the wheelchair shooting didn’t mention which human was “Thomas”. Was Thomas the man in the wheelchair, riding the crack express and shooting other druggies, or did he SHOOT Thomas in order to plunder his illicit booty?

  11. An actor pretends to be somebody smart and forgets he flunked high school trigonometry or that he scored an eight on his ACT. But none of that matters since they feel entitled to educate the rest of us, usually on a subject they cannot even begin to comprehend.

  12. The biggest problem with Californicate, is that their dumb ass laws are starting to rub off in the state above. It’s already illegal for me to buy my shooting buddies old 22 for $50, without both of us first driving 45 miles to a dealer, giving him anywhere from $25 to $50 for his time, then paying another $10 for the background check.
    And did I mention we both have CCW permits.
    I guess the only thing we can be happy about is that HRC didn’t pick Dianne Feinstein for her running mate.


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