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If this isn’t enough reason to get hitched, I don’t know what is . . . At this Texas jewelry store, buy a ring, get a gun – “A jewelry store in Texas is having its annual Shotgun Wedding Sale this week. Oh no, it’s not what you’re thinking. Grim-faced grooms-to-be won’t be picking out diamonds for their future brides while equally grim-faced future fathers-in-law hold shotguns to their backs. No, at Thacker Jewelry in Lubbock anyone who buys an engagement ring will get a gift certificate for a shotgun or rifle at LSG Tactical Arms, a local gun store.”


Piece of paper saves woman from violent, abusive husband…wait, no it doesn’t: Sheriff’s department says man fatally shot after assaulting wife – “The sheriff’s department says deputies were dispatched Sunday night to a home on Hyndsver Road, where they found the body of 45-year-old Stephen Delauter in an upstairs bedroom of the house. Deputies say his wife, 33-year-old Lee Ann Delauter, shot him after he broke into the home, assaulted her with a knife and shot at her more than once with a semi-automatic gun.”


A pro-gunner is an anti-gunner who’s been mugged creeped out enough: I was anti-gun, until I got stalked – “Mike sighed. ‘Which would you prefer, compromising your principles or getting abducted by Crazy Man?’ That’s when the old Theodore Roosevelt adage popped into my head — “Speak softly and carry a big stick” — and I finally got it. I can still be the compassionate, diplomatic, interfaith groovy gal I’ve always been; I’ll just be packing heat in case negotiations tank.”


Failed Carjacking Turns Into Shooting In Sioux Falls – “‘The driver’s door was cracked slightly. While they were in there, what ends up being our suspect came along and pulled open the door and started punching the man in the head. Telling him to get out. He was trying to take the car,’ said Sioux Falls Police Officer, Sam Clemens. What the suspect didn’t know was the 71-year-old man he was was hitting over the head was carrying a concealed weapon. The Oklahoma man sitting with his wife took a 38 caliber handgun out of his pocket and shot the suspect twice.” Don’t f@<k with an old guy.


This Artist Is Getting Men to Act Out Their Girls with Guns Fantasies in Public – “A Girl and a Gun is now the title of Louise’s new play, a B-movie pastiche that asks the audience to consider what makes this combination so attractive—and so troubling. After she started seeing girls and guns everywhere, from music videos to porn, she also began to question whether a woman wielding a weapon is a symbol of power, or just a male fantasy.”

Skating an FN P90 airsoft gun:

It’s probably best that he doesn’t shoot. He comes awfully close to his junk with that drill when installing those wheels.

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      • your wife got any sisters? those are top shelf guns sir.

        ehh, just kidding! LOL!

        well, maybe – those are seriously fine shotguns, the name sounded expensive and classy and google confirms I am not wrong…

        • She does…. lol but you wouldn’t want her. Think back to the movie twins. Arnold and danny. My wife got all the good…. sister got all the crap left over.

      • I really like the way you used the word “bullet” correctly there, to mean the projectile and not the cartridge. 🙂
        This is one of my gun related pet peeves, like when people say the barrel shroud is the “thing that goes up”. But that is just complete foolishness, the bullet one is used by a great many long time shooters that really ought to know better. I have personally noted many resorting to calling the bullet the “tip”, or the “point”, because they want to refer to the bullet, but they cannot because they’ve already use that term up when they meant cartridge. So they resort to ridiculous made-up terms to attempt to say what they want to say, instead of just correcting the basic error and ending the problem. Instead they prefer to compound it by making up new terms for what already has an agreed upon meaning. And then to sit and wonder why nobody can understand what the hell anybody is talking about.
        Sounds like pretty retarded behavior to my ears.

    • Fighting old guys, like fighting a female, is always going to yield a net negative.

      If you win, you’re expected to win, so no one is impressed. And you’re a dick to boot. If you lose, you’re shamed, because you should’ve won. And you took an ass whooping on top of it.

      • “because the best way to argue with a woman is to… loose, I guess. Well, since that’s the only way we’re ever going to stop talking, you’re right. Can I watch the game now honey?” – John Caparulo

  1. It sounds like a couple wins for the good guys on the DGU front, and good on the liberal for waking up and deciding she can take actions to defend herself if need be. She’s enlightened enough to understand that she can be prepared without compromising who she is.

    • Taking the comments below the article at face value suggests that we’ve been selling liberals rather short on TTAG. Most of the comments were of the, “I’m a liberal and gun owner too. Glad to see that you recognize danger and protect yourself,” variety. There were a few alarmists and one special soul who got scared by a picture, but that’s always to be expected.

  2. Just my 2 cents on women and guns and what makes them sexy. A woman with a gun is an empowered woman, capable of taking care of herself, even to the point of fighting off an attack from a much larger male. A woman who is every bit my equal. Personally I find that much sexier than a glorified hole in the mattress. Brains are sexy.

  3. There is no mystery as to why so many people find men, and women, with guns to be sexy.
    Powerful is sexy. Its hard wired into all us animals. It’s really that simple.
    This is, of course, why so many people who have been given authority can’t stand a woman with a gun. Because she is poweful.

  4. I actually wanted to point out that shockingly the comments on Salon are very supportive of her owning a gun overall. I didn’t quite expect that. Lots of “I am liberal but……………”

    • “I didn’t quite expect that. Lots of “I am liberal but……………””

      I am convinced there is a healthy percentage of Progs that are gun owners on the down-low…

      • EDIT – It looks like she bought a Ruger LCR in .38 spl.

        An excellent choice, reliable with a long, heavy trigger pull. Very low chance of a ND, unlike striker-fired…

      • Agreed. Ones who have been mugged or stalked enough to pony up the cajones to make at least an attempt at self defense, but not yet enough to stand up to the idea of facing their friends and the possibility of being excommunicated from their beloved ‘herd’.

  5. The best part about a woman with a gun — she can be the one to check out what made that noise at 3 AM so I don’t have to.

  6. I have to wonder about the range where the woman in the Salon article was shooting. “Police Officer behind the counter?” Did she mean range officer or was this a range operated by the police department? Also it sounds like no one bothered to put hearing protection on her, or she wasn’t wearing it right.

  7. Hey, I like me some pew, pew as much as the next guy… but, when the wife puts her G26 in her purse before heading out, it doesn’t provoke the same response as when she puts on a tight dress and heels.

  8. Don’t get too excited, I live near Lubbock, and they are offering a free remington 870 or savage 243 as the options with a purchase of more then $2,000.


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