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By Larry Keane

It should raise eyebrows when 14 state attorneys general side with a foreign nation trying to sue U.S. gun manufacturers out of business. After all, these are individuals sworn to defend the rights of the citizens of their states and defend the Constitution.

It raises the question of who and what would influence them to abandon their oath. A common thread is turning out to be the left-leaning billionaire George Soros who has been behind not just the attorneys general trying to eradicate gun rights in America, but is a funder of the district attorneys who have come under fire for policies that sent crime skyrocketing in the United States.

Fourteen attorneys general filed amicus briefs supporting Mexico’s lawsuit against U.S.-based firearm manufacturers. Mexico is seeking $10 billion in damages alleging those manufacturers participate in negligent business practices and are responsible for “massive damage” that is “destabilizing” their country. The case is being ushered along by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

“The Amici States – Massachusetts, California, Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, and Oregon – have a strong interest in preserving the remedies afforded by state common law and by state statutes,” wrote the attorneys general of the states. “We also have a paramount interest in preserving all lawful tools — including statutory and common law remedies for unlawful conduct — to deter gun violence within our borders.”

One of those tools happens to be the deep pockets of billionaire ultra-liberal Soros, a gun grabber on an international scale. Soros is a perennial donor to leftist political candidates including those who support gun control.


Soros is tied to the attorneys general siding with Mexico who would subjugate the U.S. Constitution and Second Amendment rights to foreign powers through direct and political action committee donations and shared gun control ideologies. All favor gun control and all are now on board with Soros’s plan to eliminate Second Amendment rights in America.

Democratic Attorneys General Maura Healey (Mass.), William Tong (Conn.), Kathleen Jennings (Del.), Holly Shikada (Hawaii), Kwame Roul (Ill.), Andrew Bruck (N.J.), Hector Balderas (N.M.) and Letitia James (N.Y.) all hail from states with strict gun control laws and espouse policies that align with Soros’s Open Society Foundation’s gun control ideologies.

  • California’s Democratic Attorney General Rob Bonta carried the water for Soros as a California assemblyman. Then-Assemblyman Bonta introduced legislation that would require district attorneys to recuse themselves from investigating police use-of-force cases if they received money from police unions. The bill was blasted as a path to clearing out district attorneys so Soros-backed candidates sympathetic to defund-the-police and ending cash bail policies could be elected in their stead.
  • Washington, D.C.’s Democratic Attorney General Karl Racine was listed as a “Notable Participant” at Democracy Alliance’s spring 2018 conference. Soros is a founding member of Democracy Alliance, which is described by the watchdog group InfluenceWatch as “a collective of wealthy Democratic and left-progressive individual and institutional donors.”
  • Maryland’s Democratic Attorney General Brian Frosh openly spoke of collaborating with Soros’s Open Society Institute, one of Soros’s Political Action Committees. AG Frosh is also defending Maryland’s ban on Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs) that is currently being petitioned to the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • Michigan’s Democratic Attorney General Dana Nessel was sued by the American Freedom Law Center challenging her policy directive to unlawfully target groups in Michigan designated by the radical, leftist Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as “hate” groups. SPLC was the recipient of donations from the Soros Fund Charitable Foundation.
  • Minnesota’s Democratic Attorney General received a $100,000 donation from George Soros through the People’s Lawyer PAC, a pro-Ellison political action committee. AG Ellison thanked Soros on Twitter, noting, “Some people know what to do with the resources they’ve been blessed with. They don’t need to be president. They don’t need their butts kissed.” Carrying the water on gun control apparently doesn’t fall into the same category.
  • Oregon’s Democratic Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum took in $70,000 from the Soros-funded Drug Policy Action, the political affiliate of Drug Policy Alliance, a prominent drug law reform group.

Funding Attacks

Soros’s influence in American politics, and particularly his vision of neutering the criminal justice system, has finally gotten deserved scrutiny. Soros has also long embraced a radical gun control vision. He has funded litigation against members of the industry going as far back as the 1990s.

George Soros
(Olivier Hoslet, Pool Photo via AP)

The Hungarian-born hedge-fund billionaire dropped $18 billion from his personal assets into his charity Open Society Foundation. The organization is billed as a democratic governance and human rights organization that published a reported titled, “Gun Control in the United States” calling for criminalizing private firearm transfers, bans on certain handguns and a state-by-state licensing scheme that would put every law-abiding gun owner into government-run registries.

The Open Society Foundation has donated to gun control groups that espouse outright gun bans. Soros lobbyists poured $9 million into getting Congress to repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), the chief obstacle to Mexico’s harassing lawsuit.

Soros’s Open Society Foundation was instrumental in crafting the Biden administration’s gun control policies. These were pitched as policies to curb violent crime, but President Joe Biden offered no crime fighting plans, only plans to punish the firearm industry and law-abiding gun owners. Of course, that includes President Biden’s hope to repeal the PLCAA.

These revelations raise serious questions about the allegiances these attorneys general hold and who they really serve. They swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. The evidence shows that their loyalties lie in donations and shared visions of eradicating lawful gun ownership in America by doing the bidding of a foreign government.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.


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    • There are many gun owners who believe in drug legalization and who are blind. And they never saw “it” coming.

      From 2010. By George Soros

      “Why I Support Legal Marijuana”

      Four years latter he would donate millions of dollars to help get prop 47 pasted in california. Someone had to pay for all thoses clip board carriers. Walking around the state trying to get the million or so signatures necessary to put prop 47 on the ballot.

      From 2020.

      The drug legalization crowd was always anti-Second Amendment. Back in the 1970s they use to say if they could just make marijuana legal. “There will be no need for black drug dealers to have guns.”
      They also use to say “if we could just make all drugs legal, then all the crime would just go away.”

      So George Soros funded campaigns to legalize drugs. And he funded the campaigns of district attorneys that would protect the drug business. By not prosecuting any and all drug-related crimes.

      It was a trade. But most people didn’t understand that. Legalize drugs for your legalized guns. Those that believe in the Second Amendment and who believe and drug legalization. Are greatly outnumbered by people you say yes to drugs but no to gun ownership.

      They believe all the crime will just disappear when drugs are all made legal.

  1. Perhaps it’s time to sue Mexico as they seem to be the source of much that is illegal, e.g. drugs and immigrants. As to where my firearms were manufactured about 50% were made in Europe so the entire case against US gun manufacturers collapses on that one fact alone. Additionally, suing gun companies won’t put them out of business so much as cause them to re-locate outside the US.

    • Michael, I think Mexico is suing U.S. firearms manufacturers because they allege most of the firearms used to commit crimes in their country come from the United States. Not sure if that’s true, but even if it is I don’t think anyone ever accused a U.S. manufacturer of smuggling. Not so the Obama Administration. Let Mexico sue them.

      • My point was I’d expect one might find a similar distribution of source country in the guns used to commit crimes in Mexico. Then again, perhaps not. There’s plenty of evidence the guns used by the cartels pass through the Mexican military and it would not surprise if many were fully automatic rifles sold or given them by the US government during the ‘war on drugs’. Many are now surplus as the Mexican army has a new rifle designed and manufactured there, the FX-05 Xiuhcoatl. Then there are governments in both South America and Europe ready to ship bulk quantities of guns to the cartels and it’s not like the cartels are hurting for cash. But by all means sue Obama and his wing-man Eric Holder anyway. It’s about time they were held accountable for something.

        • Its not even that, it’s that Soros has them in his back pocket and he’s a gunm hating anti American, I’m throwing theBiden in with them also.
          Yessiree Bub leaders/dictators whatever you wanna call them can be bought off.
          If Russia couldnt sale steel it sold the Russians blood ( literally)because Gorbachev was in somebody’s back pocket. And now we’ve got U.S. attorney generals helping the Mexican government sue away our constitutional rights.

        • There is a reason why the German government throws a fit about SIG and HK selling weapons to Latin American governments, although they’re not really helping the problem since the Latin Americans will just go to IWI or Russia for their guns.

      • I think it is true that a lot of cartel weapons originate in the US of A. The part of the story Mexico doesn’t want you to know is, the vast majority of those weapons are purchased by the Mexican government, originally. Roughly 30% of the weapons purchased by the Mexican government are then siphoned off, and sold forward to the cartels.

        If Mexico weren’t so corrupt, they could control the arms flow all by themselves.

      • As usual, the Mexican goobermint has screwed it up by naming the wrong defendants. They should be suing the ATF, George Bush Jr. and Barry Obammer as named defendants,. They were the ones running Operation Fast and Furious which was designed specifically to run guns to Mexico from the U.S. in order to lead to just this sort of result. When Carlos Comosellama, the presidente of Mexico complained about guns coming from the U.S., I thought he was just trying to shuck responsibility from his own goobermint’s inability to control the flow of guns from the Mexican army to the narcos. I never dreamed that an agency of the U.S. goobermint would be running arms into Mexico in contravention of U.S. law and international law. How naive I was.
        I just couldn’t see the Mexican narcos stopping in Uncle Billy’s Bait and Bullets shop in Cut and Shoot TX to buy a couple of Colt’s .223s when they could get a truckload of U.S. Army’s M-16s for the same amount of money from the commandant of some Mexican army post, together with the grenade launcher on the bottom. How wrong I was. The gun companies should use the famous SODDI defense Some Other Dude Did it. It’s used in U.S. courts all the time.

  2. It seems it used to be taking the oath of office was an honor. Now it’s just a formality. The Soros dirt nap can’t come soon enough. Unfortunately that won’t be enough to stop the Open Society Foundation.

  3. quote————-These revelations raise serious questions about the allegiances these attorneys general hold and who they really serve. They swore an oath to uphold the Constitution————quote

    This is a silly statement accusing people who pass gun control as unpatriotic or the laws as unconstitutional. If it were not Constitutional we would have zero gun control laws. We do have hundreds of gun control laws at the State level, many passed by Republicans.

    • Gun control laws are Unconstitutional and those that write and pass these laws cause unnecessary deaths. The ones that are harmed the most tend to be community’s of color. So these laws are also racist.

    • darcydodo… Whether you like it or not lots of History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is rooted in racism and genocide. With that fact chiseled into history tell this forum what the aforementioned diabolical History of Gun Control makes those who support Gun Control.

      Failure to address this forum confirms you are a gutless wonder.

    • Yes, fool. People who pass gun control laws are unpatriotic, and have no love for America. And, yes again, fool, all gun control laws are unconstitutional.

      • “People who pass gun control laws are unpatriotic, and have no love for America“

        So Ronald Reagan was unpatriotic and did not love America, glad somebody will finally admit it.

        • Sometimes in the world of politics you have to accept bad legislation even though it violates every fiber of your being. When you look at how the votes are stacked up, sometimes taking the wrong stand just results in you losing credibility. Sometimes you have to trade this for that. Some of the least effective politicians anywhere are the ones who stand on no compromise with the enemy. “Whatever they are for I’m agin” may thrill the voters in your district who don’t know sic ’em from come here but if that’s the pol’s stand he is wasting his constituents’ time and money. He is accomplishing nothing.

          Reagan gets racked over the coals for the LPS Act in CA. It would have passed over his veto had he vetoed it. It was sponsored by Nick Petris and Al Short who were demonkrats and Dumbazz Lanterman who was a repugnakan. It had overwhelming support in both houses in Schitzomento and would have passed overwhelmingly overriding Reagan’s vote. As to the Brady Bill, you gots to remember the country was shocked that a half-witted individual could buy a gun and despite all the SS surrounding the Prez, still get off shots to seriously, almost fatally wound the Prez. I don’t know how the votes counted in congress on the Brady Bill but I suspect that it again was a situation where Reagan didn’t have much choice. Again you have to remember that Reagan was then the oldest president who ever held the office. There is a controversy in the medical field about whether an oldster undergoing anesthesia for serious, life-threatening pathology undergoes long term mental deterioration. It has long been my personal opinion that Reagan was never the same after the shitzhead shot him. In my opinion he might not have killed Reagan physically but he seriously damaged him mentally and he should have been tried with a week and hung with three days of having the death penalty adjudged. That he is running around loose speak about the travesty our court system has become. We have demonstrators from January still sitting in jail as “terrotists” while the piece of dog dirt who shot a president is walking around a free man.

          I didn’t agree with Bobby Kennedy’s politics in one bit but he was a credible presidential candidate and the arab pizzashbt who shot him is still alive and making parole appearances. The current LADA didn’t allow any deputies to appear in Schitzomento to contest his parole hearing the last time. There is another one who should have had his neck stretched within 30 days of shooting Kennedy.

  4. I second the thought that the US should sue Mexico for illegal drugs, gangs, and border jumpers. Mexico is now a narco state and instead of trying to re-assert control of the country it is going after Americans participating in lawful trade. As for these states attorney’s we should gift them a one way ticket to Mexico City.

  5. Whoever is unjust let him be unjust still. Whoever is righteous let him be righteous still. Whoever is filthy let him be filthy still. Listen to the words long written down. When the man comes around.

    • Yes, Johnny could write a great song.

      It was all inspired by a dream he had, that he thought was connected to the book of Job. That’s a rough part of the Old Testament, where Jesus/Jehovah visits evil upon Job just to see if Job REALLY loves him.

      It makes God sound like a jealous 14-year-girl…

  6. By all accounts soros is now old enough not to be calling all the shots and more than likely a few marxist minded antifa elderly abusers are handling the money and doing most of the talking. What Filth.

    • You are giving Soros far too much credit. Soros is evil incarnate, all by himself. Whether he be senile or not, Soros trained up all the “antifa elderly abusers” as you call them. How many Jews are there who got filthy rich while herding his fellow Jews into the Nazi crematoria? Only one.

  7. “We also have a paramount interest in preserving all lawful tools — including statutory and common law remedies for unlawful conduct — to deter gun violence within our borders.”

    Umm, just what would that “unlawful” conduct be? It isn’t manufacturing firearms, that is perfectly legal. It isn’t selling guns to wholesalers or directly to FFLs either. The only “unlawful” conduct they can conceive of is the rather tenuous theory that gun advertising promotes “gun violence.” Utter nonsense.

    • No one wants you to know that the Mexican government purchases most of the guns that enter into Mexico. They certainly don’t want you to know that the Mexican government is the primary source of the weapons that the cartels obtain. Mexican corruption supplies the cartels.

  8. I cannot see the problem. Surely SOROS has every right to express his opinions about GUN POSSESSION, Gun control measures , gun crime and the criminality the American Civilian Arme industry supports. And, of course, to back his opinions with his own money if he so wishes in whatsoever way he want’s too.
    Neither he, the Mexican Government or the political figures SOROS backs are doing anything illegal.
    SOROS, acting perfectly legally, came within an ace of bankrupting the UK ECONOMY at one point but it was the kick up the arse the UK bloody well needed to mend it’s finances properly for a change.
    This may well be the kick up the arse that the American Gun Nuts need to get THEIR affairs in order as well before somebody does it for them!
    There is absolutely NO REASON for the ownership of multiple firearms and multiple calibres ONe for each purpose is sufficient.
    A SINGLE useable sidearm for ‘self protection’ for which pretty much any 9mm/SLP or Revolver is quite enough sidearm for anybody for self defence, a SINGLE.300 Hunting Rifle with maybe another dedicated TARGET weapon and a shotgun. Three weapons, three types [or possibly four] of ammunition.
    It’s the choice professionals so why not the civilians.
    The ‘pro’s’ are required to demonstrate compentence on a refgular basis and so should everybody who wishes to be in possession of a firearm and to hold a current certificate. There should also,be heavy penalties for non-compliance.

    • Number one the American civilian arms industry does not support criminality. That’s an ignorant statement. Number two it’s none of your fucking business how many weapons I own nor what caliber they are. And take your ownership certificate and shove it up your arse. You and Dacian are a joke.

    • Go piss up a rope Albert.
      The attorney generals took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

    • Even in Her Majesty’s FORMER colony of New South Wales we can still own firearms and use them for hunting and target shooting. And we can own as many as will fit into our safe.

      Go back to being a serf or lackey like the other subjects.

      • To Southern Cross.
        Have you heard of the YouTube channel “Mark and Sam” after work. Their long-range shooting videos from Down Under are very impressive.

        Off topic.
        Your Name reminds me of one of my favorite Ronnie James Dio Black Sabbath era songs. From the album “Mob Rules”. Which I understand was released 40 years ago this past January.

    • By your same logic you should be left with a limited number of automobiles and limited in what you are allowed to eat, drink, wear, or where and how you live. Everyone should just shut up and do what their told.
      I have a variety of firearms. Many because they are antiques, relics, or otherwise collectable/novel weapons. I also restore antique farm machinery. Just because I like the mechanical aspects and differences in how they are designed. Some people collect cars. Some people collect stamps or coins. Some people collect knives or swords.
      There is only 1 reason to disarm or regulate the ownership of arms. So that some want to be tyrant can take control over what used to be a free country. Exactly the reason Japan never attacked the continental US. Because, as was said by Admiral Yamato” There would be a rifleman behind every blade of grass”.

      • If we would produce a motto for the US, likely it would be “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”

        For “, the motto would be, “Peace, Order, and Good Government.”

        “Peace, Order, and Good Government.”

      • “By your same logic you should be left with a limited number of automobiles and limited in what you are allowed to eat, drink, wear, or where and how you live.”

        I believe it was Biden who stated on the campaign trail that “Nobody needs 28 different varieties of deodorant to choose from”…

    • Soros is the only Jew in the world who got astoundingly rich, while helping to herd his fellow Jews into gas chambers and crematoria. If you can’t see how evil Soros is, you need your moral compass replaced. Nothing that Soros does is good for anyone. Gun control is obviously evil, based on the fact that Soros supports it.

      I don’t believe you’re British – you’re probably the blowby from some recent illegal immigrants to the UK. If you were British, you would understand why Soros should have been put down like a rabid dog in 1945.

    • Albert, remember when your Countrymen were up against the Nazi horde and you needed weapons for your defense? Who sent those? Putin is now making the moves Hitler did once before under the same pretenses. You do not have enough weapons for your Countrymen to protect themselves. Who will you ask for help from?

      Albert, we are Americans, we are not submissive by nature, nor do we wish to be brought into another world war because of your propensity to be be nice to tyrants until your backs are against the wall and you need help. Maybe you would better be served to concentrate on Europe right now instead of the Americas.

      If many of our cousins are like you, I will not be lending to your defense from my owned firearms.

    • “There is absolutely NO REASON for the ownership of multiple firearms and multiple calibres ONe for each purpose is sufficient.”

      Try telling a woman she can have only 3 pairs of shoes, and see what happens… 🙂

  9. Gawd damn you sons a bitches.
    Come and gettem. Come and take my FIREARM’S

    Traitors to the United States of America, each and every one of them.

  10. “These revelations raise serious questions about the allegiances these attorneys general hold…”

    No questions atall. These AGs bear allegiance to fundamentally transforming America to their liking.

  11. Since the cartels use Chevy and Ford trucks, will GM and Ford be held accountable for the use of their products by the cartels?

  12. “ince the cartels use Chevy and Ford trucks, will GM and Ford be held accountable for the use of their products by the cartels?”

    None of those are stolen, and smuggled across the border. The cartels obtain their vehicles at official dealerships, paying sticker price in every transaction. The sales are invariably accompanied by financing or leasing plans that are dutifully paid on time.

  13. The Open Society Foundation is the parent and funding organization for By Any Means Necessary which in turn is the parent and funding organization for antifa and other subversive groups.

  14. Mexico is Narco Terrorist State that gets billions of US tax dollars. Mexico is the source of most illegal drugs in the US. The Cartels operate with the full approval of the Mexican government. Millions of Americans die from drugs that originate from Mexico and manufactured by the Cartels. It seems to me a smart law firm would originate a class action lawsuit against Mexico representing those harmed by Mexicos illegal drug makers products.

    However the communists in the White House would block such lawsuits against Mexico because Bidens mission is to kill off the US arms makers and most certainly they are assisting Soros in this endeaver.

    If the US was serious about stopping the US drug problem the US government would act against Mexico by force. But its not. And never will. You see the war on drugs employees millions of police and agents, all union jobs. Illegal drugs is good for employment of DEA types. And judges and lawyers and industry. Its a big sham.

  15. These Elected politicians siding with a foreign government, Mexico, by suing American citizens and their private owned companies. Reminds me of War protesters who marched under the North Vietnamese flag in the 1970s.

  16. Help me to understand how you believe George Soros helped “herd Jews to concentration camps”?

    Soros was 14 when the Nazis surrendered.

    Why don’t you have the same disdain for Pope Benedict, who was an actual member of the Hitler Youth and served in the German military guarding BMW slave labor factories?

    Why don’t you hate the Catholic Church, which (like the Muslims) collaborated with the Nazis in the final solution? The first treaty Hitler signed was with the Vatican, which has been enriched by billions in Nazi gold stolen from Jews.

  17. The Catholic Church has never repudiated this treaty, it is still in effect today.

    The Catholic Church has never excommunicated a single Nazi, not a single SS soldier, not a single concentration camp guard, not a single crematorium or gas chamber operator was ever excommunicated by the Nazis.

    The only Nazi ever excommunicated by the Catholic Church was Joseph Goebbels, for marrying a non-Catholic.

    “The Reichskonkordat (“Concordat between the Holy See and the German Reich”[1]) is a treaty negotiated between the Vatican and the emergent Nazi Germany. It was signed on 20 July 1933 by Cardinal Secretary of State Eugenio Pacelli, who later became Pope Pius XII, on behalf of Pope Pius XI and Vice Chancellor Franz von Papen on behalf of President Paul von Hindenburg and the German government. It was ratified 10 September 1933 and it has been in force from that date onward. The treaty guarantees the rights of the Catholic Church in Germany.”

  18. It’s time to clean out the Unconstitutional reprobates that work for us ,not Soros. Let’s start a kill Soros fund and use it !!


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