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Defense Secretary Luis Cresencio Sandoval, left, and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador salute during an event marking Army Day at the Zocalo in Mexico City. (AP Photo/Marco Ugarte, File)
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[Thirteen] states and the countries of Antigua and Barbuda and Belize filed separate briefs urging a federal judge in Boston to not dismiss Mexico’s $10 billion lawsuit against companies including Smith & Wesson and Sturm, Ruger & Co.

The companies have argued Mexico has failed to establish its harms were attributable to them and that a U.S. law, the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, protected gun makers from lawsuits over their products’ misuse.

Mexico’s lawyers in a filing on Monday countered that the law only precludes lawsuits over injuries that occur in the United States and would not shield the companies from allegations over the trafficking of guns to Mexican criminals.

Democratic attorneys general from 13 states including Massachusetts, California and New York along with the District of Columbia agreed, saying even if that law applied extraterritorially, the statute would not bar Mexico’s claims.

— Nate Raymond in U.S. States, Other Nations Back Mexico’s Lawsuit Against Gun Makers

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  1. The only thing the left, the communists, can do is peddle their lawfare. Because they can’t win the argument in the town square, so they grab the nearest lawyer and tie up resources for and millions of everyones money for essentially a frivolous lawsuit. It’s smart because they aren’t using their ‘collective’ money they are making taxpayers to spend their tax dollars to defend their own civil rights in court.

    • These Democrat AGs do realize that the gun industry supplies the guns-n-gear their own security teams use, yes?

      Cripple or destroy the American gun industry, and…um…let’s see now…how will their Praetorian Guards get armaments needed to protect the Almighty Democrats (the elites in office, not the useful idiots the elites don’t care about)? 3D printers?

      • Same way they will get quality medical care for themselves after they socialize medicine. Overseas providers. Swiss doctors and clinics and Austrian guns and ammo.

        • Let’s see…Mexico holds hands with democRats to blame Gun Manufacturers for criminals misusing firearms and the San Jose Plantation Council wants to tax law abiding citizens for criminals misusing firearms. No doubt criminals who misuse firearms, bricks, bats, knives and vehicles are feeling the love.

  2. Not even pretending they don’t want to disarm the American citizens anymore!! The last impediment to their ultimate goal.

    • The sad part is the people behind this lawsuit can judge shop and find themselves a judge that thinks “Yeah this is totally believable and not government overreach”.

  3. PrettyAR nailed it, our society is still too civil to descend into true civil war but we have gone down far enough that the authoritarians in our midst are willing to dismantle our institutions and weaponize them so they can score petty victories against the other tribes. We aren’t debating against impassioned activists anymore, we’re defending against cultists.

    • ‘…our society is still too civil to descend into true civil war…’

      What on earth would make you think that? 🤔

    • Too many Americans (knowing NO history) think that THE example of “Civil War” is the US Civil War of 1860s. (or perhaps the 1st US Civil War). That unpleasantness was rather polite compared to many European/Brit outings of previous centuries.

      Our readily identifiable territories alone was quite convent and organized for all concerned.

      • You can’t tell that libruls. Based on the fact that .8 million Americans died in the 1860s war, I project that another such war would claim 6 million American’s lives. Libruls just go batshit crazy when you suggest those kinds of casualties . . .

        Remember that scene in ‘300’, where the Spartans stacked bodies up to form a wall? Imagine stacking libruls into walls!

        • T
          It doesn’t help to be so foolish as to think that the Mexicans are 90% at fault for their drug and crime problem.

          The scene of the 300 Spartans is an EXAMPLE of bravery in the face of overwhelming arms. Seems that you need help more than anyone else. You see it’s you lefties that are the major problem with your willy-nilly “give peace a chance” nonsense when confronted with a bully.

  4. Ah Mexico, the land of dysentery, drug lords, corrupt military and police, and not too much common sense where about 42% of the population lives below the national poverty line.

    • I lived there for 6 years and it is one giant crime spree with the police and politicians doing very little to hide their involvement. I can’t imagine that it could ever be made less corrupt.

  5. fine then Americans can sue mexi-gone to shit for all the lives lost to illegal drugs that crossed the border and all the illegal aliens that are THEIRS that crossed and killed someone

  6. This is going nowhere:

    1- Its a distraction by cartel puppets, SCOTUS will kill it if it ever got that far.

    2- The Democrats will have to defend Obama and Holder for Fast and Furious again and they have their hands full avoiding Biden fallout right now.

    3- It will just draw more unwanted attention to border chaos, Biden’s handlers will squash it.

    • Don’t count on it. Biden ain’t all there. He’s missing half of his brain at this point and that’s on a good day. He’ll gladly rubber stamp anything that comes across his desk from the cult that says “by any means necessary”.

  7. Wait, wut? Has everyone forgotten that ~30% of the arms that Mexico buys for it’s own government use ends up in the hands of cartel members?

    Something something beam in your own eye . . .

    Mexico should look at the gun industry’s guides on properly securing their own weapons. Gun safes, trigger locks, keep out of the reach of criminals, etc etc.

  8. I believe Mexico has alot to answer for in that over 30% of the firearm shipments to their military are “unaccounted for”. Hmmmmmmm. I wonder how that happens…

    • They just buy 30% more to cover the expected stock shrinkage.

      Do the names of the troops who defect to the cartels stay on the unit roster so the senior officers can collect their pay?

  9. PLCAA should protect against all suits in US courts. If Mexico wants to sue them in their own courts, PLCAA wouldn’t apply since it’s a US law. There’s little chance of enforcing a Mexican court verdict if the gun makers do no business with Mexico. In the meantime, Mexico is running up the legal fees of Ruger and S&W, for which they will eventually be liable. Mexico does business with the US and won’t be able to declare bankruptcy from the verdict, so they will have to cough up the money.

  10. So, a cabal of two-bit generalissimos noticed that our Democrats are pillaging our country, and they want to belly up to the trough also. Pfui.

  11. The gun companies need to refuse any state government firearm contracts, from these three states and MEXICO..THEY CAN USE MENDOZA FIREARMS MADE IN MEXICO..

    • Germany is a proper socialist country, and H und K does +95% of its business with proper socialist governments. And all the proper socialist governments, especially the “progressive” Biden kleptocracy, are very worried about the excessive liberty you currently enjoy.

    • Socialism… It’s like we’re in The Wizard of Oz, only with WordPress instead of red sparkly shoes. Say the magic word three times, Dorothy, and you’ll be magically transported to the mod bin!

  12. But isn’t this the place all the (so called)American’s want to visit & vacation ?
    As all their own people want to come to the U.S.
    I wonder how many gun enthusiasts go to Mexico every year to spend dollars in that shithole ?

    • NORDNEG:
      “I wonder how many gun enthusiasts go to Mexico every year to spend dollars in that shit hole?”
      Not me! I got sent down there almost half a century ago to service a piece of industrial machinery, and once was enough. I’m NEVER going back!

  13. We need to all file multi trillions dollar lawsuits against all these anti liberty idiots.

    Keep filing until they are bankrupt and every ambulance chasing lawyer is feasting well.

  14. Mexico is relying on the same “negligent marketing” theory espoused in the Connecticut case against Remington/Bushmaster that was allowed by the Connecticut Supreme Court. I cannot see how Mexico gets around the fact that the gun manufacturers do not sell to or market firearms in Mexico, much as the Plaintiffs in the Remington case cannot get around the fact that the murderer did not buy the gun, but instead murdered his mother with a different firearm in order to get access to it. The only way an American made firearm makes its way into Mexico is via an illegal smuggling operation, and thereafter the firearm is used in an unlawful shooting or killing by a cartel member. Maybe Mexico should pay for the wall, because its porosity is what allows a “river of guns” to flow into their country. Same with the other countries.

    I suspect that the cartels hire Mexican Americans as coyotes to bring drugs and illegal immigrants in, and take back guns (purchased from FFLs with a background check) on their way out. Just what are the manufacturers supposed to do about that? Well, according to the brief filed in opposition to the motion to dismiss, they argue that they are going after the “root cause” of gun violence, i.e. the guns.

    • Actually there’s another way for an American firearm to get to Mexico: It’s sold/given to the Mexican government, which then “loses” it (apparently happens to over 40% of their guns). Of course, that’s even LESS America’s fault

  15. Mexico should put sanctions on the U.S.
    No more beans for you Gringo.
    The U.S. is pretty screwed, what do we make here in the U.S.?
    not cars, not tape, not clothes
    not even toilet paper roles,
    We make gunms and bullets though, well until China decides to quit selling us lead.
    Then well make them from brass, what country do we import that from, certainly cant be made in the USA. Cost to much to make anything here, well not really but the big wigs dont get the profit margin if they do.
    Batteries the new oil, oh boy.
    Some country is certainly going to be singing
    “Under My Thumb”, won’t be the U.S though.

    • ” until China decides to quit selling us lead ”

      I read somewhere (sorry, I don’t keep notes on my sources — deal with it) that the principal source of lead for bullets is recycled car batteries. Take it for what that’s worth.

  16. That money IS NOT for the Mexican people, it’s a cash grab for their politicians.
    The Great Mexican Oil Boom was going to pull the nation out of poverty….well the oil is running dry and the ordinary Mexican is as bad off or worse as they’ve ever been.

  17. Very simple; either Mexico stops the flow of their scum illegals and drugs in to the USA, pays in cash to US companies to finish the ENTIRE DAMN WALL, reimburses the US govt. for ALL FEES incurred for the detention, incarceration, and deportation of their scum illegals, AND gives up the names of any and all US officials working in collusion with their cartels and scam govt. to smuggle in to the USA (including those involved with Fast & Furious starting with the names of Soetoro and Holder, et al), OR their govt. and ALL MESSCANS will be permanently prohibited from ever filing cases in the courts of the USA. Additionally they have to drop this silly-assed lawsuit against US Gun companies and apologize in writing IN ENGLISH. NO EXCEPTIONS – NOT NEGOTIABLE.

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