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As we noted earlier, Brownells, along with the Firearms Policy Coalition, American Suppressor Association and the Second Amendment Foundation, are kicking off the inaugural Second Amendment Day today, 2/22/22.

Brownells wants 2A Day to be a day for gun owners to celebrate, advocate and join. Brownells is sponsoring range time, ammo and food at a selection of ranges around the country today.

You can sign up for range time here.

Brownells encourages 2A supporters unable to attend a participating range to shoot at a range near them, or work on building a gun at home, and post photos of their own 2A celebrations on social media with the hashtag #2ADay to show their support.

The sponsors also want you to make your voices heard in support of your Second Amendment rights.

You can find your legislator here.

Finally, you can take the opportunity of #2ADay to join a state-level gun rights organization where you live. Or a national org like FPC, ASA and SAF.

You can join a local gun rights organization here.

So get out to there today and put some rounds down range. Or just get out to the garage and work on that build you have going. But whatever you do, be sure to celebrate Second Amendment Day today and protect your right to keep and bear arms.

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  1. Life is too short so why wait to celebrate and appreciate? Every day should be like a Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day and Second Amendment Day.

    • when i was a tyke i asked ma when kids day was.
      without hesitation she replied, “every day is children’s day”
      felt like a setup.

      • “…without hesitation she replied, “every day is children’s day”
        felt like a setup.”

        I asked the exact same question, and got the exact same answer from my mom.

        I think they organize behind our backs… 😉

  2. “…find your Legislator here…”

    I already know what my California legislator will do/say…the absolute opposite of anything pro-2A I mention, so unfortunately the best course of action is to say nothing, so as to instigate no additional gun control nonsense. Geez, I wish we could flush the toilet in this state and get rid of all the turds.

    Otherwise, I’m visiting Free America (outside CA) later this week to participate in more gun training. I sure Happy 2A Day!

    • (sigh)

      Someone interrupted me as I was typing the final sentence, and I lost my train of thought and didn’t proofread before submitting. Oiy.

    • Amen to that. The US House Representative for my district, Lauren Boebert, is a staunch 2A supporter. My State’s US Senators are DemoKKKommiecrats who hate the 2nd.
      Our State Representative is a DemoKKKommicrat POS as well, and she’s very Anti 2A.
      Colorado turned to all Mail Voting in 2012, and the State turned Blue.

  3. There was supposed to be a pro Constitutional Carry rally at the Capitol in Tallahassee today. Haven’t been able to find out anything on it since the email from GOA. (Deleated and I don’t remember the time.) Watching local news. Saw a story on a rally supporting a bill for compensation for crime victims. If they get what they want I hope they use the funds to buy a firearm.

    • Or just cut out the middleman: lobby to have the bill amended such that fines on violent criminals fund a program to buy a defensive pistol (e.g. the standard issue for detectives of your State Police) for each eligible victim. I can see that opening some eyes.

  4. Umm…, that’s not a half bad idea. It would never pass, but it would be fun to see the looks on their faces when the bill was read.

      • “fund a state-approved CCW class”

        Absolutely, and it should include both classroom time on rights and obligations, as well as proficiency testing on the live fire range.

        • Shooting is always fun, but the best part of my class was the scenario-based rights and obligations / law and ethics portion.

  5. Oh, no. A liberal is gonna squeal. Even if you could collect that money (Good luck!) the money would have to be used for halfway houses in your neighborhood. And since they will never collect those fines they’ll use your taxes to fund them even as your property values are driven down and you won’t let your daughter out of the house without an escort. Ain’t that the way socialism works, Dacian!? Apologies to The Duke.

    • Very true. Subsidizing degeneracy has no other possible outcome than a net increase in degeneracy, and taxing merit, hard work, productivity, and achievement has no other possible outcome than a net decrease in all of those things.

  6. So is it because of the 2/22/22 date that some manufacturers decided this should be Happy Second Amendment Day?
    I ask because the Bill of Rights (of which the 2nd is part and parcel of) was ratified by the States and became a huge part of our Constitution on December 15th, 1791.

    Will there be a push to Federalize a 2nd Amendment Day? I’m all for it if that’s the goal.


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