Slidefire bump fire stocks resume sales November 1
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After the Mandaly Bay shooting, bump fire stock maker Slide Fire halted sales of their stocks in the face of increased customer demand. When our friend Diane Feinstein and others proposed banning the stocks, even before the bodies in Las Vegas had cooled, the company’s order volume no doubt spiked dramatically.

Now it appears that Slide Fire has caught up enough to start selling at least some models again. We just got the following email blast:

Slide Fire announces they'll resume sales of bump fire stocks on November 1.


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    • As the representative for District X or the Commonwealth of Fap, I feel it is not too early to address the issue of high-capacity assault trucks.

      These high-capacity assault trucks need to be immediately banned. No one ‘needs’ a high-capacity assault truck. After all, you can haul those pallets of tiles to the job site a few boxes at a time. Such common-sense truck control may be a small inconvenience for a minority of Americans, however, the reduction in high-capacity assault truck crime will save many lives.

      Think of the children!

      (And, at $19, they are a lot cheaper than an MSR)

  1. Such a crappy accessory. Degrades accuracy, degrades reliability. Causes otherwise reliable actions to jam (receiver moving in same direction as bolt carrier).

    So much fail. The only bright spot is these things now cause gun haters to soil themselves every time some moron drags one out.

      • Well, damn — there’s always an exception to prove the rule, and I guess you’re the lucky one.

        Please post video, and all of the specs for your gun!

        • Bone stock Colt 6920 running at 800RPM which is smack dab in the middle of the M16 FA range of 700-925RPM.

        • The above was a $90 Bumpfire Systems (RIP) knockoff.
          Really smooth.
          In contrast the AK47 is a handfull and cheekfull.

        • I had on for my AK74 years ago when they first came out. Functioned flawlessly and never hindered reliability. Got rid of it because it was a waste of ammo.

  2. There ya’ go! Capitalism…quite coincidentally I was in my favorite gunshop today and lo and behold there was a slidefire on sale for 499😜😜😜 It DOES look line junk…

  3. Slide fire works exactly as advertised
    I can do three round bursts or entire mag dumps
    The slide fire company has been going around and suing everyone who has competing products until they’re out of business
    Bair Arms and J T both made a trigger slider device
    The Bair Arms product was available for multiple different guns, including the CZ scorpion
    I have one and it is incredible How fast the the rate of fire is of the CZ Scorpion in full auto!
    Well, I am glad to see that slide fire is back in business and there is no more talk of banning bumpfire devices
    I just hope that Bair arms can get a patent attorney and get back in business because the slide fire is only available for the AK, AR and the 10/22

      • My goodness, Dan! Why ban something that ultimately can be blamed as a perpetrator? Why, if it weren’t for the bump fire stock, Paddock would never have considered busting out windows, and firing upon a deliberately unarmed crowd.

        My god, don’t you see the truth? If an inanimate plastic stock hadn’t taken control of Paddock’s mind, there is absolutely no possibility that he would have planned and carried out this attack.

        Well, maybe it wasn’t the stock…. Maybe it was the LAPTOP hard drive that took over Paddock’s mind before he calmly removed it AFTER his shooting spree, without leaving his room, and caused it to vanish into thin air!!!

        Christ, Dan…You’re nothing but a right-wing goddamn conspiracy theorist!

  4. Slidefire is just fun. It just sucks that some a-hole tried to ruin the fun for everyone. Ever worse all of these scumbags amount us that keep trying to cut a deal with the anti’s over them.

    I just want to direct say F*CK YOU to ever single FUD around here that’s said as much. It didn’t work with the Clinton era in the 90s and it will doesn’t work now. If you let these idiots in DC set standards for your triggers pull rate then they’ll use it to ban everything. They’ll set up an artificial standard to limit fire rate then use it go go after every single auto-loading firearm made. Because that as the exact point of the entire AWB to begin with. Limit everyon’s fire capacity down to something closer to a lever action rifle.

  5. who cares if accuracy is degraded when fired at longer distances

    when you want to clear a room or other small area or just firing for effect is just what the dr ordered these things really cant be beat

    when the societal collapse happens the guys that have these are going to exceedingly glad

    the guys that dont like johannes paulsen will wish they did

    • I bought one the morning after Vegas for 99 dollars shipped knowing what was going to happen. Sold it for 400 dollars the day I got it. Hell of an investment.

  6. “Who cares if accuracy is degraded when fired at longer distances”.

    Point taken, and confirmed 😉 Thank you!

    Crappy range toys aren’t illegal. Crappy range toys are inherently crappy range toys, and shouldn’t be illegal, just because the left wants to characterize them as the ”Menace du jour”. They what they are, and they aren’t responsible for mass killings.

    Leftists always like a wedge issue or object as justification to separate us from our God given and constitutional rights.

    Want a bump stock? Buy one, own one. God bless you, and your God given and constitutional right to do so.

  7. A regular group came out to use my firing range with some hi-cap mags an semi-autos , 50 cal ammo can full of 5.56. I’ve been a little squimish about the auto sound ever since LV Paddock.Told the group rather not have the rapid fire, but dang it.Three days later Sheriffs deputy drops by for a friendly visit. Oh you know, just how’s things going? Keeping busy, been pretty quite lately, does so and so still come out.?….. I’ve found the best answer to their questions is look reeeeeaal dumb and repeat the question That damnnd bump fire never was much liked by the Cops to start with …..nnnnn I think I’m closing this range down, it’s to much hassle., guys asking me, “What’s with the cops, every time we come out here we get stopped.” I’ve not got the$$$$ to fight it

  8. To all those so called “gun experts” who say a Slide Fire is unstable. So what? I fired an Uzi sub machine gun. It was unstable. Any hand held machine gun is unstable. In fact a fire arms instructor was killed when HIS student lost control of an Uzi and shot him in the head I think two years ago. And the age of his student doesn’t matter.

    I don’t recall any person on TTAG calling for the banning of machine guns. I believe this bump stock banning debate is about rich gun owners, some who have invested in collecting machine guns vs gun owners who will never be able to afford a real machine gun. But can afford an accessory that simulates the rate of fire without converting the internals of an semi auto long gun.

    It’s just an example of the fight between the haves and the have nots. The Las Vegas shooter was a rich man. Gambling, staying in very expensive hotels for days at a time. Traveling internationally. Buying 20 to 30 AR15s. I don’t know of any mass murderer who was a rich man.

    • Yup. Toys for the rich. $15,000 and up for a transferable machine gun, yet the M4 and M4A1 which we CAN’T buy, cost about $800. Thanks to the Hughes Amendment passed on a voice vote and never questioned that the NAYS outnumbered the AYES, yet they passed it anyway.
      Financially I can afford to buy a machine gun, but it is a waste of money when you can spend less than $200 for an accessory that will simulate full auto.

  9. I ordered one. $1 shipping. Never wanted one before, but when the gun grabbers go after something, better to get it before you can’t.

  10. Tachtical Sh*t sucks A** they are a terrible company! Do not buy from them! They may have SF bump stocks available but they have ZERO customer service and a no refund return policy. Then then send you the wrong model and it’s not even in retail packaging. So they won’t let you return something the “F’d” up! DON’T BUY FROM Tactical Sh*t !!!!!! You will lose your money!!!

  11. Slide Fire may just resumed sales but a few other wholesalers have been selling them like CRAZY the last few weeks! Slide Fire has been feeding wholesalers just not retail people. I bought a few from one of these wholesalers. Now I need to buy an AR! Lol

  12. 11/2/17, From

    We have temporarily suspended accepting new orders while we work to replenish inventory. All orders placed should ship in the next 7-10 business days. Please enter your email address to be notified when more stocks and more models become available.

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