Feds Ban Bump Stocks, Gun Owners Refuse to Comply

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm, at the direction of President Trump, waived its regulatory magic wand and designated bump fire stocks as machine guns. That rendered hundreds of thousands of legally purchased firearm accessories illegal. The response: America’s gun owners seem to have raised a collective middle finger toward Washington. The nationwide ban […]

The Real Problem With The Trump Bump Stock Ban

Every time we write about the ATF’s bump stock ban, plenty of commenters write that they can’t understand why anyone would want one. They opine that no one will miss them now that they’re officially verboten. That’s completely missing the issue at stake and why the ban is so dangerous. Bump stocks facilitate a fast […]

Actually, Clark Aposhian Is Not the Only Man in America Who Can Legally Own a Bump Stock

We’ve opposed the ATF’s bump stock ban since President Trump first floated the idea. Arbitrarily re-defining a plastic stock as a machine gun is a jaw-dropping case of regulatory over-reach and sets an extraordinarily dangerous precedent for future regulation of firearms and countless other aspects of everyday life. Even the Obama administration and Diane Feinstein recognized […]