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FIME Group imports and distributes Russian Molot VEPRs in some really cool calibers. Or at least they used to. When Russian sanctions expanded in June to include these firearms, the supply was cut off. At NASGW we got the lowdown on the remaining inventory at FIME Group, which includes a bunch of really unique configurations and calibers.

From multiple options of walnut stocks to synthetic and steel stocks to various barrel lengths, the selection is deep. Plus, FIME’s VEPRs are available in a handful of U.S. calibers in addition to your typical 7.62×39, 5.45×39, and 7.62x54r. Calibers like .223, .308, .243, 6.5 Grendel, and .30-06. I had no idea VEPRs in these calibers existed. But they do, and inventory is limited to supply on hand.

Also available: 12 gauge VEPRs in multiple configurations. Apparently FIME has a ton of the 12″ factory short barreled shotgun (SBS) versions with side-folding stock seen at bottom in the photo above. Yes, that’s an NFA item so it’ll take a $200 tax and the whole Form 4 registration process to take ownership. If you like fireballs and smiling, though, it just might be worth it.

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    • I agree! However, there are still a lot of Saigas and Veprs in circulation, and with a little Google-foo just about anyone who can lawfully own a gun, and doesn’t live in a ban state can still find either gun NIB for less than a grand, and if you’re willing to root and dig, there are still some pretty awesome deals on Saigas and Veprs.

      For people who love these guns, the *Trump Slump*, and numerous Chicom copies continue to apply downward pricing pressure on street pricing (even as the Chicom bolt carriers, bolts, and extractors continue to break and shatter and generaly disappoint).

      The Kalashnikov USA KS-12 is the only direct competitor for the Russian guns in terms of quality and pricing. Almost everything on the the Kalashnikov USA KS-12 is mechanically identical, and build quality is either as good as. Bolt- cast shaft, and precision machined billet upper assembly. Or better – US made black chrome lined, hammer forged and machined barrel, CNC machined billet steel chrome lined gas block, forged gas piston, forged, hardened, machined op rod. Front trunnion appears to be machined from solid steel billet, as does the rear trunnion – which are unexpected quality enhancements over the excellent cast lost wax cast, and machined front and rear trunnions, and gas blocks on the Russian guns.

      Compared to the Russian Saiga, and Vepr 12 guns, the only niggles I have with the US version of the platform are the com-block type twisted wire firing pin spring, which is a bit on the stiff side, the main spring – (particularly the RH side) which likes to walk inward off the trigger leg, the gas adjustment detente spring which looks like a half spring from a pocket pen, and is equally mushy, and the loooong travel and reset of the bone stock Tapco G2 fire control group.

      • Surprising to hear that KS-12 is of decent quality, considering that the only other product that this company managed to bring to the market, were half-assed Saiga conversions and all of their US made stuff has long been relegated to “vaporware” status, with only questionable quality prototypes displayed at various trade shows. I figured that it would be another Chinese re-brand job, like the DDI-12. Are you saying that the trunnions on Saiga and Vepr-12s shotguns are not die-forged, like they are on IzhMash and Molot rifles? Surprising, considering that they have to be able to take quite a beating in 12 ga guns. I thought that IzhMash did cast trunnions only for their 9 mm Vityaz’ carbines.

        Has KUSA invested in a barrel forge or contracting these barrels out? They could make a lot of money simply selling CHF/CL US made AK barrels.

        I think I remember you from the Saiga-12 Forum, back when I was reading it, a long time ago. You do custom S12 conversions, right? So, you’re all switched over to KS-12s now? These sanctions must sure suck for all the Saiga conversion shops… first Saigas and now Veprs gone! It’s good (if surprising) that KS-12 is a worthy successor for you guys to work with. Best of luck!

  1. I bought a .308 with the 23″ barrel. I’m thinking of hitting up Ironwood designs, who I bought furniture for my Yugo m76, and making a Veprunov. It’s shoots well. It does dent brass a bit more than the Saiga .308 I sold a few years ago. That one had a 16″ barrel. It shot around 2″ groups at 100 yards. The Vepr I haven’t taken past 25 yards yet. I also have a Vepr 12. Now that is a fun shotgun!

  2. only problem – price is become too high because of greedy fime, they first tried to sale them on gunbroker, no way suckers!


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