Somehow We Don’t Think a Time Out Will Have the Desired Effect

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  1. The atf is not a valid agency and needs to be done away with. The fbi can take up the slack for harassing honest folk and violating all our rights. No need to waste money on two jack boot groups.

    • Two…. I wish !! What about the IRS, Justice, Homeland, Dept. of Interior, USFWS, AGs office, Ad Infinitum…..

      • Yeah even NOAA has a SWAT team, as stupid as that sounds. One thing that needs to happen is the removal and deletion of lots of federal agencies, and most of the rest need to be disarmed.

  2. Reminds me of ‘Terminator’ and more then a few three letter agencies. Listen, and understand. The ATF is out there. They can’t be bargained with. They can’t be reasoned with. They don’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And they absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.

  3. The only cure for the overreach of the Bribems “AFT” is a divorce… cut them loose, reconfigure and if there is a necessity put them back where they belong (make them part of the DEA) chasing illegal gun runners and Moonshiners (yeah that’s still a real thing)… They have no business regulating LEGALLY acquired and modified firearms…

  4. Just one of the many government agencies that should be disbanded and their directors jailed!


      …. and hearings and committee meetings are still going on regarding the rogue ATF, the latest one I think was a few days ago where a bill by democrats to negate the bill to abolish the ATF was introduced and the democrats lost 14 to 12 in the vote and their negating bill was defeated. More recently, the republicans that control the committee that funds the ATF started actions to bring back the Holman rule (which it turns out, there is a way to do that without going through the senate or getting the president to sign off on it) so they can de-fund the ATF.

  5. The ATF’s tax collection can be done by treasury as it was before they were created.
    Their forensic work can be done by the FBI’s forensic labs. The actual law enforcement of Federal laws can and should be done by the Federal Marshal’s Service.
    ATF’s original mission was to collect excise taxes on Alcohol and tobacco. Put them back to their original mission and back under treasury. Any firearms law restricting ownership or access to firearms or any other arms is an infringement of an innumerate right.

    • “The ATF’s tax collection can be done by treasury as it was before they were created.”

      The ATF’s ‘tax collection’ is not the ATF.

      When you pay the $200.00 under NFA you are paying it to the treasury department, ots actually the treasury department collecting that and not the ATF. Any other firearms taxes its the same thing.

      The NFA is not actually a ‘firearms regulation’, and never was. Its a misconception. It was created as and still remains a treasury department tax collection system.

  6. abort the NFA then make them the AT or gut them .com style and send em out the door with the contents of their desks to seek new work.

    • If only (key part) they focused on ensuring minimum quality standards for alcohol tobacco firearms and explosives they would be a wonderful agency. Again if only.

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