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The United Kingdom is gun control paradise, home to some of strictest gun laws on the planet. Which means “gun violence” never happens there. Except when it does . . .

Leeds parents feared for baby’s life as Mercedes rammed and shotgun threat

Mohammed Butt, 25, (above) was driving a BMW 5 series when he twice rammed into his cousin’s Mercedes and pointed an imitation sawn-off shotgun at them and threatened them in Beeston.

The 14-month-old baby suffered a cut eye as a result of the car ramming at the junction of Atha Street and Cross Flatts Grove at around 9pm on November 22 2016.

The court heard Butt, of Colwyn Road, Beeston, may have been jealous because cousin Fike Butt and his wife Sima Kausa had started a new business.

Business. Right.

Trial hears trove of weapons found at motorbike club

A man accused of murdering a member of a motorbike club had previously been threatened at his home by rival club members, the Central Criminal Court has heard.

Alan McNamara, 50, from Mountfune, Murroe, Co Limerick, has pleaded not guilty to the murder of 51-year-old Andrew O’Donoghue (above) on 21 June 2015 . . .

The jury also heard that a collection of weapons including shotguns, batons, iron bars and pepper spray, were found at and near the clubhouse of the Road Tramps motorbike club in Murroe.

Man ‘blasted with sawn-off shotgun’  –

The drama began when a silver-blue car pulled up into Bourne Green in Quinton.

One neighbour, who did not want to be identified, said: “The gunman parked his car diagonally in front of his victim’s house and calmly got out in full view of everyone and began taking shots at his victim who had come out a house.”

Brave Grantham police officers take on robbers armed with shotgun and hammers

The sergeants – who are based in Grantham – were off duty in Newark to celebrate Sergeant McIvor’s promotion, but as they left the pub, they heard noise coming from a nearby jewellers.

They approached the shop and soon realised there was an armed robbery in progress.

The pair entered the front of the shop front and identified themselves as police officers.

As they did, one offender, carrying a pump-action shotgun, came out of the premises towards them pointing the firearm directly at them.

He pumped the barrel, yelling “Get back or I’ll shoot”. He was then swiftly followed out of the shop by others armed with lump hammers.

The officers backed away but still persisted in dealing with the incident, and Sergeant McIvor seized an opportunity to wrestle with the gunman as he attempted to get into the getaway car.

Et cetera.

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  1. He pumped the barrel? The ignorance would hurt if it wasn’t so damn funny.

    Cue the resistance and cisco kid, who wasn’t a friend of mine, in 3..2..1..

    • You mean crisco kid? That dudes a trip. I wonder if he’ll threaten to sue us all again for daring to question his 60 year NRA membership status, and his all democrat gun club.

    • I didn’t watch the video so I dunno if ‘pumped the barrel’ is some NSFW British idiom…

    • The weapon was stated to be a fake imitation firearm.

      Probably made from pot metal or resin.

      Fake replica firearms couldn’t stand the real pressures from a bullet or shot shell coming from it.

      And again, Prove that incidents in the land of hope and glory are minuscule and do not compare to what happens here everyday in the US.

      It’s easier to survive fighting back or running from being attacked by a criminal armed with a knife, baseball bat, section of pipe or fists than a gun.

      Your klanmaster farrago refuses to report the numerous accidental shootings, suicides, and spree shootings that happen everyday.

      And continues to post debunked corporate gun-lobby owned-stats that can be debunked with actual research along with the debunked myth of “defensive gun use” which is minuscule compared to the numerous violent crime incidents in the country.

      UK citizens are fine without NRA-worshiping goons causing trouble.

      • There you are! We knew you were lurking around here somewhere!

        P.S. – its easier to shoot an attacker than run. It is much much easier to shoot an attacker than survive getting hit with a pipe or stabbed.

        • I almost wonder if the resistance is a bot. They’ve gotten really good these days, and dog knows Bloomies minions are well funded.

          Same stale copy pasta, easily scuttled with actual facts and figures. I’m not wasting the time, although it does make him go away, since he never even tries to refute actual numbers.

      • You’ve clearly never been hit in the head violently by someone trying to kill you. If so, would not think such attacks to be so trivial.

        • I don’t know. Sometimes I think is pretty evident he has been struck violently in the head sometime in his past.

      • Globalist Much !!? Too many people in the “Free-World” engaging in “Wrong-Think..?”

      • “And continues to post debunked corporate gun-lobby owned-stats…”
        Ya those corporate owned FBI Crime Statistics.

  2. They need shotguns for the upper class to fudd-out with.

    Guns suited more to self defence or forms of recreation invented after antibiotics can be banned, but not shotguns!

  3. Those two unarmed cops in the video—I guess asking real nice or harsh words don’t beat a real gun?

    “STOP or I’ll uselessly put my palm up to you and walk backwards!”

  4. Shouldn’t he be Mohammed Arse? Bet he is the butt of a lot of jokes. I guess his ass is in a sling now. Was it a pistol grip shotgun or did it have a proper … Ok, I’ll stop.

  5. Thank goodness they weren’t committed by the pistol, which everyone in England knows is more powerful than shottys

  6. Sounds to me like that shotgun wasn’t loaded in the story with the 2 cops. The perp pumped it after pointing it at the cops, then let’s them get close enough to take it from them? I think they just had it to intimidate but weren’t expecting much resistance, especially of the armed variety.

    • That is exactly what is happening in England. While guns are banned, they are plentiful everywhere (especially pistols). And if you can’t get a real gun, VERY realistic counterfeits are readily available. UK law enforcement reports that handguns are the most used firearms in armed robberies of small businesses. Quite often, replicas are used and are quite effective since the victims are traumatized and not looking to find out if the weapon is real or not. (They don’t have painted barrels.) The guns originate in Europe.

      Anyone using the UK as an example of successful gun control is either lying or totally duped.

        • Sure. But they also have soaring acid attacks:

          Violent criminals will always find a way to be violent. Ban guns, they’ll use acid. Ban acids, they’ll use gasoline. Ban gasoline, they’ll use crowbars. Ban crowbars, they’ll use baseball bats. Ban baseball bats, they’ll use forks. Ban forks, they’ll use piano wire.

          The one thing you cannot ban, is violence.

        • Of course you can ban violence. Violence in its many forms is banned in almost every country in the world. As in, it’s illegal. What you’re trying to say is that you can’t completely stop violence, which is true but you can make it as difficult as possible on criminals.

        • I’d much rather be shot (hopefully just at, by asshats with no firearms knowledge – notice you quoted “intentional”) with ability to carry my own in self defense, than beat to death with a hammer, hacked to death with a machete, stabbed with scissors, stomped by Doc Martens, set on fire with “petrol”… with no true legal recourse or protection. Not that that matters after you are room temperature, or worse – permanently, seriously disabled.

          Also, first picture, never judge a book by it’s cover… but F*CK that book, and ALL his friends.

        • No, Michael B, bans don’t work. Ever. (See Prohibition and war on drugs.) Sure, you can try to make it more difficult for criminals to get certain items, outlaw them and make them more profitable on black market, but you can’t stop criminals from committing violence.

          “Oh, I would rob this guy and rape that girl, if just guns were legal, but now I have to go to church choir rehearsal instead!” said no criminal ever.

          As Tex said, the tool is not important. It is always the guy wielding it.

      • To be fair, ‘replica’ firearms are effective pretty much everywhere. I don’t care if you’re a collector that spends every other day at the range, it’s real difficult to tell the difference between a real and ‘fake’ gun, especially if getting it wrong means death,

      • Brits actually do have the right to bear arms under the Bill of Rights 1689 and, to a some-what lesser extent, the Common Law;
        these over-ride any and all Parliamentary ‘statute’-type laws against gun owner-ship;
        unfortunately, no Brit seems to have the gumption or ₤the₤ to mount a serious legal challenge in their highest court….which, i think, is the Privy Council…..or….maybe they’re just too apathetic ☹
        gun-grabbing in the UK began shortly after World War I;
        so much so that, by the time WWII arrived, the UK was desperately short of small arms and had to ‘beg, borrow or steal’ them from the US…..
        prior to WWI, UK ‘subjects’ could even own Vickers machine-guns…. ?

      • “Pistols are plentiful everywhere” – really? From where I sit (and I just, y’know, live here) that’s about as true as the “you can buy machine guns over the counter for cash in any large convenience store in the US” myth peddled by some of our domestic hoplophobes.

        But seriously, pause and think. A “firearms incident” in which no rounds are fired, nobody dies, and (as far as can be told) no actual, workable firearms were involved, makes not just national but international news. And this is proof that we have a firearm problem? In the US this isn’t even a story, but it’s drastic stuff for the UK.

        Seriously, the whole of the UK (60 million plus) has fewer homicides, all causes, all reasons in a year, and half the people injured in “firearms incidents” of all types, than just one, single US city with a twentieth the population. Nobody (well, nobody not wearing a tinfoil beret) claims we’ve abolished crime, but we’ve got a lot fewer dead people, a lot fewer suffering life-changing injuries by gunshot, and our current newsworthy crop of criminal opportunists – might have even been a single group, but they made the news – are playing with industrial chemicals to disable moped riders and steal their vehicles, rather than simply shooting them (because they can’t get guns…)

    • You literally took the words right out of my mouth. I thought (and was going to post) the exact same thing.

  7. Is it true that you can be arrested in England for calling “shotgun” when you race your buddies to a car?

    • Can’t buy a round at the pub, have a barrel of fun. With the internet, soon you won’t even be able to read a magazine.

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