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Ugh, I would hate to be the public servants that had to clean up this mess.  Yet another reason to be grateful to those that do those “dirty jobs” no one else wants to do. Speaking of dirty jobs . . .

I also make a living as a paralegal. I can picture the lawsuit now. Even though there were no injuries, the slimy eels traumatized the plaintiff’s and grossed them out, therefore they are entitled to money due to their mental anguish. Yep, sounds about right. [Not hunting-related but still considered “road kill,” which is a form of hunting in some states.]

Eel-Coated Oregon Highway Crash Looks Like a Scene From Ghostbusters

Hagfish, Slime Eels, gooey hotdogs, whatever you want to call these slimy things, they are completely disgusting. If you remember from middle school science hagfish secrete a slime when agitated and apparently a motor vehicle accident counts as agitating them.

On Thursday morning, Salvatore Tragale was driving 7,500 pounds of hagfish on Highway 101 in Depoe Bay, Oregon to get shipped overseas. Tragale attempted to slow down for a construction site when his cargo got loose and all the truck’s contents went flying. Within a second, the entire road and passing cars were covered in the slimey mess. Fortunately, no injuries were reported but the cleanup was extensive.

Just WITF’s happening in California when the local wildlife is breaking into the homes of innocent people? No, I’m not referring to South Central L.A. This poor lady wakes up to an animal on top of her. Literally. If this were me, there wouldn’t been a dead mountain lion in my apartment. Hmmm, I wonder if it’s legal kill a mountain lion in your own bedroom with a gun in California and then have the remains sent to a taxidermist?

Mountain lion crashes through California woman’s window, lands on her bed –

The crash of fireworks didn’t rouse a California woman from sleep on July 4; however, the crash of a mountain lion hopping through her apartment window did. Upon breaking through the window, the cat landed atop the woman slumbering in her bed.

“She said she though she was dreaming, it didn’t seem real,” Francis Muniz, manager of the Colusa apartment building, told Fox News. Muniz said the dazed woman simply opened her back door and the “bleeding and disoriented” animal scurried outside.

Surveillance footage, obtained by United Press International, revealed the cougar’s wild Fourth of July spree. Before his late-night bedroom intrusion, the footage shows the lion dashing in front of a pickup truck and crashing through the door of a nearby bowling alley.

Wildlife officials told Fox the mountain lion could have mistaken the window for a cave entrance or been spooked by its reflection in the glass.

Well there’s something you don’t see everyday. You can see Twiggy the Waterskiing Squirrel at the Hunting & Fishing Expo in Huntsville this weekend. Also, don’t miss The Great Bear Show at the event. Let us know if the show lives up to the name.

Hunting & Fishing Expo this weekend in Huntsville –

The Tennessee Valley Hunting & Fishing Expo is a weekend entertainment experience that’s designed for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. TVHFE is a one-of-a-kind destination event for hunting, fishing and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as the top outdoor retailers and organizations. The Hunting & Fishing Expo is this weekend at the Von Braun Center South Hall. Hours are: Friday July 14th 3pm – 9pm Saturday July 15th 9am – 8pm Sunday July 16th 10am – 5pm. Admission is $10.00 for adults and children 12 and under are free.

Don’t be a dumb ass and poach animals. When you get caught you will be banned from hunting for life, like this idiot. In addition to legal consequences, poachers should be subject to public ridicule. Similar to the days of the old west when they hanged criminals except in my version, we just verbally abuse the poachers and perhaps throw eggs at them. This is the virtual outcome in the hunting community anyway. Legit hunters have no respect for poachers.

California man faces lifetime Colorado hunting ban for illegal take –

A California man must pay thousands of dollars in fines and faces a lifetime hunting ban in Colorado after pleading guilty to illegal hunting in the northwest region of the state. Following a Colorado Parks and Wildlife investigation and arrest, Kyle Odle, 29, of Menifee, California, appeared before a 14th Judicial District Court judge in Moffat County on June 20 to learn his sentence. He faced the possibility of jail time for two felony charges of illegal outfitting.

Odle accepted an offer to plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of aggravated possession of wildlife involving the illegal take of three or more big game animals. The judge imposed a 24-month deferred sentence and required Odle pay fines of more than $16,000 and may not hunt, fish, outfit or guide for two years in Colorado, as well as possibly having privileges suspended by CPW for life.

Woah, bait and switch alert! Oh wait, that’s called politics. Ryan Zinke, the man who showed up to his first day of work on a horse, has now become a PR agent for oil and gas companies. And here I thought you could always trust a man wearing a cowboy hat, but I think that saying died with the Duke.

Hunting And Fishing Groups Are Starting To Turn On Trump’s Interior Secretary

 Zinke has also taken heat from outdoor publications. In an open letter, Andrew McKean, the editor-in-chief of Outdoor Life magazine, took the Trump administration and Zinke to task over their review of monument designations and expansions made under the Antiquities Act, a law Roosevelt signed in 1906.

“If you continue to borrow from Roosevelt’s legacy, as I hope you do, it’s fair to ask you: What would TR do with this opportunity to question the integrity of national monuments?” McKean wrote. “I think he would say it’s time to stop demonizing monuments and the process that created them, and instead to celebrate them as a collection of the best of our landscapes, and places to exercise true multiple use on our most remarkable public lands.”

This week, online fly fishing magazine Hatch published a piece in which veteran conservation writer Ted Williams skewers Zinke — whom he describes as “an oil-and-gas promoter in green drag” — and the people who “gush about anti-environmental bureaucrats and politicians” who hunt and fish, or just pretend to.

“Hunters and anglers are too easily seduced by candidates who bloviate about the Second Amendment or flounce around at photo ops with borrowed fly rods and shotguns,” Williams writes. “Sportsmen need to pay more attention to what those candidates do and less attention to what they say.”

Recently, I had a new addition to my family: a German Shepherd puppy named Luna. Since I was a little girl and watched All Dogs go to Heaven, I have wanted a GSD. I’m training her to be my hunting dog (Yes, GSD’s can hunt and hunt well) using training collars. After purchasing a collar from PetSmart (place where snowflake dogs go), I quickly realized the range was not conducive for hunting. Then I went to Cabela’s (place where real dogs and men go) and purchased the SportDOG Brand® WetlandHunter® 425CAMO Dog Remote Trainer which has a range of 500 yards and is waterproof.

Perfect for your duck-hunting buddy, SportDOG Brand’s waterproof WetlandHunter SD-425 Training Collar comes in Realtree MAX-5® camo. Select from seven different stimulation intensities in medium and high ranges, along with the option to use a tone or vibration allow you to match your dog’s needs. The trainer’s 500-yd. range is ideal for distance training as well as close work. DryTek® technology ensures waterproof performance and makes the unit submersible up to 25 ft.

Luna is a work in progress; at this phase she’s still eating my shoes. She also gets car sick and sheds piles of hair around the house. However, with the help of YouTube I know she will be a great hunting partner one day. Progress updates soon.

This week’s digest ends with the new movie War of the Planet of the Apes. This photo got me thinking, how do their hands fit in the trigger guard? Apparently, ape hands are very similar to human hands so an ape revolution is plausible. Watch the trailer here.  Making a guest appearance, the Remington 870 Witness ProtectionColt M4A1, FN SCAR-L (My personal favorite), Browning M2HB, Bushmaster ACR and the MK 12 SPR just to name a few.  

Just so you know, non-GMO chimpanzees are excellent hunters. Meat eaters too.

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  1. I have had a SmartDog collar for years. My dogs will come to the beeper that it has from way farther than they can hear a whistle. That’s nice. The SmartDog service is fantastic too. I broke the collar twice and they gave me news ones at a steep discount.

    There are a lot of nice e-collars now that are a fraction of the size of the collars from years ago with more features and better performance. A friend has a Garmin that not only has a beeper but also a light. I am not exactly sure how I would use the light since I don’t hunt at night but it sounds cool.

    I have a puppy that I take to the beach daily. People are surprised that he comes when I whistle no matter what he is doing even though he was only 3 months old at the time. Yes, I used the e-collar but very little. Mostly he is bribed with food. The carrot and stick approach.

    The problem with e-collars is that some people overuse them. The dog has to understand why he is being shocked. And certainly never shock the dog because you’re angry with him! That is a good way to ruin a dog.

    Both SmartDog and Garmin now have e-collars and GPS trackers in one device now. You can never keep up with electronics! When I started hunting we only had a stupid cow bell on the dog. We spent a lot of time looking for and worrying about dogs.

  2. Good luck with your gsd. I got a new puppy a few months ago to go with my white gsd 11 yrs old and my malinois 9 yrs old. I had labs all my life and they are great dogs but they don’t scare bad guys as much as a gsd. post some pictures if you can.

  3. The trucking company is responsible for the eel cleanup. This was fairly local. It was a huge mess! Apparently when the eels are frightened, they emit the white slime.

    • Apparently they’re on the other end of the spectrum from animals that emit a while slime whey are very, very, ~very~ happy…

  4. Wait a minute. Are you telling me that someone in the Trump Administration is capable of selling out the interests of the community that voted for them to the oil and gas industry?

    Oh my stars and garters. I must collect myself. The shock.

    • You really aren’t trying to suggest that the Trump admin is the first and only admin in the history of this country to do shenanegins, are you?

      Shall we start at barry’s admin and work our way back from there with your education?

      • At least Obama didn’t put someone who has sued the EPA multiple times in charge of the EPA and someone who (or her family) has never went to a Public school in their life in charge of the Department of Education. How about making Rick Perry the Secretary of Energy ? So you put the guy who said he would abolish the Department of Energy in charge of it. You can deflect to Obama and Hillary all you want but that doesn’t change the fact that Trump is an idiot.

        • Fast and Furious? You cannot honestly believe that (insert admin here) is better or worse than the one we currently have? There shouldn’t be a federal dept. of education. That’s a job for the local communities.

        • Yes, he was without a doubt better than the current President. It’s not even close.

        • Compared to Trump ? I’ll take Obama any time. Trump is mentally ill. I mean that seriously. He is going to lead the world into destruction if someone doesn’t reel him in.

        • Nixon created the EPA. Nixon was a republican. Doesn’t that make the EPA evil? Doesn’t that enrage you?

        • Not at all. Why should I give a shit who created the EPA ? Actually Nixon was a very good environmental President. He’s probably rolling over in his grave at what the current Republican party is doing. There have been some good Republican Presidents. Eisenhower comes to mind off the top of my head.

        • Lead the world into destruction? Just how is he supposed to go on about that? Isn’t he in bed with the Russians? (The only other country with the nuclear capability to obliterate civilization) you Liberals need to get your panicking conspiracies straight. At least conservatives were consistent about it.

        • Ever hear of a little country called China ? Also just because Putin helped put him in office doesn’t mean things can’t change down the road. Trump has been known to stab business partners in the back before. As far as conspiracy theories ? You’re statement is ridiculous. Conservatives are the KINGS of conspiracy theories.

        • This may come as a surprise to you, but no, china does not have that nuclear capability. They have roughly 500 or so nukes. That’s not even enough to thoroughly destroy the US, especially when many of those nukes would likely never it make it here. Only Russia and the US are capable of MAD.

        • China doesn’t have even 500 nuclear warheads. The estimated number is 260. Still that is enough to cause a hell of lot of damage but nowhere near the number that Russia has (7,000) or the US with around 6,800. Still, a nuclear war with China would not be pleasant.

        • Mike B. After stating that putin put Trump in office you then state conservatives are the kings of conspiracy theory’s.

          Too funny, that.

        • Yes, because Putin interfering in our election is not a theory. It is a fact. The 4 top intelligence agencies in the country, the CIA, FBI, NSA and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, also know and have stated, it’s a fact. If you think they are all lying then you are the conspiracy theorist, not me.

        • Mike b. Just a cursory search shows that the statements made about russia supporting Trump where made by barrys appointees while he was still in office.

          I wouldn’t believe them any more than I would believe alex jones.

          Admit it. You’re a progressive that’s pissed cause hillary got booted.

        • They’re making these statements RIGHT NOW. Why do you think he fired Comey ? You’re a fool of you think this is all made up. You’re a fool and a traitor to this country. If this EXACT thing was happening to Hillary you would be calling for the firing squad, but since it’s Trumpf it’s all just fine with you. Disturbing.

        • Another minion who doesn’t care that our President has committed treason as long as it’s your guy that did it. If it was Hillary or any Democrat you would be losing your minds over it. HYPOCRITES.

        • You accused jwm of treason for holding widely held beliefs. That’s not treason. What you accuse Trump of is not even treason.

          “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.”

        • Well you have no problem with our President colluding with the Russians to influence our election. In my book that’s treason. So FUCK YOU right back.

        • Well, mikeyb. Since you want to use baseless accusations as your baseline, remembering that you set the tone for this.

          How about the murders the clintons(they call them suicides) have been involved in? What about the legality of barry’s run for office?

          If all you got is throwing shit against a wall and hoping it sticks, you just got shit in your hands.

          I said it before and you didn’t deny it. You’re a progressive that’s pissed cause hillary, who stole the nomination from the bern, still lost.

        • Nice try. Show me one shred of evidence from a CREDIBLE source that substantiates any of that right wing email bullshit that they spread that has NOTHING CREDIBLE to support it. As usual you have to go back to Obama and Hillary who ARE NOT THE PRESIDENT to try and deflect from the current Traitor and Chief. This is NOW, stop trying to deflect by talking about the lies that were made up in the past.

        • I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Hillary. In fact I wish she would go away. You just have to keep referring back to her even though she is nothing right now. Holds absolutely no political office or power yet you are so desperate to change the subject from our current President that you have to grasp at straws that mean nothing.

        • mikeyb. Just following your playbook. Still ain’t answered the progressive question, have you.

          You got mad, bro. 🙂

        • Mad ? About what ? Trump? I’m not mad. It is what it is. He’s a disgrace but I wasn’t mad, nor am I mad now. I’ve got plenty of other things to deal with in my life than be mad over something like that. To be honest, I’m not that into Politics.

        • Dude you lie. You got mad, real mad. Trump is president and won fair and square. Deal with it.

        • Let me get this strait. So YOU are telling ME how I feel. Hahahahahahahaha. You really are a pathetic moron. Have a nice day.

        • All those appointments sound GREAT to people who agree with the politics of those people. Example… if you ALSO agree the Dept of Energy is useless and a waste of taxpayer money, then of COURSE the best person for the job is someone who agrees, and will do their best to eliminate it or at least reduce the scope of its activities. Similarly, if you think the EPA is equally pointless, or at the very least has far overstepped the bounds of its authority and that its regulations are burdensome to business, then appointing someone who has repeatedly sued the EPA for those exact same issues sounds like a GREAT appointment.

    • What bait and switch? I distinctly remember Obama creating a slew of new national monument to stop oil and gas resources development and also holding up mineral lease evaluations. Basically it would be like the ATF just refusing to process suppressor applications or extending the process for over a year. Zinke is just restoring the Interior Department to normal business. The article seems to be trying to apply the Democrat agenda to Trump. No Trump was for deregulation.

      • I agree. There’s no bait and switch here. Trump ran on helping the energy industry. Hillary ran on shutting it down. I also don’t remember Trump running a hunting and fishing platform. He ran on a pro 2A platform. Thinking they are one and the same makes one a fudd.

        • She didn’t run on shutting it down. She ran on encouraging the new energy industry. Which is a good idea. If we don’t get with the program we are going to get left behind. We used to be the country that was the leaders on the forefront of new technology. Now we’re just being stubborn and antiquated. It will cost us dearly in the future.

        • I disagree with literally everything you’ve said in that comment.

          “We’re going to put a lot of coal miners out of work.” I’m not sure what her policy would have been exactly because she mostly ran on “I’m not Trump” and “it’s my turn,” but that statement was good enough for me. Especially with Obama’s anti-energy policies.

          I’ve seen wind turbines coming through Texas ports for decades. Tesla is an American company.

          If something better comes along, we will quickly adopt it. We got off whale oil pretty quickly, and to a large extent, coal as well.

        • We’re the U.S.A dam it. We don’t wait for someone else to innovate then “adopt” it. We’re supposed to be the leaders and innovators.

      • Michael B, the success of US space program in the 60’s was based largely on the “innovation” of Werner Von Braun ( employed by Hitler ) and was “adopted” by Uncle Sam.

        Advanced knowledge of germ / biological warfare was “adopted” by the US military from the “inovations” of Japan’s Unit 731 headed by war criminal Dr. Shiro Ishii
        whose research methods made Dr. Joseph Mengele’s ( aka “the angel of death” ) experiments look absolutely humane.

        The US government would deal with Satan himself if they could gain access to any shortcuts….f**k innovation. Cheating works just fine.

  5. Oh i dunno about mental anguish for the slimed car. I would however expect the insurance to total the car and pay for a new one, because no way in hell will that smell ever get out of there.

  6. GSD!!! As far as I’m concerned, THE best dogs on Earth.

    You have good taste, Ms. Austin! Congrats to you & Luna both! 🙂

    • Agreed. I’ve had them all my life, two now. Ruby and Doobie. Devoted to the grandkids, would defend the family to the death.
      Big ol’ babies, at least when you’re on their good side, I love ’em dearly. But my Catahoula/Bulldog has more stamina, she is a freak of nature.

  7. I somehow missed that section of the Constitution where the govt. can own large swaths of land (over 90% of the land in the state of Nevada, for instance) and then regulate hunting. Let’s have a sell off to the citizens of the U.S., pay off the debt, pass an Amendment requiring a balanced budget and let the free market reign. Christian capitalism is why the U.S. is the greatest nation ever. Let’s keep it that way! ?

    • The Constitution also doesn’t say that they can’t. It also doesn’t say anything about capitalism being our economic system. Not everything is in the Constitution.

      • The constitution claims to be exhaustive; listing every power that the federal government does have and explicitly denying to it all others.

        10th ammendment. The powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

        If it’s not in the constitution, the federal government should not be doing it.

      • It doesn’t say anything about capitalism (which probably wasn’t even a word yet), but, most other systems like socialism or communism would end up violating the constitution in their enforcement.

        • Socialism would not violate the Constitution. We already have many socialistic programs in this country.

        • Yes but enforcement of real socialism, to make it work, would ultimately end up undermineing the basic concepts of liberty. There’s numerous ways this could happen. It wouldn’t just fall into the category of which amendments it would violate.

        • Tell me what real socialism is. It’s not that simple. There are several forms of socialism.

        • You don’t know enough about law or the constitution to have an adequate debate about this with. You’re just spouting off whatever your leftist professor taught you to say. You’re one of those that think “we can have socialism AND democracy”. We sure can. But we don’t have a democracy… and we damn sure don’t want one.

        • Whatever you say Hank. Tell us all how smart you are and how you are a Constitutional expert. We’re all waiting for your words of wisdom.

        • “Real socialism” is what lenin and stalin practiced and what leftists/democrats want for this country.

    • As to the owning of land, and making rules and regulations for that land, Article IV, Section 3, Paragraph 2 covers that. “The Congress shall have power to dispose of and make all needful rules and regulations respecting the territory or other property belonging to the United States; and nothing in this Constitution shall be so construed as to prejudice any claims of the United States, or of any particular state.”

      At the time of the founding, the federal government owned about half the territory of the United States.

  8. What would Teddy Roosevelt do? Slaughter thousands of critters for fun(almost like POACHING). But Teddy was a VIP so it’s OK. BTW I’m not anti-hunting…

    • Wow! You really don’t know anything about Teddy Roosevelt at all! He is largely responsible for modern day conservation, saving the last of the bison and saving the remaining elk among other animals. The elk on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state are called Roosevelt elk for a reason.

      Roosevelt along with George Bird Grinnell who I am sure you know nothing about, were founding members of the Boone & Crocket Club the nation’s first effective conservation organization. Roosevelt and Grinnell lobbied hard to save Yellowstone Park from the railroad interests that wanted to develop it and were successful.

      Really, know what the hell you’re talking about before defaming someone.

        • “No apologizing for upsetting your delicate sensibilities.”

          No apology necessary former water walker. FLAME DELETED

      • Wow. These two guys get deleted but resistance and cisco kid just run their crapholes without hesitation or restriction.

        • I don’t know, I kind of enjoy reading a little sh*t posting between angry TTAG members. Otherwise the comment section can get pretty stale ( and frequently does ? ).

  9. “The crash of fireworks didn’t rouse a California woman from sleep on July 4; however, the crash of a mountain lion hopping through her apartment window did.”


    A cougar went to visit a ‘Cougar’.


    “After purchasing a collar from PetSmart (place where snowflake dogs go), I quickly realized the range was not conducive for hunting.”

    I’ve always wondered if those critter ‘training’ (shock) collars would work on small children that tend to wander off.

    Any further than 30 feet, and *bzzzpt!*.

    Congrats on the puppy. He’ll be more loyal to you than any man ever will. 😉

  10. Only thing my Border Collie puppy hunts for is a toy and squirrels. BCs seem to be a bit gunshy so probably not the best hunting breed IMO.
    I hate monkeys. Watched “Congo” at a young age, hated them ever since.

  11. I’m trying to figure out if all the fear and anger over Zinke (and other similar appointments) are trolling, NeverTrumpers or just too lazy to think.

    Until you can pass laws getting rid of agencies that either shouldn’t exist or need to be radically reigned in, the fastest and best solution is to put someone in charge who knows how effed up said agencies are.

    Between 4 western states, the Feds “own” or control more land than the entire east coast. And they do a piss poor job of managing that land. It wasn’t global warming that caused 2 major fires in CA and 5 in AZ, it was the rules, regulations and incompetence of the Bureau of Land Management and EPA. Those fires each destroyed thousands of square miles of forest, and killed every animal who lived on them. Not to mention “the people” can’t use that land for anything other than hiking and camping, and even those are restricted.

    • As near I can tell, Williams and McKean haven’t shown anything detrimental about the Zinke’s actions. Review the designation of the Obama administration National Monuments expansion is quite warranted, since there are good arguments to be made that they do not meter the requirements for a NM, at least not for much of the land involved. The ad hominem concerning oil and gas extraction makes no logical sense–although it works with many as a rhetorical device.

  12. Seriously though, screw “The Trump Administration.” Saying “it’s better than…” is like a schoolyard target saying the worms he was forced to eat recently was better than the dog crap from last week.
    It is embarrassing that we seem to have fallen into the same camp as ’08 Obama supporters. “He’s a breath of fresh air! He’ll change everything!”…
    Right up until they dont, because modern Washington is a system built on failure. And the president is far from the most powerful or influential person in the world, much less that cesspool of a city and ogliarchic ideology.
    I get the need to plan and deal but I have heard nyet on repriprocity, much less NFA reform
    If “they” solve all, or most, or even the most pressing of “our” problems, “we” will have no need to pay them attention, or much more importantly, funding.
    Gorsuch and Mattis though; Right on!

  13. My wife trains and breeds working-line German Shepherd Dogs. Great dogs, but the combination of high energy, physical power, and iron will can be challenging to live with. Our year-old male recently took out a free-standing kitchen cabinet when he took a shortcut through the corner of it. Ripped the leg right out, the whole thing came down on the kitchen table. The dog was completely unbothered.

  14. “I also make a living as a paralegal.” Your hired, if you take me on all those awesome hunting trips you go on.*

    “When you get caught you will be banned from hunting for life.” Not always. Some kid around here shot a couple of whooping cranes. A friend of mine is pissed at the DA because after the kid finishes his sentence, he can get a hunting license. My friend says he “used to think” the DA was a good guy.

    “I thought you could always trust a man wearing a cowboy hat.” Aren’t half the guys in cowboy hats the bad guys in Westerns?

    *Not an actual offer of employment.

      • Typical moronic response. You have to exaggerate and overstate in an attempt to discredit what you don’t want to believe but you know is actually true. It’s an extremely lame tactic but one that is used often by people who don’t have anything credible to support their argument.

        • Michael B, you’re just butt hurt that the Russian “narrative” the progressives has been clinging to have failed so miserably that it has become a meme that we can just beat you over the head with again and again.

          Maybe you should just settle for punching a “nazi” and call it a day.

        • Hahaha, another moron telling me how I feel. What would I do without you idiots. I wouldn’t know what to feel without you here to tell me. Hahaha.

        • Jesus, that comeback is on par with “Oh yeah !” or “I’m rubber and you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks on YOU !”

          Good one Michael B. You sure showed me. ?

        • The word “subjective” would be an appropriate term. Reasonable and accurate ?
          Uh…if you say so.

      • mike….it Must be frustrating seeing everyone punching above your intellectual weight class on a messageboard……..

  15. “Narrative” ? Ya that’s what all these investigations are. A “Narrative”. Would it just be a narrative of this was happening to a Democrat ?

      • Fake news, fake news, that’s it. Regurgitate what your master has brain washed you to say. Anything that you don’t like is “fake news” and anything you like is accurate and true. Heil Trumpf !

        • Okay Michael B, I don’t want to incite you into possibly having a psychotic break and becoming the next James T. Hodgkinson ( FEEL THE BERN ! ) so I will let you have the last word, declare yourself victor and waddle on your merry way.

          Thank’s, it was fun.

  16. As a oil industry stooge, I am fine with demonumitizing. The areas that Obama declared monuments are rich in gas ,oil and coal. The last is perfect for electricity generation. The first for heating, burst generation and some polymers.Oil creats the best portable transportation fuel and other polymers. You cannot have a 300 million plus population in a nation wide national park. After the resources are extracted the land can be restored. The oil and gas industry leaves a very small footprint, and we are gone after the well is drilled. Our brethren in the coal industry make a bigger mess, but this too is temporary. Chill out, we will provide the power for your air conditioning

    • I like your style oilman. I say drill baby drill. I also want to see nuclear make a comeback and start mining all that helium 3 on the moon for fusion. There’s so many real sources of energy that work unlike green initiatives that either don’t work or pollute just as much.

    • “The oil and gas industry leaves a very small footprint, and we are gone after the well is drilled.” And if they don’t, they often get sued. The coal industry is a different story.


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