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“Gun ownership is ingrained in us. It’s in our fabric – it always has been and it always will be.” – Dean Price in National survey shows agreement as well as division over guns [via]

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  1. Thats only one thing the two of those low lifes will never admit.
    They will also never admit that they are EXPLETIVE DELETED.

  2. “The Pew survey, which was conducted in March and April from a nationally representative sample of 3,930 adults, including 1,270 gun owners, or 32 percent of the total surveyed.

    It found a broad connection to guns among all Americans:

    44 percent of U.S. adults personally know someone who has been shot.
    59 percent have a least one friend who owns a gun.
    66 percent have lived in a house with a gun.
    72 percent have shot a gun.”

    Pew, like every other “surveyor”, words their questions, and populates the pool with respondents who they guess are likely to give the “desired” result.

    That said, wow! those numbers are insanely low when you drill down on it. And the amusing part is, those numbers are supposed to sound omigod high to the east coast pearl-clutchers this is aimed at.

    • I bet you know someone who has been shot. You may not KNOW they’ve been shot. Look at it this way – you probably know about a thousand people. What are the odds that one of them has been shot at some point? Hell, I know 3 wounded vets and one gang banger for sure.

      • This may sound odd, but I don’t know which, if any, of my veteran relatives have been shot.
        I do know a reloader/benchrester who came home from Vietnam in a wheelchair, but I don’t know if he was shot or blown up or what.

      • I was once in a back room poker game when the conversation turned to guns, and the relative effects thereof…and soon learned in an increasing hilarious and terrifying show and tell that every single man at my table had been shot at least once…except me.

        You got to know when to fold ’em… know when to run…

    • I know/knew two people who shot themselves (non-fatally). Don’t try to catch a gun if you drop it.

      Also, in a Pew survey, a percentage equivalent to 14 million Americans said they were an NRA member.

      • That’s an interesting result. Given that we know the NRA only has half that many actual, dues-paying members, it seems that there are a lot of people who *want* to be associated with it despite the constant attempt by the establishment media and anti-gun orgs (but I repeat myself) to make it out as some kind of evil boogeyman. And I won’t pretend that the establishment isn’t largely successful; I used to think the NRA was an organization of lunatics catering to fanatics. But now that I’m kind of a fanatic myself, I’m actually a member. 🙂

        • According to the NRA, they have “about” 5 million members, so the actual membership is closer to a third than half.

          The important takeaway for me is that every statistic stating “whatever percent of NRA members support gun control measure X” should be taken with a grain of salt because the majority of those “NRA members” are not members of the NRA.

  3. Bloomberg is likely a true believer, Shannon on the other hand, just sees gun control as a steady paycheck with no need to show results. So in short, he is a zealot and she is a mercenary.

  4. Oh Bloomie likes guns-when the billionaire has a squadron of goons protecting his minuscule old butt…same with sleepy eye?

  5. I don’t think a survey is worth the paper it is written on. Many if not most gun owners will not tell the truth to a person they don’t know out of the fear it will later be used against them or it’s just a trap. Some of us who had guns lost them in a boating accident and they sank to the bottom of the lake.

  6. Look at it this way. Bloomberg has zero chance of seeing his objectives realized in his lifetime. If he wants to spend all his money in the effort that’s a good thing. It employs a great many people and redistributes his wealth to those you need it without wasting my tax dollars. If the nation has to sacrifice a few states on the Left and the Right coast to save the whole so be it. It’s much like curing cancer. Sometimes you have to sacrifice some good flesh to rid the body of the disease. The people in these places have to choose what they are going to do. Remove the disease or leave before it consumes them. Their are plenty of safe places to go. Yes it’s a tough decision. That’s what life is about making the right and sometimes the hard decision. People do it everyday. Our Founding Fathers did it. They decided their freedom was the most important part of their lives. They chose to stay and fight. They chose to remove the cancer by whatever means was necessary to rid the whole of the disease. What will You decide?

    • It’s not perfectly fine for Bloomberg to spend money to try to get gun control, though I’ll concede that it’s his right. Gun control is part and parcel of a larger push for a more totalitarian government where average people have NO SAY in what happens to them, have nothing that can’t be arbitrarily confiscated, no civil rights, and termination of their lives is merely an administrative decision, not one adjudicated by a court within the confines of laws.

  7. Child 2 and 3 have poor grips, thumbs are under support hand thumb. Perfect time to teach them a good basic grip, the slide won’t hurt ya if your thumb is touching it. Best friend had a funky grip, wanted his sights pushed. I said let me watch you’re doing….. take this thumb put over support thumb. BUT IT WILL TOUCH THE SLIDE. If you get a blister I will give you $100.oo deal? Didn’t need to push the rear sight.

    Maybe 3rd child, should have been shooting .22lr vice what appears to be a huge .9mm .

  8. If I was the filthy spawn of an evil demon from a hell-planet, intent on causing as much pain and suffering as possible, I would never admit it either.

  9. Cute, but full auto is barely a memory (I know, one can pay 5-6 figures for pre-86) and we lost banana mags for 10 years. Does Mr Price just mean fudd guns?

    • You must have done something wrong. *I* never lost banana mags, since there were hundreds of millions with no date marked on them, all were grandfathered, tho the price went up ridiculously.

      • I’m not 50 years old or wealthy if that’s what you mean. Moreover even if I’d had a separate peace with all the mags I wanted it would still be squalid in principle.

    • Yep. They offer the right hand of being “bipartisan” and “understanding” , while they hold a poisoned blade ready in their left behind their back, ready to stab us in the guts once they have our gun hand trapped.

  10. I know a couple of people who’ve been shot at, but not anyone who’s actually been shot.

  11. doesnt matter if yamamoto actually said it or not

    its nonetheless true

    if we were ever to be invaded there would be in fact a rifle behind every blade of grass

    each with multiple 30+ round magazines

    unless of course they invaded california or new york

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