1791 Gunleather Ultra Custom Moldable Holsters
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1791 Gunleather makes those unique, moldable holsters that allow you to customize the amount of retention for your pistol. 1791 sandwiches a piece of polymer between a cowhide exterior and a suede interior that babies your gun. They make both inside the waistband and OWB models to fit just about any pistol.

1791 Gunleather Ultra Custom Moldable Holsters

You just drop your Ultra Custom holsters into a supplied baggie, warm it up in water, then molt it to the unique shape and configuration of your pistol. The best part is, if you don’t like the result, you can just do it again. If your first try results in too much retention, just remold the holster to get it exactly the way you want it.

1791 Gunleather Ultra Custom Moldable Holsters

New for SHOT Show is 1791’s latest Ultra Custom model that accommodates pistols with lights or lasers. Like 1791’s original models, it’s made of cowhide and lined with suede. It’s big enough to mold around virtually any pistol/light combination you can think of and are optics-friendly.

1791 Gunleather‘s offering both IWB and OWB models in a range of sizes of the new light bearing size Ultra Custom rig and they’re priced at $99.

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    • piece of polymer between a cowhide exterior and a suede interior …. and mold-able by hot water immersion is not a new idea.

      Hobbiest have been doing that with polymer sheets for decades, placed between two layers of materials, then immersed in hot water, to form various shapes for cos play.

  1. At what temperature does that polymer begin to soften? At what temp does it completely forget its previous shape? Will a hot day in Needles make your holster turn into plastic bag?

    • 165°F according to their promos, so on par with the working temperatures for Kydex that’s ~1.5mm or less.

      Leave it in a car on a hot day and it will probably go Biden on ya.

        • That damned strych9 is something else I tell yah.
          He can banter with dacian, then drop down to ironic humor .
          Bless us all that contribute to TTAG, each and everyone of us,
          that includes you DebbieW.
          Yip Yip

      • yes, if you leave moldable polymer in heat it will deform. Over time it will do it a little with just body heat too if pressure is applied to it like for an IWB holster for example.

  2. Stay away from 1791. Yesterday I went to their website to find out more about this holster. It’s not available yet. However, immediately after leaving the site I began receiving emails from them trying to sell me holsters. I didn’t use google, I typed the website address directly. I didn’t type my email address anywhere on their site, yet immediately started getting emails. When I called to complain their manager tried to blame google but eventually admitted they contract with some other slimy marketing company that is somehow monitoring your activity and violating your privacy. I expect to see google ads based on google searches, but I don’t expect companies to monitor my ip address and to be able to associate it with my email.

  3. I looked at some of their other holsters in this line, and from most of the stock images on their website, trigger guard coverage looks like it can be an issue, depending on the gun you’re molding it around. On at least one of the images, what I believe was a Glock actually had part of the trigger shoe itself exposed. This one looks like it would be more forgiving in that regard, but still, it’s something to be aware of.


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