SHOT Show: Hogue Rolls Out SIG K320 AXG Knives to Match Your SIG P320 AXG Pistol

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If you’re someone who doesn’t leave the house unless your belt matches your shoes, we have something that’s right up your alley. Hogue has just rolled out new EDC folding knives that will match your SIG AXG pistol.

SIG’s AXG grip (Alloy Xseries Grip) modules for the P320 are just the thing for those of you who are allergic to polymer pistols. With their removable wood or G10 grip inserts, they nicely dress up the standard P320 pistol and give it what a lot of people think is a better, non-plastick-y feel.

SIG SAUER AXG Classic pistol
SIG SAUER AXG Classic pistol

Now, thanks to Hogue, you can complete that photo above with the addition of their new matching SIG K320 AXG folder. The knives feature alloy scales, a deep carry pocket clip, the ambidextrous Axis ABLE lock, and S30V steel.

They also match the SIG P320 AXG Pro, AXG Scorpion, and AXG Classic pistols…perfectly.

Hogue — who many gun guys aren’t aware make some truly excellent EDC knives — has been making SIG P320-styled knives that they call the K320 series for a while now. That’s been just the thing for true SIGophiles. They come in a variety of blade styles and are similar to the new SIG K320 AXG blades except they have — of course — polymer scales.

The original K320 knives retail for about $120. These new SIG K320 AXG knives will likely be priced in the same neighborhood, maybe slightly higher.

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  1. Priced slightly higher? According to what I saw in the photo they’re $100+ higher. Still, that’s not too much for a good knife. I like the way they look. Especially the tanto blade in flat earth with partial serrations.

  2. Whoopie! Yet another knife, like literally hundreds of others on the market. But this one is special ’cause its a knife to match the SIG P320 AXG.

    At what point were gun owners identified by the gun industry as being primarily concerned with being fashion show contestants?

  3. Sig Sauer does not want to ship a piece of plastic to Europe, which is a holster for pistols. But Legions in Europe are selling. This is a scam – I bought a Sig Sauer Legion and I can’t buy a company holster for it. Stupidity!

  4. To go with your fruity little challenge coin when you go to fruity little Legion Camp.

    Sig has replaced Kimber as the super-cringe manufacturer these days.

  5. I like Hogue products as I have the over-molded grips on both my Arsenal AK and my AR 300blk pistol and my Sig P229 has the Hogue Rosewood grips that Hogue made for Sig, I wouldn’t pay that kind of coin for a knife, not in this lifetime.


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