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Online Retail Platform Terminates Cody Wilson Account Without Explanation

Because guns . . .

An online retail platform terminated the account for gun rights activist Cody Wilson’s company without explanation on Monday.

Shopify shut down Wilson’s Defense Distributed storefront at 7:07 am EDT according to an email from the company’s legal team to Wilson. The email said the account, which had been operating in good standing for over two years, was going to be shuttered in the next week and the storefront it was operating would be immediately inaccessible to the public.

“This email is to inform you that your Shopify store,, has been closed,” the email said. “Your Plus Agreement with Shopify dated March 29, 2016, is terminated as of the date of this email (“Termination”). Public access to your storefront has been disabled. You will continue to be able to access your admin for 5 business days if you wish to export your store data. On August 17, 2018, your account will be permanently closed and you will have no further access to your store or its data. We note that the limited access to Shopify’s services post Termination, as described above, is governed by Shopify’s Terms of Service.”


Man shoots at burglar in bedroom of east Las Vegas home

Nightstand gun . . .

Police were called about 3:30 a.m. to a home at 2727 San Vincente St., near Pecos Road and Carey Avenue, according to Metropolitan Police Department Lt. David Gordon.

The man was home alone when he woke up to a noise and saw another man in his bedroom, Gordon said. He grabbed a handgun and fired three shots at the other man, who ran away.

Gordon said police didn’t find any evidence inside the home that indicated the would-be burglar had been shot, but are still searching for him.

Urban Gang Violence Guns

Hospitalization Due to Firearm Assault Nearly Eight-Fold in Urban Adolescents

Translation: urban gang violence is bad for your health . . .  

Finding distinctions between urban, rural, and micropolitan settings could “ensure that public health approaches to the prevention of firearm injuries appropriately address variations across different populations,” researchers wrote.

Using cause-of-injury codes, researchers identified eligible hospitalizations in patients aged 19 years or younger for fatal and nonfatal firearm injuries. They also specified incidents by the intent of injury: assault, self-inflicted, unintentional, and undetermined. Using the 2006, 2009, and 2012 reports, researchers identified a combined 21,581 hospitalizations due to firearm injuries.

According to the data, 19,819 (91.8%) of the hospitalizations were of urban patients; 1044 (4.8%) were micropolitan patients; and 718 (3.3%) were rural patients. Across all backgrounds, the majority of patients were male (89.3%; 86.9%; 88.6%, respectively) (P < 0.05). The predominate race of patients was African American (9807; 45.4%), but they were only the majority of hospitalized patients in the urban category (9520; 56.2%) (P < 0.001).


Inside the All-Women Training Camp Where Guns Are Sold as Empowerment

A Vice reporter ventures more than 50 miles from the coast, deep into the heart of flyover country . . .

I’m at the conference to learn about these women and why they feel like they needed to be armed at all times.

I’m a Canadian with a gun licence. In 2016, I travelled to the NRA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky while working on a documentary comparing America’s gun culture to Canada’s. There, I met Vicki Kawelmacher, who was running a women’s shooting school out of Reno.

“I’m armed every day. But I’m not always armed with a gun. I have a knife, I have a kubotan, I have a taser, I have a stun gun… You name it,” she told me. She asked me what I was doing to keep myself safe.

I was stumped. I told her that it wasn’t something I thought about on a day-to-day basis. After all, Canada doesn’t allow its citizens to carry guns in self-defense—here, we buy guns for hunting and sport shooting.

Yeah, why would any Canadian need to worry about self defense?

Fredericton shooting: Police identify two officers killed; 48-year-old man arrested

A mother of three and a father of four – both police officers – have been identified among four victims killed Friday in an early-morning shooting at a Fredericton apartment building.

Lawrence Robert Costello, 45, served with the Fredericton Police Force for 20 years. He leaves behind a common-law partner and four children.

Costello’s common-law partner, Jackie McLean, told the Canadian Press that she learned the devastating news this morning from a police inspector.

“He used to always say to me that it did not matter what happened, that he would always come home and this is the first day that he has not home,” McLean said.

The second officer, 43-year-old Sara Mae Helen Burns, was on the force for two years, police confirmed. She is survived by three children and her husband.

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  1. WTF is Shopify?!? I’m out of the loop and have no idea how to mess with them…Canada aaaaa? Sure you don’t need a gun. Unless you use the wrong gender word😦

    • Canuckistan based, there’s your answer. Surprised it took them 2 years to kick them to the curb.

  2. We really need to start organizing the mass mailing of shell casings to these orgs when they pull this stuff. Not as a threat, but, as a message.

    Cheap, legal, symbolic, will make the gun phobic piss in their pants when hundreds or more arrive. Nothing compared to drawing blood from hundreds of protestors & dumping it in front of a government building (Thai protests) but a start.

  3. AH officials have no problem identifying the dead Fredericton officers, just the “alleged” scumbag-shooter-receiving-medical-care. If “it” is from one of the protected/special classes, could produce unfavorable optics for justa truedope’s regime.

  4. Dan Zimmerman,

    I tried posting this information below on the Ad Council article.

    At the 2:01 mark it states their are 8 deaths per day.

    2013: 505 deaths due to accidental or negligent discharge of a firearm, and 281 deaths due to firearms use with “undetermined intent”.[4]

    From 2006-2016, almost 6,885 people in the U.S. died from unintentional shootings. In 2016 alone, there were 495 incidents of accidental firearm deaths.

    Probably an honest mistake from the Brady Bunch, er I mean the Ad Council.

    • Multiple assaults with a potentially deadly weapon…should definitely have been a DGU, but since it wasn’t, that asswipe should be getting probed in prison. What kind of dunderheaded judge gives a guy like that probation?

        • UC Berkeley, no gun allowed. Also not allowed: Common sense, respect, obeying the laws and respecting the Constitution…

  5. Bet some lawyer sent them a legal letter threatening them as a accessory in a lawsuit when the first person is killed with one of the Defense Distributed guns. The threat of a multi-million dollar lawsuit is enough to stop nearly any group from supporting the first amendment.

  6. This decision might not be gun related at all especially considering is still on Shopify. Let’s look at what might have been Shopify’s motive, Cody Wilson’s company paid shopify likely $29/month for a eCommerce SaaS website, that website got millions of views, made no sales, and affected the website performance of thousands of other merchants, took time from the dev-ops teams, and server resources from those merchants. TTAG knows about hosting and spikes in traffic and site outages, they are bad for business, and it’s very likely Shopify was loosing money on the $29/month website, and had to kill it or risk other client sites.

    • Or Mr. Adobe, it might be like I mentioned in an earlier post, some anti-gun lawyer hired by some group like “Mothers demand action” or “Anytown” sent them a letter stating that as soon as the first person who is killed by a Defense Distributed gun that their website will be sued as a co-defendant in that person’s death. Considering how low the left is willing to stoop to using dirty tricks just as long as they win, I rather think my guess is more likely.

      • Rocketman your theory is a guess, and I actually have experience in the SaaS eCommerce hosting world and have seen this happen to non-3d-printed-gun merchants.

        I worked for Shopify’s largest competitor, and saw us have to kick sites of the platform, not because of what they sold, but because of what they did to our servers and other clients on the same servers. I remember a feud in the makeup world, people were mad that a brands makeup was not FDA approved (it was actually paint, like the kind for your house) and someone DDoS’ed the site, causing other sites to go down. This lasted weeks and we had to get the client off the platform.

        Shopify today does not have a policy against gun merchants, again is still on Shopify which is part of Defense Distributed.

  7. I ran my online sales for my dealership through Shopify up to just recently. They had no issues with selling guns. I closed it down because I wasn’t getting the sales numbers I wanted, which was on me not them.

  8. To date, the Shopify e-commerce platform continues to function successfully and has become the most secure. Therefore, online sales with this system still remain afloat. Of course, you need to competently conduct a sales policy through Shopify.

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