Mike Nelson Gun Control Sued
courtesy myedmondsnews.com
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“It is clear to us that a handful of cities are trying desperately to erode Washington’s long-standing preemption law. Their goal is to discourage citizens from exercising their rights under the state and federal constitutions by financial intimidation. The city council clearly understands preemption, but went ahead with this ordinance, anyway, undoubtedly knowing it would be overturned by the court. It seems as though their ultimate goal is to convince voters that gun law uniformity is somehow a bad idea, so it should be changed.” – SAF executive vice president Alan Gottlieb in Edmonds councilmember secretly coordinates anti-gun bill with Seattle, gets sued [via mynorthwest.com]

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  1. Good. Sue their ass. And collect.

    (And anyone who executes a barrel-roll as sloppy as that turboprop commuter thief last night at Sea-Tac deserves to crash like he did…)

    • Poo. Barrel roll ain’t that easy in a jet trainer, a 76-passenger turboprop seems impossible, particularly with no training, and ending up 10 feet above the water adds style points. Looked pretty good to me, and I’ve done a few hundred.

      • ” Looked pretty good to me, and I’ve done a few hundred.”

        You’ve barrel-rolled a KC-135? I know it can do it, the video of the test pilot rolling the 707 Dash-80 prototype is on YouTube, and the 135 is based on the 707.

        +1 G Bob Hoover style? With a glass of tea on the dash?

    • This is the Legislature’s fault for not calling for criminal penalties to include incarceration and fines for individuals that decide to usurp the law…. THAT’s the problem; these laws have no teeth…. Line up a few recalcitrant local politicians up against the wall, and then you’ll see compliance…

      • Yes, but how? Do the People ask the state police why they dont act against blatant violations of (most) State Constitution or legislation? Do they ask the Governor? The Feds?
        We can do a citizens arrest and even hold a trial that will be widely ridiculed as some kind of “kangaroo court.” (Just like now!)
        It MUST appear to be legitimate. Otherwise, yeah.. Tar and feather the bastards then run ’em out on a rail.

      • The same way Commies do it, line them up by force.
        Seems to work pretty well in all the purges by commies.

  2. Personal liability. Let the individual pol be sued for proposing and passing such nonsense, and you’ll see less of it happening.

      • Unfortunately, the taxpayers are dumb enough to keep reelecting these fools.

        • That is right: The voters in American today remain willfully ignorant, indifferent, apathetic
          and act like scum! Furthermore I haven’t seen an anti-gun politician yet who wasn’t
          deceitful crooked immoral treasonous and socialist! Also, deceitful crooked lawyers!
          Need I say more?

        • Unfortunately, the taxpayers are dumb enough to keep reelecting these fools.
          Not entirely.
          Those of us who pay the most taxes in King County or Snohomish County are less likely to vote democrat than the people who pay little or no taxes.

        • This is how democracies always end. The politicians use public money to buy votes, and by the time the taxpayers footing the bill notice, it’s too late. By then there are enough voters on the public dole that it becomes unchangeable, at least by peaceful means. Instead, it always ends in a violent overthrow of those thugs who set it up and have been doing the thieving for so long.
          What we can hope for is that this time around, the sheeple won’t go right back to apathy and dependence, like they have for so many laps around this same track before.

      • TTAG needs to fix this:

        Your edited comment was marked as spam. If this is in error, please contact the admin.

        It is tax money, and in the mind of a Democrat, comes from a free and bottomless sack that magically refills itself.

    • That’s one law we’ll never see…. Too many pols on both sides use the tax payer as a personal ATM. Just like trying to change the ability of Congress to give themselves a huge pay raise every year, it’ll never freakin happen.

    • Anyone that proposes and votes to pass a law that they know is illegal should be removed from their office and not be eligible to hold any public office in the future.

    • Quo warranto is the means to get rid of these politicians. Never heard it used though. There are case laws on it. It has been pretty much ruled out on the federal level.

      Any lawyers with knowledge or use of this out there?

  3. Dumbass law question – if i can choose today to identify to be a woman or black or whatever why can’t an 18 year old in a non-free state identify as a 30 year old to get around that no guns untill 21 nonsense?

    • Exactly Karl. I have been joking with my friends about all different scenarios. Hell we could claim disability right? Lol….or different sex or race when applying for jobs. Shit wait until the olympics. Why don’t all male athletes claim to be a woman and win all the events. Wonder how all the liberals would like that. Or let’s go the other way with it. What if we had another draft one day, and the kids being drafted claimed they were younger than a draftable age..lol. Crazy times but we should not let this nonsense win out in the end. Everyone vote every single democrat out…EVERY SINGLE ONE..

      P.s. For the few that spew crap about “Trump” not doing anything for our 2nd amendment rights…….helllllllo wake the freak up. You do realize the alternative (ANY democrat) which would try to come take them right? We would be in deep shit right now if hitlery would have won. Executive orders would have already been established after Vegas. Bet your azz on it. If Trump runs again, vote for him again….stay the course and drive these idiots bonkers. Plus save the America we grew up in and our constitution, or we will be the next Europe and socialist society. We were heading that way stead fast until Trump derangement syndrome brought it to light…..now we know. The fight to save America is just starting.

      • That’s already happening. Fallon Fox is a perfect example of a talentless fighter who “became a woman” and just goes in and beats the shit out of actual women. The Olympic committees are going to have a tough time dealing with this if it continues.

    • What a great idea. I’m changing my self to dog gender, now I can run up sniff ass and hump legs of all the hot women I see and only get a “bad dog, go away” , well maybe kicked a little, but depending on who she is I might like that too. Woof woof.

  4. Because Gender is a human construction. Sex In the biological sense is not. You can identify as any age you want, I vary from 12 to 85 depending on how much sleep I’ve had, but you can’t opt out of time.

    • Let’s just assume for the sake of argument that you are an MD.

      Hate to break it to you doc, but the view that gender is somehow a “social construct” is not held by the majority of the medical community, nor supported by (non-debunkable) “science”.

      If you have some actual research to support your assertion, please present it.

      • I checked back today and found some interesting replies to my last post…so let me clarify.
        Gender as in what someone chooses to identify as is a societal construct as in this definition from dictionary.com:
        “either the male or female division of a species, especially as differentiated by social and cultural roles and behavior: the feminine gender. Compare.”
        You can identify as any gender you want. What you cannot do is choose to change sexes on a Wim—which was the point of my post. See this definition of “sex” also from dictionary.com:
        1. “either the male or female division of a species, especially as differentiated with reference to the reproductive functions.
        2. the sum of the structural and functional differences by which the male and female are distinguished, or the phenomena or behavior dependent on these.”
        3. We can argue if one could get enough surgeries to change their “sex” but it is definitely not a function of what you wake up feeling like or how society chooses to view you.
        4. Put another way, gender is what’s in your and other people’s heads. Sex is what’s between your legs.

    • non-biological gender “identification” is in the same class as “hate” crime – both were invented when a fag lawyer reached up his a** and pulled something out

  5. How about we pass a law that punishes law makers for even proposing an unconstitutional law? Something like 40 lashes minus 1? 😉 With a citizens committee to be the judge? Bet they’d all become Constitutional scholars in a hurry.

  6. “I assume they’ll make the argument that the state statute does not address storage,” he said. “Now it does address possession and one could argue that storage is an aspect of possession.”


    The next step is to sue the council members and mayor personally for their fiscal irresponsibility in waste taxpayer $.

    • Yup. I’ve scuba dived their underwater park a few times. They have some nice eateries there too.
      Nice town.

  7. Unfortunately, we’re pretty close to there being enough Democrats in the Legislature to repeal preemption, so gun owners in Western Washington are soon to be screwed.

  8. Most of the people are poor uneducated nonproptery owners with lower paying Jobs and a bunch are ones that their parents voted democrat because most local races were democrats so they say if it was good enough for mom and pop is good enough for me .The others are people that came here and were allowed to become voters by the democrats or are living off welfare in one form or another I know this because was one in my younger years but started learning the difference and got my own place not a high dollar place but ti belongs to my wife and I so in learning process I realized the democrats were the ones pushing for all the things Did not like so I changed .Then there the stupid people that will vote democrats because they are crooked and the democrats allow them to do that and stay in power that’s the battle we are fighting and if we let these people unarm us we are sunk.

  9. This kind and of thing will continue until an entire city council gets brought up on a conspiracy to deny civil rights type charge. .

  10. Unfortunately, It’s an eventuality…That the only way to deal with rampant out of control local/city/state government under Authoritarian control by DemoCommies, and globalist RINOs….Is very, very, large groups of angry U.S. Citizens beating the drums of Liberty and Freedom…And singing Yankee Doodle-Dandy as they refresh the tree 🌳 of Liberty 🗽!!! I’ll leave it to your imagination…Since, a Right Lost….Is never regained….!

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