Sexy Saves Zombie Craze From Fading. Or Not.

TTAG’s been charting the zombie craze since its infancy. Which is why our Armed Intelligentsia have been unimpressed with the undead for months, if not years. To quote Edna Mode from The Incredibles, and yet here we are. Hey, at least the scenery’s improving. Depending on what you mean by “scenery” and “improving.” While you’re figuring that out, credit where credit’s due: GREAT trigger control ladies! Mostly. And while this is a firearms blog, I have to say that a fit woman in a skin tight rubber suit wearing a black eye patch wielding a machete gets my attention every time. Self-defense says one step forward and ventilation required. Everything else says do you like gladiator movies? Wait that’s not it. Well, something like that.



  1. avatar Steve in MA says:

    oh stewardess, I speak jive.

    1. avatar speedracer5050 says:

      LOL!!! Have not heard that in ages!!! Is just as funny now as it was then!!!
      Great movie!!!

    2. avatar sanchanim says:

      We have a winner ladies and gentlemen, for the best reference of June Cleaver!!!

  2. avatar Cyrano says:

    When the “Walking Dead” sets all time records for cable show viewing the fad ain’t over yet.

  3. avatar Aharon says:

    That was fun. It’s cute watching attractive women being silly, dressing-up in fetish outfits, and playing warrior in a sci-fi style dangerous futuristic world. BTW, good finger off the trigger control when I did notice.

    1. avatar Moonshine says:

      Bullish!t. There were no triggers in that video. I should know; I watched the whole thing. Five times.

      1. avatar Aharon says:

        Poet Moonshine if you lived out here in Portland I would go broke taking you out for micro-brews!

        1. avatar Moonshine says:

          Know anyone out that way who’s hiring mechanical engineers? I’m looking to move.

        2. avatar Aharon says:

          Unfortunately, I don’t. Are you considering Oregon specifically or other places too?

        3. avatar Moonshine says:

          Oregon, Washington, Florida and Virginia.

        4. avatar Phydeaux says:

          Moonshine, check out Welch Allyn and Biotronik (medical devices), also Tektronix. There’s also a bunch of knife mtgs: Benchmade, Kershaw, Gerber and Leatherman. Good luck!

        5. avatar Aharon says:

          Most jobs go unadvertised.I would simply contact the industries and companies where you have an interest or a fit. You will never be without fresh water living in Oregon or Washington. If high tech is of interest to you Portland OR and Vancouver WA both have their version of a ‘Silicon Valley’. BTW, you must like BBQ to move here.

        6. avatar Moonshine says:

          Thanks for the tips, guys. As far as barbecue goes: Aharon, if I do end up near Portland, I will allow you to try my smoked pork ribs. You bring the beer.

        7. avatar Aharon says:

          “try my smoked pork ribs”

          OK, now you have to move here! Yes, I will happily bring the beer. I need to warn you that after you have made a public comment about your smoked pork ribs several other members of the TTAG who live in the Portland area are going to be wanting to join us.

        8. avatar Moonshine says:

          Gonna need a bigger smoker. BRB; gotta go negotiate with Mrs. Moonshine 😉

        9. avatar Aharon says:

          Good luck with the negotiations. Lots of smokers for sale up here. Suddenly, I’m realizing that I need breakfast. You know, there is a place called Busters BBQ (Texas style) south of NW Armory (good gun prices!) that I want to try and it is less than an hour bicycle ride away. Today looks like a good day for riding. Me now very hungry!

        10. avatar ChrisH says:

          Moonshine, you should check out Intel as well, they hire every kind of engineer not just electricals. Not to mention they just announced a major expansion in the area.

        11. avatar g says:

          Here in Washington state, Boeing usually is always looking for good Elec E or Mech E. You can try them.

  4. avatar g says:

    Eye-patch girl definitely fits her suit, but crowbar chick… I CHOOSE YOU!

    Girls + guns + power tools + knives = a lot of calendars sold. Sounds recession-proof to me.

  5. avatar JoshinGA says:

    That was the best photoshoot trigger control I have ever seen. Ever. Had to watch it several times just to make sure ;). But seriously, is it possible that some of these ladies are actual gun owners/shooters, or is that just a pipedream?

    1. avatar Aharon says:

      They are all gun owners and they all have the same guns that you do.

  6. avatar jwm says:

    Oh lord, Oh lord, thank you for making me straight. a straight gun lover. And motorcycle lover. And lover of edged weapons. But mostly, straight.

    1. avatar Aharon says:

      After considering the physical beauty of women I think that is proof enough God is male.

  7. avatar Roll says:

    The first girl scared me a bit, the rest were awesome

    1. avatar Human Being says:

      It’s only scary the first time…

  8. avatar bontai Joe says:

    That was absolutely gratuitous exploitation of women……. thank you for sharing it with us.

    1. avatar Aharon says:

      Agreed. It was sexist, chauvinistic, misogynistic, degrading, stereotyping, disrespectful, unappreciative, etc. Robert, please give us more!

  9. avatar AlphaGeek says:

    My favorite comment from the YouTube viewers:

    “Very harddd to type with one handdddd”

  10. avatar Damon says:

    that machete/sword/pointy sharp thing that the last girl(eyepatch chick) is swinging around, i have that! when i ordered it they called it a “ninja sword”. since when do ninjas have anything to do with zombies!?

  11. avatar Mark says:

    Despite the weaponry, none of those models looked like they could survive a fight with an eight year old schoolboy.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      I’d be more than happy to give the ladies enough hands on training so they could defeat any 8yo school boy. Oh, these trainees are going to get sweaty…so, so sweaty.

  12. avatar Accur81 says:


  13. avatar sanchanim says:

    uhm wait what???
    Gun blog, what gun blog…
    Oh never mind…. 😉

  14. avatar ensitu says:

    Moonshine, check with Crimson Trace or any of the electronics firms, Google is in The Dalles, OR
    Insitu builds drones near Hood River, OR

  15. avatar N8thecowboy says:

    Why did the video that loaded for me not contain any attractive women? What’s going on? I’m awfully jealous right now.

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