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Everything old is new again, eh? From Seneca some 2,000 years ago:

A sword by itself does not slay; it is merely the weapon used by the slayer.

— Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Roman Stoic philosopher, 4 B.C. – A.D. 65

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      • Terrific scene in that movie! There are so many really great scenes!

        The backstory that Ford has told is interesting too. He was sick and miserable, had a fever, just wanted to be in bed with his cold. The sword fight was written as a big duel, highly choreographed. The swordsman had been in training with professionals to get his technique and choreography just right.

        Harrison Ford just wasn’t buying the whole scene. His idea of Indiana Jones just did not jive with him NOT shooting the swordsman. Plus, he was sick, the idea of pulling off that fight scene, hours of takes in the hot and dusty desert town, no way he was going to do that!

        So Ford made his vision known and held fast. The swordsman later spoke of how disappointed he was not to be able to show all the skills he worked so hard at, but he understood.

        It just made sense. No way that Indiana Jones would bring a gun to a sword fight and not use the gun! 🙂

        Also, in case anyone has doubts or has not heard, Han Solo fired first! ;

      • Back story I read somewhere to that scene was that Indy was supposed to have an extended fight against the swordsman, using his whip, but was feeling ill and just improvised the shot.

        Not sure if it’s true, but the scene is definitely iconic!

  1. They will argue it’s the ease of deploying the weapon that’s the problem.

    This is why I say we better hope no one is able to invent a “Phaser set on stun”. A directed energy weapon that simply knocks someone unconscious for a minute or so, leaving no permanent harm (excepting injuries from falling to the ground, unconscious). it would be the ideal defensive weapon!

    Not really…

    Someone could walk up behind you, stun you, and steal your valuables, and you just took a short nap. Imagine what a rapist could do with such technology!

    “Just say No to Phasers”….

    • Technically you could use a taser for the same thing. I think the only reason we don’t see them used that way is they are harder to aquire for the criminal element.

      Fortunately criminals aren’t all that bright because making a taser is not actually all that difficult for anyone who can read a circuit diagram and can use a soldering iron.

      Respectfully Submitted

      • Criminals don’t use them because they aren’t particularly effective. Tasers are expensive because they have 1-shot cartridges that are $25+. When used, they aren’t like on TV and don’t stop the bad guy instantly (or possibly ever). Recall that Rodney King took multiple Tasers prior to the beating and was still standing. That’s why police don’t use them to stop charging knife wielders

      • Taser only incapacitate you TEMPORARILY, IF the probes hit you with sufficient spread. If it’s deployed too close and the probes are only 1 ft or so apart, it’s still uncomfortable, maybe painful, but that’s about it. Now if you get hit one in the lower leg and one in the opposite shoulder, you won’t be able to do much of anything for as long as it hits you. Direct contact with the taser (no probes deployed) is painful but does not incapacitate.

    • Reminds me of something I read in a Sci fi book. “No one is afraid of a stunner, but a nerve disrupted has real authority “.

    • Hey jeff…Why restrict people from defending themselves by any means necessary when some pervert can simply walk up behind you and choke you out and have anal sex with you? Now for some Dueling Banjos.

      • You’re not the real Deborah.

        And what’s your continuing fascination with homosexual sex? Just go get some… 😉

        • If you take the bible out of the discussion, the problem with Homosexuals is they are socialist progressive in their political orientation. The same goes for the sexually liberated.
          The Left wants in your bedroom. And every other room in your house.

          They have publicly stated they don’t support the traditional family of one man and one woman. So they undermine the family with welfare. Replacing the father with a government check. And replacing his guns and his protection, with the guns of a big city police department.

  2. Like cockroaches leaving a trail there are hypocrites who run to regurgitate the slander and libel they’ve been fed over the past 4 years about the POTUS while giving the democRat Party a complete pass. From hookers hired to pee on a bed that b.h.obama and his wife slept in to Russian collusion it’s been nothing but a concocted witch hunt that fools fell for hook, line and sinker. Their hypocrites’ silence about the sleaze of the democRat Party is deafening.|

    Because of its long, long unforgivable racist past the democRat Party should be history just like the nazi party is over its treatment of Jews, etc. It’s nothing new, the democRat Party once duped many Americans into looking down on those with Black Skin and now the democRat Party duped fools into slandering and libeling and hating a man with “Orange Skin.”

    Slander and libel and rigging elections were tactics used by the democRat Party to keep Black Americans from running for public office or holding public office. The military wing of the democRat Party was the KKK and its purpose was to keep guns out of the hands of Blacks who lived in fear for their lives. No phone, no 911, no nothing to defend themselves. When the democRat Party talks Gun Control they speak about nothing new to the democRat Party.

    Jim Crow Gun Control joe biden couldn’t run a simple lemonade stand much less construct one. He has presented himself as a ‘tough guy” all while he’s been a sleazebag pimping his incompetent son out to Ukraine, Russia and China. To remove President DJT by a fraudulent election and place the marxist lint licker sellout joe biden in the position of CINC is to pee on America. Should this be the case the democRat Party can pass all the BS it wants but good luck with enforcing it. Payback is a bitch.

    • yep. I’ve begun to breathe quite a bit easier now that its become clear Trump will be sworn in for his second term in January 2021. The Gang That Couldnt Shoot Straight continue with their perfect record at failing with every attempt of theirs to take out ” Orange Man bad “. When they finally realize they’ve failed once again their tears will be beautiful to behold. Unfortunately they refuse to admit they are perpetual losers and will comand their shock troops out to burn down their own homes and cities. Never learn !

    • Debbie, you struck again. 🙂

      I fully agree with your sentiments, except for one little thing:
      change “democRat Party” to “demonRat Party

      What does God think about the subject of swords?

      God himself created the 2nd amendment…Per the advice Jesus gave to the Apostles after he arose from the dead on Easter:
      Luke (22:35-38): “……….It is different now, whoever has a purse had better take it with him, and his pack too; AND IF HE HAS NO SWORD, LET HIM SELL HIS CLOAK TO BUY ONE.”

      As Mua-dib said in Dune, “Who can go against the word of God ? “

  3. If the effort to remove guns is ever successful, we will see edged weapons go back to common place. THAT will then give is a more grizzly world.

      • I truly don’t believe people understand how ‘clean’ it is to have a body laying dead in a pool of blood with a hole in the head as compared to how horrid it is to witness decapitation or even finding someone that has been gutted or skinned. Firearms can be a more humane way to handle things.

        We have lived so long with a certain ‘advanced’ view of the world that we have forgotten just how close we are to the dark ages.

        • Ah, the good old day of disemboweling your victim or leaving parts of their body on stakes to rot.

          Another thing missed is how those who were skilled or stronger were always in command because not all were created equal, now any weak old person or young woman can stop a person no matter how big or strong they are, heck, its getting so bad the weak can even fend off entire mobs of people!

          This is such crap.

        • These anti-2nd A idiots might want to have a talk with someone who has been both shot and stabbed/slashed with an edged weapon.

          Having discussed the topic with several Patriots who have proudly served in the Military, every one has agreed. If they were given a choice of having to experience one of these two assaults in the future, the preference would NOT be the edge weapon.

      • Ah, yes. London. The City of Safety, because of their successful campaign against guns. Oh wait…

        And their successful campaign against air rifles, because safety. Oh wait…

        And their successful campaign against knives, because reasons. Oh wait…

        And their successful campaign against anything that can be subjectively construed by any LEO as a potential weapon, such as potato peelers. Oh wait…

        And the fact that such campaigns would never cause criminals to simply shift their methods to other items for use in assaults, such as hammers or battery acid. Oh wait…

        Good ‘ol London.

        • Maybe Albert L J Hall will be along to tell just how necessary those laws are because all those items are corrupting British subjects and no one should have anything but their identity papers, travel papers, and tax receipts when they leave the structures the crown graciously allows them them to live in.

    • The mere attempt to remove firearms from a Citizenry who chooses to resist will result in a grizzly world not seen in this nation since the Civil War. The only difference is that it will be defined as the UnCivil War. Where No Quarter is Given regardless of Race, Creed, Color, Sexual Orientation. The sides will be clearly defined as either being For Freedom or Against Freedom. The term Non Combatant will hold no sway as was the case in the time of the sword.

        • Did someone mention big bears?

          I watched The New Mutants last night, the latest installment in the once-great X-Men universe. Unless you have a couple of hours to spare that you don’t mind wasting, don’t bother. Arguably the very worst of them all; the result of a team of script writers desperately scraping the bottom of the idea barrel.

          The only good ones (IMHO) were:

          The original X-Men (2000)
          X2 (2003)
          Origins: Wolverine (2009)
          The Wolverine (2013)
          and possibly Logan (2017) to round out Wolverine’s story arc, though it was a bit rough (rated R for liberal use of the f-word).

          Everything else was just…awful. Fortunately, I get all my movies for free.

        • “….The New Mutants….”

          It is one of the poorer examples of the whole mutant movie idea, I agree.

          On the other hand Maisie Williams is always fun to watch doing her acting and fighting thing. From a little girl on Game of Thrones to an adult she’s been one of the more talented and unexpected surprises.

          You should check out the short series “Two Weeks to Live”. There’s a scene where they parody the knife drop and hand switch from GoT. Fun stuff.

    • More edged weapons will encourage a proliferation of large, furry carnivores?

      “Grizzly”: Large, furry carnivorous member of the Ursidae family with long claws, a plethora of teeth, and an irritable disposition.
      “Grisly”: Unpleasant circumstance or scene causing horror or disgust. “The prospect of a Harris-Biden Administration is a grisly thought.”

      Feel free to use your new word in other sentences about Liberal Progressives as needed.

  4. That quotation strongly implies that societies from time-immemorial have argued for their equivalent of “gun control” — which is simply a dodgy term for civilian disarmament.

    As the Bible tells us, “There is nothing new under the sun.”

  5. Swords don’t kill people-Romans do😏😏😏😏 Just ask a resurrected Titus as he slaughtered Jews a few years after old Seneca’s demise…

  6. Problem is, I havent been able to find an IWB scabbard for mine. Its about the same size as the sword in the photo. Maybe after they’ve been around for a little while manufacturer’s will be able to see the market for them and start making them. Hope so. I wonder if obiden were given the chance if he would recommend grammy pulling hers out on the back porch, swinging it around to scare off home invaders then have grammy arrested for scaring the poor guys who were forced into a life of thievery because they were denied equal opportunity by Trump supporters.

  7. The problem with the “2A community” is they don’t understand the word “Arms” is in the 2A for a very good reason. It’s not about “guns”. It never was about “guns”.

    Thousands of people are made felons each year because they had brass knuckles, a switch blade, or a baseball bat, etc, etc in their possession. Including a bow and arrow. If you really want to learn about the genesis of the 2A read:

    from 1996
    To Keep and Bear Arms: The Origins of an Anglo-American Right
    by Joyce Lee Malcolm

    Mrs. Malcolm has been a guest speaker at NRA conventions before. Reading her book really opened my eyes about what civil rights really mean. Its only 232 pages long. And packed with information, that anyone can use to argue for your rights.

    • Totally right. Arms means anything and everything guns just happen to be the easiest for most people.i see nothing wrong with swords, axes mace whatever floats your boat. Might draw the line at cc’ing hand grenades in bars….just sayin.

      • Ah yes. The grenade question?
        Well I have an answer for that as well. The Founders solved that problem hundreds of years ago. You can’t keep explosives’ in your home, in the neighborhood. You keep such items in your local “powder house”. If you live in a rural area miles off the main roads. Hundreds of feet from the next house. Then you can build your own “bunker”. On your own land.

        Special thanks to Clayton E Creamer for doing the research and writing. And for making it available for lovers of Liberty to use in debates. About 6 or 8 pages long.

  8. What the hell is that in the picture? Daniel Radcliffe with a Japanese two-handed (hard to tell the lengths for sure) sword backwards in each hand because it looks cool to Manga buffs? Given the quote, what was wrong with a gladius or spatha being handled in a less theatrical way?

    • One is the scabbard for the other. And yes it is backwards, because back handed slicing cuts “look cool.” From a technical perspective, that kind of a cut takes away all the advantages of the sword’s length since you have get as close as if you were using a knife. Oee should use a sword as a sword and a knife as a knife. It is not good for the health to change their roles.

      • Thanks. I couldn’t make out the scabbard. It looked odd for a sword but I couldn’t figure it out. Bad eyes and a sleep deprived brain.

  9. Less well remembered is the chariot bumper sticker that read “If they outlaw swords, then only outlaws will have swords.”


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