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According to, doctors in Missouri are equating gun violence to coronavirus. Grabbed from the article:

“There’s no part of medicine that’s safe from the impact of gun violence anymore,” Mueller said. “Just like COVID, it’s touching every aspect of our medical care.”

Gun violence was already difficult to manage before the pandemic, but now physicians must handle two widespread, life-threatening health crises together.

“It’s really emotionally and physically exhausting,” Mueller said. “I put my N95 mask on at the start of the shift, and I do not take it off once until the end of the shift. So most of the time, I’m going eight to 10 hours without any water or any food.”

Hospitals try to administer COVID tests to every patient who comes in for treatment, but there is no time to test those who come in with severe injuries like gunshot wounds. Doctors have no way of knowing if they are at risk to catch COVID from the person they are operating on.

Inquiring minds would like to know how this is different from the inability to rapid-test myriad transmittable diseases on trauma victims. This is why there are so many solid barrier and preventative methods used. It isn’t new. The article did go on to make some broad statements about gun violence and its causes as well:

Public health experts say gun violence is an epidemic, and the way it spreads continues to infuriate the doctors trying to contain it. They point to easy access to high-caliber weapons and poor public health infrastructure as key factors driving the violence they see in their operating rooms.

Poverty, social unrest, racial inequality, food and housing insecurity — all contribute to how comfortable people feel in their environment and could be addressed with a robust public health system, they say.

It couldn’t possibly be a problem tied to gang violence, drug dealing, or the overall amazing crime rate in St. Louis, right? Yes, you do see trends in poverty level and crime but then it becomes a chicken or the egg situation.

What do you guys think, does poverty create the violence level or does the violence level infiltrate and bring an area down? Is it more of an issue of cultural issues (and by cultural I refer to growing up in and around a culture of crime and violence and the overall psychology of violent criminals)

Guns are tools and can only do what the living being holding them makes them do. Knives, bludgeons, fists, and feet are extremely common weapons, too. And referring to the above quote saying “access to high-caliber weapons” is a problem, I wonder what they consider “high-caliber?”

The author and the specific health professionals quoted pushed hard on the gun violence button:

During the onset of the pandemic, visits to the ER were down overall. Gun-related cases, however, remained the same. The reason is simple, but has far-reaching consequences: gun violence and the pandemic are linked by inequity, according to Randi Foraker, director of the Data and Training Center for the Institute for Public Health at Washington University.

“It’s just so telling when gun violence isn’t impacted by something as major as a pandemic,” Foraker said. “The issues surrounding gun violence are systemic, and they’re things that don’t change with the pandemic, and might actually be exacerbated with the pandemic.”

So guns are the problem, not peoples’ behavior — criminal activity, rioting, etc? What do you guys think?


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    • Missouri has two crime infested Democrat controlled cities, Kansas City and St. Louis.
      Their problems are similar to almost every other crime and murder plagued city in the U.S.:
      1. Long term Democrat rule.
      2. Weak prosecution.
      3. Hamstrung police.
      Cam Edwards recently reported about 40% of Missouri murders occur in a 1 mile section of one street in St. Louis.
      The good news is Missouri has permitless congealed carry. and no B.S. gun laws.
      Don’t bring your crime to the rest of Missouri or we will cap your donkey.

      • P.S. is just an internet outlet for the leftest Democrap newspaper, The Kansas City Star.
        We use that paper to line bird cages, house train kittens and catch oil drips under our old pickup trucks.

  1. The data out there clearly indicates that crime causes poverty, not the other way around.

    Government social programs incentivize dependency on the government and hopelessness. Media propaganda convinces black kids that they have no future no matter how hard they try and no matter how many successful, intelligent, educated black poeple are out there. Public education fails to teach children anything useful but fills them with communist ideology. Colleges continue this and graduate students with advanced degrees in useless fields and mountians of student debt.

    Eliminate government social programs, and reduce taxes and regulation and you will a blossoming of human productivity and a drop in gun violence, which had been dropping consistently until government decided to let out all the criminals for covid.

    • Not all poor are criminals. Only the ones who give up on being decent people. And raising indecent people to continue the cycle.

      • Not all criminals are poor, look at our political class. Joe Biden used his son as a bag man to enrich himself, he did the same with his brother. Hillary and her husband created fake public service trusts and raided those for their own benefit. Yes there are rich crooks too.

        • So what happened to the hunter Biden laptop you folks claimed had all that evidence of criminal activity?

          Some Syd money laundering, some Syd child porn, Sam said four and payoffs.

          What happened to all that evidence, why are there any charges being filed or anyone being arrested?

          Could the whole laptop story be bogus misinformation and all the conservative Republicans who fell for it be embarrassed by their gullibility?

          In other news:

          “The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled against the Trump campaign in a case centered on whether election officials provided campaign observers “meaningful” access to monitor the counting of mail-in ballots.

          The court, on a vote of 5-2, found that election officials followed the law in providing the Trump campaign sufficient access to the opening of mail-in ballots. There are simply no requirements that say how close the observers need to be placed to watch the process, the court found.“

        • “Hillary and her husband created fake public service trusts and raided those for their own benefit.”

          No charges for any criminal activity with the Clinton foundation, much less any convictions.

          You must be talking about the corrupt Trump foundation, that was dissolved because of malfeasance and misconduct by Donald Trump and his family.
          The evidence shows that Donald Trump raided the Trump foundation and spent the money on personal items and legal bills, rather than the wounded veterans for whom the money has been raised.

          Conservative Republicans, once again expressing their disdain for wounded heroes by stealing money from them, what a bunch of losers you are.

    • So this would mean ACTUALLY following the US Constitution and its “users manual”, the Federalist Papers. What a concept! 🤔

      Seems as this would be logical. Ratification (by EVERY states) was achieved by the using the Fed Papers to explain, IN DETAIL, the CONTRACT between state and federal governments.

      Might be time for elected officials, judges, lawyers, American citizens to ALL follow the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

      If this is not done, it’s time for state secessions to begin.

      Trump/Pence 2020

      • This election is probably going to be one of the catalysts.

        If the cheaters and manipulators are not dwelt with now, in a couple of years Balkanization may be all that’s left.

  2. Wow, that’s an impressive argument!

    It is so impressive that I hesitate to mention that the total number of firearms in private hands has more than doubled since 1992 and in that same time the amount of violence involving the use of firearms has DECREASED by 52%.

    Perhaps these Missouri doctors mean that the covid scare is just as dishonest as the gun violence argument. I don’t know any other way that the two might be comparable.

  3. I spend a lot of time around the currently afflicted but still haven’t caught a case of PPQ; not even smallglocks.

    Still hoping though.

      • 👍💯
        Shot many poly/striker handguns over the years, never purchased ANY of them.

        Shooting a neighbors PPQ 45 had me purchasing one. The ONLY poly/striker in my collection.

        I “broke out” in Walthers years ago, even imported several European “strains” of the “virus”. 😄

    • I admit I feel like I’ve caught a case of the .9mm virus. I have a twitch every time I see a box of ammo on a store shelf, and my hand makes an involuntary move to my wallet.

      • If one’s sole priority is conservation of powder and lead, .9mm (.0355″) is an awesome caliber. It’s just so hard to find microscopic-pistol primers, though😜

          • Be careful; they’re thin-walled and easily ignited. On the plus side, they only contain enough compound to burn amoebae.

  4. “ the way it spreads continues to infuriate the doctors trying to contain it.” The role of doctors does not include “containing” gun violence. The role doctors have to play regarding gun violence is similar to the role they play in: waging war, automobile accidents, drownings, sports (football, baseball) injuries, …

    • So if a perp, er, gun violence afflicted person robs a gas station, the gas station worker is now sick, and steals a gun and starts robbing people with his gun, so then those victims steal guns from neighbors and start driving by homes and peppering them with gunshots. Some people die, but those who don’t go and 3D print some firearms and kill a bunch of kids in schools. Is that what is happening? Maybe gas station workers should wear masks so they don’t catch gun violence, stop the spread!

  5. I’m more concerned with the epidemic of doctor violence in this country. Hundreds of thousands of people, many of them children, are slaughtered every year by a wave of doctors killing their patients. There are those that will say that it’s just malpractice and unavoidable, but tell that to the grieving families who have been viciously separated from their loved ones through shocking acts of doctor violence. Who will step up and save us from this scourge? Who will have the moral courage to stand against the world and say “This ends now”? Until that hero arises, we must ensure that decent people do not allow doctors into their homes or places of business.

    Remember, every time you see a new doctor graduate from his training, that means another 500 dead children.

    • I graduated 14 years ago and I am waaay behind on my quota then.

      Doctors are full of shit, and I say that being one.

      This whole covid experience has opened my eyes to doctors and their groupthink and groupspeak. A bunch of geese flying in a vee have more independent thought.

      At least my family has a doctor that can still think critically (yea, tooting my own horn here), but I weep for my future grandchildren and their medical “care”.

      • This started when insurance companies dictated how we should treat patients. Just taking a patient’s history used to take 30 min minimum, and most of that just to get them to trust you and open up. Now history, diagnosis and plan for treatment has to be done in 15 min. We used to not prescribe any medication until a patient is seen personally. Now we diagnose via telemedicine. You want to know why physician mistakes are going up the roof, we are not given enough time to treat our patients. Just give the patient a broad spectrum antibiotic and hopefully it kills whatever bug is the problem. Just like using a shotgun when only a 10/22, expertly aimed is required.

  6. The mindset and narrative being pushed by the Left and Most in the medical field is the mere refusal to where masks, antisocial distance or stay at home is the cause of all the Chinese Flu deaths. Not the Virus itself. Thus the human behavior is the driving force of all the deaths and yet when it comes to Firearm violence it is not the human behavior causing all the problem. It is the Virus being defined as Firearms. This is nothing new since the Left has always changed the meaning/definitions of words and phrases to justify their Ideology/Agenda. The problem is and always has been they have been allowed to do so without consequence. As long as they are allowed to control the narrative their quest for Control will continue to advance. As has been the case throughout history. Tyrannical Ideologies flourish in Societies where they are allowed to define the message and the way it is presented to the masses. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  7. It is the same thing here as always. Most shooting are the result of other criminal activity or suicide.
    Random and other mass shootings are rare and done by mentally deranged people. Closing down the state run mental hospitals, not building mental hospitals for the incarcerated, allowing mentally challenged people to live on the street in cities – rather that requiring them to be under a roof at night(like an old military base or national guard base with Quonset huts), was a big mistake.
    Make America’s cities great again!

    • But keeping the mentally ill in care was violating their rights! But what about the rights of others?


    • How many homicides committed with guns are by the mentally ill? Is it even proportional to their population? I’d suggest looking elsewhere, such as entirely sane but amoral criminals, for the bulk of our non-suicide “gun violence” problem.

  8. Closing down businesses and laying off 100’s of thousands of employees is not a recipe for success in creating a healthy culture. COVID virus + hoplophobia = subjugation.

  9. IME, having lived on such an area, it seems to me that it has not to do with poverty directly but with a lack of hope for the future.

    By which I mean that people can handle being poor so long as they think that they or their children have the chance do better.

    I also think that the “systemic” nature to *it* has far more to do with the “system” that runs the area than society overall, it’s a smaller system than the Left wants to admit but slightly larger than the Right wants to admit.

    At base the problem has two real roots whether in St. Louis, Detroit or in Tellico Plains. The first is education which I won’t harp on yet again, while the other is corruption within the local government apparatus.

    Really, you see the same basic issues in Sub-Saharan Africa. Weak LE and beurucratic malaise create a situation where there’s a power vacuum to be filled and it’s filled by the kind of person you don’t want to be in charge. That leads to a cycle where everyone is looking out for number one in the short term and not really capable, or willing to consider the medium or longer terms for themselves or others.

    That creates instability, a lack of institutional competence which destroys trust and pretty quick you end up back in”the state of nature”. At that point the utilitarian side of people comes out, life is cheapened and things go downhill quick.

    Entropy’s a bitch. Combating it requires admitting reality, a decent plan, some flexibility and a lot of work. Realistically, you can’t *impose* a fix. You have to create the situation for the fix and let it develop. Afghan villagers will tell this fact to reporters, so will people in bad neighborhood. Few people are willing to listen though.

    • “By which I mean that people can handle being poor so long as they think that they or their children have the chance do better.”

      This is something that the Left fails to fully understand.

      The Leftists are licking their lips and practically salivating at the prospect of Conservatives never being able to win a future presidency. If that happens, they will in effect control the ideology of the Supreme Court, simply by being able to seat justices on-board with Progressive Ideals.

      Hillary Clinton showed her hand in the 2016 election when she said that she believed Heller, et, all was wrongly decided, and that any Supreme Court justices she were to seat would agree with her ‘Progressive’ views on gun control. Once a Leftist court bench has the votes, they will strike down Heller and the rights of the people as a whole to own personal guns.

      At that point, “Australian-style gun control” is only a matter of time.

      This is why they should never hope another conservative can never be elected. It will be the end of hope for us, and it’s the late 1700s all over again, when we responded to the imposition of authoritative gun control with open rebellion that defeated the strongest army in the world at the time.

      On the upside, freedom will ring again all across the land…

  10. Gun Control is a racist and nazi based agenda. Apparently they do not teach that in med school and the results are quack doctors.

    • Well that’s TOTALLY understandable. The same BS happens with Lawyers.

      Saw an interview where Sr Harvard Law Professor Alan D laments how some student leave law school understanding little of the Constitution, or the Federalist Papers. Called some of them chimps with nuclear weapons IIRC.

      • It’s not terribly surprising when you look at how a law school’s courses are organized.

        Year one is things like evidence and basic rules for proceedure. Then you tend to go off to a specialty. If you specialize in contract law or patent law, internatjonal law or heck even space law you have no courses that would cover the topics you mention. Generally the only people taking such classes would be people specializing in Constitutional law. You’d think that would include all civil rights attorneys but that depends on the law school.

        There’s a prof at Boulder who specializes in procedure. He recently wrote an op-ed attacking another opinion writer but, really, attacking the 1A. It’s pretty clear from reading it (and kinda knowing the guy’s personality) that he doesn’t even realize he’s attacking the 1A.

        • Cames is very interested in ‘space law’ since he’s a former astronaut (or so he has claimed 🤣🤣🤡🤡🤣🤣🤡🤡).

        • Again, Citation.

          There’s several claims you’ve made in the past few weeks where I’ve requested a citation for you to support your statements, yet you’ve not provide a SINGLE citation to EVEN one of them.

          Might be time to get out of mommies basement, and start living a life that’s NOT classified as “leashed chimp” 💯🤡.

        • “……..that he doesn’t even realize he’s attacking the 1A…….

          This is what Alan D speaks of, a chimp with nuclear weapons. 👍

        • Now it is true that I am more than thirty years out of law school, but that wasn’t the way it works. Most of the program is mandatory with a few optional classes that are more in depth. Required classes in all schools are criminal procedure, criminal law, civil procedure, torts, contracts, Constitutional law, evidence, professional responsibility, trusts and estates, marital estates (common law or community property law, depending on the state), UCC Article 9, and possibly corporations and partnership law. Things like securities, law review, and moot court are optional. Some of these are year long classes, and the standard program is three years. Specialization is mostly a post-graduation activity, and often depends on where the graduate was able to land a job.

      • Mark N

        I can’t comment on how law schools were organized 30 years ago.

        This is how every one that I’ve looked at since 2008 has operated.

        Out of more than 20 people in my undergrad program who became lawyers at 16 different law schools not a single one had a ConLaw class as a required core class. Two took such a class as part of their road to become criminal trial attorneys.

        Drastic changes over time certainly wouldn’t surprise me given how high schools and colleges both changed in less than a decade after my graduation. This is also true in the way that the sciences are generally organized, though such a post-graduate program is admittedly radically different from a law school.

        This would also explain why it seems to be, in my anecdotal experience, that lawyers over the age of ~50-55 years of age tend to hold drastically different opinions on a variety of topics than do lawyers who are <40, and not the type of opinions that come from added experience either, but rather extremely divergent opinions on base philosophical matters such as whether or not a "hate speech law" would violate the 1A.

        • We’ll know this country is truly fucked when “Social Justice’ becomes a required class in law school.

          And Strych, if you’re in law school, When you graduate, I hope you will have an after-hours side hustle of 2A rights and firearm law…

  11. They keep pushing this POV because of the special powers governments have to address declared “health emergencies”. If they can get “gun violence” declared as such, it opens the door to using those powers without having to go through the messy process of passing laws.

  12. Seems like there is a direct correlation with visiting the hospital and dying. I think you’re 1000% more likely to die if you go see a doctor. Nearly everyone who has died likely went to see a doctor at some time in their life. Doctors should probably be banned.

  13. well, the docs in misery told my ol’ pal (who had just developed bladder cancer) that all they could do was “make him comfortable.” he came home and lived for a decade still.

    “It’s just so telling when gun violence isn’t impacted by something as major as a pandemic,”

    ‘cuz demand for product decreases when folks are laid off and locked down, right? cops are fetal, state’s attorneys aren’t prosecuting…

    • The pandemic hasn’t decreased the amount of gas it takes to drive to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving, either. Some things just aren’t related, no matter how much a doctor might wish them to be.

      • Well, one change would be that now, if you do go to grandma’s house for Thanksgiving, there’s a good chance that in 10 days to two weeks she’ll be choking to death on her own snot.

        • Let me guess: You just now learned the difference between like and unlike from a Sesame Street rerun and couldn’t resist pointing out yet another unrelated thing.

  14. Okay, I get it. All this epidemic stuff is really putting the kibosh on medical malpractice deaths. It used the be that doctors could look forward to killing 300,000 people every year, but with Covid getting the blame, the number of medical murders is way down. This really reflects badly on their godlike superpowers.

    • You could hardly blame them, Andrew Cuomo managed to hog the lime light by killing some 10 thousand seniors simply by forcing retirement homes to take in people with the China Flu. How is a single doctor supposed to compete with that!

  15. im 50 years old
    i know 1 person in my entire life that was shot
    i know about 20 people that got covid
    so yeah gun deaths and covid are the same exact thing

    • Over 1 million Americans got covid in the past 10 months and over 230,000 (supposedly) have died–that is an epidemic. How many were killed by guns? Probably a bit over 1000 per month, with about 7 times that many shot but survived. and as noted, the number, except for 2020, has been steadily falling since the 1990s. It seems to me that the vaccine for gun violence is a massive increase in the number of guns….Just sayin.’

  16. There is no direct correlation between level of education and level of intelligence. These “doctors” are a prime example.

    • @Jim. You are correct. Some of the dumbest people I ever meet had PhD’s. I worked in a university, common sense is lacking in “higher education”, but unfortunately they have been programed to correlate education with intelligence. I figured they just needed more education than someone with common sense.

    • Progressives wear academic, literary, and entertainment credentials like third world dictators do uniform medals.

  17. “High Caliber” is probably anything powerful than a 3mm spitwad. And that is bad if the dispensing device looks like a firearm.

  18. The only thing that is preventable and kills as many Americans as tobacco is medical mistakes, which is 10X higher than all gun deaths.
    I can see why the medical profession would like that statistic to be obscured.

  19. Yup.
    They’re both overblown illusions used to terrorize people into an easily controllable fear state.
    For a bunch of sciencey type people they sure do let their emotions drown out the data.

    If “believe the science” has become to mean shut off your brain and ride the hysterics I’m all for returning an age of flagellation and virgin sacrifice. At least back then there weren’t so many insufferable asshats.

  20. The Kansas City Star ( has lost so many subscribers that they are furloughing numerous employees, having their paper printed in Iowa, selling their building and filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. That should give anyone who reads anything they publish with a grain of salt. From the Kansas City Business Journal.
    “Nov 11, 2020, 8:15am CST. Updated Nov 11, 2020, 8:59am CST.
    The Kansas City Star is shedding its downtown Kansas City printing plant and office, which will eliminate 124 jobs.

    The newspaper plans to vacate its space by the end of 2021 and will transition printing operations to a third party during the first quarter. Its state-of-the-art printing presses have printed publications such as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and The Wichita Eagle. In the future, the Star will be printed by the Des Moines Register, the Star reports.

    Eliminating the printing operations will mean laying off 68 full-time and 56 part-time employees who will be eligible for severance.

    The Star opened its copper-and-glass building at 1601 McGee St. in 2006 and sold it last year to Ambassador Hospitality LLC in a lease-back deal. The newspaper now is searching for a smaller office.

    “Leaving a huge office space that is way beyond our current needs allows us to realize savings that will sustain other operations as we continue to align expenses with our digital transformation,” Mike Fannin, president and editor of the Star, told the newspaper.

    McClatchy, the Star’s parent company, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in February and has been renegotiating leases for its news organizations. As part of the bankruptcy reorganization, New Jersey hedge fund Chatham Asset Management purchased McClatchy for $312 million. The deal closed in September.”

  21. Randi Foraker is not a MD. She has a PhD and MA and a bunch of alphabet soup behind her name, but not a “MD” or “DO.” Therefore, she is not a doctor. She’s a epidemiologist, one of those people who have proven themselves unskilled at prediction and computer modeling in this pandemic.

  22. Gun violence and covid are totally different .Doctors need to stick to medicine and not political agendas .

  23. If that clown can’t figure out how to take a drink of water during a 10 hour shift, I don’t want him working on me. Remaining hydrated is an important part of maintaining cognitive function. He can take five, hydrate, consume some calories to keep his energy up and spend the 60 seconds it might take to reseal his N95 mask. If he doesn’t know how take care of himself, he doesn’t know how to take care of others.

    More likely he drinks water and eats then lies about it. That’s no surprise, Doctors and other licensed healthcare providers routinely abuse their authority to casually lie. The days when we could consider healthcare workers motivated purely by altruism never existed. To the extent some where motivated by altruism, that share has declined significantly.

    People work in healthcare for financial advantage and to secure a sense of personal authority. They are no more reliable than anyone else, and somewhat less trustworthy because there the public at large has no checks and balances on their authority – they answer to facility managers and insurance companies.

  24. Well, let’s see…
    -grossly inflated/falsified/manipulated numbers…check.
    -used to violate peoples Constitutional rights…check.
    -used to create irrational fear…check.
    -used (primarily) by the left to increase political power and control…check.
    Huh, maybe they DO have something in common! 😏

    • 1/4 million crisis actors pretending to be dead (just in the US) has got to be stretching even Bloomberg’s and Soros’s budgets.😉

  25. “Missouri Doctors: Gun Violence and COVID-19 are the Same Thing”

    Yeah, uh, not exactly.

    To date, the COVID-19 virus has killed 250,485 Americans that we know of and done devastation to the economy. Bad news is the situation is getting worse, many more will die before this pandemic is over.

    Violence by guns on the other hand has never happened. The victim count of violent guns is ZERO. Not saying nobody got shot or died, but the guns did not do that. Must be some other cause.

  26. As someone who grew up in the Lou ( City not the County) the level of criminal violence is 98% perpatrated by a single demographic and has been for going on 60 years now. St. Louis City is responsible for 75%+ of the inmates in the Missouri Department of Corrections.

    The China Flu has nothing to match these facts.

  27. It always amazes me when doctors start talking about guns and gun deaths. First of all the “assault weapon” “black gun” deaths (which they want to ban) only come down to 600-700 per year and deaths by knives, hands, feet, baseball bats etc are usually pushing 2000 per year. Total death by guns will be up this year from 11.000 (not including suicides) yet deaths by medical mistakes made by doctors, hospitals and others will be at around 440,000. This number is roughly what is found in all studies and does not vary much.

    Getting to another point the average number of deaths per year is 2,700,000 in the US (7000 -8000 per day) and 52,000,000 per year world wide. Yes 200,000 due to covid seems like a lot but with the reduction in flu and health caused deaths we will still probably average out at 2,700,000 in 2020. No one likes death but can’t we be a little more rational about it. I was sadden at the death of Sean Connery and Alex Trebek and others this year but I don’t go crazy about it.

  28. Can’t find the ref now. But Dems once said they would use a executive order to declare a public health emergency to confiscate “assault weapons”. And they definition has grown to anything that takes a 20 round plus mag. Everting semi auto.

  29. These doctors are less intelligent than they think they are. A good country doctor treats the patient with respect, knows their place and stays in their lane. I prefer a country doctor. They are less likely to lie to you, perform a procedure that you don’t need and less likely to kill the patient.

    The doctors who equate violence with firearms and covid are far off their mark. They think they can control covid by locking down and isolating both the ill and healthy. All they are doing is delaying the virus from doing what it does. Every pandemic in history runs its course until the hosts have built natural immunity with exposure and/or vaccines. Whether this virus was accidental or manipulated, it still does what viruses do naturally.

    Banning firearms is as nonsensical. You cannot stop human violence. You can mitigate it by many means of making violence risk averse, using the broken windows theory of punishment and change of culture where most think they will die before they are 20. People with responsibilities are less likely to commit violence. People who are actively employed in legal industries are less prone to violence. People who operate outside the fringes of society use violence to protect and gain thier respective turfs and percieved social hierarchy.

    • Let the pandemic run its course, you say?

      Strangely, I think I am for your viewpoint, especially now that it’s rampaging through, as Trump puts it, the ‘red states’:

      “When adjusted for population, no states have had more new Covid-19 infections, hospitalizations and deaths over the past seven days than North and South Dakota. The nearby states of Iowa, Wyoming, Nebraska and Idaho are not far behind.
      This surge has pushed hospitals to the brink even as businesses have struggled to keep up a healthy work force. In response, several of these governors have acknowledged the failures of their permissive strategies and pushed for stricter health rules and mask mandates to prevent the virus’s spread.“

      • First, I am a realist. Pandemics are natures way of waging biological warfare. All forms of life on this planet will always be under threat of nature. Some life will end, some will survive and become stronger. It is how it is regardless of how advanced we think we are.

        The increase has been worldwide even in places that had draconian measures. Most people who looked at the cycles of pandemics knew the probability of a new outbreak would occur in the October to November time-frame and would be a larger outbreak.

        I am not saying we shouldn’t try to mitigate. Lockdowns are counterproductive. The virus is still there, and we are not building our natural abilities of immunity. Vaccines are on the way, and lab settings seem promising. Real world data may be different outside of the controlled testing.

        What we should have done is quarantined the sick, not the healthy. We should have continued to live life instead of hiding. Masks, I do think have their pros and cons. While they may help the wearer minimize the viral exposure, thereby allowing the body to build natural immunity, they can also create negative consequences if they are not kept clean and changed often. Sweating decreases the effectiveness of the cloth and tissue masks and causes less airflow. A rubberized mask with the proper filters is more effective than even the M95 mask. If the WHO and the medical community was serious about masks, they would not recommend what they are with M95s.

        This is why when so called medical professionals try to equate the pandemic with human violence using firearms I find them lacking in in knowledge of either situation.

        Where did I get my degree? I didn’t in this science. What I have done is studied human caused biological warfare, an additional duty as the Battalion NBC NCO, and saw how nature has done the same thing naturally. I also do work in places like NIH, Seattle Children’s CGIDR, Emory and the CDC, where I get to speak with PHDs who use what I do for research. I ask questions of them and their research. There is a lot to learn if you ask questions of those who are doing the studies and not just occupying an office and title.

  30. Hahahahahahaha criminals are the problem, along with the punishment doesn’t fit the crime! The plea bargain deals are wasting the public’s time!

  31. Comparing gun violence to a virus is nothing but straight up bullshit that’s like comparing fatal crashes to the common flu these people have come up with the most ridiculous shit I mean it takes a damn genius to think of this stupid shit where in any form is gun violence connected to the covid-19 virus? My sweet mother of Jesus is that all they got left to come up with for the last few years anti gunner politician’s and anti gun group’s have picked and plucked at gun owner’s in every way possible but coming up with this, is this all you have left to come at gun owner’s with? This right here show’s how much sense you people have weather it be these Drs.. anti gun politician’s or anti gun group’s you people have let this gun control shit run you crazy as hell it’s all you think about 24/7 is throwing something else at gun owner’s and in reality it has destroyed your minds literally but if you anti gunners will take notice us Gun owner’s has gotten stronger and stronger now more than ever you know why? It’s because we have got tired of you going directly against the Constitution of the United States so we are uniting together and there is millions and millions of us we getting stronger and you pieces of shit are running out of stupid gun control law’s and getting weaker like I said we are millions and millions strong so you keep on rolling with your anti gunner bullshit and we will keep getting stronger, 2A supporter Freedom protector, Family loving proud gun owner🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🔫🔫🔫

  32. The left politicizes everything, then they ruin it. Our medical schools are as bad as the rest regarding radical ideas and indoctrination. They don’t produce doctors, the produce activists with medical training.

  33. If your doctor tries to ask you about firearms in your home. Politely inform him/her/they/it that you came for medical treatment, not social engineering. Tell them you will complain to your insurance company (whoever pays the bills) about paying for this bullshit.

    Then leave. Give him/her/them bad reviews on any website you find.

    • Jeff, unfortunately, at least one insurance company is in on the social engineering. If you take the Blue Cross Health Assessment they have several questions regarding firearm ownership (I can’t speak as to any other insurance company’s policies).

  34. These overpaid professional upper middle class monkeys need an attitude adjustment. Meeting their H1B replacement after Bye-Done opens the borders will do just that.

  35. For me, these doctors serve as more evidence that democrat cheating, lying and rabble rousing has penetrated far beyond the typical democrat cabals. It’s a distraction. Politically, doctors usually are weak minded victims of the partisan propaganda dished up by the democrat party through their total control of big click-bait media. The current democrat strategy of voter fraud rivals Pearl Harbor as a signal that colossal powers are at work to seize the wealth and productive capacity of the United States.

    Democrat strategy often also includes this typical gun violence today and racism tomorrow. The Republican Party seems paralyzed in the face of this outlandish and obvious assault. If they don’t get off their collective butt, civilian militias will be forced to get off theirs and do something about this immeasurably massive crime. Nobody wants this impending revolt but our foreign adversaries are salivating over what promises to be a ruinous result. Call your congressmen one last time and demand their action.

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