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As you undoubtedly know, the balance of power in the Senate is likely to come down to two runoff elections in Georgia. One of those is between Raphael Warnock (D) and incumbent Kelly Loeffler (R). Handy for us, the Daily Caller recently outlined some of Warnock’s anti-Second Amendment screeds, including this gem:

Then they come up with all of these clever names, ‘Stand Your Ground.’ No it’s not a stand your ground law, it’s a shoot first law. Shoot first, ask questions later. That’s why we’re here all over again.

— Raphael Warnock, Georgia Democratic senate candidate

Needless to say, if you’re looking to #gunvote you’ll want to vote Loeffler. If you aren’t a Georgian, perhaps a donation(s) in what are likely to be some of the most heavily-funded Senate races in U.S. history would be money well spent.

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  1. Complaining about “stand your ground” having a positive name? The Democrats are the masters of this. They redefine all verbiage for political purposes, and if you use the wrong terminology you must be shamed and re-educated. Most bills have cute little names and acronyms. You have bills like “Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020.” How can you vote against gun violence prevention? You voted against community safety? You monster! Gun violence and prevention is one of their best examples. They aren’t against the second amendment, they don’t want gun control, they just want common sense gun violence prevention. Would they really call the bill “take away gun rights from 18-21 year olds and increase burdens on lawful gun owners act?”

    • “How can you vote against gun violence prevention? ”

      Simple,it’s nothing other than Leftard Bravo Sierra for un Constitutional gun control, that’s how.

    • Wait for the “New Utopia Omnibus Bill” where to create a new society all gun owners will be summarily arrested and enhanced interrogated. Their property will be seized for redistribution to those less needy. There will be exceptions for the politically connected and “community organizers”.

  2. The Hoplophobic are not going to change. Guns scare them and human violence seems so easy to solve to them, just take the inanimate objects away, what could be simpler and easier than that?

    We’ll see how these Senate run-off races play out but the real test will be in the US Supreme Court.

    • Per the dem’s own statements (before the late part of the general election, during which time the Biden campaign explicitly refused to address it), if they take the White House and Senate they intend to pack the Court with people who will rule on leftist ideology rather than the law. If they do, that might open some eyes. But what would the next admin/senate do, re-pack the Court with people who will rule on the basis of law? Perhaps, but the whole process will greatly damage the credibility of the institution, and state and local governments will ramp up the tendency to ignore SCOTUS decisions. I’m rapidly losing faith that our laws can save us from authoritarianism at this point.

      • Our laws never could protect us from tyranny. Every budding tyrant first uses the law as a weapon, applying it to his enemies and ignoring for his friends.

      • My concoction for response to court packing when the next GOP Prez and Senate show up is changing the number of justices to one, the chief justice only, zero associates. The rest are firec. go home. Then, the following week (literally), change it back to 9 and re-nominate and re-confirm the proven literalist justices, and replace the rest with more, giving a 9-0 or 8-1 court. If they stray from the straight and narrow, do it again. Meanwhile, support an Amendment making the court 9 justices. Americans should be completely SICK of this bullshit by then, should pass easily.

  3. When someone is busting open my front door, or coming at me with a knife, they’ve answered all my questions already.

  4. These run-off elections reek of corruption. Georgia is recounting (in a spurious way) the Presidential race, but NOT recounting any other race.

    When I finally take office, I will push for nationwide election reform and transparency.

    • Democratic Underground, and other Marxist/Leftist forums, as openly talking about claiming a Georgia address and registering to vote before the runoff.

      If Georgia law doesn’t limit runoff participation to those who were registered to vote on November 3, emergency legislation needs to be passed immediately.

      • From what I’ve heard, there are no last-minute registrations allowed; the runoff is basically a recanvassing of all the people who were eligible for the initial vote, not a whole new election.

        But whether they’ve got an effective way to enforce the rule — or whether they’re willing to try at all — is a very different question.

        • Or at the very least, you can’t just move there right now and magically get a vote in the runoff. Or so the law is supposed to say…

    • Rarely a simple question for me, as I am not a single issue voter or a blind follower of any political party. Left all that behind during Bush The Lesser’s first run at the Presidency when I switched to being independent.

      Not living in Georgia I have not looked at the candidate’s there and make no suggestions on who to support. Republicans are currently problematic for me due to them displaying their fealty to the failed regime of the Traitor Trump.

      My preference is for a divided House and Senate, but not by more than weak majorities. I do not want either party to hold majority across the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches all at the same time, that is always bad news.

      One thing I will do is accept what the citizens in Georgia decide. Their election laws were written by a Republican majority. Numerous counties are run by Republican majorities. Their election systems have been widely praised by Republicans, that is until the Traitor Trump made his fantasy the approved narrative.

      Anyway, I lean toward the two Republican candidates solely on the basis of my preferred balance of power in the Legislative branch. It is not a strong position, I’d have to waste a lot of my limited time studying the situation in a state far way.

      Instead, time to get on to work.

      • You’re at work. You have plenty of time. This is your job, and need I remind you, you’re being paid handsomely. Now quit complaining and get back to work, drone.

      • “Not living in Georgia I have not looked at the candidate’s there”

        All you have to do is look at the radical agenda of the people that call themselves democrats. You’re living in a world that no longer exists. It’s no longer about the individual, it’s about The Party.

      • Please explain your hate for Trump to me. I know CNN lied their butts of about him, democrat politicians lied their butts off about him and quite frankly he rubbed me a little wrong too but he was not a bad president and he did make some people proud to be a US citizen again. I watched him give some of his news briefings and actually felt sorry for him because of the way some of the reporters were trying to twist up his words. Actions have always spoke louder than words to me and his actions were pro USA and I kind of liked that. Also I tend to think everything out in a logical manner because I had a lot of training to make ke think about everything logically.

  5. This Warnock scumbag may as well be giving Necrophiliac-Style Blowjobs to the Rotten Corpse of Fidel Castro. Raphael Warnock is a Castro Lover and has written about him being a “Civil Rights Icon of The Globe”.

    1). Black and Mixed Race Cubans made up 70% of the Cuban Population, but are now only 55% of it today since The Castros came to power.

    2). Before Castro, Black/Interracial Black Cubans owned 1/3rd of Cuban Land, were 70% of the total registered property owners, and produced over 40% of it’s Agricultural Output and were 60% of the Agricultural Labor Force.

    3). After Castro came to power, ALL LANDOWNERS INCLUDING BLACK AND MIXED RACE PEOPLE, were violently forced off their Land, via a Stalinist Forced Migration into the Cities under Castro’s Maoist Flavor of Economic Central Planning. Over 1.1 million Cubans were murdered in a 6 month long Genocide. Almost 80% of those murdered were to some degree of more than 50% African.

    4). Black and Mixed-Race Cubans were the overwhelming majority of people forced into what became failed factories of what was once a vibrant private sector shipbuilding and machined-goods industry turned into a nightmare of Economic Maoism.

    5). Cuba’s population has declined every year since 1975, Black Cubans are a smaller percentage of the Cuban Population today, and over 70% of People that flee Cuba are Black or Black and Mixed Race.

    6). Cuba was a Parliamentary Democracy Headed by a Constitutional Monarchy with Parliamentary Elections every 5 years, but since Castro, became a Communist Autocratic Dictatorship.

    Just like a Slave Plantation, the Subjects of Cuba are forbidden and BANNED from emigrating. Cuba today, like it was during the era of the Fabian Socialist, Spanish Empire, is a PRISON COLONY, aka……SLAVE PLANTATION…….but they have Free Housing, Free, Healthcare, and Free Education, so as people like Bernie Sanders, Raphael Warnock,, and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez say, it’s all good.

    • All attempts to impose a Marxist Utopia rapidly devolve into a police state, a totalitarian regime of some type. Marxism cannot work and cannot exist outside of theory in books. It truly never has existed in a real and true form. The seeds of its own failure, its own destruction and mutation into a despotic state are too powerful.

      This is what all followers and professed believers in Karl Marx fail to grasp. His theories are so wrong about human desire for individuality, that revolution cannot withstand the strain of success. Individual desires for liberty of one’s own life choices always runs counter to the revolutionary leadership’s ideals and plans. Resulting in secret police, purges, mass political arrests, state sanctioned secret trials and executions, the works.

      Venezuela will eventually fall. So too will Cube one day become a capitalist and representative democracy.

      Only the force of arms by revolutionary zealots holds back these eventual and natural conclusions of the human spirit.

    • Cuba’s average family income is $300-500 per year. I hope (don’t know) that is after the 80% tax rate on everybody. It is a remarkably inexpensive place to vacation, although you do not get much fun for your buck, and if you spend $1000, then $800 goes DIRECTLY to the government. The money going to the government is international currency (of whatever sort, $$, EU, etc) and the money left to the people who actually earned all of it is in currency only accepted in Cuba, where they actually have 2 completely separate currencies, something I have never heard of elsewhere. It is a massive, desperate attempt to do absolutely ANYTHING to make it appear that communism is working, while the people starve. I’ve been in and out of a dozen countries or so, but I have NEVER been so happy to set foot back in the USA as after I had spent a few days in Cuba, even though my room and my meals were on a cruise ship, so I did not have to locate food. The place is totally fucked (We spent the night in two different cities), an I would bet money Venezuela is as bad or worse.

  6. Let me say something that needs to be said. Mr Warnock is an anti civil rights black man. Just as former Congressman Barney Frank is an anti civil rights white gay man.

    The next question to be asked is. Does the gun Community really want to fight for civil rights or just quit and give up because it’s difficult to do so???

    A serious defender of civil rights should be easily able to make arguments against anyone. And I mean anyone who is anti civil rights. An anti civil rights candidate should not be allowed to use their skin color, or their sexual orientation, or whatever parameters there are now, to hold a position that it takes rights away from law-abiding citizens.

    Any person regardless of their skin color when asked why they would not support Mr Warnock? Should respond “I don’t support him because he’s anti civil rightsc. Tell the reporter you have a right to keep and bear arms. And also tell the reporter that Mr Warnock will always have guns surrounding him for protection. All provided by the government at taxpayer expense.

  7. I guess my take on all the attacks on the 2nd Amendment and Firearms ownership is different than a lot of other peoples. Being an OFWG who’s lived a good life. Worked Hard, Played Hard, raised a family and is now in my twilight years with health concerns. How all this effects me is of little consequence, because I will simply not comply regardless of Law or Regulation. How it does concern me is for my son and the world he will grow up in. Will it be the society in which I grew up in where Freedom and Liberty were the tenets “We the People” fought, suffered and died for or will it be a society who willingly gives up those Ideals for the perceived protections of the PC Culture where anything or anyone who disagrees with the stated Dogma will be Cancelled, Destroyed or Jailed. Where The Government of the People, By the People, and For the People. Becomes the Ruler of the People. That is my fear. Will this be the Last Generation to enjoy the Freedoms so many Gave to much so that “We the People” could live in the Greatest Nation Known to Mankind. I know there are many more out there who see the coming storm and have the same concerns as I. The question is are there enough who feel the same way and are willing to meet the Cause. I leave you with this question. Would You Be Willing?…

  8. So, how many temporary “residents” do you suppose Soros, et al, are moving to Georgia ahead of the runoffs to guarantee that a “fair and transparent” election takes place? Not sure about everywhere else, but up here in Minnesota, thirty days qualifies you as a state resident.

  9. Yeah, but he said he likes puppies!

    So even if he hates the military and gun owners, we should run right out and vote for him, right?

    • Well yeah. Also, I’m sure his republican opponents are a bunch of meanies and racists because that’s how it works, right? This guy’s black so he can’t be racist. /s

  10. Your vote does not matter any more..they have already stolen this election and keep doing it right in front of your eyes…gun owners and so called patriots have not responded or taken any action (and they wont)…the silent majority is the coward majority…prepare to become england or austrailia…prepare for your forced vaccine or the swift drop of the blade on your neck…America is being taken over without a shot fired…

    • “Your vote does not matter any more.”

      It hasn’t for a long time. So-called “democracy” has turned into an illusion. It’s one true “Matrix.”

    • “Your vote does not matter any more”
      Joe Rogan has said the same thing. While living in California he never voted. Didn’t care to vote. So when the L.A. area in general became a shit hole. He asked “How did this happen???”

      One of the many problems with Libertarians is they don’t believe in helping to keep where they live safe, by participating in the local political process. By voting and showing up to public meetings.

      In fact they “throw rocks” at Christians who do show up to meetings.

      About 10 or 15 years ago you could take a 2A class at the local community college in LA county. The instructor taught gun history and safety. He even brought in unloaded firearms as training aids. When the gun grabbers found out about it, they held several city council meetings. Over a period of about 30 days. And then voted to stop the classes.

      Libertarians don’t show up to meetings. It doesn’t do any good they say. But rich Libertarians like Joe Rogan will move to Texas. And still do nothing to keep Texas a free state.

  11. “Then they come up with all of these clever names”

    You mean like the HEROES Act that wanted fly over country to bail out failed democrat cities and states and gut election laws?

    • Or the “PATRIOT” act that would have made Orwell blush…

      Laws should not be named at all. Proposition 53. Or maybe they can be named by the opposing party to the sponsor. That would be more fun.

  12. Wait a reverend for Senator? Excuse me what happened to the left constantly screeching about seperation of church and state.

    • A marriage of convenience. Just like the atheist’s and Muslims who have also formed an alliance. Because they both hate Christians. And there are plenty of “pastors” who are not really Christians. But they appropriate the title.

      For example the Rev Jim Jones was an atheist. He was never a believer. But he did talk nearly 1000 people into drinking poison cool aid.

    • It’s cool as long as they preach from the Church of Wokeness.

      An interesting article…

      Over the last 55 years, the stewards of American culture have worked to disconnect black people from our religious faith, our salvation. Black pride is our new religion. Our skin color and the degenerate behaviors white liberals have deemed as authentically black have become the hallmarks of black culture. There’s nothing blacker than repeatedly saying “nigga” in public spaces or having a baby mama/daddy or dealing drugs to survive poverty. The highest form of blackness is being a victim of racism, especially if it involves a white cop.

      White liberals have convinced black people to take God out of the equation and replace Him with Barack Obama, LeBron James, Dr. Harry Edwards, Colin Kaepernick, Black Lives Matter and all the other approved symbols of unapologetic blackness.

  13. It will be interesting to see what happens in GA.

    This afternoon they found a 9,626 Biden vote *mistake* in DeKalb County.

    Pretty big “whoops” since it’s 978% more votes than were actually cast in the county (total actual votes 1094) and the “error” is 100% for Biden.

    Spock is fascinated. Kirk’s debating arming photons.

    • Apologies, that I said that wrong.

      As I said it it’s 879%, that 879% being the error itself. That error increased the overall vote total to 978% of the actual vote total but the error, in and of itself, is lower than that.

      • Oh, and if one was inclined to wonder: If this ends up being fully confirmed that single error in DeKalb county accounts for 75.3% of Biden’s lead in GA as reported yesterday.

        Again, one hell of a “whoops”, eh?

  14. “America, nobody can serve God and the military. ” – Raphael Warnock
    Seriously. This jackass said that.

  15. It would be nice if we could get gun owners to vote unlike the 2020 Nov 3 Election even with the Dem/China/voting fraud & Hacked Voting Software: Smartmatic, Dominion Voting Systems and George Soros.

  16. Smartmatic Voting Machine’s Chairman of the Board Peter Neffenger Named to Joe Biden’s ‘Transition Team’

    Chinese parts, hidden ownership, growing scrutiny: Inside America’s biggest maker of voting machines

  17. Just when you think the left has reached the epitome of stupid and tyranny…a scumbag like this enters and speaks.

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