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Despite how the presidential election is playing out, Gallup Poll reports a significant decline in support for gun control laws. In fact, apparently support of said laws is lower than it has been since 2016:

In the absence of a high-profile mass shooting in the U.S. in 2020 and amid the coronavirus pandemic, civil unrest related to racial justice issues and the contentious presidential election campaign, Americans are less likely than they have been since 2016 to call for increased gun control. The latest majority (57%) in the U.S. who call for stricter laws covering the sale of firearms marks a seven-percentage-point decline since last year. At the same time, 34% of U.S. adults prefer that gun laws be kept as they are now, while 9% would like them to be less strict.

Gallup has been collecting data on American support of various gun laws for three decades. Results tend to spike in support of gun control legislation after mass shootings being highly publicized by the mainstream media but they vary by demographic groups noticeably, too:

There are sharp differences in views of gun control within a number of key demographic groups in the latest findings from Gallup’s annual Crime poll, conducted Sept. 30-Oct. 15. Majorities of women, Democrats, independents, those who do not own guns, residents of the Eastern and Western U.S., and city and suburban residents all support stricter gun laws. At the same time, these groups’ counterparts are more supportive of keeping gun laws as they are now or making them less strict.

This makes me want to shake some sense into women in the United States. Apparently, of the people polled, 67 percent of women who responded supported stricter gun control compared to 46 percent of men. Come on, ladies. Educate yourselves.

Handguns come up as a topic of possible bans on a regular basis, but the idea of regulating them remains unsupported:

Americans’ support for a ban on the possession of handguns, at 25%, is near the lowest on record in Gallup’s 40-year trend. The latest reading, which is down 18 points from its 1991 high, is a slight decline from last year’s 29%. Currently, 74% of U.S. adults say such a ban should not be put in place.

We’ve experienced record gun sales in 2020 and that trend has not only kept up but promises to spike even higher. Even so, gun control support is at its lowest point in four years. Maybe that’s because we suddenly have all these new gun owners realizing they’d like to keep their natural, civil, and constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms. Maybe it’s because people in general are getting tired of politicians and laws. Maybe it’s because of mostly peaceful rioting. Whatever the cause, let’s hope it keeps up. This is an encouraging trend to see in action.


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  1. Gun Control is one of those issues that hurt the Democrats in this election. That and their far left “AOC+Squad” contingent talking Marxism and Defund The Police. Biden won because Trump was such an incredibly lousy human being, failure as a leader and a traitor to the Republic. But the down ballot for Democrats was a rough and losing proposition, affected by the far left foolishness. Which cost the Dems seats they should have been able to win and not only in Federal races. While Biden was against that faction of his party their constant stupid chatter reduced his win to a weak majority.

    There are far greater issues of critical importance, ignored by Trump, than the myth of “Gun Violence”. Biden will have a difficult time making any headway on guns and if he should succeed, there are those five and a half votes in the Supreme Court awaiting challenges.

    Best strategy now is to push hard on moving gun rights lawsuits up the appeals ladder. My contribution to that comes at tax refund time each year, usually in late February for me. My plan is $1000 divided among the SAF, GOA and I’m trying to decide who the third outfit will be.

    It will not be to the NRA, not with Wayne The Thieving Scum and Master of Custom tailored suits still holding onto his royal throne.

    • Biden “won” because the Dems cheated. Ain’t over yet. It’ll be great to see you steam when Trump is inaugurated on January 20.

    • Biden DID NOT win. Trump won by a landslide before the Overnight Cheat. And that will be proven out in the next few months. Watch. And then cry.

      • There’s literally ONE case where someone was able to show voter fraud. And it was a trumper that did it.

        Everything else has been hearsay, scuttlebutt, and the fervent delusions of a side that can’t admit that they lost an election any more than they can accept that they lost the civil war.

    • “My plan is $1000 divided among the SAF, GOA and I’m trying to decide who the third outfit will be”

      Sending any to GOA is a waste of time if you want to put your bucks towards lawsuits- they’ll use it to pay their “bills” and to advertise for more money.

      SAF is dedicated almost entirely to RKBA-type goals you are concered with since they have no program to support women shooters, no marksmanship programs, no matches to manage, no state affliliate organizations, no training programs, no child safety programs, no Law Enforcement programs, no ILA-type programs, no no PVF-type programs, nothing much to do but pick and choose an issue to put a bit of money toward from the interest of their established foundation, which is still definitely a step in the right direction. (SAF means “Second Amendment Foundation” which is basically a trust dedicated towards one issue.)

      Most people miss the boat around here about NRA, since it was dedicated towards an entirely different goal from the time of its founding in 1871 until 100 years later when it became obvious that a major portion of the US Government and its representatives in Congress were seeking to do away with the Second Amendment at any price and by any means. Prior to the passage of GCA ’68 hardly any American would believe their own elected government would try to take away their access to firearms. If you weren’t around back then you have no clue.

      NRA did not abandon the established programs and others I’ve listed above when they added the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) in 1975; they added an entirely new wing which needed to be funded separately from regular membership dues which went towards the already-established programs that members had come to expect. To be clear, at that time NRA membership was under 1 million members. You might also note that GOA didn’t even exist prior to 1976, while NRA had been running their original programs since 1871.

      Whether or not you like WLP, the fact is that none of the other “gun organizations” come close to supporting all of the shooting venues NRA does and NRA still is the most affective and universally hated pro-firearms promotional organization in the world when it comes to legislative clout. You will never see the MSM, Leftists or foreign press refer to GOA, CRKBA, SAF, NAGR or any other institution when trashing those of us who support 2A. None of the other organizations would last 3 months if all of those forces were marshalled against them as they have been towards NRA.

      So, you can put your “money” somewhere that makes you feel good when you’re around your blog pals, or put it somewhere where it will really have a positive (for 2A) result even if you have come to hate WLP.

      And as I’ve posted around here earlier, I had some long and personal, one-on-one conversations with ILA’s new director, Jason Ouimet at the Tucson meetings and I believe he is very centered and moving ILA in precisely the right direction. Hope some of the rest of you will either have, or take the time to engage him as well. You’ll get no where just hanging around TTAG.

      • So why doesn’t this fabulous NRA get more involved in legal battles then? If your in tight with those people and know inside baseball on how good the NRA is the get then to fix the leadership problem before they are sued out of business.

        • You get all your inof on the NRA from – NY Attorney General/Governor, CNN, NY Time, Schumuky Schemer, Barry the Magic Kenyan? Think MAYBE they have an agenda? Wake up/get head out of ass.

      • Craig…Long on words short on substance. You musta missed the pos who slandered and libeled the POTUS in the first post. When you give sht like that a pass you are the problem and that goes for everyone who skated on by enuf’s slanderous dung heap.

        You want to do something about Gun Control? Then take the racist label off Gun Owners and hang it back around the neck of the democRat Party. After all Gun Control is rooted in racism and genocide and that fact makes Gun Control a racist and nazi based agenda. The democRat Party owns Gun Control like the party owns slavery, segregation, lynching, Jim Crow, the KKK, Eugenics and other race based atrocities. Past time for the democRat Party to make Reparations.

        The same old tit for tat arguments with Gun Control Zealots does nothing but give those rats standing. It’s past time the democRat Party is made to own The Truth About Gun Control.

        • It would be very difficult to slander and libel the POTUS.

          The fact is, Donald Trump, by his own admission, has committed adultery and cheated on his wives three times, not to mention breaking the 10 Commandments by coveting his neighbors wife and bearing false witness.

          Really Debbie, shouldn’t you be over at Rebecca Mercer’s idiot farming site, Parler?

          It’s set up just for the ‘poorly educated’ like you, you can feel good by repeating conspiracy theories while Rebekah Mercer mines your data for fun and profit.

          Parler, from those wonderful people who brought you Cambridge analytical, Vlad the KGB lad!

        • @Miner49er
          One of the former liberal montras used to be ‘stay outta my bedroom’
          people who live in glass houses….

          There are far greater things for me to worry about. Far greater threats. This is a small thing that barely gets a blip on the radar. Who sleeps with who? That question is of greater import with the incestuous nature of the media and the progressive democrat left.

        • Purdy, the issue is not Donald Trump’s infidelities or adulterous affairs.

          The issue is his blatant lying regarding the matters, and illegal campaign contributions as well as tax evasion via fraudulent business expense involved in the hush money payoffs to his porn star paramour just one month before the election.

          It is a federal crime to pay $130,000 in hush money to a hooker and then deduct it from your taxes as a business expense for the Trump organization.

          Through 1000 different episodes such as this, Donald Trump has proved he’s a liar and a ConMan who will say whatever he thinks he needs to say in order to cheat you.

        • @Miner49er
          What’s at issue is your focus. Your completely glossing over that documented fact that everything you mention here the Clintons are guilty of. But in your hate for Trump you would prefer their blatant lies and corruption. My response is more than just you. There are many like you. But you are the one that’s here.

          What Trump did all those years ago pales in comparison to what the Clintons do with the power. I simply don’t find his porn star connections all that much of a big deal when considering the damage the Clintons WILL inflict.

          It is time for you to get over it and move on.

        • “What Trump did all those years ago”

          Wrong, Trump paid $130,000 in hush money 30 days before his election in 2016, clearly violating election law.

          In addition, Trump reported the hush money payment as a Trump organization ‘business expense’ on his taxes in 2017, while he was serving in the office of president of the United States of America.

          The Clintons have never been charged with a crime, much less convicted. No income tax evasion, no election law violations.

          During his current term as President of the United States, Trump and his grifter family were also found guilty of mismanaging the Trump foundation and expending foundation funds for personal expenses, they were barred from participating in any nonprofit foundation by New York State.

          Meanwhile, the Clinton foundation is going strong with multi million dollar assets and the Clinton family in leadership positions.

          Why do conservative Republicans have such difficulty understanding reality?

          Maybe the reason the Clintons have never been charged with a crime is because they haven’t committed any crimes, did you ever consider that possibility?

        • Democrats? Or demc rats?
          Those all ceased to exist way back in 1964 when they ripped off and then used the party platform of the CPUSA! Yeah, the Communist Party of the USA!

          They have been COMMIECRATS and taking over every organization possible in the USA ever since! Govt, both parties, schools including and in particular Universities!

          When you cannot truly name your enemy, as in calling COMMIECRATS, non existing democrats, you have no hope whatsoever beating him!

          They love being called democrats or any version of such, as it makes them think they still have the wool pulled over your eyes! But they hate being called COMMIECRATS, since it lets everyone know exactly who, and what they are and where they came from!

          In other words, they realize that they have been made!

      • In past year’s part of my annual tax refund fueled donation did go to NRA-ILA. But I’ve no faith in the NRA under Wayne LaPaymemore. I do agree that the NRA never stopped doing the work of safety training and many other activities to promote the shooting sports. Does not matter when the head of the association is thief and a charlatan who is killing off the NRA with illegal acts.

        It is extraordinarily high risk, but the NY attack upon the NRA as a criminally administered non-profit could save it from ultimate destruction. Wayne will kill the NRA anyway, he’s the type to make it all about him and burn the house down around him. So if the law and the courts can excise him, perhaps the NRA can be re-chartered outside of New York State. Someplace friendlier to both the shooting sports and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

        In which case, I’ll donate again.

        If I live that long.

    • enuf…There is nothing lower than a pos who stoops to falsely accuses the POTUS and turns around and lint licks the party that concocted slanderous and libelous schemes to overthrow a duly elected POTUS. By your own words You are that pos. Now gfy you self serving treasonous ratbastard.

    • Trump didn’t “lose” the election. He spent four years pissing it away by acting like a fool instead of a president. He reminds me of the character, Tony Dinozzo, in the early seasons of NCIS. Unfortunately, there were no senior Republicans to smack Trump in the back of the head when he played the fool they way Leroy Jethro Gibbs did to Dinozzo.

      I can’t resist comparing Trump to Jesse Ventura. Pro wrestler doesn’t sound like a good basis for a political career. Nevertheless, Ventura turned out to be a decent governor. Had he been the winning presidential candidate in 2016, instead of Trump, he’d be looking forward to his second term.

      • Attention kendahl you politically inept twerp…Clowns like you always have a laundry list of meaningless complaints about the POTUS while totally ignoring over 4 years of slanderous, libelous, screw America sewage concocted by the demonic democRat Party. None of it true yet gutless clowns like you give it all a pass. You, bozo, are comparing a paper cut to an arm amputation.

        TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

        • If you’re not a complete sycophant like you it’s possible to acknowledge how garbage the democratic party is while also recognizing that Trump is a selfish idiot. In fact, that’s how he got elected in the first place. Half of it was probably complete idiots who believed in him ‘draining the swamp’ (and spent the last 4 years whining that the very people he appointed were ‘deep state’) but the other half were just people who wanted to send the dems and their idiotic policies a message.

          But that half- the half that isn’t insane- has a limit. And the doofus in chief went over it with his complete denial of a pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands more Americans than 9/11. Reality has a funny way of not caring whether you’re too dumb to believe in it. But for covid I bet Trump would have won again because Biden is that bad.

        • @Hannibal
          Trump has had a better handle on Covid than anyone else in Washington. What I’ve seen this year is while nearly everyone backs down in fear hiding, he still gets things done. No one else would have been willing or able to utilize the resources that brought us this close to effective drugs. Anyone else and it would have been 5-10 years longer. If even ever. What I’ve seen is everyone in Washington standing in his way trying to stop him at every turn.

        • hannibal. How much more lock down do you think the US can take? If biden gets confirmed he’s already talking about locking us down again.

          biden. bloomberg. sanders. gates. zuckerberg. all filthy rich white guys using the pandemic to drive small businesses out of business so they get a bigger slice of what’s left.

          And who is behind the defund the police movement? The gop? Or how about the side that lets its brown shirt antifa troops loot and burn small businesses, many of which are minority owned? Corporate America is safe and growing fatter under a biden admin.

        • “Trump has had a better handle on Covid than anyone else in Washington.”

          The self-delusion never stops, amazing.

          “there are only 15 cases and soon that number will be near zero“

          “One day, it will just go away, like a miracle“

          “It will just fade away… “

          Have you had your bleach injection yet? How about that UV light in your lungs?

          Trump/Death 2020

    • You could be right, but I don’t think that lack of popular support will stop the people pulling Biden’s strings from pushing civilian disarmament measures via executive order. Hell, Trump did some of that. And yes, it might not stand up in court, but those decisions will take years. And the legal costs on the disarmer’s side will be paid by tax payer dollars. They will just continue to throw everything they can against the wall hoping even a little be will stick, and we will be stuck with the tab.

  2. Biden won because he won. Trump was rejected by educated white males. His abrasive and mercurial personality did him in. All politics is retail politics. He was trying to get re-elected on the merits of his first term. Didn’t work. There was cheating, just not enough to change the results as it stands now.

    Al Gore had his 37 days, Stacey Abrams had two weeks. Nothing changed then and I doubt it will change now. Hopefully I am wrong.

    On gun control, the 45% of men in the poll need to grow a pair. That being said, be an embassador for gun culture. Take down the Nazi and Confederate paraphernalia, stay sober and calmly and logically answer questions as to why you are the right side of the gun control issue. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Don’t be the d-bag shouting and cursing at people who don’t agree with you. If you can spare the ammo and time, invite a holophobe to the range. Win the culture war by winning hearts and minds.

    • Damning evidence of electoral fraud is released daily. Lin Wood (the attorney representing Kyle Rittenhouse), Syndey Powell (Gen. Flynn’s attorney), Rudy, and many others have collected a mountain of damning evidence, all to be revealed soon.

      Trump will win. Those who voted for him will cheer, and those who didn’t will weep and gnash their teeth.

        • So whatever happened to the Hunter Biden‘s laptop story anyway?

          I thought trumps Department of Justice and attorney general William Barr were going to arrest Hunter Biden for money laundering and child porn, it seems that Trump and his administration are actually pedophiles who support child porn.

          That isn’t surprising, the longest serving republican speaker of the House of Representatives, Dennis Hastert, loved butt banging the young boys on the high school wrestling team that he coached so it’s not surprising Trump digs little boys as well.

          You conservative Republicans are just nasty, I sure hope good people keep their children away from you.

        • Whiner talking about pesos?😂

          Every time arrests are made of those attacking Trump supporters, a few more convicted pedos are identified.

          Several of these convicted felons are also found with firearms at the time of their arrests (such as in this instance), also “early released” from prison a few weeks ago. This one is ALSO a “Repedo”, these are pedos with MULTIPLE pedo convictions! Never heard of that term before.

          The demoKKKRats are the party of the pedos, rap sheets of all these “peaceful protestors arrested for not doin nuffin” is the emperical evidence that proves it.
          Trump/Pence 2020

        • ‘Trump/Pence 2020’. LOL. Perhaps you haven’t heard: Donny Dotard got stomped and will be another one term failure destined to languish in the dust bin of history. Now, I know OAN, Alex Jones and scores of ‘pastors’ are telling you differently (complete with fabricated ‘proof’ to back their claims), but in the adult world all reasonable people agree Biden/Harris will be sworn in on 1/20/21.

          Man you are a 🤡.

    • Trump won every single place in the US more than he did in 2016 EXCEPT a small handful of precincts in major swing states that had utterly massive returns for Biden.

    • “Take down the Nazi and Confederate paraphernalia”

      Not going to happen, their Racism is a central pillar of their belief structure and worldview.

  3. The best thing that stops gun control are Democrats who called for the police to be defunded. And also order the police to stand down and do nothing. As private property is broken into looted and burned.

    It seems to me that the more talk about defunding the police and cop hatred means there’s a much bigger chance that I get my machine gun rights back.

    And no I’m not kidding. Antifa, black lives matter, and the left know the Democrats are weak. They have been beaten into submission. So if Biden does take office then the next Target will be the Democrats in charge.

    You will see if Dianne Feinstein’s house is attacked or some other senior Democrat leader and their property. She has had the experience in her home during a drive-by shooting. Also an attempted bombing against her house as well. By the left. Which is why she purchased a 38 revolver.

    • Feinstein has better read up on Marx and really find out what he, and other Socialists, think of certain religious minorities.

      Bluntly, Marx was a rabid anti-semite seeing them and capitalists as one and the same.

      • I agree with your appraisal of Marx.

        Never been a fan of any sort of communism, it’s a great idea but it flies in the face of human nature.

        And what I find interesting about any sort of racism, it’s often perpetuated by a group that has been persecuted in the past.

        For instance, the surname Marx is of gypsy origin, how ironic.

  4. The DemoCommies are hard pressed to sell gun control after unleashing their brownshirts, Black Looters Murdering and ANTIFA on the population, then try to further infringe on their 2 nd. amendment right.

  5. Polling support may indicate support isn’t there, but that won’t matter one whit to those who have a mission to disarm us.

    Over 600,000 absentee ballots have been requested in Georgia. That’s ripe for fraud. Get ready for a Democrat-controlled House and Senate passing gun bans. We had better get relief from the SCOTUS *fast*…

  6. “Antifa, black lives matter, and the left know the Democrats are weak. They have been beaten into submission. So if Biden does take office then the next Target will be the Democrats in charge.”

    All the morons, like enuf, that voted for Biden thinking the violence would stop are in for a huge surprise. Antifa and BLM are communists; they hate the country, not just one president, and their violence has yielded results. It’s too bad that tens of billions of dollars in property and hundreds, possibly thousands, of lives will be lost before guys like enuf get a clue and realized a Trump second term is the answer to all of this.

    • ANTIFA and BLM were promised a revolution. There’s going to be a reaction when they don’t get their revolution.

      • They will create their revolution against the Democrats in charge. The violence won’t end. The Left just won’t be able to blame it on Trump anymore.

  7. For anyone wanting to see accurate Depictions and Data of the US Electorate, just look at Florida and Ohio.

    The Democrat Party Voting Base is the Rich and Wealthy Urban and Suburban Lilly-White Posh Type as well as the Urban Impoverished.

    The Republicans Party Base is now of the White Working Class and Middle Class and something else. Here’swhat it is. Trump & Republicans got 14% of the Black Vote Nationally and almost 43% of the Hispanic Vote Nationally, while winning 17% of the Black Vote and 53% of the Hispanic Vote in Ohio, as well as 18% of the Black Vote and 54% of the Hispanic Vote in Florida.

    Hispanic Americans are 16% of the US Population, but made up 17.6% of the active Voting Body in 2020, which is 5.5% points higher than 2008 when Obama ran. Simply put, Hispanics are being called, by the Leftist Propaganda Politburo of the Mainstream Media as,…..”The New White Working Class”, and it’s being done in a racist manner.

    Simply put, The Democrat Party has been going hard-core feminist because for the last 6 years, they’ve been LOSING The Hispanic Vote.

    • Trump won Zapata County, and did very well in Starr County. As the Republican governor & lieutenant governor, and Democrat congressman said: the majority of the Hispanics who make up 90 some percent of the population in the counties are pro life, pro faith, pro family, and pro gun.

    • “From 1980 through 2016, 19 of the nation’s more than 3,000 counties voted for the eventual president in every election. Only one of them, Washington state’s Clallam County, backed President-elect Joe Biden last week.

      Other counties that had been bellwethers all the way back to the 1950s ended their runs by backing President Trump instead of the Democrat.”

      The bellwether counties and states (Ohio and Florida) overwhelmingly favored Trump. Trump INCREASED his support in the state of New York. He received the largest republican vote share in New York in over 30 years. He INCREASED his support among minorities. Trump EXPANDED his electorate and over-performed in the entire country outside of a select few democrat strongholds (that happen to be in swing states). Biden did worse than Hillary in most of the country outside of a select few democrat strongholds. The democrats LOST seats in the House. The democrats didn’t make gains within state elections. See a trend yet?

      How does an incumbent expand their support and still lose? I’m not saying the Trump team will find enough fraud in time to change the results. I doubt they will, but to deny that something is odd about the results is to deny everything we know about past election trends. It’s very telling that there is zero curiosity among the media, and the tech companies are going all out in their suppression efforts.

      • “How does an incumbent expand their support and still lose?”

        Simple, his challenger turned out even more supporters then did trump.

        This was true of the last election in 2016, 3 million more votes for the Democratic candidate but they didn’t prevail in the EC.

        Democrats have been winning the popular vote for quite some time, it’s just the EC set up that gives more weight to voters in rural states.

        But that may change in the future…

  8. Who trusts polls? I agree support for gun control is down but polls no longer mean anything to me until the pollsters gain my trust.

  9. The Left doesn’t give a shit. They want their enemies disarmed first and supporters disarmed eventually.

  10. Welp…I guess this means I can now vote demoncrap….
    Thank god for Gallup polls or else I’d have to use my own brain to think….

  11. The democrats won’t care. They didn’t care that most people like their healthcare, then they passed obamacare, even losing seats in the House to do it…..they will take temporary losses for long term control………the only way to stop them is to vote them out of power at every level.

    • Assuming voting them out is still possible. Yes, they still have to a close race to cheat for the win. But all they have to do is win once to tilt the table even harder.

  12. So many people are FAILING to realize that the president is NOT chosen by popular vote. The POTUS is not chosen by the Associated Press either.

    So many are seriously FAILING to realize that polls are completely meaningless and irrelevant.

    As for gun control, I’m not sure this country has ever had all that much support for it outside of the democrat party in Washington. If there were majority support, we would not even be discussing it now as the 2A would have already been nullified long ago. But I do not see the events of 2020 showing anything but a desire by the population to buy and have guns in their lives.

    • Even the mainstream Democrat party was not supportive of kind of gun control currently being discussed as recent at 2012. It has been the rise of the radical Fascist Marxist that has brought top-level Dem support for gun control.

      • Sure, they tried the “assault weapons” ban, but home defense and gun ownership was still respected just a decade ago. Heck, even Feinstein owns a handgun.

        The complete disarmament movement has been fairly recent.

  13. “This makes me want to shake some sense into women in the United States.”

    If a man wrote that he’d already be in jail.

  14. People are watching Seattle, Portland, NYC, Chicago, Kenosha etc., and are learning that cops care WAY more about their paychecks and pensions than they will EVER care about your rights, property, health and indeed your life.

    Protect yourself or don’t get protected at all. My family learned that lesson from the Chicago PD… in 1919.

  15. Well, when we are being told that both cops and the criminal justice system are systemically racist, it tends to undermine confidence that gun control laws will be enforced in a even-handed manner.

    • It seems that only slojoe and his democrat buddies are the systemic racists of America.
      Why can’t we see that a year plus election cycle is killing the effective ability to govern in America. Politics is a sport enjoyed by the wealthy and a goal for the poor(just like NFL or NBA). Many will try, few will succeed. In Florida we knew who the candidates were and had six to eight weeks to vote for our choice the polls closed and we counted the ballots. Simple…I guess that the identity of the candidates in other jurisdictions were hidden until the actual day of election(sarc). When the polls were closed that was it! You had plenty of time to vote and if you didn’t that’s your own fault, don’t drag the whole country down awaiting certification of votes still being submitted. I just had to say this.

  16. Guess it doesn’t really matter now. America dies tomorrow at noon. The Democrat/Socialists don’t care what people want. Its all about their power. Their power relies on disarming the people.

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