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One of the many downsides of living in a blue (a.k.a., slave) state: most gun ranges don’t let you move and shoot. Sorry to sound like a broken gramaphone record, but if you’re not practicing moving and shooting you stand a greater chance of standing and dying in a violent attack. Yeah it’s that important. It’s no less important when using a long gun for self-defense. And there’s more to it than just moving and shooting; there’s moving to or away from what you might or might not be shooting. In other words, you need to learn to keep calm and carry on [click here for gratuitous link to], dynamically. The video above offers carry styles. For those of us without access to open space and freedom, close the curtains and practice walking around your house or apartment with your long gun. So totally worth it.

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  1. Five undeveloped acres in the sticks, surrounded by undeveloped acres.

    Trees, rather than fields.

    Gods and Thunders, I love Kansas…

    • I rode past Mount Sunflower, the highest point in the never-ending state of Kansas. It looked no different than the surrounding terrain.

      I’m sure it’s a wonderful state, but I need a mountain view now and then. Depending on where you live, mountains could be more than a day away.

      • True – I used to live i north Denver and drive toward the Flatirons every day on the way to work, whereas hear near Missouri the mountains are a ways away, save for Mt. Oread – a green wart in Lawrence.

        Still, I love it here and thus far the state is reasonably sane.

  2. I cook and clean with a shoulder holster and sling on. Started as an inside joke but it gives you a more natural feeling of handling the rifle when you move, step, bend and bang it on doorways inadvertently. Mastering it if only to avoid going “bump” after pursuing Mr. Bump In the Night is a good move.

  3. I really like this series of GSR vids. They have her doing a series on the defensive single action sixgun too. Who knows….if the Big O gets his way maybe they won’t just be for bears anymore!

    • Oddly enough in the repressive state of California single action revolvers are exempt from that stupid approved for sale list.

      • It’s really not that difficult to get quick at cocking the hammer with either thumb while the gun is still in recoil. It’s not as fast as DA but probably not nearly as slow as people think. As an added bonus, you’re shooting exclusively in SA, Trigger Heaven.

  4. Robert is a fellow Chiver? Freakin awesome!

    If your ever in Memphis, Ill buy you a drink and introduce you to some lovley nurses

  5. i love love love my gsr! cant say it enough, the new ruger guid
    e gun looks real sexy too if u dont like the “black” look

  6. I walk around with my Long Gun every day… Heheh…. Oh and yeah I get my AR out too…

    • Really? First guy to make a Long Gun joke on TTAG? Y’all must be out hunting Easter eggs with IR scopes or something…

  7. Walking around with your off side hand pulling the forearm against your thigh must be a cruel joke.

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