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We got this from an undercover member of the Armed Intelligentsia who’s in a position to have a pad of these printer-fresh registration forms plopped on his desk first thing this morning. And we had to wonder exactly what an “antique high capacity magazine” is. Does this mean if you bought a Glock 33-rounder last week, you’re good to go? But don’t worry Empire State gun owners. We’re sure the governor and legislature will have all that sorted out in plenty of time for for you to comply with the SAFE Act.

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  1. I wonder how many people are actually going to register. If I were in that position (and we all might soon be), I’d err on the side of criminality.

    • I would also prefer to be a hidden armed criminal than a registered target. If we actually had the right to assemble and had free speech then we could fight back on these issues.

      • New York is going to weed people who refuse to register out by offering their friends and neighbors a “reward” for taking “illegal guns” off the streets. You had never ever have a bad break up again, piss off your inlaws, call in a loan from a friend etc or suddenly you can find yourself in the slammer being treated like some gang banger who just shot up a supermarket.

        • I forgot to add, after a few high profile cases of good people being thrown in jail for multiple years NY will either offer an “amnesty” where you can either turn in your “assault” weapon and not be charged, OR if you are lucky an “amnesty” that will let you register and keep them(for now). This is how it works guys; if you have a so called assault weapon find a very good hiding spot, do NOT show it to anyone outside of people you trust with your life, delete any/all photos of said weapons etc. Also, if you are going to keep buying ammo for said weapon you had better buy something else, like a bolt action in the same caliber to avert any attention.

        • They couldn’t do without the tax revenues. Don’t bet on them locking up thousands of honest hard working individuals. Of course, I’m not an attorney nor is this legal advice.

      • “If we actually had the right to assemble and had free speech then we could fight back on these issues.”

        We do have the right to not vote for stupid, unfortunatley stupid is a highly contageous epidemic. It is perhaps the only unhealthy thing that is Bloomberg approved

        • When the “stupids” (they’re anything BUT) are the only candidates, you can’t call not voting a choice.

          Clearly they really don’t want us to vote.

  2. Maybe I am wrong but isn’t an “ASSAULT WEAPON” by defination , one that has SELECT FIRE MODE ? The Media has given us the WRONG DEFINATION of what is TRULY an “ASSAULT WEAPON”

    • It doesn’t not matter what an assault weapon is or is not, regardless of its features, it looks scary to uneducated, uninformed, ignorant statists and they feel anything that looks like it should be banned.

    • “Assault Rifle” is the correct term for a military rifle that can select to fully automatic. “Assault Weapon” is a political term that means different things to different politicians assholes.

  3. I recall that some of the provisions of NY SAFE Act don’t apply to firearms that are over 50 years old. Maybe that includes their magazines too?

  4. Since these are all hand written forms, how many people will go to jail because some clerk mistypes or was dyslexic that day, ditto for the person filling out the form. So much fail on one small piece of paper.

  5. 10rd+ magazines over 50 years old that cannot be used in any firearm newer than 50 years old get a pass. Unfortunately there’s a lot of modern reproductions or designs that use old surplus magazines because they tend to plentiful and cheap that the provision doesn’t exempt a lot save really oddball stuff. Have USGI M1 carbine mags? Sorry, still need to pin them or sell them.

    • The model 1889 Swiss rifle had a 12 round magazine. The 1869 Vetterli had 11 rounds. They are only interested in forcing you to live a lifestyle you don’t want and for your sons and daughters to be born in a world where their path is already laid out for them.

  6. Looks like they want an email address. Hmmm…I would recommend setting up a unique address just for this purpose if you are going to supply one. Who knows what kind of arm twisting is going to take place between the providers and NYS down the line. Less info the better.

    • This is how they will send the future letter telling you to turn in your dangerous weapon of war. Of course it will go to your spam filter and eventually the alphabet crew will shoot your dog and bust your door down. Probably throw in a few flash bangs and improperly marked incendiary devices. “I thought it said CS! Honest!”

  7. You had better assume that Cuomo will be doing everything he can do requisition records from online retailers and FFL Dealers to find out who has MSRs and isn’t registering them. Just something to keep in mind.

    • A Texas acquaintance of mine once told me a story that he had gotten a letter from California authorities advising him on his options for disposing of his “assault weapon”. He was quite baffled, given that he had always lived in Texas and bought that gun in Texas. So, it looks like at least in California they do trawl the paperwork – that gun must’ve gone through a California gun dealer at some point or had some other connection to California.

    • Seriously are we all cowards? Where’s your line in the sand? This is just the kind of thing our forefathers died for. This is how you honor their deaths?

  8. Today being April 1st, I can’t help but ponder filling out forms for fictitious weapons for fictitious people. Or perhaps for pro-unSAFE politicians?

  9. Is there any way to tie this stuff up in court by demanding definitions for everything?

    What’s an antique? 20 years old.
    What’s a year? One trip around the sun.
    What’s the sun? A mass of incandescent gas; a virtual nuclear furnace.
    What is gas? A phase or state of matter….

    With all of the required formalities in legal proceedings, I can’t imagine there isnt a way to just clog up the system. Kinda like putting a lein against the house of the judge who sentenced you to prison for having a not antique armor piercing assault magazine.

    Can we put a trillion dollar lein on Bloomberg and cuomos properties?

  10. Best to go for peaceful non-compliance. They will be the ones with the problem on their hands when no one registers – you will have made your government toothless. Then feel free to start ignoring other dumb laws. I suspect that initial act may set you free.

  11. These idiots need to read section 7 of the privacy act. They can’t ask for part of, or your whole social security number. They also have to tell you that the SSN is optional. I think we should flood the system. For all of us who live outside of New York, and if we have a gun we don’t mind registering (different type of throw down gun), then we should send in for so they can process it and get backlogged.

    • Don’t think so, now that some deadbeat child support reforms were enacted recently in many states. Since that, many interactions with the state now include SSNs so they can hunt these dads down.

  12. Just jam the system by registering tons of non “assault” rifles. Register your trap guns, single shot 22s, bolt actions, lever guns, pellet rifles, etc. I didn’t see a photo request. If they bust your balls just say you wanted to stop gun violence by registering everything. Screw it, register your knives. Manufacturer: KABAR Model: USMC fighter Caliber: .165 x 7

  13. This is ripe to be ruled invalid even without the 2nd amendment argument. Since you can’t be forced to make statements under the 5th, you can’t be punished by virtue of not making those statements. That permit requires you to make affirmative statements and disclosures. If it was just a permit (ie, a peice of paper saying you passed criteria), it might pass muster, but this requires disclosure of current possessions, and affirmation of facts.

    • Are you talking about Haynes v. U.S. (1968)?

      “If mandatory gun registration can’t be used to punish ex-felons in possession of a firearm, what purpose does such a law serve? If mandatory gun registration can only be used to punish people that can legally possess a gun, why bother? Because of the Haynes decision, if we want to punish ex-felons who are caught in possession of a gun, there are only two choices available: We must either skip registration, so that we can severely punish gun possession by those who aren’t allowed to own guns; or use the “sanitized” form of registration law — where the criminal is guaranteed that gun registration can’t hurt him, while the rest of us can be punished for failure to comply. ”

      It would be an interesting challenge to make.

      • Kind of. I would take it one step further, and say since I don’t know for certain if I am prohibited (by cause not understood by me or by administrative error), and could potentially be committing a crime by a false affirmative statement or admitting to a crime by stating possession, I would claim the right to not incriminate myself by not making any statement of possession, nor statement of ability to possess. The furthest the state could go with this is to require submission of ID and return a permit or denial based on what the state already knows. Anything past that is a violation of numerous rights.

  14. I have had a change of heart recently on gun control. I am going to change things with my vote, I have been enlightened by some of the comments by posters on this forum have made, I have been called a bigot and anti- semite. I certainly dont want to be that. So I have decided that I will now cast votes in favor of, schumer, leiberman, Feinstein, boxer, chertoff, Rahm Emanuel, Bloomberg, Goldberg, glickstein, glickmen, and any other Jewish polititian I can find. Won’t you join me TTAG.. thanks for helping me to see the truth that the Jews are on our side

    • “@ Nice” – I won’t restate the obvious and call you anti-Semitic, but I will point out your comment is totally irrelevant.

    • Nobody cares or believes you, niceguns. If your that wishy washy…….your worthless. All those names mentioned come from doomed states anyway.

  15. ..and because handguns are used in 90% + crimes, and these ‘scary lookin’ rifles’ are used in < 1%, we all know that Cuomo 'Tardo' picked the right gun to attack law abiding citizens with…..

  16. Antique magazine registration? My 12 round Enfield mag isn’t going on one of those. Hey Cuomo, Molon Labe!

  17. I wonder how many pigs are going to get their guts shot out trying to enforce this crap on homeowners who lose it and start offing the traitors.
    I will sing and dance at these pigs death, by the way.
    Heh heh heh

  18. I suggest that people should comply with this registration. I am going to immediately fill out forms for hundreds of people from the phone books and mail them in that should keep the bastards busy a while. I challenge everyone to fill out 2-3 forms for Cuomo the homo too!

  19. there are no illegal guns they are not illegal contraband as they may be sold these guns are not assault rifles there civillion models illegal gun meens only some one who is not licenced by the area they live in this licence stuff started in ny at the turn of the century when certian political men in ny could have body gartds but the rival made sure the body gards of his aponant were not issued gun licenes , so they were picked up on the sullivan act out laws with a badge historian

  20. If anyone registers they should get a brain scan. .. If we the people stand are ground. We would do fine,but to many people like to bitch & do nothing. I you kerp doing rallys they donti lissen .. Need to make them know we are incharge. Not them scared of the people

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