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More guns = less crime. That’s the Lottian corollary. Not to mention the experience of law abiding gun owners from sea to shining sea. “As criminals have more reason to fear the citizenry, crime begins to drop as a result.” And there you have the common sense thinking that animates the activism of Kyle Coplen, founder of the Houston-based Armed Citizen Project. Much to the horror of civilian disarmers, Coplen intends to put the corollary work on a micro level . . . reports:

To test his theory that guns will make people safer, Coplen also plans to arm an entire neighborhood in Houston that currently has a lot of crime, and use that as a case study to find out what happens to the crime rate after residents have been armed and trained.

That means he’ll give gratis guns to residents of low income, high crime neighborhoods, as long as they pass a NICS check and undergo firearms and gun law training. Let a thousand little sociological laboratories bloom. What’s not to like?

Once he’s done it in Houston, he’s aiming for infinity and beyond. Next up: Gabby Giffords’ old district in Tucson.

“We intend for this project to become national, and we will be arming communities all across the country. My goal, for the first year, is to train and arm 1,000 households,” he said.

Quick – you get three guesses as to who thinks this is a bad idea. Don’t worry you won’t need all three.

“Handing out guns in a high-crime neighborhood is like distributing cigarettes in a community with a high incidence of respiratory disease,” said Ladd Everitt, the Director of Communications for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

Because law abiding poor people — those trapped in high crime neighborhoods without the economic means to vote with their feet — can’t be trusted to take advantage of armed self defense. No, they have to rely on the responsiveness of the local po-po to get there and provide protection for themselves and their families.

Here’s another corollary: anything that causes morning cable news show hosts to purse their lips in thinly disguised disapproval while simultaneously causing Ladd Everitt’s Underoos to torque tighter than a clam with lockjaw is probably a good idea.

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    • Subsidized housing has a lot of working poor, fella.

      If this works – and it should – it’ll be the best possible grass-roots counter to the whole ideology of grabbing.

      Guns are a good idea, as inconvenient as that is for the Statists.

      This is fu<king awesome.

    • The ghetto rats were my first thought also. Then I read the part about passing the NICs checks, so that should limit the amount.of.criminals being armed in neighborhoods where they abound. Of course, many of these peoples’ children will likely use one of these guns in their maiden crime voyage.

    • Even in the ghettos, law-abiding people just trying to live their lives far outnumber gangbangers and burnouts. He’ll have no trouble finding the right people to tool up.

  1. Fvck yes. The more guns in the hands of honest people the better. The bad guys will always be armed. Time to even the odds.

    • .
      Maybe after a few of owebombs “sons” like trayvon martin are laid out on morgue slabs the gang bangers and flash mobs and wilders and knockout game players will get the message. Not to mention the drug dealers and pimps
      Find victims in your own crowd.

  2. I like charity as a concept but most often refuse to participate because I feel a lot of them are corrupt. This, I could get behind.

  3. kyle stood his ground and fired back with equal force as the liberal media tried to chip away at him i loved when he said “well then you just must be anti-gun” keep the fire stoked ……god I hate CNN and MSNBC

  4. Next up, black panthers armed by obama, operation “fast & stupid”. Kyle’s idea is great though. Give it 6 months & the bradys will be glad they thought of it, Randy

    • The Panthers don’ need no steenkin’ Obama.

      Actually, the current Black Panthers have little to nothing in common with the originals. (NOT Rosie and the Originals!)

      Unlike the real thing, they’re probably 50% FBI provocateurs. Like the KKK.

    • Money donated and shared on Facebook. Awesome idea. Of course the Dem’s don’t want it to happen, it will prove they are not only wrong, but disgusting elitist liars too.

  5. Since the shotty is Crazy Joe’s home defense firearm of choice, I don’t understand why the Democrats would be up in arms about this. So to speak. Or is Crazy’s wife the only one who’s entitled to a little self-defense?

    • Yea, that last part. But *tightening my foil* maybe thats a personal conspiracy for Biden. Maybe one day the Misses B needs to defend herself and takes his advice, maybe (definatley) she gets arrested. Joe gets a newer younger model who writes poetry and drinks Starbucks all day?

  6. I’m behind this 100%. The resulting data should prove irrefutable.
    I also hope he has his sights set on Stockton or Oakland CA. The people in these communities need help badly.

    • Area like Washington DC might be hard to do since the local laws are hell bent on keeping guns out the hands of law abiding citizens but a program like this could really help in Red States with blue cities like Houston. Might get some headway in other area’s once there are stats showing this makes a diff but as we have all seen Gun Grabbers don’t care about facts or actually helping people they just have an irrational fear of guns and want no one to own / use them.


  7. Page 18 of the 2012 Democratic Party National Platform states that

    Protecting A Woman’s Right to Choose. The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to make decisions regarding her pregnancy, including a safe and legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay. We oppose any and all efforts to weaken or undermine that right.

    “Regardless of her ability to pay” means that abortion should be funded by taxpayers. Liberals believe that to deny a poor person funding for an abortion is to deny her right to an abortion.

    So if a right that is found in the eminations and penumbras of the Bill of Rights requires taxpayer funding, liberals should no problem with “strongly and unequivocally” supporting somebody’s Second Amendment rights, “regardless of their ability to pay”.

    As Glenn Reynolds once said:

    I have no problem with unenumerated rights. I do, however, find it odd that they so often seem to receive more judicial (and interest-group) solicitude than do rights explicitly enumerated in constitutions.

    • “Liberals believe that to deny a poor person funding for an abortion is to deny her right to an abortion”

      I agree with them 100% here.

      Its better than raising a little pain in the ass for our entire society to deal with, which undeniably, more expensive.

      Do I like abortion? not even remotely. I also dont like f^cked up families either.

      In regards to the 2nd amendment, don’t expect the democratic party to hold it in the same regard, even though its a enumerated right. That is why you get away from the two party system.

      Im from the party of not f^cking with women’s reproductive rights all the while allowing people to own weapons of war.

    • Thing is, someone’s putting their money where mouth is and setting their principles to the test.

      Collect the data carefully, analyse it honestly, show the working and let’s see what comes out of this. Maybe more firearms equals less crime. Maybe it makes little difference and there’s a couple of lethal accidents and incidents. Maybe it’ll make things worse. But this is, on a cold statistical basis, potentially a valuable and useful data point. If it works, let’s check how and why and do more of that. If it doesn’t, let’s see why.

      And whether it turns out to be a good idea or not, much credit to Mr Coplen for trying to help his fellow citizens.

    • To prevent inaccurate data from implicating this project as a cause of increased violence:
      – the armed should be well trained and prepared for defensive events and be held accountable for responsible care of weapons (not that the organization isn’t doing this).
      – this should be repeated in a variety of locations, large and small, higher and lower crime, to get a better cultural sampling in case this one gets “unlucky” and crime increases for other reasons (and the organization is indeed attempting this).
      – crimes which do happen in this area should be at least lightly sifted for evidence of false flag activities by opposition.

      I don’t want to sound paranoid on the last one, but if I was the opposition I’d consider, though probably not go through with, exactly that. Certainly in history parties have frequently sabotaged the efforts of their opponents, sometimes even invoking, or at least permitting, murder to occur in order to do so.

  8. I think its a great idea. I’m impressed that he is willing to actually do what no one else would want responsibility for. Proof is in the pudding and after that confection is made and irrefutable it will set a new precedent and put so much bickering and theories to rest and hang so many arguments out to dry.

  9. Over 3/4 of the people in the picture are women. If the picture is representative of the overall numbers in the program anyone opposed could be said to suppose violence against women.

  10. Was just on the Armed Citizen Project web site, they are raffling a shotgun on April 6. $25 for one ticket, 5 for $100.

  11. What do you call guns in 30% of American households? A problem.

    What do you call guns in 100% of American households? Problem solved!

  12. How likely is it that the thugs in that neighborhood will change their ways just because some of their potential victims are armed? I really doubt that anything will change until some of those not-gonna-be victims actually use those firearms. So shootings may go up in the short term. I just hope they go down in the long term.

  13. in the pic, everyone has different types of shotguns and some have long barrels. why? they should all be the same gun. they should all be maverick 88 with 18 and 1/2 in barrels because they are cheep and reliable. get 10 of them out rather than get 5 870s out.

    • Donations – you know what’s cheaper than a Mav. 88? A freely donated shotgun.

      Also you’re missing the political posturing. If I hand out an 8 shot Mav. 88, it will take 30 seconds for someone to say “and this shotgun is configured in much the same way as the shotgun used by [insert mass killer here]. We’re literally seeing people armed with weapons of mass death that fire assault bullets.”

      Single / double shot shotguns = good luck arguing that unless you’re following up with a statement that all guns are bad and you want all guns – even those designed for sporting – to be banned.

  14. From their website they are giving away 20gauge single shot break overs.
    On the theory that they’re not going to be appealing to steal. (I agree) and
    “this weapon is sufficient to cast a large spread that is capable significant damage, while reducing the potential of innocent bystander damage, due to the fact that the shot will not likely travel through walls or over longer distances without losing great amounts of energy. I can simply point 15 feet down my hallway, while aimed in the general direction of the intruder, and fire a shot that may take care of the problem.”

    which is obviously problematic

    I love that the organizer knows how to handle himself in interviews, that they train safety, law and tactics, that they give out locks and that they chose 20gauge, but I think they should cut the barrels to 18 inches so that they’re easier to handle.

    I think the bottom line is that they are ramping up and trying to get attention to get donations so that they can afford to arm a neighborhood and see if it drives down crime.

  15. At least it’s better than freakin’ Biden’s joke defense doctrine… I mean home defense doctrine… Seriously I typed joke subconsciously. Big ups to this guy. Bring him to Cali, I know several people who would benefit from this.

  16. Those four in the front with the little person between them. Is that the Houston Texans new defensive line and quarterback?

  17. As others have said, why the dopey guns? Cheap (not necessarily low quality), off brand clones of popular pumps can be had for pretty much the same price as break action single shots. A Maverick 88 has an MSRP of $225 and can usually be had for about $180 new. Hell, my LGS had one used for $115 just a few days ago.

    I’d even be willing to bet that more than a couple small mfgs might be willing to donate a few to get there names out there.

  18. It’s an outstanding project because it forces many grabbers to reveal three things: (1) their inherent lack of trust in the poor; (2) their inherent lack of trust of minorities; an (3) their essential belief that “common sense” gun control will not eliminate crime and that the ultimate need will be to ban weapons by increment.

    1, 2, & 3 are obviously proven by statements like this: ““Handing out guns in a high-crime neighborhood is like distributing cigarettes in a community with a high incidence of respiratory disease”. They’re giving guns to people who pass NCIS background checks. The guns are single shot shotguns (or double barreled shotguns). The group is literally following the advice of the 1st Lady and is getting involved in the community. They’re following the advice of VP Biden by helping people “buy a shotgun”. These can’t be called assault weapons under any configuration, so what’s the problem?

    The problem is that they don’t trust the poor / minorities under any set of circumstances. They have a control agenda. They think that the poor and minority are too stupid to think for themselves. That’s why they don’t want them even having the ability to buy guns….or soda, tobacco, alcohol, etc.

    This movement exposes them as racists.

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