Why Don’t Either of the Guns on Elon Musk’s Nightstand Actually Work?

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Elon Musk must not get much sleep. He posted that tweet last night at 3:48am. When you run as many enterprises as he does, that doesn’t leave much time for shut-eye. On the plus side, he appears to be minimizing his caffeine and sugar intake to make it easier to nod off when he gets an opportunity to put head to pillow (although we’d like to suggest the use of a good coaster).

Maybe part of the reason he can’t sleep is he’s worried about his personal safety. Because neither of the guns on his nightstand actually work.

First there’s that “George Washington” commemorative flintlock pistol. It looks nice, but it’s a non-working replica.

Then there’s that other thing. The “revolver” on display is something called a DiamondBack .357 MA-Hex20 (Elon’s version seems to be missing a trigger) that’s featured in a video game called Deus Ex: Human Revolution. If you have a 3D printer, you can build one yourself. Just don’t expect to use it to ward off any home invaders.

Those to faux firearms may look nice in the pic, but they won’t help you much if you hear that dreaded bump in the night. Then again, he may be keeping something more effective in the drawer. And…if you’re the richest man in the world, you probably have other people with real guns whose responsibility it is to keep you safe.

Also, never underestimate the other possibility…that Musk was just trolling Twitter with that pic. If that’s what he was doing, it worked shockingly well, particularly among people who don’t know fake guns from the real deal.

In any case, even with a hired a team of people working to ensure your security, many of us would still keep a working firearm at hand. Wouldn’t you? What’s on your nightstand?

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  1. That explains why I couldn’t identify the funky revolver. I have to admit, I thought the flintlock was real though.

    • Fact check the drama queen responses they have over the sight of a firearm. They post a photo of someone they claim to be deceased without posting any details. Reminds me of the hundreds of tennis shoes laid out in rows without any proof of who owned the shoes to promote Gun Control.

      One thing most all deceased victims of crime have in common is they were unarmed and defenseless. For knee jerk Gun Control zealots to promote disarmament and for citizens to jump in a blood filled victim pool is as silly and dangerous as it sounds.

      • Fred Guttenberg is a parent of one of the victims of the Stoneman Douglas school shooting. He’s a rich jerk getting richer by crying for further government intrusion into our lives. Dems love him because he was kicked out of a trump speech. Bloomberg’s PACs love him because he’s photogenic enough to stand on the corpses of children and ask for donations.

        He’s the gun grabber equivalent of the idiots that were paid by Democratic PACs to respond to Trump’s Tweets for four years.

    • The thing about this post that bothers me is the writer’s claim to such extensive knowledge of the firearms in question. Did he actually handle the revolver? I don’t think so. Did he actually handle the flintlock pistol? Again I don’t think so. And because I have a history with antique firearms, I can reasonably say, that just a visual observation from a picture is not enough to establish whether this is a working firearm or not! There are many replica flintlock pistols like this that can shoot and can kill at close ranges! Originals did so for hundreds of years! And some companies specialize in selling similar memorial replica guns that actually do shoot!

  2. He should have placed a condom wrapper barely visible so that eagle eyed people would see it and the platform would really light up with speculation and innuendo.

    Sex sells.

    Feed the Trolls!

  3. The flintlock looks nice. That other thing looks like Legos lol. How about a Beretta 92A1 stuffed full of +p HP’s with a light to make sure the bullet goes where it should. If I had a few of his bucks I’d like to have one of those 1911’s made from a meteor. Of course you KNOW the dupes over on Twitter will melt over it, that’s a given.

  4. They’re both fake guns. Perpetual victim Fred Gutenberg doesn’t know or care about the difference.

    And the reason his daughter is dead is because overly empathetic a holes like him, fueled by their toxic altruism, pushed laws that made it impossible to treat people like the one who actually murdered his kid as the threats they are. Obama (who Gutenberg supports) and his ilk pushed laws that treated violent school aged thugs like they were merely troubled youth who just needed a little more understanding and a few caring hugs.

    Save your outrage for yourself.

    • Well, if we’re going to be clear then let’s actually be clear. it wasn’t an excess if empathy or altruism or a misunderstanding of the nature of evil that lead to his daughters death. it was anti white racism. What Obama and his injustice compartment did was say ‘Don’t arrest or prosecute the black and hispanic kids.’ You could lock up all the white and asian kids you want.

  5. “On the plus side, he appears to be minimizing his caffeine and sugar intake to make it easier to nod off when he gets an opportunity to put head to pillow”

    He probably nods off because he is addicted to Ambien and eats it like candy. This was disclosed, inadvertently and indirectly by Tesla board members during the ‘taking Tesla private’ debacle a few years back. According to ‘friend’ observers on various social media accounts, and his girlfriend on her social media accounts, he still eats Ambien like candy along with using other ‘recreational’ substances and alcohol.

    • Ambien is a regulated medication, prescribed by doctors for sleep issues. Been there. I’m sure Elon didnt get where he is by being a drugged-out fool or addict. Get a life, .40!

  6. I wouldn’t worry too much about his security setup. Dude’s probably got a satellite floating above him that can vaporize any burglar, mugger, or reality-challenged protestor with a precision laser beam.

  7. Elon’s not perfect, but the very fact that he’s willing to post a photo of *any* gunn in a positive light is somewhat encouraging.

    • Mr. Haz –

      Thanks for the heads-up on the ‘Patriot Army’ slides for sale, I’m well pleased by the quality of the ones I bought for my Poly80 builds in progress… 🙂

      • Glad to hear it. I’m thinking of getting another upper/lower complete kit, in the event the political winds blow enough to allow me to legally do another P80 build here.

  8. Okay, I’ll bite: WHAT IN THE BLUE HELL DID I SAY THAT WARRANTED MODERATION?! Can we at least get *some* vague idea of the standards TTAG uses to moderate and censor people?

    • It’s Name is Altered Intelligence. It doesn’t speak English that well. Machine language, however…

    • “Can we at least get *some* vague idea of the standards TTAG uses to moderate and censor people?”

      That question has been asked, and no answer has been forthcoming.

      I *suspect* the reason is, if they announce what the ‘triggers’ for moderation are, the scummy spammers will use that to craft posts that evade moderation…

      • When I was a child, “because I said so,” was sufficient justification for my mother’s rules. As I aged, it became less acceptable and, at some point, I informed her that I was not going to blindly accept that anymore and would appreciate an explanation of her reasoning. She, being an adult, treated me as the emerging adult that I was and started to tell me *why* she imposed the rules she did or made the decisions she did. I, in kind, explained my reasoning more clearly and fully. It is my understanding that this is how most adults interact. I would appreciate it if TTAG quit treating us all like ignorant children.

        • AMEN! TT is censorship-crazy, and I’d like an explanation when I’m censored for no apparent reason… many times my posts simply do not appear. Fat chance this post sees the light of day, eh TTAG?!?

        • Relax, its most likely not TTAG. Its wordpress, all wordpress based comment sections do this sort of thing.

        • @ .40 cal.

          WordPress or TTAG, I don’t particularly care. I just want them to tell us *why*. I understand that moderation may need to take place, that is fine, I just want to know the rules. I have played all kinds of games in my life but, I like to know the rules.

      • I was moderated the other night for five words copy/pasted from the actual article I was going to comment on.

      • If TTAG had standards, Dacian, Albert and Miner wouldn’t have a platform to preach from 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Iron Cat. My SOP is that when I am moderated I do not return to ttag for the day. Maybe if enough people follow this rule they will actually do something. Or not. TTAG has gone way down in quality since the RF days.

      • Yup. I allow one mod only. If I get two within the same day, I typically punch out and don’t come back for at least a couple of days.

        As it is, I no longer visit every article like I used to years ago. The modding has been frustrating enough to dissuade me from clicking on perhaps half of all articles posted.

    • RNG I am guessing around 10 to 12 percent just to make it harder to guess what the actual triggers are.

  9. “Also, never underestimate the other possibility…that Musk was just trolling Twitter with that pic.”

    Someone has already suggested that, and I bet that’s what he’s doing. And dang, he’s *good* at it, hitting them right where they live. Guns and free speech.

    Musk has also announced he will introduce a free speech version of YouTube, that will pay content creators more than what YouTube is paying…

  10. “Also, never underestimate the other possibility…that Musk was just trolling Twitter with that pic. If that’s what he was doing, it worked shockingly well, particularly among people who don’t know fake guns from the real deal.”

    Its probably mostly because the liberals ‘moderator’ groups no longer have control over twitter to censor as they wished and now those liberal users are no longer in their own little bubble. So yeah, they are going to be extra sensitive to anything “gun” that’s not strictly anti-gun – they no longer have that biased liberal ‘safety net’ of anti-gun moderation to keep their ‘twitter’ home running the way they like it biased and exclusive.

    • They’ve mostly bailed over to Mastodon…which I’d never heard of until recently. Which was also a haven for paedophiles…allegedly. You learn something new every day.

      Oh–and my bedside night stand is for my CPAP. The bio-locked gunmvault holds my problemsolver. I’m testing out some wordpress avoidance language.

      • that’s the thing overall about the left liberal, you expose them to not being in control, you take that away from them, and they run away. They don’t live in the real world, they live in a world where if they are not in control or can’t control others or make the rules they don’t know how to survive, while they in their world comfortably can do nothing but grip about others not doing what they want.

  11. The funniest part of the bruhaha surrounding Musk posting this is the huge number of people calling him out for having two guns in the photo while not realizing that neither is an actual gun and then continuing to expect people to take them seriously. The most dangerous weapon in this photo is the brass lamp. (Or, maybe it’s gold, he is Elon Musk.)

    • In Afrika, a “coaster” is a usually rag-tag ship that steams from port to port delivering goods and low-cost passengers from one end of the continent to the other. WASPS mostly don’t board them…

  12. My current bedside buddy is an older beast but a solid performer: S&W 915! I have a few 3rd gens. They eat everything and have yet to fail.

  13. Fake “video game” gun: check
    Replica non-functional gun: check
    Caffeine free zero sugar coke: check
    All those crazed snowflakes losing it: Priceless

  14. Assuming his choice of nonfunctioning “firearms” in the tweet was deliberate it was a masterful troll of the loony tunes and a step in the “normalizing” firearms for personal protection direction all in the space of a few electrons. And if not still fun to read the comments.

  15. Elon musk doesn’t need either of those guns to work on his nightstand. He is a billionaire and has a very well equipped, well trained security team.

  16. What’s on my night stand? A lamp, clock, water bottle, and, if I’m in bed, my glasses.
    My sidearm goes into the holster on the bed post or the holster on my belt. Depends if I’m out of bed and dressed or not.

    • Knowing how Musk has done in the past, he probably ordered the engineers at SpaceX to use rocket parts to make the DIAS and turned them all into criminals. One thing for sure about Musk, he does not mind sacrificing people to get what he wants.

  17. Last I heard Elon didn’t have a home but preferred to rely on the kindness of friends. So did the boy grow up and take on some added responsibility OR is he just trolling the Snowflakes on Twitter (again)….

  18. “My daughter was killed because of gun violence.”
    Wait..because of gun violence? So…she was killed because gun violence exists?

  19. It’s disturbing that liberals fascination with you sexual organ, like the meme where the guy has an AR in his underware, seems to have been the first step in their path than now leads them to grooming children.

  20. As I sleep in an easy chair and not a bed, I don’t have a nightstand, but my PPQ M2 is right in the side pocket of the chair, when I’m in it. Now my better half does keep her S&W 36 in her nightstand.

  21. He doesn’t need real guns. I’m sure that Musk’s security team is as extensive as any head of State. Elon has a very dry sense of humor and sharp wit. His level of humor is several layers above most of the idiots on social media.

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